Non Human Chakras

I’m going to keep this intro short because we’re about to go house hunting for my daughter. Keep your fingers crossed that she finds her forever house (close to her mommy.)

Me: Do all living creatures have chakras?

Erik: Yes. They have an energetic body and an energetic body that works. All living creatures have it: worms, snakes—

Me: Fire ants.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Lot’s of people have something against fire ants.

Jamie: They must live in Florida.

Me: Yeah, they must. We have ‘em here in Texas, too.

Jamie: Oh, you do?

Me: Oh, god, yes.

Erik (chuckling at our digression): Yes, even fire ants, and even trees have an energetic system, but it’s not placed on, uh, it’s not –

Jamie (to Erik): Spit it out, Erik.


Jamie: Oh, because trees don’t have a spine, and so the chakras aren’t placed up and down. They have different placements in plants. But plants and trees are still living creatures

Me: Like jellyfish, like they only—

Jamie (shocked): Holy—what in the world? How did you even come up with jellyfish right then?

Me: I don’t know. It just popped into my mind, I guess.

Jamie: Dude, that freaked me out! We were just talking about jellyfish!

Me (laughing): Oh my god!

Jamie: That was like my, I mentioned, ‘Wow, even underwater sea creatures’ is what I said, and he said, “Like jellyfish.” And then you said, “Jellyfish”.

Jamie and I laugh.

Jamie: That was a trip.

Me: Wow. Cool.

Jamie: You don’t pull that out of air. That’s freaky.

Me: Well, maybe I’m getting better at channeling Erik. You never know.

Jamie: You know you can! You pick up on a lot that he—right before he says—as he’s saying it.

Me: Hey, we’re mother and son!

Erik (in a sugary tone): Linked together forever.

Jamie and I (in unison): Aw!

Me: That’s pretty sappy. We should make Hallmark cards together, Erik.

Jamie: He’s laughing.

Erik: Yeah, but there should be a raunchy set of Hallmark cards.


Me: Oh god, Erik. That sounds right up your alley.

Erik: I’d love to do that stuff.

Me: Yeah, but we might have to smoke a lot of pot before we put pen to paper, though.

Erik: Do you hear me complaining?

Jamie laughs.

Me: Problem is, I don’t smoke the stuff. Okay, from Hallmark cards to jellyfish. Boy, we’re covered the gamut.

Jamie (laughing): We have!

Erik: So, yeah. Just tell that person yes.

Me: But they don’t have heart chakras if they don’t have hearts, right? And throat chakras? Solar plexus chakras?

Erik: Oh dear Mother. Dear Mother.

Jamie (giggling): He’s using that condescending voice again.

Erik: Plants communicate. They do it by vibrational sound. They actually emit a sound. Science has clearly documented that trees, plants communicate with each other. So, yes, they have a “throat chakra”. They also have what you’d consider a heart chakra, which is the center of the emotional body. They have a solar plexus chakra with is the center of the physical body. They have the roots, the grounding system. They don’t really have a navel so much. In some plants there are. Most of the yellow energy, it’s more of a blend between the navel and the solar plexus—the reproductive and the physical body, because there’s not an ego so much as a mind system, knowledge system. I’m not saying “not intelligent.” Please, don’t get me wrong there.

Me: Oh, I know.

Erik: But these chakras are normally blended as one.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And then they are more intuitive—plants and animals—than humans, because we put all of our eggs in the brain basket instead of the intuitive basket. Trees and plants and so forth don’t do that shit. So, they have the intuitive and they have the spiritual connection, so it’s not really a crown chakra—it’s more of the crown and the higher chakra mixed. It’s more of a white chakra. So, they have five kind of more physical chakras whereas the human body has seven and then they have the higher conscious chakra.

Jamie: Okay, I get it, because he’s giving me the visual, but Erik, you’re saying that plants and kind of higher evolved animals—and I’m asking him what the definition of that is—and he’s structuring out what the jellyfish is. It’s more based on the shape of the body, the design of the body rather than the higher conscious, more intelligent body.


Jamie: Okay, correction on my end. So, they have a root chakra. Then the next one is kind of a mix between the orange and the yellow. Then they have a heart and a throat chakra. And they have the intuitive. These are the five core physical ones of the body, and then they have this higher one that’s violet white.

Me: Hm.

Erik: This connects them to The Whole.

Me: Interesting!

Erik: Less is more! Less is more

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