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I love this story from a blog member. It’s also timely since my daughter just brought her brand new baby girl home from the hospital a couple of hours ago. Welcome home, Harper Lee Braly!

I am a twenty year old and my husband is twenty five. We recently have married. We were struggling with having a baby. We conceived with no problem. But I’d always miscarry before 9w2d. That was my longest pregnancy and that was with twins. I had four miscarriages and I was speaking with Miss. Elisa, telling her my story and asking if there was something I was doing wrong. She suggested to me that I needed to take 81mg of baby aspirin and DHEA. I Did that with my twin pregnancy and when I told my ob she made me feel crazy. She was like “you are having trouble keeping a pregnancy, why would you take a blood thinner?” So I listened to my on. Sadly I miscarried my twins at 9w2d December 22 2016. I ended up moving states. My husband and I became pregnant again February 25 2017. A day before my mom’s birthday. So I went to see my new ob and what do you know? He immediately puts me on 81mg baby aspirin and and a vaginal progesterone tablet. So I took the progesterone for the first twelve weeks and the baby aspirin up until the day he was born bc people who have had as many miscarriages I have had are more prone to give birth to a still born. So Miss. Elisa was right! And you know what? November 2 2017 at5:37 pm after 2 1/2 hrs of pushing I gave birth to my beautiful healthy 8 lb 11 oz baby boy Lakota Micha Vaughn Banks. Thank you Miss Elisa and Erik!

Congratulations to Krystal and her hubby for the birth of this gorgeous little angel!

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  • Lorri Lewis

    Wow! CONGRATULATIONS, Krystal and Husband! Amazing story. Beautiful baby.

  • Aleksandra

    Congratulations for you, baby and your husband !!!

  • Lory Medearis

    Such a beautiful testimony of encouragement and faith! Congratulations to you and your husband…and much love to that very adorable & precious baby boy! He will be a magnet for many hugs and snuggles! 🙂

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