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I’ve been checking on our possible Ayahuasca trip, and it seems like there’s on in Orlando called Soul Quest. Upon researching it, I discovered that it and “churches” like it are under investigation by the DEA. Also, I discovered that being on antidepressants can create a life threatening situation, and I’ve been on an antidepressant since Erik died. So I’d have to taper off of it. I think there was a death in a church in Kentucky. Of course that only increases my fear. What do you guys think?

If you missed the radio show Thursday, peeps, here it is!

Listen to “Hour of Enlightenment 4/20/17” on Spreaker.

Enjoy these fun stories of Erik mischief!

Story #1

Hi Elisa, I had some Erik Encounters. We just moved from Washington DC to Ohio and it has been really hard getting settled in our new home. My husband kept losing keys, box cutter, and other things. I told him to ask Erik, for help in finding them. He is not into all this metaphysical stuff. So I asked Erik for my husband and each item was found immediately. My husband would yell out “found it’ My response to my husband would be “Thank Erik”!

Story #2

I am relatively new to listening to “Channeling Erik,” and with a gracious thank you to one of my best friends, Maria, Kim, and Dr. Medhus for making this possible. Recently, I had purchased a new light which I have on the counter in my kitchen that turns different colors. I also have a “touch lamp” by my bed, on my nightstand. I had asked Erik a couple recently, within the past 1-2 days, “Erik, if you would like to leave me a sign that you are here, you are invited to do so. Also, if my Mom is with you, and that she is okay (she passed 21 years ago), you may do so.” My family and I had gone out to eat this evening and by the time we came home, it was dark. We had gone into our bedroom, my husband turned the main switch light on, then I noted that my nightstand touch lamp was on. I do have pets that sleep in my room but I looked at how everything is arranged and they would not typically walk over a bunch of items which were barriers to the lamp (time for me to clean night stand off). And, the lamp was bent down, in a closed shape. (L shape). What are your thoughts? A short back story, when my Mom had died of cancer 21 years ago, my husband and I slept in her room (up North, not at this home). We had awoken the next morning and the dresser light was on. There was no way that I would have turned it on and nor could it just flicker on as my husband and I tested out the switch. Also, my sisters and my Dad were in disbelief that this is possible and likely I turned it on at night. My husband and I knew the likely truth and we were settled with that. Erik is invited to turn on music or lights anytime here, or play pranks, so that I can bring the joy back to you. Thank you Dr. Elisa Medhus, Erik, and Kim for all that you do. Like yourself, I am a “highly” educated person, mostly science-based in medicine, so it is difficult, to believe in the metaphysical world and not seeking “proof.” But, the more I experience, I have realized that there is a metaphysical world out there and it is not in this lifetime on earth to “know” and have all the answers. My friend and I will continue to follow you. Meeting you, Erik, & Kim is not by chance but part of a bigger picture, I believe-

Story #3

I love listening to the videos on youtube that you post. One day I had been thinking , “wouldn’t it be nice if Erik could prank or show me a sign”. We all want proof in this day and age. Well, earlier that morning I had been watching a video with Jamie , Elisa, and Erik. I put the video on pause. I came back that evening, must have been a good 8 hours later , and I was alone in the house . I was in the bathroom when the episode I paused that morning just started playing on its own. I ruled out any natural causes and believe in my heart it was Erik saying “HI”
Love Always,
Kim D.

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  • T Diaz

    I think the decision to try ayahuasca is such a personal one, but given that you asked, and given the research information you shared, and given my own wimpy nature regarding such things now in my riper older age (been there, done that, but not ayahuasca), I would vote ixnay on the ayahuasca-tay! Have you thought of asking Erik what he thinks?

    • He said I would benefit from it but I’m not going to taper off my antidepressants now.

      • T Diaz

        I would be hesitant as well. Go with your gut on this one, Elisa! Maybe you will benefit from it in the future? It sounds like Erik didn’t give a timeline, so that always leaves it open as a possibility. I’m on “happy caps” too and I wasn’t aware of the information that you found out, so yet another reason for me not to “go there.” Maybe in the next, hopefully a bit happier, life! 🙂

  • 403LEC

    Elisa…I have not heard the news of antidepressants causing death. I have been on antidepressants since my hysterectomy over 20 years ago. Should I be worried?

