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Hey all! I’m still having a blast here in the D.R. Everyone is so friendly here, and the island is so beautiful. I’m only just now realizing how much I needed this time to recharge my batteries. Yeah, I’m a slow learner. Rune is at some boring business meeting, so I’m taking this time alone to post and catch up on things. This is a repost from long ago. Enjoy.

Usually at the end of a channeling session, I ask Erik an assortment of questions that have come to mind either during my reading or just before the appointment. I found his answers extremely intriguing. I hope you enjoy!

Me: Does part of our energy stay in the afterlife? I mean, I feel like some people have this low energy, or I get the feeling that they’re “not all here,” you know?

Erik: No, when we’re here, we’re here, except when we’re about to die. Sometimes the soul will go in and out, in and out of the physical body and will hover around the room. Or sometimes they’ll actually come back here to Heaven, hang out, spend time. And this can happen moments, days, weeks, months, even years before someone dies. That’s what happens to people who are senile, like with Alzheimer’s and with people who are in a coma. They’re hovering around the room or going back and forth to the afterlife. Other times, we can have out of body experiences while we’re asleep, but we’re totally healthy and not about to die. The soul is able to leave the body and go traveling: visiting loved ones in other places on Earth or in Heaven.

Me: Oh, Erik, how I wish I knew how to do that while I’m awake. I’d love to visit you!

Erik: Well we meet while you’re dreaming, though. And while souls are in Heaven, they’re in Heaven. Period. We can go wherever we want, whenever we want,. We can manifest ourselves. But we don’t go in and out of physical bodies. We can visit on the earthly plane, but we don’t go into a body until we’re ready for the next lifetime.

Me: When do we enter our next body?

Erik: Any time. It can be at conception all the way through to birth. Some souls hover around even before conception. Some go in and out of the new body before it’s born. Usually, their guides are around to help them get oriented and adjusted to their new life in a body, and they hang around and interact with them a lot. Little kids are very open and can see us spirits more than adults, because they haven’t been teased or punished for it yet. Like, I play with Arley all the time. So do Nana and Papa (my maternal grandparents). That’s what imaginary friends are, usually. They’re just one of the kid’s guides or a relative who already died.

Me: Are their any evil spirits, Erik?

Erik: Any kind of evil takes place when a soul is in a human body on the earthly plane. Some humans act evil, because it’s part of an in-between lives agreement with someone in their soul group, or they’ve just been really fucked up during their lives on the earth. But when they die, they have a clearer perspective of why they did evil things. They get therapy. Now, some spirits are more evolved than others.

In future sessions, Erik talks about “negative entities” but insists that there is no right or wrong, better or worse, so no judgment needs to be applied. “Ghosts” or earthbound spirits, can retain what we humans might perceive as “evil.”

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And of course we keep our personalities, so some souls are mischievous, impulsive, but evil? No. There’s no such thing as the devil or Hell either.

Me: Just Hell on Earth sometimes.

Erik. Right.

Me: Okay, Erik. I think I already know the answer to this question, but I’ll ask it any way. Does death ever hurt?

Erik: It only hurts if we choose it to hurt. That would be a choice a soul might make for spiritual progress, to experience a different kind of death. But we don’t choose at the time. We choose before we’re born into the next lifetime.

Me: Oh, yeah, of course!

Erik: Sometimes death is painless, and sometimes it’s awful!

But only if we choose to have that experience.

Me: Ooo! (pause) Last question, Erik. After we die and shed our bodies, what stays with us in the afterlife? What’s left?

Erik: Personality, emotions and spirit.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When we shed the body, we also shed the mind, so there are no negative tapes running.

Me: I wish we had more time, because eventually, I’d like to find out more about how our emotions in the afterlife differ from our emotions on the earthly plane and how our emotions evolve while we’re in spirit.

Kim: Sometimes when I channel a deceased, they come across with their personality, and the family will say, “Wow, that sounds just like Dad!” And they’d laugh and say, “That’s just so like him!” And other times, when someone lets go of a whole bunch of issues that they were struggling with, we’re communicating with the highest form of their being which they may not have demonstrated with anybody on the earthly plane. So sometimes people say, “Wow, that seems really different than Mom,” or “That seems really different than my sister, Petunia.” That’s a really interesting topic, Elisa. Really interesting!

Me: I bet! Now Erik, do you have anything you want to ask me or tell me, Sweetie?

Erik (loudly): Yeah! When are we going to start writing, Mom?

Me (in a reluctant tone): Oh, God, noooooo! (I dread the extra workload and am not sure where to begin.)

Erik: Helllloooooooo? Mom? (I can picture him saying this like he’s knocking on my head, wondering if anyone’s home.)

Me: I’ve been busy working every day this whole month, Baby, so….

Erik: Mom, what was that thing you use to tell me? ”There’s no time like the present!”

Me: I know, I know!

Erik (in mock exasperation): Mom, you’re creating busy work!

Me: I know, I know!

Erik: Mom, let’s start it tomorrow! C’mon Mom!

Me (in mock resignation): Oh, okay.

Kim (giggling): He’s clapping his hands again and saying, “Chop, chop!”

Me: I can just see him do that! Erik, I love you so much, and thank you for all your help.

Kim: He’s showing me in my mind’s eye hugging you, Elisa, really embracing you, and he says, “Say hi to Pappa for me and everybody else.”

Me: Big hug back, Sweetie. I try to give you hugs all the time; I imagine my energy just wrapping around you, drawing you close to my chest and holding you, loving you. I hope you feel that.

Erik: Don’t forget about the goosebumps!

Me (laughing): Okay, I won’t! I love you Erik!

Erik: Love you, Mom. (He says this in a low drawn out voice with a tone of mock aggravation, just the way a teenager would speak after being lavished with hugs and kisses against their will. I can see him rolling his eyes, trying to suppress a grin.)


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