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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here it is: Patrick, fondly known as The Substitute Teacher, has decided to step down from his weekend posts. I’m very, very sad about this, but, of course, I respect his decision. I won’t have time to post Saturday or Sunday, but perhaps you all can use that time to revisit the archives and, for you newbies, to continue to plow through them bit by bit I also encourage you to visit Patrick’s website, The Amendment, whenever you can. Thank you, Patrick, for you stellar channeling and your incomparable wisdom. We love you and will miss your dearly. We know you won’t be a stranger to the blog though.

Now, let’s see what Erik has to say about eyeballs.

Me: What’s up with people’s eyes? Retinas are detaching. Sight is getting worse in one eye. People are getting macular degeneration more, etc. First of all, is that even true? Secondly, why?

Erik: In general, not so true. It’s just that when you get older, you recognize it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But as you get older, your body falls apart.

Me: Tell me about it!

Erik: It’s in the news more, because there’s actually more study cases for remedies. Remember, I keep telling you guys, the brain is like this new hot spot. It’s like the ocean floor. It hasn’t been discovered yet, and so there’s a lot of new equipment, discoveries, exploration.

Jamie: Exploration of the brain.

Erik: And so that relates to eyes. So, there are a lot of answers coming up with why does it happen and how can we cure it and what can we do. So, it’s not because the whole world is going blind, and people are all fucked up because they don’t want to see the truth of things. It’s just called “welcome to old age, and welcome to the new age of science.”

Me: Yeah, and people are living longer, I guess.

Erik: Yeah, right. We’re living so much longer than we used to.

Me: Yeah, but there’s got to be some sort of spiritual basis for visual problems to begin with, right?

Erik: Yeah, but we discussed it a long time ago.

Me: Well, indulge me, and go over it again.

Erik: When you have vision problems, you often take your life for granted. You don’t appreciate or aren’t grateful for the human experience.

Me: Wow, but it’s hard to be grateful for struggle sometimes.

Erik: It’s more about not seeing the lessons around you even though they’re being shown to you over and over and over again and again and again. You just don’t see the pattern. You are just blind to life. You just take it all for granted. So, the only way you can “get” or appreciate what you’ve taken for granted is to slowly take away your eyesight. It’s a lesson in being humble.

Me: Pretty harsh. Most of us take life for granted.

Erik: And you can learn in different ways or be afflicted with different conditions to humble yourself. It doesn’t have to be about eyesight. Maybe you have to take care of a bedridden relative or something. Maybe you ARE that bedridden person. You can be humbled in all sorts of ways. 

Me: Hm. Interesting.


I have a request for you guys: Does anyone know anyone who is a family member of a deceased celebrity in either the Bay Area (San Francisco) or Los Angeles (particularly Beverly Hills)? If so, email me at

On another note, I’m so, so grateful for the response for those who have voted for Channeling Erik in the 2013 Bloggies competition. You can use all of you emails, so if you haven’t done so, will you? Also, for those of you who haven’t voted, will you? Please? Pretty please? I’m just going to hound you mercilessly, so you might as well surrender. It’ll make all my hard work just that much more worthwhile. I’ll copy and paste the instructions for you here. Again.

1) First, click here: VOTE

2) Scroll down to the Religion and Spirituality category and enter the blog name (Channeling Erik) and URL ( You’ll need to fill in the other two spaces with obscure sites. Here’s a site that might give you some easy choices. SITES FOR THE OTHER TWO SPOTS

3) Repeat the procedure for “Weblog of the Year.” I used “The worst cheese blogs” in the other three spaces. Hee hee.

4) Have your friends and family do the same or get permission to use their email addresses and do it for them. REMEMBER, YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE VOTE PER EMAIL ADDRESS. 

5) My daughter would be delighted if you’d nominate her blog,, for the “Best Fashion Blog” category. Click here for blogs to put in the other two spaces. OTHER FASHION BLOGS

Be sure to check your email as instructed after you vote in order to click on the link to make the vote count. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder. That’s exactly what happened to mine and nearly every other person with a gmail account.

Love you all!


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  • liz

    Voted 🙂 we’ll miss you, Patrick!

    • Patrick De Haan

      Not if you go over yonder.

  • Sorry to see Patrick go 🙁

    • Patrick De Haan

      I’m not going too far away and within reach.

  • Vicki H

    Maybe Jason could step in? He is always full of awesomeness!

