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First of all, it seems like the overwhelming majority of you agree with my decision to make significant changes to the blog, the biggest being making it mostly video based. I think more and more people don’t like reading and prefer to watch things like YouTubes.  Of course I still have transcripts to post, and that will take time to get through. Our next series is on God. Friday, I have a session with Emma. We’ll channel Joan Crawford (Mommy Dearest) and discuss North Korea, the upcoming solar eclipse, the opiate epidemic, the refugee crisis and the spiritual basis for general fatigue. (Although we might not get to all of it.) I’m going on my husband’s company trip next week, then to Norway the first two weeks of September, so I won’t be having many sessions then. 

I’ve gotten some comments from members asking me to include transcripts with the videos because some prefer reading and some don’t have the Internet capacity to watch the videos. It’s very time-consuming though, often taking 2-3 hours a day. I’ll look into hiring someone to transcribe, but of course it all depends on how much it will cost. offers all sorts of services, most for 5$ but I’m sure it’ll be more than that! Suggestions?

Check this out: Blog member, Beth, shot this amazing footage of Erik playing with a flashlight. It was brightest when she asked him to show me some love. Click HERE to watch. 

Before I talk about my sister, here’s a message from Emma regarding her upcoming CE event in Belgium. So far, people are coming from all over the world to participate. Want an Erik hug? Sign up!

Hey guys, I just wanted to remind you all of our upcoming Channeling Erik event in Belgium on September 9th 2017. Ticket sales will end on August 25th so if you are interested to join Erik, Kari Mena and myself on this fucking spiritual kickass day as Erik calls it then please go to my website on for more information. The price is 65 euro’s , lunch included. See you all there, much love and light, Emanuelle.

And now for my sister, Teri. She’s the eldest of us four girls. I’m the second oldest (just by 10 months,) then Laura is 10 months younger than me and my deceased sister, Denise, is 6 years younger than me. 

My sister, Teri, lives in Topanga, California, and we’re very close. She’s my soul sister, and she’s very spiritual. I’ve learned a lot from her. Recently, she was given a daily assignment of self-portraits, and here are two of assignments, the first where she discusses that day when her nephew, Erik died. 

Self Portrait 8
Loss and Grief

I was visiting my sister in October 2009 when her son, Erik–my nephew–shot himself.

I was the last person to see him alive.

I was so consumed with helping my sister and her family that at first, I didn’t allow myself to feel anything. I busied myself with the police, cleaning service, funeral service, caskets, headstone, viewings, food, notifying friends and family members.

Finally, on day three, when most everything was taken care of, I completely fell apart in front of everyone. Waves of grief pulsed through me as they looked on in shock.

I couldn’t help but think: what if I lost my daughter? And yet—I will lose her.

And now, the relentless frailty of my body, unfolding as death. An impossible nothingness. There will be a time when I will not be around to love her, to bear witness to her beautiful, mysterious life. So much love.

Where will all my love for her go? Will it stay with her, migrate into her cells, even though I won’t be here to give it? Is it even “mine” to give?

I have no idea what this image is about or how it’s related to this. I just followed where I was being led.

Grief and Loss

Self Portrait 4
Personal Symbolism

There are a few symbols that appear over and over again in my art. Bird nests and bones are two of my favorites. The other day I found this bird nest with the skeletons of four baby birds, mouths wide open. For me, it was a potent symbol of life and death as not separate, but one.

If you want to check out her Facebook page, click HERE. She’s amazing artist so here are some other contact links you might want follow her on Instagram HERE and check out her website HERE.

Lovely Teri

Last but not least, I think we should all participate, as a collective, in a guided meditation during the upcoming solar eclipse Monday. This one was suggested by Nora Young and concentrates on healing a planet in chaos and pain. Click HERE to check out all the details including the times according to your time zone. Here’s the audio of the guided meditation:

Here’s last night’s radio show if you missed it. It. Was. Awesome!

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  • Selina Cecil

    Elisa, My siblings and I were ripped apart over money that was stolen by the POA of my Parents (my sister). She wiped out their bank accounts, cashed in life insurances, signed over all of their properties in her name. Basically traded in her whole family for money. It’s really hard to trust or even speak to someone who does that.

    • It is. I don’t know how to repair it. I reached out to her saying I was ready to forgive because love is more important than money but she didn’t reply. She prides herself on being generous, baking stuff for the neighbors and giving to toys for tots but there are not enough cookies or toys to redeem her soul at this point.

      • Selina Cecil

        That’s the m.o. that my sister has. She was always bragging about how she saves clients money on their accounts, helped the elderly neighbor, yada yada yada. It must be a facade to cover up the character flaw. We used to roll our eyes when she would show off or brag but to actually do that to your family? She hides and never speaks to us. I actually feel bad for her even though she stole my portion of inheritance. (I could’ve really used it). There life reviews are going to be emotional i’m sure!

