Multiple Dimensions

The Channeling Erik Store is now open for business as per Erik’s insistence! Click HERE for start shopping! More products to come. Let me know if you want to sell your own products. 

I now have–get this–34 volunteers for transcribing, which means that each person, me included, will probably only do 30 to 60 minutes of transcription every few months, maybe even less frequently depending on how much time I can put into the task, too! Thank you all so much. I’d like to share my appreciation for each of you every time I post your transcript, so if you’d rather remain anonymous or you’d rather me just use something like your first name and the first initial of your last name, let me know! I LOVE YOU GUYS! And I’m finally starting to feel less guilty. 

So, it looks like the blog posts are going to be both video and text format. The five days a week will look like this:

Day One: A Rolling with Erik show where Emma trance channels Erik on a spiritual subject.

Day Two: An in-depth session on another spiritual topic

Day Three: An interview with a notable figure

Day Four: A Best of Erik

Day Five: The spiritual basis of a disease/disorder alternating every other week with a Great Mystery of the World.

This is not necessarily the order, however. I’ll publish the first Rolling with Erik Show as soon as I get the transcript, too. Subjects coming up: All about North Korea with input from Otto Warmbier, an interview with Joan Crawford, the spiritual basis for general fatigue and the opiate epidemic. Not sure which Great Mystery to cover, but some have mentioned the Moth Man. Sounds interesting!

One more thing: One of you asked me to interview Audrey Hepburn and I said I was, but now I remember that we did channel her. Check out the categories list or use the search bar at the top right corner of the homepage. 

Last but not least, remember that I still have transcriptions in queue, so I’ll need to get through those, too. 

This is one of my favorite Best of Erik’s:

Me: If we were in the 4th dimension, 3rd dimensional density level, and are now entering the 5th dimension, 4th dimensional density level—I don’t exactly know what this reader means by dimensional density levels and how they differ from dimensions, but… What dimension are you in, Erik? I guess, in other words, if we’re in the 3rd dimension, what dimension are you in?

Erik: Pretty much 5th dimensions and up.

Me: Okay. How many—are you saying that you’re sometimes in the 5th dimension, sometimes the 6th, whatever, or are you in more than one dimension at one time?

Erik: Well, you’re in more than one dimension at one time!

Me: Yeah, because I’m in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, right?

Erik: And 4th.

Me: And 4th. Okay. And you’re in 5th, 6th…How far can you go?

Erik: Fifth and up. It’s really endless, Mom. There’s really not numbers to it.

Me: Okay, so most of us are in 1st through 4th.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: But spirits can be on the 5th on up. Well, you can be on the 4th and 3rd dimension, because I’ve seen you before, right?

(Long pause)

Me: Or—

Jamie: He’s telling me the difference. Um, he’s saying yes, he can lower himself, but you’re asking him kind of where does he reside instead of where can he stretch himself to.

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Erik: So, I can go to the 5th dimension easily without changing or shifting or using focus.  Anything below that, I have to focus, and I’m required to change who I am to get myself there.

Jamie giggles.

Jamie: Sorry. He keeps swinging out his legs cuz I’m on the floor in front of the futon. He’s on the futon, and he’ll swing his legs in front of me.

Me: Don’t kick Jamie, Erik!

Jamie: I know it looks that way, but I don’t feel it when it moves through me, not like…I don’t feel it!

Me: He’s moving through you?

Jamie (giggling): Yeah, a few times, through my knee! I’m sitting Indian style. (Pause) But I don’t feel it. Isn’t that crazy?

Me: That is weird! You don’t get prickles or anything like that?

Jamie: Nope. Nothing.


Jamie (laughing): He goes, “Oh, that is going to change!”

Me: Oh boy.

Jamie: I look forward to that.

Erik: You will.

Jamie: I’ll end up being a recluse.

Me: Yeah, right! So, when I see you, which I would love to experience again, you don’t always comply and I don’t know why. Hey, that rhymes. But anyway, do I see you—

Erik: I don’t comply, because I don’t want you to get used to that shit, cuz that’s kind of more of an illusion thing.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, like a parlor trick crap.  I really want you to get in touch with who I really am and learn who I really am and come meet me! You raise your vibration! You come to me!

Me (sighing in resignation): Okay, fine. Can’t we meet halfway?

Erik: Well, yeah. I’ll come forty, you come sixty.

Me: I don’t think that’s entirely fair.

Erik laughs.

Me: All right. We can try.

I have this sinking feeling that this will require good nutrition and exercise on my part. Sigh.

Me: So, when I have seen you, are you in the 3rd or 4th dimension?

Erik: Fourth.

Me: Have I ever been able to, uh, can I see you if I stretch myself to the 5th dimension?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And how in the hell do I do that? Meditative state, obviously, which I can never get into for the life of me, or I’ll just say it’s hard for me, because I know you’ll just get into this long, tiresome, didactic monologue if I say I can’t do it at all. So, I’ll cut you short right there.

Erik (to Jamie): Damn, she knows me!

Me: I know, so—

Erik: You’re the only person standing in your way. That’s all I’m going to say.

Me: I know; I know.