    • I wish!

      • Vicki H

        Or Robert? Or maybe they can both trade off? 🙂

  • Sylvia Feldman

    As someone facing cataract surgery next week and two weeks later,
    this really hit home. I know I’ll have a new appreciation for life once I
    I can see better.

    The bespectacled cat photo is wonderful!

    Also, there was great synchronicity in your revisit of the channeling
    session with Natalie Wood the day before the the final report of the
    California state medical examiner, ruling the cause of death as drown-
    ing and “other unknown factors.”

  • Sylvia

    Hi, Elisa.. Just sent a comment and my last name popped up automatically, Would appreciate it if you could remove last name from post. Thanks, Sylvia

  • Patrick De Haan

    The substitute teacher will post this weekend (the 19th and 20th)

    Please, if you would like, suggest topics for Erik and The Committee (sounds like a band, I swear) this Saturday and Sunday.

    The ST’s site “over yonder” can be visited for weekend post withdrawal avoidance.

    Channeling Erik is magnificent; the substitute teacher is not the reason and the small weekend contribution was the only way to give appreciation and gratitude.

    Elisa allowed somebody to tend to this wonderful garden without seeing what flowers, plants or shrubs might be planted or how they might be trimmed. There are no words to describe how good such trust can make somebody feel, so no inadequate words are offered.

    Hopefully the “enjoyers” of the ST still outweigh the “dislikers” because, at some point, that would reverse, scratching and marring this masterpiece. This site is increasing in popularity; its expansion would be slowed by the substitute teacher. Better to change course ahead of the bumpy road.

    • Thanks for all of your contributions, Patrick. I hope you will stick around in the comments section, at least. Will try to stay apprised at your Amendment site as well. For topics, I wish I had someone else interesting to dial in, but perhaps you could focus on the old tried and true subjects of Earth Science and Astronomy: that is, earthquakes, solar flares, volcanoes, comets, and asteroids; is there a twin star in orbit with the sun? Does this supposed galactic pulse/wave have any basis in reality, and/or is it related to the shift? And so on…

    • Donna

      Hi Patrick, I guess I should have scrolled down to tell you personally before I just blurted it out to the whole community. You really are wonderful and I appreciate you listening to questions I had months back. Here are some more ideas for this weekend since you asked 🙂

      One thing that I often wonder about is this wonderful dime thing. It is what brought me to Elisa in the first place. My mother died and I found single dimes approximately every 5 days average for almost a year. They were in amazing places and ALL SINGLE dimes with no other coins around. Some appeared when they hadn’t been there just before when I had looked. I never saw them appear, but they were NOT there before. She stopped for awhile and recently I have gotten a few more. What I wonder if the committee can shed light on this is does she hear me ask for them? Does she decide to put them in my path for a reason? Is it to say hello? If I ask and do not get one, does that mean she didn’t hear or she decided not to? How do they make something like that appear? How does that work? I’m so adamant about this because I truly believe that the dimes have changed my entire feeling about dying. I no longer FEAR death. Of course I am a bit curious and have some little worries, but the dimes coming to me made me KNOW that my mother did not turn into dust and cease to exist. It’s been a gift from her and I wish I understood more.
      Thank you in advance for listening. Blessings, Donna Block

      • Patrick De Haan

        Thank you, Donna.
        Now, about those dimes (for non-speakers of USA slang, it’s a ten cent coin)
        Yes, EVERYBODY you knew on Earth who has returned home, but a few quadrillion other souls, many you know and few you don’t, all hear you when you “speak” to them through words, thoughts & prayers.
        Erik mentioned the dime effect a while back and because it happens to me regularly (in streaks, usually) so I remembered his comments.
        The soul in question creates the dime and then slows down the vibration and that makes it appear to us. The reason is simple; to say hello and let us know they are nearby. If you ask and didn’t get one, it’s because you got a different answer. You might not recognize the answer, but it was given.
        The way they make it appear is to coalesce the energy of the subparticles to the atoms to form more atoms and then molecules and then to arrange them. Dimes are made of nickel pressed (stamped, really) over copper, so it’s a matter of creating the two metals and then forming them into the shape of a dime.
        There aren’t any solid materials used or needed in the vibrational level of what is our home, Heaven.
        The reason dimes are chosen is the representation of ten, 1 through 9, pause (zero) and repeat. Playing cards, tarot cards and many things on Earth operate in series of tens.
        Death is a release and a return home, back to pleasure, Heaven and let the good times roll, baby! LIFE is the challenge…not death (doesn’t everybody know that?)
        NOBODY CEASES TO EXIST; they just take the bus to parts unknown – for now.