    • Kerry Bindon

      yes use medical marijuana instead you will be a lot happier and healthier as well.

    • They say it can be life threatening. That’s all I know. You’re supposed to be off of them for 6 weeks prior.

  • Sara Hans

    I’d love to know what Erik thinks about this. I had a LBL experience with an experienced therapist and it was life changing.

  • Kerry Bindon

    Looking for your email address and came across an area of my particular expertise so as you asked for my advice let me say heartily at once yes! Its exactly what you are looking for. I agree with your caution though it is essential to get ready as much as you can at first. I would fix as a matter of course your addiction to pharmaceutical drugs and your diet the present retrograde of jupiter in libra till sep is for everyone to address this. a fast the day helps a lot the nausea that is invariably experienced by inexperienced only ego aware consciousness. ..timothy learys two brilliant manuals Psychedelic Experience and Psychedelic Prayers are invaluable both before and during any such time a session. Instead of a psychic intermediary you will be able to access your brilliant son directly yourself so why wouldnt you. I would be wary of ayahuasca churches there or paying for even in sth america. Try marijuana now its legal instead of your drugs marijuana not a drug its a psychedelic an entheogen …….which means sort of god in plant aka all….like dmt dimethyl triptamine ….awesome pscylociban or magic mushrooms mescaline a cactus…all these plant substances induce enlightenment when used as a sacrament and atonement……..cheers

  • Charley Max

    I’ve never heard of this before, but after doing a quick search, I don’t think it’s a good idea to get involved with it. But anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of your videos since my brother died and have enjoyed them. It’s helped me a lot. I’m wanting to see you when you come to Nashville in July. It would be great if brother Gary could meet and have a talk with Erik on the other side. Thank you for all you do.

  • D Mom

    Personally I don’t think it should be encouraged by this group. I also researched it because I had never heard of it. If individuals or several people elect to do the A….. ( I can’t see the post while I am typing on my phone) then it should be on an individual basis. I feel that you (Elisa) could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit. That being said, realize that I am a conservative, non-risk taking person.

    • Yeah, I’m not going to do it. I’ve read that some people have died from it. I’ll wait until microdosing is legal, if ever. I’m very conservative, too.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Like T Diaz, I think it’s a personal decision. For me, now that you’ve said that it’s not a good idea for anyone on antidepressants, I would probably be too scared to do it. I have been on anti-depressants since before my daughter died. What I will say however is that after I spoke to my older daughter about this possible trip to try ajahuasca, my older daughter told me she had tried magic mushrooms and LSD. She has suffered from depression and is now on antidepressants. She said that the happiness felt during that short time was indescribable.

    • I’m going to try low dose naltrexone to see if I can get off antidepressants by raising my own endorphins. I’ll let you guys know how it works. I’m going to make my own using the regular naltrexone and it should end up costing a penny or two a day.

      • Kerry Bindon

        What is being discussed here is the reality of docter sponsored and big pharma drug addiction .. entheogens are not only not addictive they cure it like african root Ibogaine these compounds are not only life saving but kill nobody the deaths are purely psychological and effect 3d ego consciousness only one finds the bliss of life continuing when facing the threshold the divine life brings you too with courage. The people in this forum are all looking for answers that wont be found by ignoring their eternal divine nature by ostrich like behaviour this is not conservatism but as you correctly state lack of real courage of your Erica convictions. The law needs changing fast the current hypocrisy regarding the right to pursue a liberated consciousness by antiquated drug laws there only to protect the CIA’s illegal drug trade and jewish legal big pharma profits that according to Dr Mercola are killing outright more people then vietnam is an american and world scandal please get up to human speed on the new heaven and new earth beckoning for those with integrity and the courage to face real death and real dying daily for that is why we are here. I will tell you all an arcana or secret of heaven that few yet know….death is not the bogey man that most imagine in truth its the main assistance to life if we dont finish up here when the time is right how do you expect to go back home where your spirit which is the real you comes from.I am going to be real patient with everyone here for you are at a threshold of the real change you have always longed for your country needs like Eric does your enlightenment for there is much much work to be done cleaning up this beautiful planet so all life can return to the GarEden ……..which as the french poet Beaudelaire states is the only real and true measure of human progress not the fake linear version of technocratic and satanic culture presently prevailing

