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Michelle has been so busy with nursing school that I’ve been taking care of my grandson, Easton, a lot. He’s almost one years old, and his personality is blossoming. He’s such a boy, smart as a whip and has taken his first steps. Soon, he’ll be running around, getting into even more trouble as my 61 year old legs try to keep up. Check this video out.

Easton with an Early Birthday Present

Raylene is still under the weather in the hospital, so I was wondering if you guys could send her prayers and healing energy. Thanks!

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Here’s a short post about muscle pain, something Robert has endured for years.

Robert: Howdy.

Me: Hey! Your beard is looking better and better. How are you?

Robert: I’m good. Yeah, I shave it off now and then because it gets too scruffy. I like it this length.

Me: Yeah, it looks good. How’s our boy?

Robert: He’s fine. He was acting all crazy last night, but he’s been kind of quiet today. Over the last couple of weeks, he and I have been talking about why you get muscle pain and that kind of stuff. Trigger points and things like that.

Me: Oh, yeah, because you have all sorts of problems like that!

Robert: Yeah, he says it has to do with the way your energy is working. Because of what you’ve experienced, it causes you to hold things in energetically, and then it manifests physically in your muscles, in my case.

Erik: Then they’ll get knotted up, and those knots are the physical manifestation of where the energy is being held.

Me: So, what can you do?

Erik: It’s not flowing so it builds up in those places. For Robert, he has to understand where it’s coming from, why the energy is being held. For some people, it’s being held because they’re thinking about it too much.

Robert: That’s something that I’ll do. I focus on it too much, and that makes me hold on to the energy more and it builds up more so my body gets more and more tense.

Erik: In Robert’s case, he just has to be kinetic. He has to start moving himself around because that’s what energy is supposed to do anyways. So your physical body has to reflect that.

Me: Okay, good. And meditation probably helps.

Erik: Meditation helps, but that’s more about reconciling things, in Robert’s case, anyways.

Me: Okay.

Erik: It’s like you go and release the energy to help clear things up, and then when you meditate you can become aware with greater focus on what you need to work on next.

Me: Okay.

Robert: Sometimes when I meditate, I’ll be fine for a little bit, and then I’ll start to get agitated and fidgety and I can’t sit still.

Erik: That’s still a little bit of that energy that’s being held in there.

Me: Yeah. You just need Energy Rooter-Router. Just flush it all out.

Robert: Right.

Grand baby, Easton, starts screaming in the background. Sigh. That’s life.

Robert: He’s talked about how I need to exchange energy in a way that’s actually different—

Me: Sorry about the baby crying in the background. They just came home.

Robert: That’s Mason. I mean, not Mason—

Me: Easton.

Robert covers his face and laughs hard.

Robert: Mason is somebody else’s baby! He’s a friend of mine’s baby.

Me: Okay. That’s very similar.

Robert: I’m turning really red now.

And boy is he!

Me: Oh, stop it!

Robert: No, but I know that child’s name!

Me: Yeah, of course you do! You just had an Elisa moment.

Robert: I forgot what I was saying. Yeah, my brain. I swear!

Me: Well, do you want to say anything else about that before we start our regular questions?

Robert: Well, it’s just how the agitation will happen, and you have to figure out what you’re still holding onto. In my case, I know what it is.

Me: All right.

I learned, from my sister, Teri, that there are some energy workers that use the Grinberg method to release trapped energy. She treated me to a session, and it was very powerful. I had a big knotted muscle in my left shoulder, and she explained that problems on the left side reflect personal issues while problems on the right side are more related to career and other issues. To learn more about this method, click HERE

Tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

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  • 403LEC

    If I remember correctly….Julia Cannon (Dolores Cannon’s daughter) says problems on the left side of the body are from past-life, and problems on the right side of the body are current life issues. All of my physical problems are on the right side of my body…..this is a very interesting concept.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    All my problems are on my right hand side. I always figured that was because I was right handed though.

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