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It looks like the poll has Edinburgh in first, London in second and Dublin in third. If you want your opinion to count, it’s not to late to vote! All it takes is a click of a button!

I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend. I’ve decided to take the day off tomorrow to hang with family. I’ll be back on Tuesday, though!

Story #1

I think I just got my first Erik encounter!

Last night I went out to a restaurant and I asked Erik to make one of the neon signs at the bar blink. I stared at it for a long time but it never budged. Then, out of nowhere I felt the urge to raise myself a bit to look over the booth, and to my right was another neon sign, which was blinking nonstop. I just smiled and though: “Ok Erik, I’ll take that.”

Shortly after I got home I went to bed. I usually put my cell phone on vibrate and tuck it under my pillow. Well around 5am it started vibrating intermittently, like if I was receiving countless texts! I am usually a deep sleeper, and when I receive texts or calls I usually won’t wake up, but the phone was vibrating so intensely that I woke up feeling the entire pillow shaking. It even woke up my husband sleeping beside me.

When I pulled out the phone to check who was bombarding me with what we thought where a dozen text messages… nothing! There where no missed calls, no text messages, no alarms, no emails… nothing. I just laughed out loud and went back to sleep. 🙂

Thank you Erik that was cool. 🙂

Story #2

Hello, Elisa. I just wanted to share with you what Erik was up to. Yesterday, I was in a hurry to go make a payment and head to the grocery store. As soon as I got in my Denali the back window rolled down by itself. I was caught by surprise of course! I’m like, “what is going on?” I’m trying to roll it back up but it won’t respond. Keep in mind it was around 11 degrees out. About a minute after, I realized it was Erik pranking me. I kept trying to get the window up but it wouldn’t budge. So I got out and went to the switch on that door and the window went up half way and then got stuck because it was frozen. I kept telling Erik it’s too cold outside to drive with the window down. Finally, it rolled up. This took about 5 minutes to close the window. He was laughing of course! Erik confirmed it was him with the pendulum. Then he and Jillian went to the store with me and Erik requested Skittles, not the sour ones, but the regular flavor. He said he didn’t like the sour ones. Thanks for your freezing visitation Erik!! Love you Erik and Jillian!

Story #3

Something odd happened to me today and I’m wondering if it was Erik pranking me. I got myself one of those red “Easy” buttons from Staples the other day. What I didn’t realize until I ordered it online and read the description was that it actually says, “That was easy,” when you press down on it. I thought that was kind of a fun feature, even though I primarily bought it as a visual reminder that things can, in fact, be easy if I adjust my vibration to a match for ease. So, I’ve had the button sitting at my office desk for a couple of days now. Every now and then I’ve pressed it to show my sweetie or my son and give them a smile, and you really have to press down on it. There is no on/off button, so it’s always on, but you have to use some definite oomph to press down on it, and it also makes an obvious clicking sound when you press the button.

So, there I was today, taking a seat at my desk and it suddenly surprised me with a, “That was easy,” without my touching it. It didn’t visibly push down and made no clicking sound at all, just the “That was easy,” and I looked at it, immediately thought, “Was that Erik?,” and was pretty darn amused! Then I went into investigator/debunk mode and started to move my keyboard table around and bump it a bit to see I could make the Easy button go off. I also picked up the button and started shaking and bumping it. Nope. It hasn’t done it for the rest of the day, so I’m doubtful that it’s some kind of malfunction. So for now, the incident remains officially unexplained. If that was you, Erik, as usual, I like your sense of humor!

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  • Jemma

    Three awesome stories, I love hearing about other peoples encounters with Erik! Happy to see both London & Edinburgh in the top 2! Thankfully both will be accessible to reach. Can’t wait 🙂

  • Norma Frederick

    I just wanted to tell you, I was on facebook, I think, and I was directed to the site of a medium, a male and I’ve never heard of him, but anyway, his guide said that “that Eric is buzzing around here getting things stirred up”, or something to that effect and I had to tell you. I wish I could remember who it was. It took me by surprise.

    • Was it Ivan or Justin?

      • Norma Frederick

        No. I’ll keep trying. I know it was a web site I never visited before. I don’t know how to track cookies.

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