Multiple Dimensions

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  • M&M

    Really interesting topic, one thing I love about this blog is it gets you thinking. I was just wondering about what the differences are between the 3rd and 4th dimensions, so I decided to ask Erik and therefore practice my own channeling. I asked if Erik could come talk to me and got a mildly snarky remark in the back of my head- so I figured he was here. I asked what the differences are between the 4th and 3rd dimensions, as far as us humans are concerned. What I got was, “More cool stuff” in the 4th. I asked for some specifics and what I got was, “the 4th is more awareness, more openness, more understanding we are all one and all connected, more loving, more connected to the divine- both in how you live personally as well as having divine experiences”, then the epiphany hit that, this is why we can live together in 3rd and 4th dimensions and why we can go back and forth between the two and why when we are in the 4th we don’t really know it as we don’t necessarily notice a physical difference in that around us. If any of you psychics out there read this, would love some feedback on if I interpreted this correctly and if Erik was a part of it (as I type this, I’m getting another smart arse remark so I’ll go with a yes on Erik’s participation). Feedback is really helpful.

    And am really looking forward to transcribing, Elisa! Makes me feel more a part of this wonderful movement.

    • Cool! He’s your bud!

    • Robin Kincaid

      Hey, M&M!
      I believe the 4th Dimension is where we go when we O.B.E while sleeping; as we raise our vibration through love, forgiveness and often meditational practices we can even O.B.E. into the 5th dimension. In the 4th dimension, people are more like all of us here on physical plane (which means you can OBE and meet some folks that have their ‘quirks’, like here). In the 5th dimension, where Erik says he is, people do not need to separate into different ethnic or racial groups; everyone is very loving and accepting, so the races intermix. The 5th dimension is where you ideally want to spend the most time when you’ve passed – to do this, one has to work hard to leave unforgiving ideas, prejudices and lots of the I versus Them behaviors behind and do that now, while we are in our physical plane. It’s all Law of Attraction and our bodies carry our vibrational matches into the next world while we OBE and when we “transition” suddenly.
      I’ve been very aware when I have had unloving thoughts, or even depression and my OBE experiences will be strangely with similar folks on the Other Side. When I am positive and really working on my spiritual upliftment so-to-speak, I have amazing higher vibrational OBE contacts. So, thoughts/beliefs create Here and over There – and that determines Dimension one goes to.

  • Marq

    My perspective,
    Our greater self expresses itself in all dimensions/ densities in which it takes interest or finds purpose. Our most expanded expression is full awareness of self as I AM.
    With all lives lived exisiting within that greatet awareness.
    The core individual self is never lost. It simply is aware of and relates to all its lives/pesonalities/ experiences.
    Having Risen (returned) to its (my/your) original vibrational state of unconditional love in full understanding that all that is exxists within us rather than without us.
    Remember all lives are happening now. Even those future lives we (linearly speaking) will enter into when living in 5th, 6th densities and beyond are all hapening now. You are fully ‘god’ having chosen to relate to your own creation through splintering of as an undividual fractal.
    All others you experience are versions of and provided by other ‘fractal god beings’
    They, as you also do,… relate through and provide for others ‘versions’ of your self occupying and living out lives within all dimensions you choose to connect into.
    YOU are that vast.
    YOU are that expansive.
    YOU are that brilliant and creative.
    This is why Erik wants Elisa to connect with who Erik really is…
    This is who you are. In every sense YOU ARE I AM.

  • Fiona

    Very interesting. Could you please ask Erik more on this subject.

  • Kathryn

    Sign me up as a volunteer. Lv Kathryn/KM

  • Marie Cole

    What are 1st and 2nd dimensions like?

    • Robin Kincaid

      We exist in the Third Dimension on earth plane, some folks here came in with a little higher vibrational frequency and can co-exist (perceive in physical and during out of body experiences while sleeping and meditating) in the Fourth or rarely higher dimensions – they are the LightWorkers that help elevate the vibration collectively of the entire planet. The First and Second Dimensions are worse than any Lower Astral Dimension you can think of; they are places that are Below our present Earthly plane, so that gives you an idea of how Dark they really are – worse planes than what is going on, say, in the Middle East – I guess, one could say they are very hellish in their law of attraction vibration. This is just information I have learned from a lot of reading about OBEs and what I’ve gained from information channeled from higher beings (in books, etc.) We only have Third Dimension on earth: A place to learn our pre-contracted soul lessons, for advancement. The First and Second DImensions are not the earth learning school; these folks may spend large portions and possibly eternity in extreme Dark environments – they may not be just humanlike beings either; just a lot of Dark entities (think of where the Incubus come from, for example) – so dark a place the entities there may have lost the ability to even create a human-lie appearance – they would look warped etc.

      • Marie Cole

        Oh, that sounds aweful. Please tell me entities from the first two dimensions cannot cross over to the earth.

      • Robin Kincaid

        Yes, this is where what people term demons come from – Beings that are just further from the Light than the rest of us. We have to keep our Vibrations higher (compassion, forgiveness of Self and others, etc.) to keep these out of our dimensional space. Because EARTH is Dense and lower vibration as a learning school, we are “tested” and challenged by other physical beings as well as these other entities IF our vibrations become a Match to their lower vibrations that exist in dimensions closest to earth. Erik probably cannot speak too much on this, from his place of higher vibration (he probably has not visited these lower areas, though some Guides like Erik have, for learning purposes/curiosity or to help those folks), but his angel Guide “Veronica” can probably expand on this topic sometime. It would be great to get a different opinion on this as we are now clearly moving through the Shift, toward Ascension and need to know more about this subject as the Dark Beings try to grab hold rather than be permanently split off from messing with mankind on the New Earth that is being developed for us. This information is just what I have read and studied from many sources of channeling, etc.

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