Today, Kristina and I woke up kind of late in our hotel in Killarney, ate breakfast and set out on our next adventure. Speaking of adventure, I was proud of Kristina because she had the “Full Kerry Plate,” which included many things I have never heard of and one that I have: black pudding. Basically pudding made, in part, from blood. Um, no. Me, I stuck with the pancakes. We drove around what’s called “The Ring of Kerry,” at least part of it, and saw so many beautiful landscapes and seascapes. We found a tiny pub in Caherdaniel, a small seaside village. It was called The Blind Piper and had nothing but locals at the bar. We sat at a small table in a very tiny room with a cozy fire burning in the fireplace. Both of us had the Irish burgers, which is apparently a thing here. They deserved to be because they were delicious. Then we drove to Cork City, left our bags in our hotel room and walked to the town centre to try to see some of the shops which were about to close within a couple of hours. There were all sorts of tiny lanes, alleys and streets criss-crossing each other, most of which had wonderful shops, some world renown. Then we went to The Oliver Plunkett, a pub with live Irish music and delicious local food. Four people in the area found out that my daughter, well-known founder of the blog, Pretty Shiny Sparkly, was there because she posted it on Instagram, and they showed up to meet her. My famous daughter! Check out her YouTube vlogs about our trip. She’s posting one daily. Tomorrow, Kristina wants to go back to the shops in the morning, so we’ll eat breakfast in that area and satisfy her penchant for makeup and fashion. Then, we’ll drive to see Blarney Castle, kiss the famous Blarney Stone, then drive to Waterford. Who knows what kind of trouble we’ll get into there!

Me: Does numerology play a part in our lives?

Erik: If you understand them and know how to read them, then hell yes.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But most people throw it out like it’s some sort of child’s game.

Me: But is it true? Is there something to it?

Erik: Numerology has a lot of value to it, but I’ll tell you what. Our language and how we communicate as humans in ENGLISH not numbers—

Jamie (to Erik): Don’t do that!

Jamie (to me): He’s talking like we’re dumb! “Our language is eeennngggliish.”

Erik: Yeah, so we’re not going to communicate in the form of numbers, cuz you’re not going to understand it. Where’s the clarity in it unless you know numerology. If they know numerology and they can pick up the signs, then yeah, we can drop off those signs: on a clock, a phone, a billboard, a license plate. But to the mass majority, it’s just gonna mean shit.

Me: Well, what about numerology based on your name? Is that predetermined? So we decide on our names based on what’s going to make sense in those numerology calculations?

Erik: If I recall right, it was my parents who decided on my name!

Me: Oh, I don’t know. You probably had a lot to do with it. Or maybe we did knowing that on a subconscious level, um, maybe it’s based in part on math. Maybe we’re mathematical beings of some sort too—besides being emotional beings. In other words, the set numerology of the names and all that kind of stuff.

Erik: You can boil it down also to the numerology of the birthdate. What about all those people who were screwed because they went and got a caesarean? That isn’t your natural birthday, but your parents decided, “This is when you’re gonna be born. This is when you’re gonna take your first breath, and therefore this is what your astrological sign and everything is going to be based on.” That’s a little screwy. Astrologers need to ask, “Were you cesarean? When was your due date.” That way they can compare the cesarean date to the due date, cuz often it can be weeks different.

Me: Yeah, I guess even one day can make a huge difference. Some babies aren’t even born in a natural way on their due date for whatever reason.

Erik: What about timing: morning, noon or night. Those tentacles during pregnancy hit the baby, and it triggers them to actually behave in a certain pattern during the day.

Me: Yeah. So, why do we have numerology?

Erik: When it’s done like a path numerology where it’s not just based on your name but on your birth date and time, it can be a huge insight into who you are. It helps define you.

Me: So, our name and birth date are predetermined by whomever, and with that there’s a reconciliation with whatever life path you and others decided between lives?

Erik: Yeah and I would enjoy it, but not write it in stone.

Me: Okay. I guess because of free will.