  • Ian

    Long-time reader, first-time poster here. I just came on today and saw the notice that most of this site is now going to be video-based instead of text oriented. I’m slightly confused on the wording of today’s intro; will transcripts still be posted for each video? I’m a person who prefers reading over videos, and if videos become the primary posts on this site, I may stop coming. With my schedule being packed almost every day, I’d rather take three to five minutes to read a post instead of watching a video for anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour.

    • It’s very time consuming to transcribe, usually consuming 2-3 hours a day. Maybe I can look into hiring someone to transcribe. We’ll see. The costs of maintaining CE keeps creeping up! Haha.

      • Manoj

        I have a suggestion here. How about your blog readers volunteering to transcribe some of the videos. This may not be a fixed person, it can be anybody whoever is free to do it on that particular day. Maybe you can put the video up first & create a list of videos to transcribe. Then whoever is free to transcribe will do so & send the transcribed text to you. It will be on a self volunteering basis & no cost involved for you. if no one transcribes a video even after a week/month or so of posting up then you can use the paid service for it.

      • JaniceT

        Great idea, Manoj! I will definitely tip in if Elisa decides to do this!

      • Cecile Hall

        I think that’s a great idea too. I could pitch in too.

      • You’re awesome!

      • M&M

        Elisa, please don’t pay for a transcribing service- let us help. I love writing down certain profound things Erik says anyway, that helps it stick more, so I’ll be happy to transcribe for a while. In fact, I would be honored, would make me feel like I am contributing something to this special movement.

      • Gosh I hate to put people out. I think that comes from my parents being such assholes raising me to feel unworthy of help, plus I’m so used to being the one who helps. So Stupid.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Elisa, I’m happy to help out transcribing. Just let me know. If a few people chip in, it won’t be such an onerous task for you. x

      • Cecile Hall

        You have helped me so much I would be honored to help out

      • 🙂

      • SoulScribbles

        Elise, Cecile’s words are my feelings too, so anytime you would need someone to transcribe something for you, keep me in mind. It would be an honor to give back to you and this blog in some way.

      • Thanks, sweetie!

      • If you want to sign up, give me your email address at emedhus! You probably won’t have to do anything more than once or twice a year!!

      • Adele Bilman

        Elisa, please never call yourself stupid. I’m sure Erik wouldn’t like it. I understand. My mother raised me to feel bad about myself too. But you are obviously not stupid. You are caring, loving, giving, hard-working, funny and the love of Eriks life. Not only Erik I know. I’m just sayin. We all love you and look up to you.

      • I love you, too!

  • M&M

    Elisa, regarding the horrible things your sister has done to you; I have had many horrible things done to me by people close to me, and have come to the belief that it has to be that way. I hate to say it, but it has to be people close to us in order to have a big impact on a deep level, i.e. a big soul lesson. I really feel for you, that is such a challenging thing to get through on so many levels. The only way I have been able to move on and completely put those things behind me is to 1.) distance myself from the person/people, and 2.) recognize that it’s their stuff, not mine, and no matter how much their stuff may impact me, it’s still their stuff. Once I can do these two things (and I find it’s like grief, you can’t rush the process- honor the emotions and disbelief, don’t pass over that or it’s way harder to recover) and if I remain faithful to both things, I find myself able to naturally move on and not have it effect me anymore. I know everyone is different, but this has worked for me in situations I thought I would never recover from, so I hope others can find something of value as well. Best wishes to you.

    Also- on the blog, I hope you do what you feel the right thing to do. Either way, it will continue to be wonderful. You provided us with an app that lists both blog and YouTube videos and anyone can go to YouTube and watch the videos, but for those of us who have to read (i.e.- are not in a place where they can watch a video) or prefer to read, this blog is the only place to do so. However, transcribing the videos might be too time consuming to continue, so no matter what you do it will still be great.

  • darlene

    Elisa, my family, too was torn apart but not by money, by politics. It is ridiculous to say the least. Both of my parents were diagnosed with Early On Set Alzheimer’s and I am their sole caregiver. I have 2 brothers and one sister. They all live about an hour away. I live with my parents, husband and 2 grown kids, in an apartment downstairs. I had breast cancer at age 34 and needed a bone marrow transplant along with a radical mastectomy and radiation, all which took place in 1994 over almost a year. My kids were 4 and 6 yrs old. My parents helped me out and told me to stop paying rent so i could pay my medical bills. Four years after my recovery I had opted to remove the healthy breast. Three years later I had reconstructive surgery. I have tested positive for the BRACA gene and had a total hysterectomy. I have an under active thyroid and Fibromyalgia (spell check said I spelled it wrong but there are no suggestions. Shows you they don’t even recognize the disease). With all this going on, my body gets exhausted just lifting wet cloths out the the washer. I am always tired and have stopped doing so many things I used to do with ease. I have my brother telling me what to do and how to take care of my parents, when he comes over once in a blue moon and moves around the house like a butterfly, showing me what should and should not be done. Then he leaves and we dont see him for long periods of time. My sister hardly calls when she used to speak to my mother every single day. She never comes over because her husband is the one that is angry at me. I was told that my siblings think it is my job and duty to care for my parents bc I do not pay rent and I live here. I wholeheartedly agree and I try my best. I make Dr appts for them, give them their meds every day, mix a green concoction my brother gave me for them, pay their bills, cook their meals, take care of household shopping, etc. My point here is I am trying to do my best with how I feel. I do wish my siblings would show up at least once a week to help me out.

