Near Death Experiences

Quick note: I will be attending my daughter, Annika’s, college graduation on Thursday so I won’t be on the radio show, but fear not, Kim will take over my role (which is pretty insignificant anyway) so we’re definitely a go. 

Sorry this is so short, but I have nothing intelligent to say! Enjoy this Best of Erik.

Me: What happens energetically when a soul has had a near death experience then comes back into the body?

Erik: That’s when, um, the soul doesn’t separate from the physical body.

Me: So you don’t have that cellular sparking going on.

(Long pause)

Jamie: Sorry. He’s giving images.

Erik: Correct. What there is a separating of is, uh, there is an out of body experience, and they travel dimensionally back Home. They’re allowed to journey and see what’s going on. Because it’s not the best and appropriate moment for them to be deceased, then they are guided back to the body and pushed back in.

Jamie: Nice. Pushed back in. Shoved.

Me: Like those Japanese when they’re shoved into the subways. Not comfortable!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Hey, get back in there! But they’re still attached cellularly in the opposite way that they are in death at the level where the sparks happen, right?

Erik: Yeah, right.

Me: So when they travel to the other dimension, to Home, and their soul is attached to other cells, I don’t get that visual.

Erik: The soul leaves the body, but it doesn’t become a spirit. It’s kind of how you have an out of body experience. The only difference between out of body experience and, um, a near death experience is that there is a team, there is someone who is measuring the physical body and stating that the heart is no longer beating, the breath is no longer occurring, so they’re pronounced dead. But there is a cord and connection.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: And that connection to that body is not released.

Me: And the out of body experience, you obviously still have the vital signs, and there’s still a cord, but on a cellular level in both cases. That’s what I’m trying to understand. How are they connected to the cells? In the NDE, is the soul not connected to the cells?

Erik: In the case of an out of body experience the soul is always connected to each cell, but in the case of an NDE, it actually depends on what kind of trauma or stress the body is in. If the body is deprived of oxygen, then there’s already a chemical reaction that the body is going into where the energy is pulling out of. If it’s a bleed out, it’s different. If it’s, you know, trauma to the head, that’s different too. You know, the chemical process in the body will help dictate what cells are going to stay in contact with the soul and what cells aren’t.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But overall, if you want less detail, you explain it this way: Even in the near death experience, you still have a cord. You’re still corded to the body.

Me: So only in true death are you not corded?

Erik: Yeah. You’re completely separated There’s no way you’re slamming your soul back in your body.

Me: It’s like a cell phone. No cord.

Erik: Yup. Cut the cord, but you can still communicate.

Me: Exactly. And I’m so glad.

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  • Cole Balthazar

    Elisa I have a question for Erik. It feels as if I could have a thousand questions, the chances that a question of mine is really placed is 0%.

    But maybe I’m lucky this time. In the German forums I visit, which have very deep information, the operators of the sites are convinced that everything that happened to us as people on Earth before was planned. If I understand it correctly, every minute on Earth has been previously planned by ourselves before.

    We are not pratically free in our earthly life, only our responses to the planned situations are free but not what comes. Only If we respond differently to a given situation, we enter the next chapter, else we get stuck. I would like to know how unfree we as humans really are to shape our lives and deviate from our plan?

    • Kim Moses

      My understanding is that we do plan our lives while we are in between lives, before we come. We always have free will. Just like if you go to a medium and they tell you how your life is going ….well if you change a decision of yours, it could change that “plan” in which the medium told you was going to happen..doesnt mean they werent means that your energy has changed….that is what mediums are reading is your energy. So if you come to a cross roads in your life and decide to go left well maybe that wasnt in the original plan…hope this helps some….blessings

      • 403LEC

        Good reply Kim!

      • Cole Balthazar

        Thank you for your reply. I agree with your post.

        Nevertheless, I am not quite sure how much influence we actually have on our lives.
        For example, it is my free will that I have found Elisas forum and comment here or was it previously planned?

        Was planned every minute, or second, before or is it only some events in life I wanted to experience. I would like to learn more about how this works in detail.

        They also say in the forum that we unconsciously create everything here. Space, street, table, people, animals, we form everything for us out of energy, nothing is really there. Accordingly, our abilities in this dimension are not really limited, it is all an illusion.

      • Léon Vrins

        I wonder if it’s true, that we unconsciously create everything. How about Erik’s pranks? Does he play any part in it or not? And the words you wrote in your comment, did you create them or did I? And how about people having the same experience in seeing, hearing, smelling something?

      • You’re exactly right!