      • Donna

        Wow, it would be an honor to meet you in person. You’re a very nice man, Patrick. Thank you for taking your time to answer me. Donna

      • Patrick De Haan

        Thank you Donna, be careful what you wish for!

      • Since reading the blog about the dimes, I have been finding them so regularly that there’s absolutely no way that they are just dropped, forgotten dimes. I always say a silent “Thanks Dad, I love you too” when I get them, and it makes my day a little better. They usually appear when I’m all frazzled trying to gather all of the kids’ stuff together to get on the road (I’m a very busy soccer mom!).

    • Lori

      Patrick, does it matter whether our human bodies are cremated or buried after death? I have seen some stories of spirits lingering near their physical bodies, which would suggest that it does matter what happens to the physical body after death. If it doesn’t matter, then how soon doesn’t it matter; nanoseconds or hours? Thanks!

      • Patrick De Haan

        No, cremation or burial only have meaning to us. Once a soul departs the physical body for good, the body loses relevance.

      • Nancy Antia

        What a good question! Thanks for asking it.

    • Nancy Antia

      I really enjoyed your posts, Patrick. Many times you asked exactly the questions I had on my mind. I will miss you!

      • Patrick De Haan

        I’ll still read here and toss in my opinion when I shouldn’t, like always. I’ll post “over yonder”.

      • Nancy Antia

        🙂 Great!

    • Lorraine (LP)

      Patrick, thank you for your contribution to CE. Your insight is magnificent. I do admit I will certainly miss The Committee though…
      best wishes and many blessings to you.
      And I will certainly check out your website. : )

      • Patrick De Haan

        You can follow The Committee “over yonder”.

  • I don’t know why that did that and I couldn’t figure out how to edit it out so I had to delete the comment. I checked your username and your last name isn’t listed. Weird.

  • Will Miss your posts greatly, Patrick. Please dont be a stranger. you are part of the family.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Thank you and I won’t (be so strange anymore).

  • Tracy Lamont

    We’ll miss you, sub! Can still have a bit of banter with you, though.
    Go Elisa! You’d better win this year. There’s not another blog that’s a patch on CE!
    Love ya! X

    • Patrick De Haan

      Banter? Banter?

      From a wee little isle in Texas
      Erik came forth to protect us
      The words they did fly
      Like the spit in your eye
      And soon many had joined the new nexus

      The comments read like a good prancer
      Surprised we were with the answers
      Erik The Sly
      Passed The Committee on by
      And so was born a new brand of banter.

  • Linda2749

    Patrick I have been blessed by your contribution and I am saddened by your departure. I will be visiting your site daily for my fix. You have a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing with us, your humor and insight.
    You will be missed.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Departure isn’t the best word; I’m still part of the railroad, just switching tracks.

  • Pauline

    Sad to hear Patrick will no longer do weekend posts 🙁
    Maybe, ST can do weekend posts from time to time? A lot of us support you and appreciate the wisdom you put in!

    Elisa, read the archives from the very beginning… Was hooked immediately! 🙂

    • Patrick De Haan

      That’s possible. Hmmmm….

  • Heidi


  • Thanks!!!

    • Clau_Bueno

      same here… voted this week! 🙂

  • Donna

    I love Patrick!

    • Patrick De Haan

      Thank you, Donna. :-))

  • NancyM1122

    Patrick, so sorry to hear you won’t be channeling here anymore, I got quite the chuckle out of you guys. You helped take the spooky out of talking with the, well, you get the picture. Fact is, I had a few ghosts try to speak with me and it scared the heck out of me. Maybe you can blog about how to discern the good,the bad and ugly and how to protect ourselves. I will visit you at the Amendment and get my fix. Thank you for being our substitute teacher.

    • Patrick De Haan

      Your Guardian Angel Guides protect you, always and without any need for you to activate them! Although you can, anytime you want to.
      If a spirit you dislike has knocked on the door and set up camp on the front stoop, ask your Angels to shoo him/her/it along.
      And…thank you for your kind comments, you’re most welcome.

  • Pamie

    Patrick, I will miss our “ST” immensely. I have enjoyed the questions that you ask as well as the bantering… Thank you so much for stepping in.