Erik: Yeah, plus your name changes throughout life like when you get married.

Cork City, Ireland

Cork City, Ireland

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry

Kissing the Blarney Stone: Bring on the Purell

Kissing the Blarney Stone: Bring on the Purell

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  • Sabrina Reyenga

    I wonder what could be found out about me if my numerology was done. I had someone do something they called a prenatal chart. But after reading it they refused to talk to me anymore.The info they asked for at the time was this… Birth name: Griffin, Sabrina Louise Married: Reyenga, Birth date: 11/02/1971 @ 9:27 PM in Oceanside, CA. Would someone be so kind as to let me know what it is all about? Oh, and any insights as to why they cut ties would be helpful. Never understood that one.

    Hugs and love. Namaste

    • Maya

      It means you born different 4 days than me, hehe.. It means you are a scorpion and a pig. The birth time also matters. For example my friend who was a night pig, she said she was a brave pig. I was born on 4 am, it was a pig who was just got out from the nest, and got caught early and slaughtered. ehm, it was pretty much true with me. But the thing is, you can change it.
      Whatever attributes (e.g. numerology) you were born with, it was your karmic attributes (your default mode). But you can change it. I have changed mine.
      if people change their name, they can change their karmic too. For example someone whose name is: Beauty Pearl Diamond Queena, then the girl sick all the time, that means the name is too heavy for her, they need to change it to something that is not too heavy, for example Mary Pearl, etc.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        Thank you for responding Maya. Unfortunately what you have stated is nothing close to what was being shared with me at that time. What was being said to me that I did not understand was that almost all of my houses are in Scorpio. That Scorpio rules my life in a most unusual way. My life path number is 22. I was told I am a Master Teacher and a Master Builder. What you have stated here is not applicable to what I was asking about. Besides I have already been told point blank that I do not have a choice in this. I will be a Teacher whether I want to be or not. There is no changing that for me. So again I thank you for your response.

      • Maya

        (I feel I haven’t said anything about you. I only nudge you where to look, if only you want to look. You ask any insights at all, and I just try to provide you some info based on what I know.
        Yet you feel satisfaction to say that I am so wrong, based on nothingness that I told you.
        I didn’t know you are looking for someone who told you, you are Master Teacher, Master Builder, Master this Master that. lol. The only thing master about you is your Ego. lol.
        I won’t boost your ego for free. lol.
        Look, if you want to want to know more info that ‘you are looking for’, why don’t you pay the psychic more money. Because the only reason he/she refuse to talk more is because you refuse to pay more. lol.)
        PS: Number 22 is bad number. It means duality.
        Course in Miracles is actually created by demon. I wasn’t the only one said this. Search on internet you’ll find out.
        (Uh, I shouldn’t responded to your post at the first place.)

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        What are you talking about? Paying them? They were an acquaintance and that was not and never has been their profession, only a hobby. Money was never discussed because it was never a part of the equation in the first place.

        I am not what you think I am. You are what you think I am. You have judged me from point go. In your first post you judged me as needing to be fixed. Stating that I have karmic baggage that defines me and I can change it, if I change my name.

        My response was of gratitude that you did respond in the first place. I clarified what it was that had been shared with me about that prenatal chart that was drawn up. You have judged what I have shared as being egoistic. You judge me based on how you perceive yourself.

        Whenever you judge another you are judging yourself. You are telling the world what it is you think about yourself and everyone around you. A Course in Miracles will be whatever you make of it. It is a mind training course. It states that right in the preface. It is a tool to help one change their mind about themselves and the world around them. To help one see the truth of what it is that they are believing in to be true. Because what you believe in is what defines you.

        Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. They judge themselves each time they judge their brother. Creating their own personal hell here on earth each time they do.