    • Shikha Parashar

      We have the free will to change the plan but we HAVE to learn the LESSON we have come here to learn….this way or that way

      • Nancy Antia

        I understood we can’t change the plan, just the color of it.

    • We are completely free in every way, including how we respond to the free will actions of others.

      • Nancy Antia

        Elisa, I don’t quite get our free will here. Erik told us that we can change the color of our experiences so to say but not the experiences. In other words, we’ll go through what we have to in order to learn or whatever. That’s what I understood he said. Is that so?

      • That’s the way I understand it too.

      • Nancy Antia

        But then we don’t have free will… not actual free will, I mean. Thank you, Elisa. I don’t think I’m going to get this ever.

      • Erik says we have complete free will on both sides. There is no external force making us hold to a contract.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        That is CORRECT! We always have a choice in what it is we are choosing to experience. How we are choosing to think, believe, and judge ourselves, our brothers and this world will depict the type of experiences we will have. Our “lessons” will be in learning what we did in those moments to have that particular experience. I had to look at my choice to judge what I was experiencing as that infant and the consequences I manifested from it with my belief in those judgments. When I let go the belief in the judgments I made I was healed of the diseases that belief manifested within me. My “CHOICE” to think, believe, and judge what I “think” I perceive is what was killing me. Mostly because I was choosing to blindly follow and believe in whatever was being dictated to me by those around me and those who said they had authority.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thank you, Elisa!

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        I shared this with Paulette on this thread and it seems applicable to your question Nancy.

        “The choice is not in whether or not you have the experience brother. The choice is in how you are choosing to perceive the experience. The experience is just that, an experience. It is the judgments we accept or make about that experience that colors it in our minds. Those judgments are what we are here to to learn to see past. The judgments we accept are what we define ourselves to be. Those judgments are used as tools to control and manipulate us to another’s dictates and will. What we are here to learn is who we really are and how to stop the controlled manipulations we have all been trained to accept. We are here to remember what our free will really is and is for…”

        Free Will is your God given right to choose for yourself what resonates strongest within your heart as being True for you in any given moment. It is your right to choose for yourself who you are and want to be. What you want to experience in any given moment is your choice. How you choose to think and believe is your choice. In everything you are the one who is picking and choosing what anything and everything is meaning and is for. Even when you do not realize or understand that you are doing this, you are.

        This is why there are never any victims here in this reality. We, each of us are responsible for the choices we are making to believe as we do and for judging as we do. No one is making these choices for us. We are doing this all on our own every single time. As children we blindly accepted what was said to us as being the truth and defining us. As adults we now get to question those choices we made and ask if they are true. We are given an opportunity to look at all we experience and the choices we made and may choose again choosing differently this time.

        As we change our minds about what it is we are choosing to think and believe in we see what we are now choosing to believe manifesting before us. All of us believe we are here to change the world. In truth we are not able to change the world. It does not need changing. The world is perfect exactly the way it is, as are we. What changes is our way of viewing ourselves and the world. As we change our minds about ourselves the way we see the world changes too. All the things we had been taught were an illusion. When the illusion falls away the “Real World” appears and stays. All this happens and comes about through the use of YOUR Free Will to choose for yourself what is true for you and choosing to Stand in Your Light of Truth no matter what it is the world or your brothers judge you to be.

  • Sabrina Reyenga

    Hello Elisa, Erik, and Jamie. Great topic! I have had multiple NDE’s throughout my own life. The first at 9 months old when my paternal grandmother kicked me across a room into a fireplace. The next at around two when I stepped on a bee and another when I fell in the pool and hit my chin knocking myself out. Around 4 or 5 I was held under the waves at the ocean by a cousin. Asthma attack at 15 and another in my 20’s. There were others in between those too. Each time I stood outside my body as others were working on my body. Each time I had light beings come stand and talk with me about staying or moving on too. Each time I was given a choice. Each time I chose to continue on here in this life even though I was being raped, molested, beaten, mentally and emotionally abused. Each time I was given a choice and I always chose to come back here and finish what I started….

    • Kim Moses

      i think that is a great decision…..just imagine if you had to do this life over to learn whatever lessons you are here to learn?

    • Paulette Roberts

      That’s why I get confused about contracts, it sounds like you have no choice when it is time, the time u planned.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        The choice is not in whether or not you have the experience brother. The choice is in how you are choosing to perceive the experience. The experience is just that, an experience. It is the judgments we accept or make about that experience that colors it in our minds. Those judgments are what we are here to to learn to see past. The judgments we accept are what we define ourselves to be. Those judgments are used as tools to control and manipulate us to another’s dictates and will. What we are here to learn is who we really are and how to stop the controlled manipulations we have all been trained to accept. We are here to remember what our free will really is and is for…

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        I am confused too. If it’s a contract, you’ve got no choice.

