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The other day, I was out in the backyard with Bella when I noticed a big nest way up high near the top of one of the pine trees. I thought, ‘That’s too big to be a squirrel’s nest unless the squirrel has a major Type A personality or is an overachiever.’ Then, moments later, I saw a huge red-tailed hawk fly out of it. Since Bella is only 3 pounds sopping wet, I’m scared that adding a few more hawks to our backyard will pose a huge risk. They might not be able to carry off, but they could do great damage with their sharp talons and beaks and at least drag her off to a place where they could pretty much eviscerate her. Gross. So I called the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to see what our options are. I know these hawks are federally protected and rightfully so, but I also know that the nests can be relocated if you have a federal permit. They gave me a number to call someone who gave me another number to call someone who gave me another number to call and, well, 9 numbers later, I talked to someone who really knows the laws. He said essentially there’s nothing we can do. The only time they relocate nests is under cases like when they’re on power lines and pose a fire hazard. But he also assured me that as long as a human being is in the yard with her, the hawk won’t grab her. If they do, they’ll immediately release her when they realize she’s not a part of their usual menu. Of course, that might be too late because she might have a whole lot of extra ventilation holes by that time. Have you heard of any stories of pets being scooped up by hawks while their owner stand helplessly by? 

Enough of the scary stuff. Let’s see what today’s Best of Erik is about.

Me: Do our loved ones think about us, or have they moved on and we’re just a memory?


Jamie: Erik, don’t say that.

Erik: Wouldn’t it be fucked up if we just said: Hell no. When you die, you totally move on, because that shit is old.

Me: Erik! That’d be awful!

Erik: No, we think about them all the time, because we still have the choice of seeing them, and for the first time—I hope every reader understands this—when you let go of life and you cross into a higher dimensional plane—Heaven—

Jamie (chuckling): He pauses. He’s like, “Fuck Heaven.”

Me: Yeah, because he likes to call it Home.

Erik: It’s for the first time, you look back on the relations you had, and they’re healed on your part. They’re healed. There’s no pull; there’s no fight; there’s no ugliness. It turns out all good. It’s a great Christmas wish, really. Sorry to the other religions there. That was just a shout out to the Catholics.

Jamie and I laugh.

Erik: Okay, you can use birthday—a nice birthday gift. I’m really enjoying the variety of people that are on the blog, because it’s really not just one denomination.

Me: Oh, no. Oh my god, we have all sorts.

Jamie: He’s just so proud of that.

Me: Probably not too many atheists, though.

Erik: Not many, no.

Me: When you guys watch us from Heaven, do you wish you were with us?

Erik (laughing): Not all the time!

Me (laughing): I guess not! But if you did wish, you would be with us. Well, do spirits feel sad? Is there ever sadness or loneliness in Heaven?

Erik: Only if you want it. You can only special order it for yourself.

Me: Why would anybody want that! Is it just to feel a sense of separation that they don’t usually feel there?

Erik: I don’t know. Some people are fucked in the head here, too. Seriously, it’s more of—they’ve been shown the lesson and every possibility to heal, but there might be that one thing that kind of slips back to them and they feel sad about it.

Me: Oh!

Erik: And normally that will heal when the person who’s still living passes over and they can have a clear communication together, and then often if that person finds a medium or a psychic or whatever they call themselves, they can go to them, and then the spirit can heal in that way and let go of it.

Me: So, sometimes it’s the deceased loved one that needs to communicate through a medium to heal.

Erik: Yes. That’s often the way it goes.

Me: I always thought it was the other way around.

Erik: Well, yeah. That’s because you’re there. You don’t see our side of the fence.

Me: I guess not. Okay. here’s one. Are bad emotions like jealousy and bitterness gone in Heaven? I guess that’s pretty much along the same lines.

Erik: Yeah, it’s along the same lines. If you want it, you can special order it for yourself, but it doesn’t trigger anybody else in spirit.

Me: Probably on the dollar menu, huh?

