My Little Angel

So many people have asked for more clarification on the subject of angels. He goes into greater detail in the next book, but until then, I hope this helps!

Me: How are you, Jamie?

Jamie: Good.

Me: Erik, my boy. How are you?

Jamie: He’s here.

Erik: Hi, Mom. I miss you.

Me: I miss you, too, but you’re around all the time. I know.

Erik: More than you probably know.

Me: Okay, good. So let’s talk about a subject that many have requested. Erik, tell us the difference between regular angels, guardian angels and archangels. Oh, and angels like you.

Erik (patting himself on the back): Angels like me.

Me: Yes.

Erik (rubbing his hands together): Okay.

Jamie: He’s off pacing. I’m going to try not to follow him.

Me: Yeah, you’ll get dizzy.

Jamie: Yes!

Erik: Let’s talk about the definition of angels in general. These are entities who are closer to Prime Source. That’s what I’m going to call it that. These are entities that don’t usually incarnate into the human existence. They steer clear of it, all right? It’s almost like a different type of being altogether. We like to define them in our head as looking like people, but they don’t necessarily look like them. They’re gorgeous, amazing light. They’re all knowing, and they kind of work around the structures of time and space and of being human.

Me: Well, tell me about that. What do you mean, exactly?

Erik: Let’s say you’re about to get into a car accident. For you, it’s a linear experience. Your tires are screeching; you’re going to get hurt really badly, blah, blah, blah. What angels can do is jump in at that moment and stretch time even though it’s not linear.

He has a hard time describing this because “stretching” implies a linearity of sorts.

Erik: They can stop the car, move your body, slow something down.

Me: Oh!

Erik: They can make something happen to prevent the accident from happening or make the impact less damaging.

Me: Okay.

Erik: They can do that only if that accident isn’t part of a lesson or fulfillment or completion of your spiritual contract. They can also step into someone else’s body; they can give messages through other people—I’ve done that a few times to some of the blog members. You know who you are!

And oh yes, he has, many times!

Me: Are you one? You’re not one of those?

Erik: Yes, but I’ve incarnated.

My damn cell phone rings. I forgot to set it to mute.

Jamie (laughing): He’s making fun of it.

Erik: They don’t incarnate for a full life. They can step in, give a message, then step out. They’re very respectful of the human body. They don’t take advantage of things. It’s not about manipulation or getting what they need out of it. It’s always in service of the Whole. So there we have angels in general. Now we can look at basic angels.

Jamie laughs.

Me: You’re basic, regular ones.

Erik: I feel like I’m shopping at the store. ‘You got your basic angels and your—

Me: Like eggs. Grade A, grade AAA.

Jamie (laughing): Yes. He’s laughing.

Erik: So you have your basic angel. This is someone, an entity, a spirit, who is often designed to watch over a group of people so they’ll be considered your personal angel [if you belong to that group.] They’re with you from birth all the way through this life you’ve designed for yourself. They kind of help and guide. Not everybody has them or requests them.

Now my home phone starts ringing. Argh.

Erik: Someone really wants you.

Me: Sorry about that. I had to text that person to stop calling. Okay, now what were you saying last?

Erik: Okay, rewind.

Me: You don’t have to say it again. Have you finished with guardian angels or, no, regular angels?

Erik: Your regular angels. They’re the ones who can stay with you from birth in to birth out, and not everybody has them. You kind of design them to be a part of your support group for this life. Then we go to guardian angels. These are the ones who step in without you going (he pretends like he’s dialing a phone and places it to his ear) “Hello, I need an angel to support me because I’m going through a divorce or this pregnancy or this death in my family, this hardship. I’m calling for the support service that I need.” You don’t necessarily know that this is happening for you, but you can guarantee that when you’re in your most difficult, treacherous times and you feel immensely alone that there is going to be this guardian angel presence in your life that will help you groom your path. They, uh—


Jamie: Stay on track. Don’t do that. He’s teasing your phone again, about the person.

Yes, he’s calling my cell phone. Again.

Me: I know! They keep calling! I don’t know what to do!

Jamie: He’s cutting up pretty hard about it.

Me: I can’t pay attention to anything that’s going on here. Go ahead.

Erik: Deal. The guardian angel shows up at your moment of need and grooms the path in front of you. If they can remove anything from your path to make it easier that’s not going to interfere with your life lessons or contract, then they will. If they can’t, then they will give you strength so you can press through those times. Sometimes strength is maintaining that desolate feeling, that feeling of emptiness. There’s huge value in those emotions. If you’re experiencing them, it’s not always about getting rid of them or getting through them. Sometimes it’s about staying in them, and if that’s what you need, that’s what they’ll help with.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Then we can look at your archangel, the kind of “bigger than life” angel. They’re the ones that get to get into the big stories.