      • You always have free will on both sides of the veil.

    • Lorri

      You are stronger than me. With a family like that, I would have chosen to leave!

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        In those moments when one stands outside the body a review of what is happens. In those moments an understanding comes of ones purpose even if it is not remembered when one steps back into the body. All pain and suffering is absent in these moments. All confusion is gone. A clarity of understanding is given in these moments so an informed choice may be made. Because of the severity of my experiences at each point of an NDE I was greeted by my guides and a discussion would ensue as to what was happening and what I wanted to do. It is that absence of the pain that allows one to see more clearly what is needed and where to go in the next stages of the journey. This is why I always chose to continue here. In those moments I understood that everything I was experiencing was of benefit to me and through me all of humanity.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Sabrina, you had the benefit of ‘standing outside the body’ and seeing with clarity. That means you were meant to stay; you were not meant to die. Someone who didn’t have the opportunity to ‘stand outside the body’ and gain the understanding of one’s purpose, may be meant to die. Someone with a mental illness who wasn’t able to have the ‘clarity of understanding’ might be MEANT to die. Does that make sense?

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        Actually I was given the choice of staying or leaving. Every single time the choice was mine. At 9 months old, 2 year, 3, 4, 5, and the years go on. I am a clear open channel. Part of those NDE’s purpose was to open me to my abilities. To clarify things I was experiencing such as “knowing” another’s intentions without a word being spoken to me. I was shown how in everything it is my choice in how I choose to experience it. That my judgments are what color everything within my mind. That every single thing I experience is of benefit to me. I would not be who I am with the understandings I am given if I had not experienced all the things I have. Each experience is a blessing to me.

        As for those who perceive their world differently… In everything we think, do, say, and believe we judge it to be what it is. We are taught those judgments. Many of those who are considered mentally ill are misdiagnosed. As a child I could see the dead and other beings. Yet my family believed me possessed and had me exorcised by a priest. I learned to stop speaking of what I perceived so the beatings and other tortures would end.

        Children conform to the dictates of those who say they are in charge. When everything they are being taught to conform to goes against their very being the break inside. Just as I did for many years. I learned to conform until suicide looked like the answer to me. Then one rape to many broke my silence. At 15 I stood up for me. Shortly after that I had an asthma attack. Once again I was outside my body being given a choice to stay or go as my P.E. teacher give me CPR.

        In everything we get a choice. We do not have to stay here or come back to this life, even if we do not learn our lessons. Even if we have more to do here. It is always our choice. It is why we have free will.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Then how do you explain suicided people who regret their decision when they’ve died?

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        I would have to leave the answer to that particular question to Erik. He would be better able to bring in a soul who may be able to explain this themselves. It has not been my experience as of yet so I can’t speak of it until it is shown to me. Most of what I speak of is through my own personal experiences and the understandings I have been given of them.

      • Nancy Antia

        Sabrina, what is it exactly to be a clear open channel? Do you channel loved ones in spirit for people like mediums do?

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        The way it has been explained to me is that I am able to step aside in a manner of speaking and allow Holy Spirit and sometimes others to step in and speak through me without interference from me trying to “judge” whatever is being shared through me. I am not stepping out completely as Jamie and many of the other mediums can do. The “channeling” thing is still fairly new for me. I have had my guides step in and use my body to type out stuff in response on FB. They step in as my husband and I are recording ACIM videos to clarify points of understanding. I no longer fight them when the try to come in now. I get a woozy feeling in my head with blurred vision and nausea and my tongue suddenly feels swollen in my mouth and sometimes gags me as it happens. I have learned to sit still and relax as who ever it is adjusts themselves within me.

        My guides are saying to think of it as rows in a garden. Between each row there is a valley. That “valley” is where the water will flow so both rows on either side get the maximum amount of water. That valley is also called a channel. It is a space made to allow the free flow of a substance to be moved from one place to another or flow freely without any or very little obstruction. I hope this answers your question.

      • Nancy Antia

        Oh yes! You answered my question with beautiful words. Thank you!