Erik: It’s totally on the dollar menu! You know what’s kind of fucked up though is —I don’t know if you wanna spill this, but I kind of like your “all honesty policy,” Mom. So, let’s say that I’m jealous or I’m angry. Then the person I’m hanging out with in spirit won’t feel it. They can see that I’m having those emotions, but they won’t feel it. It just doesn’t translate that way. Now, if I’m hanging with a live dude on Earth, they can feel it. I can totally fuck up the way that they’re feeling on Earth.

Me: Oh, no!

Erik: But that’s like what we were saying on several occasions when we do mini-readings or lessons that the son or the daughter who passed away or the family member trying to communicate; that human can feel that loved one there. If it’s a negative emotion, it sometimes just fucks them up even more instead of making them feel good.

Me: Sometimes I feel grief when you’re around, Erik. I feel your presence and then the grief washes over me. But I try to mitigate that by thinking, ‘Oh hi. Erik; how are you doing? I know you’re around and I love you; I’m happy for you and I’m proud of you.’ It transmutes the grief into joy. Not complete joy, but a little bit.

Erik: That sucks because normally we’re there to really help, but —

Me: Yeah, but once you know that your loved one’s energy is causing the grief and then you feel the goosebumps on some part of your body, that helps. But for people who don’t realize that connection it must really suck. You’re right.

Erik: Yeah, and they go through these fits of odd emotions, and they think they’re fucked in the head and they get medicine and…

Me: Oh God.

Erik: Spiritualists, scientists and physicians really should be all together in the same boat. They shouldn’t be divided anymore.

Me: I know; I agree.

Do you agree?

Do you agree?

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  • cyndi wilkins

    This one really grabbed my heart strings today..I am caring for my dad at home as he approaches his “end of this life” journey. It has been heart wrenching on several occasions as I have watched him struggle with letting go. I have a monitor in his bedroom so I can keep an eye on him at all times and there have been several instances where I have seen the faded image of a woman standing beside his bed as he sleeps…I’m sure it is my mother here to help him cross over…but he fights it so much even though he loved her dearly. I’m certain he would love to be reunited with her, but he cannot seem to get past the fear. I thought he was almost there the other night when I saw the beautiful translucent orbs of light floating around his body as he lay sleeping and yet again, he fought them away so fiercely his room looked like a fireworks display! When I sit with him at night, I try to communicate with his spirit that everything will be okay…especially his children, and it is okay to let go…I know some part of him hears me…I’m just waiting for him to believe me…

    • M&M

      Beautiful story.

      • cyndi wilkins

        Thank you so much…It is beautiful…and a privilege to be witness to the process of one’s transformation…That is exactly what Erik, and the amazing entourage of souls assisting him, are teaching us through this extraordinary medium…Our loved one’s are never lost to us…They are right here beside us…ALWAYS.

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      That’s really lovely. Does your father ever see or hear your mother? Again, for me this is a very comforting story. Thank you.

      • cyndi wilkins

        Yes, thank you…I am certain he does see and hear her…I often hear him in the night speaking to her…However, upon awakening he has no recall…In fact, the dementia he experiences might lead one to believe he is hallucinating…but we all know better than that by now;-) What we consider to be a disease of the brain is actually the lifting of the veil…his worlds are merging and he is slowly being groomed for departure…I pray for him a smooth flight and that he leave all his fears behind…No room for roll-away luggage in the higher realms!

  • Judy

    Hi Elisa! Yes I know people who have lost pets larger than Bella to hawks and owls. I don’t know if a hawk is so bold, but an owl tried to snatch one that was being walked on a leash.You’re right to be very careful.

    • Sigh. I wish she wasn’t so small. She was supposed to grow to be bigger. Guess she’s the runt.

      • Joanne

        When my grandkids and their little dogs were moving to Florida I made a joke about “Terrier Hawks” swooping down to carry them off – but it really is not a joke. Can happen.

      • Gulp

  • M&M

    I know of 8 puppies that were snatched by a hawk (probably taken individually, but only guessing), but that was when no one was home. They were in a small pen by themselves. Heartbreaking.