    • Terrible. Damn, you’re a saint!

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      That sounds horrible. Do you realise that your siblings are withdrawing their support because of their own jealousy and meanspiritedness? They are not thinking with a clear mind; they can’t see through their own rancour and feelings of entitlement. THey believe you are getting something that they are not, so that is all they see. I’m so sorry for the position you’re in.

      • darlene

        Thank you for your reply, I appreciate your words.

  • Adele

    Thank you Elisa. Your sister is a beautiful being of light and love, not unlike yourself. Thank you so much for so openly and freely sharing your beautiful family.

  • Adele

    I refer to your sister Teri, of course. I don’t know what to think of the one who stole the inheritance. It’s not going to make her happy, that’s for sure. I’m sure your generosity is giving you a much happier life. She’s hiding from you because she’s ashamed and you remind her of how she wronged you.
    Is there some way we can help with the expense of this life changing effort, CE?

    • 403LEC

      I wonder if membership fees would help? I am willing to pay a membership fee.

      • Adele

        Me too.

      • Most people seeking spiritual help have financial struggles. I just couldn’t do that.

      • Maggie

        And donations?

  • T Diaz

    Teri’s art reminds me of SoulCollage, which is something I love to do. As for the transcription . . . I’ll email you.

  • Manoj

    Hi Elisa,
    I love your blog just the way it is & i would love it the same always & i find it very interesting always. But since you had asked for a suggestion to make your blog more interesting, so here is my suggestion. maybe you can ask your blog readers , what topic they want to know more about. From their answers you can make a list of top topics which people want to know more about & then you can do your blog on them.
    Anyways, i just love whatever you do on your blog. So all the best & may god bless you.

    • Absolutely! I always welcome ideas and get emails all the time with them that I add to my list!

  • Marsha Madden

    Maybe I could offer transcribing for free? Let me know what you think.

    I’ve just met Erik this week and I’m feeling this amazing heart opening that I’ve never felt before.

    • Aw, you’re so sweet. Maybe I should create a transcription pool, but I have to get over guilt feelings first.

      • Marsha Madden

        I’m not a professional, however, I have done transcribing before. Let’s try and see how it goes. I have a Mac with Microsoft word or can do whatever works. I’ll be home on Monday and can look at your website to see how things are set up. Thank you and Thank you to Erik

  • Amanda

    Hi Elisa,
    My father-in-law took my husband and brother-in-law’s inheritance from their grandparents. My husband and his brother have always had a somewhat distant and tumultuous relationship with their father, who was divorced from their mother, however they had remained quite close with their fathers’ parents. The grandparents had told my husband they had left money for him and his brother and they would be taken care of when they were gone. My husband never saw their will but his father was the POA over their accounts towards the end of their life. His grandfather passed after battling dementia followed by his grandmother 9 months later. My husband is convinced that once his grandfather passed away his father changed beneficiary information on all of their accounts to ensure he inherited everything. For those not aware, beneficiary information on accounts trumps a will (in most states, if not all, I believe). My husband was furious and hurt his grandparents wishes were not honored, (and he refuses to ask his father directly about what the will stipulated because he doesn’t want things to get nasty), but there is nothing that can be done because technically it wasn’t illegal. So the relationship with his father is quite strained and very awkward. It’s really sad and a bit pathetic that people are driven by money over what is honorable. It seems that lots of families encounter this sort of thing. I am sad you have had to go through this as well.

  • Sarah J Salsich

    Thank yo so much for Channeling Erik, it’s been a lifesaver for my son’s death by suicide. But for this post I’m writing in concern for the latest poll of changing the format. Tho I may be new to the blog I am not bored at all and appreciate it’s format for 2 reasons: I have severe hearing challenges so reading is so much easier and with that I also have time constraints, so again, it’s so much easier to read your blog posts in 10 mins. rather than try to make my way thru videos in 20-30 mins. Perhaps there’s CC (closed caption) available on YouTube. But my big question is, and obviously I’m not a techie person, how am I reading all your blog posts in text now, why can’t that continue for those of us who read while those that love video can still have access to them? As for transcribing, again not a techie, how does the Siri work on a phone–it can transcribe the voice, right? There are so many new avenues now due to the hearing impaired’s growing needs. Just suggestions. And thank you again! Respectfully yours, Sarah J Salsich

    • Okay, I’m going to try to do both. It’s a matter of expense.

  • sue

    Terri sure is pretty

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