      • Léon Vrins

        Sabrina, I try to fully understand the meaning of your comment, but there are some difficulties. You wrote: “It is that absence of the pain that allows one to see more clearly what is needed and where to go in the next stage of the journey.” So you saw what was needed and based your choice on that. Could you have made another choice, using and thus showing your free will? If not, is there still a free will? I think the ultimate way to show free will is by doing/choosing something you really disgust.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        Good morning Leon. What I was conveying was that in the moments of an NDE or out of body there is no physical or emotional pain in those moments. A disconnect between the mind and body occurs that permits clear thinking without the fog of the pain and suffering one has been going through. Pain from mental, emotional, and physical trauma is no longer felt in those moments. When one is without pain they are without fear. It is our fears that block us from being able to look within at whatever it is we are experiencing in the moment. Our fears create or manifest the pain and suffering we experience. It is that absence of FEAR that permits one to look at what they experience and make a choice on what it is they will do next. Brother in everything you get the choice of what it is you are experiencing. You always get that choice. The key here is to recognize that it is your own judgments of what you are experiencing that is coloring it in your mind to be something it is not. Change your mind and the experience changes.

      • Léon Vrins

        Thanks for the explanation. I still don’t get it completely, because it seems to me that the choices you made were presented as the only ones because of the consequences of other choices. Free will means to me that you can choose anything, whatever is caused afterwards by these choices

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        Let me see if I can break this down for you… As a child you accepted everything that was said to you as being the absolute truth. You accepted every judgment, opinion, and advice handed to you as being the absolute truth and the only way. You did all of this blind following subconsciously at first. Then you began to make active choices and decisions to follow and believe. Many of these choices were made with a catalyst of pain and suffering prodding you. Things such as, yet not limited too, punishments in the forms of physical hitting, slapping, beatings. Mental torments such as being called names, belittled, shamed, and guilt. Emotional torments such as kindness, affection, gentleness, and love are withheld.

        Each of the items I mentioned are used as manipulative tools to get one to conform to another beings dictates and will. Most often this training is best started on the young so as to keep them locked in a cage of their own making that is within their own minds. If you teach them to fear questioning authority and prohibit them with make believe laws from looking within at their own thoughts and beliefs… You will control them. They will be enslaved to you and will do so willingly. This is the training that you and all of humanity has been put through. This is what you are here to undo.

    • Nancy Antia

      Dear Sabrina, I’m very sorry about what happened to you through life. I’ve been studying NDEs for two decades and I’m particularly interested in children’s NDEs. Would you consider sharing with me your various NDEs as a child? My e-mail is: Thank you so much in advance!

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        Good morning Nancy. Everything I am and have experienced is for sharing. It is through the sharing of them that healing will occur for my brothers. You can find me on Facebook. I run a group there called Healing with Sharing and Living A Course in Miracles as well as public and personal pages. You may send me your questions via FB or email at I will do my best to answer them. Blessing to you on your journey brother. Hugs and love.

      • Nancy Antia

        Dear sabrina, I found your page on Facebook and sent you a friend’s request. Thank you for your email too!

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        You joined the FB group and are possibly following my pages. I haven’t received the request as of yet. Looking forward to it.

      • Nancy Antia

        Oh! It says “pending”. I did send it. Thank you, Sabrina! I read one of your posts, the long one about being loved. Great!

    • Jesus!

      • Sabrina Reyenga


  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Thank you. That was a really interesting post. But it raises a question for me. Erik says that if you’re ‘not meant to go’ or that ‘you’re work isn’t done’ you’ll be sent back to your body Does that mean that, when someone suicides and dies, it’s ‘meant to be’? Because if the suicide is unsuccessful, it means the person was sent back or that their work isn’t finished. But if someone suicides, it’s their time to go. I’m thinking of my beautiful daughter who took her own life. I’m still trying to work out whether it was ‘choice’ or whether she was always going to die young. I’d be happy to hear opinions.

    • Sometimes they’re sent back, sometimes it’s part of their contract (like Erik’s) and sometimes it’s a regrettable mistake.

  • Belkis

    Congratulations to Annika, good achievement, Elisa you and your loved Son are the energy that moves this channel, your role is the most important, without you, we couldn’t have Erik now for everybody and Kim is an adorable sweet heart who deal with the master of this wonderful phenomenon named:” Erik”. Love you, guys. Belkis.

    • Thank you for your sweet words!

      • Belkis

        Elisa, I was two days ago, dealing with my 6 y/o kid, trying to clean, cook and do all my duties, I got stressed because he was cranky, after a long day of field trip with the school, when I started to give him orders to do his homework and pick up his toys, the atmosphere was loaded, from one moment to another the laptop was off sitting on the floor from last night and it started to sound with a program that he use to works for the school(I-ready) how come?when that program is getting disconnect as soon you don’t touch the screen after a few minutes, I was amazed, so I noticed that was Erik, because it was imposible to happens, Erik did it to avoid a confrontation with my kid, and later I went to my room where my husband had a pandora radio on an Spanish channel, at soon I stepped in, the pandora started to play the song of the movie; Ghost. That is Erik, I knew it, he confirmed it with it.
        He help to smooth the environment when it is loaded.I love you guys, thanks a lot.