    • Patrick De Haan

      You’re welcome. Erik just popped in and said to me “fuckin’ A.”

  • BarbaraSparks

    Patrick, thanks so much for attending to all of us curious souls! I am really pretty bummed because I just was finally able to read the committee comments pretty easily. Loved their ackwardbay speaking!… 🙂

    • Patrick De Haan

      I know, but to their credit, they are very patient and clear thought communicators, words for which there are not.
      The science stuff they wave in front of me is beyond my ability to put it in words; we just don’t have the vocabulary for things they show.

      • Nancy Antia

        Things like what Patrick? I can’t wait to see the wondrous science and tech some ETs have and are ready to share with us according to my sources. Do you think we’re finally making first contact with them this year? I’m talking about disclosure and all the huge changes that are supposedly about to happen.

      • Patrick De Haan

        New cancer treatments, weapons deactivation, emissions and fuel free electricity, elimination of vision problems, new injury and sickness treatments, new methods of zero fuel zero emission air travel, new surgical corrective treatments and vastly improved crop cultivation.
        Contact occurs all the time; all the UFO reports are the tip of the total activity. Physical revelations and appearances are coming very slowly and carefully, humanity would not handle this well, otherwise.

      • Nancy Antia

        Thanks, Patrick. Have you ever heard of Sheldan Nidle? He says he’s been in direct contact with the Galatic Federation of Light for a long time already and that first contact and disclosure are almost imminent. He also says there will be huge changes in the world’s governments starting by the USA (NESARA).

        This is the address for his last update if you care to read it:

  • PeggyW

    Hi Elisa! I voted for CE and also for your daughter’s site. which I am also a member of. Fingers and toes crossed!!!!

  • Patrick De Haan

    I will stick around and offer abrasive comments and opinions as the 2 x 4 strikes the cranium.

    No, there is no TWIN star as we would imagine a twin BUT there is a gaseous type formation at higher vibration than we can detect, often named Nibiru (I’m guessing at that spelling – remember these words are Earth words, like vasana, chakra, Gaia etc….these are Earth lingo for the concepts they name)

    Yes, the galactic pulse wave is very real BUT lucky for, all beneficial. It is not a deadly tsunami of energy out to destroy everything in its path, like a good/bad movie plot. Yes, it is the way through which much of “The Shift” effect is occurring, which it is, folks.

    • I’m not familiar with the theory or ability to detect a gaseous object at higher frequency interacting with the solar system. Is it a star at a higher frequnecy, or? Perhaps it is similar to how other planetary objects are said to coexist at higher dimensions, like different saturns or earths.

      • Patrick De Haan

        The concepts of gas and solid are of the dimensions we occupy. Higher the frequency or vibration, qualities change. It could be what we might consider a star, and yes, the frequency’s higher. Your last sentence, spot on accurate.

      • When it comes to these kinds of topics, nothing is definitive to me. Interestingly, I did a channeling the other night and the topics of higher vibrational planets, gases and more came up. I will post it soon, after I do some research on the unknown words I got.

  • YAY!!!!!

  • Patrick De Haan

    Erik just said “Okay, Sylvia Rockefeller”.

  • Stefaan

    Patrick, ik kwam eigenlijk nog het meest voor jou posts. Jammer… Ik zal je site verder volgen! Ik hou van je technische benaderingen.

  • Denise

    Patrick, I enjoy your postings and have added your website on my favorite list so I can keep up.
    p.s. voted.

  • Patrick De Haan

    Het is niet een jammer, volg dan…en bedankt!

  • Amy N

    Thank you Patrick for your wonderful channelings. I will miss them here. Can you have Eric bring forth Somerton man so we can solve that mystery?

  • Charlotte Read

    Thank You Elisa,Erik and Jamie for this dicussion on Retina Detachment.I have had 3 operations on my left eye and have been left without sight,so I was very interested in what you said Erik about a ‘Lesson in humility’,because I too feel that we have these ailments for a reason.Of course age has it’s place as well.But one of my ‘Life Lessons’ is one of humility…so,thank you ,thank you,thank you….

  • Deb

    Thank you Patrick & The Committee for all your really thought provoking posts. You will be missed on the weekends.

    Elisa, I voted. Your work here is just amazing and thank you. I read everyday but don’t post often enough to let you know how much I appreciate all you do.

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