Me: Wait. Are these all just for Christians? People are going to ask that. I know what the answer is, but…

Erik: No.

Me: What about the other religions. I mean, I don’t think Muslims are going to take a shine to being watched over by guardian angels.

Erik: It’s a shame. We don’t have to sit and call them angels. They’re entities—

Jamie (in reaction to her phone ringing): Now they’re calling me!

Me: They probably want to know where I am. “Where is Elisa? We know you know her whereabouts.”

Erik: We don’t have to call them angels. That’s just the term that’s given to them. That’s just like you don’t have to call me a spirit guide. We just gotta do that shit. It’s just a label. Angels are spirits that usually don’t incarnate into human bodies. Sometimes [archangels] are called demigods. Sometimes they’re referred to as gods for the things that they do, and they’ll show up in all of the belief systems. They’re real. They exist, and they’re here to—

Jamie (shaking her head): Mm. He said something that didn’t make sense so I’m asking him to put it into—

Erik (talking like a doofus): You mean, stupider terms?

Jamie laughs.

Me: Oh, Erik! Apologize! Right now.

Erik (sheepishly): I’m sooorrry.

Me (in jest): I taught you better manners.

Jamie: He’s just laughing.

Erik: No, they complete the circle.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We often think that, because we’re intelligent beings, we’re the ones that do everything, like we’re totally in control of everything in our life. Even though we’re not in control of all of it, we have that sense that we are, and that’s great. It gives us that feeling of security, but there are much greater things at play. The earth, in and of itself, has its own energy. All the animals, weather patterns, everything has its own energetic vibrations, and these angelic beings and God, All That Is, Unity, whatever you want to call it, that Prime Source energy, is helping us in this circle of life, the completion of everything, connectedness, and (He tells Jamie to use air quotes) “angels” play a part in that as well. The archangels are the ones who seem to be–


Jamie (To Erik): Don’t say it like that, though.

Erik: God’s extra eyes.

Jamie: He doesn’t want to use the word, “God,” but he likes the idea that if you use “God’s extra eyes,” like on the back of God’s head there are a bunch of eyeballs like how moms—“

Me: That’s a weird visual.

Jamie: It is.

Erik: You now how moms have those eyes in the back of their heads, and they say they can see what you’re doing?

Me: I had one. Or two.

Erik: I think you had more than two.

Me: I needed that for you!

Erik: You had eyes in other rooms!

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: But [with archangels] it gives Prime Source another way of coming out into the environment, to what we want to call our environment, Earth, and engaging kind of like an upper middle man translating energy and helping to move the message along.

Me: Okay.


Jamie: He’s giving me the image of All That Is on top. Some people want to call is God, Buddha, Krishna, Higher Self, Consciousness.

Erik: Yeah, and down from that we have the archangels, the demigods, the Seasons, whatever you want to call it. Below that, we have guardians, ones who catch offhanded, spontaneous moments. They work with free will and all the free moving parts. Then we have entities we can call regular angels under that who help with the everyday movement of energy. Even saying, “every day” implies that it’s linear. I wish we could drop the label but we can’t.

Me: I know!

Erik: Then we have spirit guides, and these are all gurus and teachers and spirits who have lived on Earth. Then you have, in general, what we’d call “spirits.” Then we have life on Earth: humans, animals, trees, insects—everything that has a life force. Then we have this really weird vibrational thing that we call the “lost spirits,” the ones who lost their bodies and don’t really transition into a higher dimensional plane. Now if you can see that tier as a big triangle, Mother Earth kind of folds it up all together. Smush that all together and put it all on the same plane because if you put it as a hierarchy in your head, you’re going to assume one tier is better than the other, but it’s not. We all have the same quality of energy. We’re just using it differently. It doesn’t make us better or less than. It makes us all part of the Whole, part of the Working Force. That’s how I want you to see angels helping us—not better than, not less than, but just part of the system.

Me: You’re freeze framing. Erik, maybe you can move away from the computer. Maybe that’s it.

Erik (Shouting through cupped hands as if he’s miles away): Is this okay?

Jamie and I chuckle.

Me: Well, anyway—

Jamie: When did it start?

Me: I don’t know. Maybe two minutes ago?

Jamie: What? Did you hear everything?

Me: Yeah. I heard everything so it’s not that bad. Anything else on guardian angels, etc.?

Erik: Ding.

Me: My little angel.

Erik toots his horn

Erik toots his horn


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