      • I hear that ibogaine can cure heroin addiction. They people need to protest against Big Pharma and the FDA. I’m willing to be a part of that march. We need to legalize things that can save our youth, including medically supervised psychedelics and LSD microdosing, Ibogaine, etc.

      • Kerry Bindon

        Ibogaine cures all addictions not just heroin as bhudda says addiction is the life problem….entheogens like pscylocibin as well give profound insight into the metaphysical origin of all disease and addiction .. .. . . . . being cut off from our divine and eternal nature by directly experiencing wholeness or at one ment being healed. The reason I advocate legalising is manifold first its not a law enforcement problem just a huge waste of money on an enforcement industry for this fake war on drugs police troops secret service customs courts judges lawyers prisons and staff ….Drug addiction is a health and psychological behaviour problem. and should be handled there. When you read leary literature about sessions you learn quickly that the medical doctor clinic setting approach is no good too artificial and structured..psychedelic experience the leary guide book describes the best set and setting which two determine all experiences…as natural clean fresh healthy as possible inside and out…….with an experienced sitter present much like the shamanic native initiation rituals …….the freeing up of this authoritarian blight on an essential need of the human spirit to be not enslaved to a mean restricted and out of date materialistic view and mass mind 3d consciousness and well worth the fight for life for our Divine Mind love wisdom. cheers

      • I’ve read about the study on Ibogaine in St. Kitts. Pretty compelling. Why can’t we handle the heroin epidemic with that? Over 91 people a day die of an overdose here!

      • Kerry Bindon

        yes its terrible did you know the world heroin drug trade is controlled by your Criminal Inteligengence Agency or CIA? Since our troops have been in Afghanistan the biggest crop on earth has only gotten larger. You may not know what Im about to tell you. But everything in this universal creation is connected and is One. The problem of evil in a universe ruled by an Omnipotent Omniscient and Omnipresent God Which I believe is called theodicy. Why does She/He permit evil in what is essentially a Theophany or as I say a God Show …the answer may not surprise you …..its done like this for our freedom to grow in divine love and wisdom…. You may find out much more from the absolute genius Emmanuel Swedenborg in his only Philosophical work Divine Love and Wisdom the rest of this Buddha of the Wests works as he is called are mostly theological and scientific before his great calling and after. His Heaven and Hell will give much comfort. In a nutshell evil is permitted for a time only for us to learn in freedom more about and grow in his divine love wisdom and his providence. Everything as Ive said is one and connected and all problems are divinely outmatched so lets rise up and grow and fix it all up return to our GarEden and be happy ….cheers

      • I wish they’d just napalm all the poppy fields.

  • Kamala Saraswathi

    I have been diagnose with hypomanic bipolar type 2 plus still working from my complex grief. I am taking lamortigine a prescription it is a gradual feeling of being level with my mood swing.

  • Kamala Saraswathi

    Been reading Erik pranks, apparently I have never experience any, is it because he usually prank people who is easy to be prank ?

  • connectionup

    Elisa, I came across this method called Paidalajin. A Taiwanese guy developed it and teaches it in Asia, South Africa, Europe and North America. It’s like fengshui for body energy flow and users claim it to be curative. Maybe you can ask Erik if such a thing really works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8jifJdQhcY

  • I didn’t know you took antidepressant, Elisa. I know us readers will never know how much you and your family go through and even feel save to share. I just wanted to thank you for having the strength to do the work it takes to keep up with the blog and the youtube channel. Thank you forgiving the strength to stand in your vulnerability and share your precious life with me and thousands of people.

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