  • Martin Coss

    Today’s post for myself was very welcoming and comforting, l too slip and take a tumble in my grief and this morning to sit back and read todays discussion was such a great pick me up..
    Many thanks you’s, crew!
    Being a birdie an avid eagle observer, my take on this would be to view this as a wonderful experience to be involved with nature, if you can think that a family of hawks feels so safe living near yourself and to make a nest, way cool, that’s really nice, you could take films photos and get the grand kiddies involved, give the hawks names, take too them as your friends.
    I had a wedge tail eagle come too me a few months ago, it was the most bizarre thing, it circled me for close too 5 minutes from a radius of only 30/40 meters away, this just doesn’t happen, anyways l recently had a reading with Alison Alan, l am from Australia, and l found out that Erik played with the energy frequency that changed the Eagles flight path, it did seem like it wanted too move on but was kinda magneticly stuck in frequency, this was the coolest thing, Erik = Legend!
    Become friends and welcome in some feathered friends, pups will be safe, enjoy the experience.. have no fear!

  • Sheri

    This is the first time I’ve visited this blog. Erik sent me here. And this is the first time I am telling this story to anyone. I appreciate that a forum has courageously been created by Elisa and Erik where this sort of thing can be expressed and understood. The social shroud of suicide, and death in general, needs to be removed. I am a medium and my brother, Terry, killed himself one month ago. He suffered a very traumatic death in his desperation to be free of his mental illness and depression. He hanged himself on the deck of his houseboat where he had lived alone for 25 years. It’s so hard to see these words written out, it’s like electric shocks to my heart, and the images of it haunt me daily. He came to me in spirit the next day and I could feel the darkness of his experience surging through me like a horror film. It was difficult for me because I so wanted to talk to him, yet was overwhelmed by his cloud of disturbing, depressive energy. I read Jamie’s story about her “re-experiencing” Erik’s death through him. It was much the same, but uniquely painful because it was my own brother’s death. We were the closest in our family, soul partners for sure. I had always had a direct line into him. I always knew when something had happened to him. He carried our connection with him to the other side and reached out to me quickly. He was sooo happy to be delivered from his pain, while I was reeling in god forsaken grief. It was a very, very awful time to be a medium – it was an unusually unfortunate situation to be in that had never occurred to me until it happened. The pain of this event came stacked in several layers. A week before it happened, I had channeled Archangel Michael about him and he told me what was going to happen, as if it was inevitable. He was right. Though his channeling was beautifully worded, still, I was so livid at him for what I saw as giving up on my brother! It conflicted with everything I knew about Angels – that’s WHY we pray to them – for help! I’ve never felt so helpless and at odds with God, and ‘all that is’, in whole my life. Naturally, I mounted an even greater effort to save him and prove Michael wrong. But I truly believe that it had already been decided, it was out of my hands – which then drew me into an existential crisis about fate, free will, and the meaning of life that I am still struggling with. I’m not sure which is the kinder- to be told ahead of time and have time to prepare but wonder every day; or to not suffer throughout those days and receive the news like anyone else would. On top of that, our deranged mother was unfortunately the next of kin and decided there would be no funeral, no memorial, no obituary, no goodbyes, no nothing- just to punish the rest of us for reasons that could fill a book. He was cremated and gone. It’s not hard to see how he ended up in such dire straits. When he came to me, it was surprising how he would talk like he was standing right in front of me, from day one. Btw, he talks a LOT like Erik. So after Erik came into my life, it was hard to tell who was saying what and sending what song, etc. After a couple weeks, Terry’s energy changed and the darkness lifted. It is interesting to compare his experience crossing over with Erik’s… much the same, but nowhere near as clear and articulate as Erik. It was almost more like a child would describe things. Then recently Erik went silent. When I tried to channel him, it was clouded and “off” and I wondered why he left. But I still get his really uncomfortable chills. Whenever I tune in I only hear one word: “blog!”. So that’s why I’m here. I’m assuming he wanted me to share my story. And because I agree from my own understanding of the universe with almost everything I’ve heard Erik say, I’ve learned to trust his judgement implicitly. His movement will likely change the world. It’s sadly overdue and I support him, Elisa, and CE all the way. So I thank you all for allowing me this space to share and grieve, and for taking the time to read this long post. My love and gratitude goes out to all…. Sheri*