      • Sounds like him! Check out my book for the easiest way to parent kids: Hearing is Believing.

      • Belkis

        Thanks a lot, Elisa, I bough three books from you, about kids, the one do you told me ( Hearing is Believing, Raising children who think for themselves and Raising every day heroes) I always had an kind connection with my father after his death, my son couldn’t knows him but he refers to him( abuelo Maceo) comes to visit, when he felt a warm sensation back of his neck, Now with since I met you and you lovely Son Erik, I have not doubt of it, they leave the body but they stay always around, my father have to know Erik by now. Maybe they are hanging out. I hope so. Love you guys, all your hard work is a bless for us, people are hungry for proof and Erik is working on it.

      • I bet they are hanging out. Poor your dad, getting a run for his money probably!

      • Belkis

        Elisa, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day, full of happiness with your family.

      • Thanks!

  • Sabrina Reyenga

    Good morning everyone. Based on the commentary and questions being asked I am to share an understanding with you. When I began this journey back in 2004 after a motorcycle accident left me bedridden, broken, and dying of diseases such as two forms of cancer, I was asked a question by God. The question I was asked was this, “If everything you think you know and believe to be true as defining you and this world and everything it was taught to you by someone else as it was taught to them… How do you know it is the truth?” When I sat and actually contemplated that question the answer I came to was this… I do not know if any of it is true. I have never questioned anything that has been taught to me.

    The next question I was asked was this, “When you look at these labels you are defining yourself to be, do you recognize yet what they truly are? When I stopped and looked at each of those labels I was shown how each one was a judgment that was handed to me. Each label was a judgment created to define who and what I am supposed to be and act, say, and do. Every one was a control lever being used to manipulate me to another’s will. By blindly following, accepting, and believing these judgmental labels being handed to me I was handing away my own free will to choose for myself who and what I wanted to be. I did this all unknowingly as a child when I would accept whatever my parents, family, peers, and society dictated to me. It was not until my adult years that I chose to finally look at what I was choosing to do and change my mind about those things I had chosen to believe defined me. I began to question everything.

    As I let go every label that had been handed to me I healed every disease within me. As I stopped listening to and believing in every judgment and opinion or advice being handed to me blindly I found inner peace. All of us are taught to accept the judgments being handed to us without questioning them. It is not until we choose to question all we have been taught that freedom comes to us. That we begin to finally understand that our free will is the ability to choose for ourselves what resonates as being right for us. To no longer accept what another is dictating to us as being who and what we are or are supposed to be. It is learning to choose for yourself and stand in your own light of truth no matter what your brothers have chosen to believe for themselves.

    I learned to stop seeking out the judgments, opinions, and advice of those around me. I started going within my own heart and mind and looking at everything I had experienced throughout my life with God and Holy Spirit. I began question each of those experiences and what I had been taught about them. I began to see where and when I judged or accepted judgments. It was in those moments that my true pain and suffering began. The moment I accepted a judgment or made a judgment as defining me or the situation I began to forget who I truly am within this shell I call my body. I began to believe I was my body… That was another thing I was shown. As I laid in my bed unable to move after that accident with my body dying I understood I was still alive inside even if I could not move. I was not dead inside even if my shell was about too. I was able to fully disconnect in those moments as I witnessed this within myself. To understand that my body did not define who or what I was in any way. It was just a vehicle or car for me to travel this experience in. That I am still as God created me in every way. I am pure, innocent, and Holy. Nothing can ever change that Truth. I am perfect just as I am and so are my brothers. They simply believe they are what they are not because that is what they have been taught. Like me they never questioned what was being said to them…

    Just a little something to contemplate while you are trying to figure out why you experience these things that you do my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.

    • So profound. Wow!

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        It seems this post is considered spam for some reason. Do you need to approve of it Ms. Elisa?

      • SOmetimes it makes me approve posts and sometimes not.

  • Yes I’ve read about his NDE and it’s amazing!

    • Nancy Antia

      This man had terminal cancer and died… Yes, amazing indeed.

  • One of the most incredible NDEs ever! He probably was pronounced dead but then his heart and respirations started up again, but so slowly (like with Jesus) that no one realized he was alive.

    • Nancy Antia

      Oh, yes, Elisa! I don’t know how he made it. He spent almost three days in the morgue in that coldness …

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