        Hugs and love. Namate

      • Maya

        “You have judged me from point go. In your first post you judged me as needing to be fixed. Stating that I have karmic baggage that defines me and I can change it, if I change my name.”
        I did not said that! Not at all. I only said about name-o-logy, There’s nothing to do about you at all. You asked about numerology or birth date, etc. I only answer what is numerology, astrology meaning, without translating anything about you at all. Yet accuse me of judging you as “need to be fixed”?
        You are liar. Demon.
        Karmic change is what I said about me, and not you. Liar. Where is it I said you need karmic change?
        Word twister, demon, liar.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        The only one hurting right now is you. The more you judge me the more it eats at you from within. I know this from personal experience. I had believed in the judgments handed me by those around me. I believed them when they told me I was bad and wrong and evil for allowing a man to touch me. It did not matter that I was 9 months old, 2 years, 3 years, 15 years. They judged me based off of their beliefs. I chose to believe them.

        Those judgments ate at me from within. Every time I judged another with those same judgments handed me I died a little inside. It ate at me until I was diagnosed, meaning a doctor told me I had two forms of cancer. Cervical and ovarian cancers that had me bleeding for a year and a half non stop. Not to mention I was also told I would never walk unaided again.

        This “demon” listened to a Heavenly voice and began a process of healing. Healing my mind, body, and soul of the diseases I was being struck down with. I was guided to look at my beliefs and how they are connected to my judgments. They are connected to my judgments and the judgments handed me growing up.

        I have been healed of those cancers without modern medicines or surgeries for 6 years now. I am also walking on my own unaided. That was before I ever heard of A Course in Miracles by the way. What the course has given me is inner peace even as the world around me screams in chaotic terror and spews vitriol at one another.

        I know without a single doubt that where I have placed my faith, trust, and belief is perfect. The understandings I have received and the healing’s have proven to me the voice I follow is Holy Spirit or Higher Self. I speak only the truth of and from my own personal experiences. I share the understanding of how it is we/humanity have gotten to where we are at trying to kill one another.

        You are allowed to believe whatever it is you want to. Just because you believe it does not make it true. You have free will to believe whatever you choose. That choice is and will always be yours and only yours. Regardless what you want to believe about me I am still to share my truth with you. And I do speak only the truth. I cannot speak other than truth or I will get very sick very fast. That has also been shown me.

        I will not respond to you again. I am being told that you will not get it until you experience it yourself. Until you have experienced the clarity of understanding that you made the choice and decision to believe as you do. That everything you have experienced has been your choice because you are the one that judged it. That is the truth. You chose to believe the judgments handed you and now you project them out before you. You hand them out like little pieces of candy to anyone willing to believe you when you tell them you know best.

        It is what you, me, and the world at large is taught to do from day one. Judge an be judged. It is the purview most have of the world around them. I no longer follow the dictates of society any longer. All that got me was cancer. I know my truth and it shows me, my path is true. Believe of me what you will. Love, light, and blessings. Namaste

      • Maya

        I am not hurting, and you are a demon.

        Demon always try to devalue my judgement, devalue my feelings, and give curse. The voice in your head is demon voice. How dare you put curse on me?

        I listen to me, no extra voice in my head is necessary. I feel sorry for you being controlled by ‘voice’. Just because it is a voice doesn’t mean it is angel.

        Yes, demon heals, but then you have to sell your soul in return.
        Be careful everyone.. Be discern. A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, Medical Medium has less than benevolent spirit behind it. I am not saying the channellers (Nealle Diamond Walsch, Anthony Williams) are bad people. They are maybe good people who are channeling bad spirit.

        Yes, people do heal, from this and that. But the there is dis-alignment about them.
        This is how you can tell if something or someone is a demon or not.

        if it ‘s demon: YOUR SOUL IS NOT FREE.

        If it is high frequency angelic spirit.,: YOUR SOUL IS FREE.

        They will never dictate you. They will never tell you to do this, do that, “or else”.

        They will respect your free will and respect your soul.
        There is nothing such as ” you have no choice”.

        If you own your soul, you have free will within you. You have God within you. You always have a choice.