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      Hi Sheri,
      You’re extremely articulate and smart–like Elisa. You should start your own blog, just like Elisa has done. You’re right: suicide is shrouded. I don’t even know what it’s shrouded in, whether it’s shame I don’t know. I know that when I’ve told others who’ve lost children that my daughter suicided, it’s quickly pointed out ‘Oh, but my son/daughter didn’t take his/her own life’. It’s almost like society is saying it’s shameful; that I, as her mum, wasn’t able to stop it–or maybe that’s only my inference.
      My daughter’s friend and I found my daughter too. She had hanged herself. I still can’t go there with my mind. In fact, writing it makes me feel as though I’m going to vomit. All my medium readings have said that there was nothing I or anyone else could have done to stop it, and that she was meant to be here only for a short while. That helps me, but still I feel guilty–guilt that I didn’t see anything; recognise any signs; didn’t do more; didn’t do the right things; didn’t have the opportunity to help her.
      I was/am angry too that the angels/spirit guides/helpers didn’t do more to stop it. Yes, I believe we’ll be together again when I die, but her life as my daughter is gone. I’ve lost her smile, her voice, her body, her expressions–everything physical about her is gone.

      • Sheri Engler

        Thank you so much for your response. I was feeling very iffy about it and vulnerable after I wrote all that. I appreciate you sharing your story. Grief shared lessens the load we bear as individuals just trying to get through each day intact. I can’t begin to imagine the trauma you and Elisa, and the many others out there, have suffered in losing a child and the scars and haunting images that remain. My senses implode when I even try to think about it. What crosses my mind is what I used to tell my kids as they grew up. Whenever we would see a developmentally disabled person, or a homeless person, I would remind them that is the higher souls who choose the most difficult roles so they can push their boundaries of learning and to always respect those who appear less fortunate for they are likely masters in disguise. In working with so many light workers, I quickly realized that many of us chose very difficult lives so we could experience the human condition from the inside out and therefore be of greater service to those in need. Its kind of like how ex alcoholics are often alcoholism counselors. They’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and they also know the way out of the darkest cave in order to lead others who are still lost. Just like Cyndi said above, we live it because we knew we would be strong enough, and that our experience would help others. It is the ultimate act of altruism and service to humanity. In just one paragraph, your courageous sharing helped me so much! You sacrificed the searing pain of each word you wrote for my benefit. And it will be rewarded infinitely. I felt safe and understood and that growth will ripple outward from me. So thank you!

      • We all have your back, sweetie.

    • cyndi wilkins

      I am so sorry for the pain you are in Sheri…Being a medium is a blessing and a curse in and of itself, but you are strong enough to handle it or it would not be happening…We always have the power to “tune out” when necessary to take a break…and Erik’s going stealth on you is perhaps his way of encouraging you to do just that…Reading about the experiences of others and reaching out to your soul family, (this blog) is exactly what Dr. Medhus has prescribed for your heart…Thank you for sharing your story…Sending you lots of love:-)

      • Sheri Engler

        Your words are so true, and it is extremely easy to pick up the glowing kindness in your heart; and I thank you for cushioning my initiation here so supportively. 🙂

    • M&M

      Very touching, thanks for sharing, Sheri. Sometimes the outside world hijacks our idea of how things should go and all we have is our inside world. Lots of love to you.

      • Sheri Engler

        Dear M&M, Thank you so much for your response. I’m pretty sure that one line you just said belongs in a famous quote book. I actually copied it onto a sticky note. One never knows when great profundity will strike. It struck! (but now I’m really hoping that profundity is a real word.)

    • Paulette Roberts

      Your story was very touching indeed, my brother committed suicide when I was 12 and he was 17, he hung himself on a ladder in his attic room, where I was assigned to sleep after all the situation calmed down. I’m 67 now, I took it all better than most in my family. I found myself recently trying to have memories of some of our childhood encounters. I think he visited me in my sleep, and many many years later in a dream, no words, he had bright red hair so it was hard to mistake who he was, he just looked at me with a slight smile. His name is Bobby. Since you seem to have a gift do you think you could ask him how he is and if he has any advice about my son? My son is acutely mentally ill and I’m in a lot of pain over him and his pain. If not I completely understand.

      • I can’t channel for people personally but you really should communicate with your brother and also ask Erik about your son. Book a session with any of the mediums I use. Just go to the Favorites tab then to Links. Or you can ask Erik about your son on any Thursday night radio show (although we don’t channel deceased that way.) You can also submit your questions for the next Ask Erik magazine column when I call out for them. Those last two are free, of course.

      • Paulette Roberts

        Actually I thought I was asking the lady that wrote in who as I understood had some abilities, I wasn’t asking you Elisa but sure appreciate you anyway, yes I will look into what you suggested.

      • Sheri Engler

        I would certainly follow Elisa’s advice on that situation. She has assembled the best mediums that I ever even knew existed! And Erik is potentially the key to the grand shift on this planet. I’m completely mind blown at Erik’s contribution to the advancement of our global consciousness and knowledge base. not to mention the access to other brilliant minds he brings through. You will get very clear info there. The closure will be well worth the effort. I have spent the last several years focusing more on a metaphysical research project and writing a book. I thank you for asking but I am honestly too deep in my own grief to help anyone else right now which is why I am here. I’m just another person like everyone trying to survive personal tragedy. But trust me, these professionals can help you and I hope you follow through. Much love to you. Ask and ye shall receive. Ask your angels to help you. There are many ways you can talk to him yourself. Hugs.

      • Aw, I have your back when you need me.

      • Paulette Roberts

        Thank you so much for your kind reply!

      • Oops, sorry! The moderation board for these comments just come as a list instead of how you guys see it.

    • Maybe you’d like to do a guest channeling session for the blog. If so, email me at

      • Sheri Engler

        Hi Elisa, I have already emailed you. I am the one with the research project that I wanted to discuss with you. Gosh, it astounds me how you are able to respond personally to all these posts. I didn’t know you did that. You are an amazing person!

      • Did I miss that email? Gosh, I get so many, maybe I did. Hope not.

      • Sheri Engler

        No you didn’t miss it. You wrote me back. I’m in the process of sending you the NDA. And yeah, I bet you get tons of communications to manage. Kudos to you for your enormous efforts. Your personal touch and presence is what brings the magical illumination to this all. But I’m sure everyone understands that you are just one person. Oh, if we could only bi-locate like Erik, eh?

      • Oh yeah, now I remember.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Oh yes, be careful with big birds. About ten years ago I was driving my two young daughters to school. There was a mother duck and her 10 ducklings crossing the road. They managed to make it to the other side but the ducklings were not able to jump up on the curb. We stopped and tried to collect all the ducklings. While we were doing that, a two birds swooped and took two of the ducklings. I’m sure that none of them would have made it to the lake. We weren’t able to catch the mother, as she was too quick. But with all the remaining ducklings in the box, we left our car and walked home with the mother duck following the sounds of her ducklings inside the box. We had to stop traffic to make sure the mother duck crossed roads safely. The box full of ducklings was taken to the lake and there they were reunited with their mother.

  • Elisa, you asked Erik the exact questions I’ve wondered about. Is my husband happy? Does he think about me? Does he miss me? I asked a psychic who said he’s in a state of bliss, but he does feel my sadness and he is concerned for me. Nothing about missing me, which hurt, though she said he’s pouring a lot of love my way. Still, like you, sadness washes over me when I think of him or something reminds me of him. I try to mitigate it by talking to him as if her were right next to me. I don’t want him to be sad for me, and I’m so glad he’s out of the excruciating pain he had (he died of bladder cancer), but it is so hard to put on a happy face. Much easier to wallow in my grief. I guess mine is a lesson in being generous and happy for others no matter what — traits my husband had in spades.

    Erik, thank you for clarifying the heaven/Earth connection.

  • We love you!

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