      • Simon

        I would love to make contact with you if you have time, I have much to learn from you. God bless you

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        I am here on this blog and FB. That is about it for social media for me. Hugs and love. Namaste

      • Simon

        I thought you’re a man, because I see your husband in your profile photo, I thought to myself what a nice guy, but you seem a nice person.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        I am the short one on the left. I stand 5′ even. My Husband is the tall one on the right standing at 6’2″. We run a group on FB called Healing with Sharing and Living A Course In Miracles. It is an open public group. My personal page is public as well.

        I am here to share my journey with all who would hear it and answer what I can of what I understand from my experiences and the lessons learned. I have shared quite a bit in the past month. You will be able to view them if you click my name here on the blog. You may ask me anything you like about the things I have posted here or on FB. Hugs, love, light, and blessings. Namaste

      • Simon

        Hi Maya this is a misunderstanding, be peaceful, God bless you

      • Simon

        If you’re meant to be a teacher so be it and the Holy Spirt is always right

    • Leilani

      I’m not a numerologist. I’m also not an astrologer. I don’t have the answer. But what I can tell you is that this was all a HUGE misunderstanding and something obviously got lost in translation.
      There’s really no way to tell you what someone else was thinking or why they stopped talking to you/cut ties – only they can. Don’t dwell on it. I can also tell you that posting your personal info online like this is not a good idea – for any reason. I’m sure you can understand. (I’d recommend you delete it.) In this case, it created a lot of toxic “back-and-forth” that this world doesn’t need. Other than saying I’m very sorry to both of you that this happened (I can’t reply to Maya at the same time using Disqus) – maybe she will see this too and my words will heal you both – As well as those who happen upon it.

      • Sabrina Reyenga

        Thank you for responding Leilani. The information I posted is actually non vital, in that it can be found on the internet already. I run a business with my Husband so this information is registered with our local governmental offices and is considered to be public.

        Everything I experience is for my benefit and my brothers benefit. I do not consider any of this stuff bad, wrong, toxic, evil or any other judgment that society would lay upon it. It simply is what it is. I accept it as it is without judgment.

        Something to consider here is that dialog, even vitriolic dialog, is of benefit. It brings to the surface that which has been in hiding. It allows one to see the truth of what it is they have been believing of themselves and the world around them. It allows others to see what it is you believe defines you and the world around you. It opens a door to looking within at the things we do to ourselves with our beliefs.

        I do not know what is needed or not needed for me, society, or anyone else and neither does society or anyone else know what is best or needed to heal the world and themselves. The only thing we as humanity seem to be able to do is judge each other and everything we experience.

        My general “feeling” about that acquaintance at the time was that whatever was in the prenatal chart disturbed them. As I had stated before they kept seeing scorpio everywhere. Most folks have a blending of signs throughout their charts I have been told. They were saying mine was predominantly scorpio. They had thought they did something wrong and asked their friend to look at it who does it for a living. They were told they did it right at the time.

        The only other aspect that I can recall was noticing a pulling away after that. As if they were afraid of me and what it was they were seeing. In any case the thought played in my mind that if I understood what was being said in it I could understand better their actions afterward. Everything is connected. I do not and did not expect anyone to actually know what was going on in their heads at the time.

        I look at everything I experience. I ask questions of my guide as to what it’s purpose is and why I am experiencing it. In most instances I get direct answers. In others I am to “research” to try and see what has happened below the surface. So I dive deeper and ask to be shown more.

        By the way, I am severely dyslexic. I have difficulty comprehending written and verbal speech. I have a very difficult time with mathematics. I am unable to comprehend fractions, percentages, algebra, calculus, and decimals to name a few. So numerology and such is way way outside of my understanding capabilities.

        In everything I seek the truth and understanding of what it is I experience. I do this so I may learn whatever lesson is therein and not keep repeating it again and again. I have personally found the more I ignore something the more it comes back to haunt me. The more I deny, pretend, ignore, and fake that I did not experience something the harder it hits and the harsher the repeat of it. It is there for me to look at and understand it’s purpose. In looking I heal. When I bury it I kill myself.

        Nothing has gone wrong here. Hugs and love. Namaste

      • Leilani

        Well, Sabrina, I made the suggestion to delete it in the kindest way I knew how – Not just for your benefit but for everyone else’s who had to read the “dialog”. I read it and didn’t appreciate it – and it didn’t seem to serve any purpose to me other than to bring everyone down. Yes, you’re right, it was a dialog but it’s unhealthy. And yes, you’ve reminded me of a valuable lesson – Not that dialog is a benefit but that some refuse to believe that hate-filled dialog can be unhealthy.
        For the record, I’ve studied astrology for over 20 years and my teacher was –and still is– very highly respected and well-known in that field. I don’t call myself an astrologer because it’s not what I do for a living. I could tell you a lot of things about your “natal chart” – which is what I believe you’re calling a “prenatal chart” – however, I have a feeling it would fall on deaf ears. Life is all about learning lessons – It’s also the foundation of what true Astrology teaches. And some of us have many lessons to learn. Take the very intelligent advice of your guide.
        With that said, please carry on. I won’t respond to your “dialog” in the future. Your comment has been acknowledged. I’m going to go take a shower now,

  • Lelabelle

    More from Ireland, please 🙂

    • Check out Kristina’s daily vlogs on her youtube channel, pretty shiny sparkly.

      • Leilani

        Thank you, Elisa (and Kristina!) I’m going to look it up. I’m not into fashion or makeup or shiny things for that matter but I cannot resist GREEN/Lucky stuff 😀 And “local” pubs or local-anything wins my heart every time!

      • Leilani

        Haha I FOUND IT!!! And I TOTALLY “got” the airline name! GOOD ONE! And it made me laugh they were playing Sinead O’Connor music (at 4:44 min. mark on Day 1) – or maybe that was Kristina??? Along with her bagpipes 😀 Too Funny! And it was a nice vlog camera fyi. I admire anyone who can vlog because I’m too camera shy to be doing that – but I’d have a shit-ton to say hahaha – so maybe that’s a GOOD thing?!

      • Can’t wait for you to see Day 6. Kristina says it’s a good one.

      • Leilani

        Awww!!! I just watched Day 5, 6 -AND- 7 (Insert BIG HAPPY HEART HERE) And I LOVED them all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!! I wasn’t sure what day it was – I’m still not – because it seems the upload days were not the same as the actual days. BUT As Erik says, we need to stop thinking so much in linear time – so that means your birthday is ALL YEAR LONG! We can celebrate it EVERY Day! 😀
        And just so you know, I cried just looking at the backs of the beautifully decorated chairs at the wedding haha! And again when the bride went down the aisle. So pretty! And I’m gonna have to master spoon-bending now – Tell Kristina thanks for that awesomeness!

      • Will do!

      • Leilani

        I was taking notes as I’ve started going through the Blog – saving some to send you on your Birthday (once I figured out which day it was haha).

        “We want to thank you, because you’re a big part of helping to elevate human awareness.
        Thank you for being a messenger for hope.” ~ Anne Frank

        “He wants to thank you, because you’ve been a big part of what everyone else over there has been working towards—helping people to open their eyes, to get rid of their fears.” ~ Abe Lincoln

        I just thought you might need a reminder from these two wonderful people about how important your role is, why you’re alive, and to never give up or give in.
        I often don’t know how you do it because of the comments and feedback I’ve seen and read. I share a similar childhood so I know that mine made me a survivor of Anything and it makes us tough as nails. I’m sure the same is true for you too. It’s one thing I had to learn to appreciate and not let it overcome me. It was strong but I figured out I could be stronger than it was.
        I want you to know that I do believe in Hope. Some days it’s the only thing that keeps me going. I want to personally thank you and wish you many more birthdays to come and to let you know, I’ll be celebrating each and every one of them with you – even though I’m not there in person. HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Always!

  • Ja

    Hi Elisa , hope you have a good time here in dublin , who knows we might bump into each other !

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