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Yay, the official book launch day is today. You should all be getting yours soon, and I can’t wait to hear feedback. It also means that I’m going to be particularly busy. I have two radio interviews today alone. Nothing a cup or two of coffee can’t help with! If you missed out on ordering the book, here’s a link that gives you several ordering choices. The giveaway winner will also be announced soon! Click HERE.

Now here’s a post about something a little different!

Me: Can we channel ourselves in the afterlife or a past or future one?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Wow. So what do I have to say for myself from the afterlife? Afterlife me, tell me something.

Erik laughs.

Jamie: Erik, don’t!

Erik: The afterlife you is a pole dancer for one-dollar bills.

Me: Huh? Only ones?

Jamie: I know!

Erik: It’s devastating!

Jamie: He’s cracking up.

Erik: When you talk about your afterlife self, I think it’s easier for people to see that as your Higher Consciousness Self.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: And Higher Consciousness Self is connected to all of your other selves.

Me: Right.

Erik: So if you can access Higher Consciousness Self, you can access all your other incarnations. What does it say about you?

Me: Yeah. Go ahead. I’m bracing myself.

Erik: I asked it to be narrowed down to one sentence. “It’s okay to be yourself.”

Me: Oh yeah.


Me: I don’t mind that. I’m stuck with me. (Chuckle) I don’t have any problem being myself at all, much to the embarrassment of some family members. So we can channel ourselves in a past or future life, right?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay, Future Life Me. How’re they hanging? What’s going on?

Jamie: The immediate one he’s showing me is you as a little girl maybe 4 to 5 years old. Brown hair, wavy. You’ve got sticks. Oh, you know how the Asians will take sticks and twist them in their hair and poke them through like a bun?

Me: Uh huh.

Jamie: Those are the sticks that you’ve put in your hair, but it looks like you’ve taken tree sticks and done it.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: You’re keeping—you belong to the family who’s keeping the forest.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: Today’s job, we might call, what is that, forestation ranger?

Me: Forester?

Jamie: Crazy enough, it looks like it’s highly protected like maybe there aren’t a lot of these forests left.

Me: Oh, no!

Jamie: So you don’t really leave it to go into the “outer world.” You stay in the forest. I don’t know if there’s some sort of dome or protective thing to keep the atmosphere—

Me: When is this?

Jamie: 4097.

Me: Wow. So we have some time. What does that future self say to me?

Jamie: Talking about—it’s like she’s really into the environment. She’s just happy to breathe, breathe air.

Me: Okay. That’s depressing. What about a past life me? What can I get channeled from one of my past life me’s Erik?

Jamie: That’s the one that said it’s okay to be yourself.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: There’s you as a man with crazy blue eyes, like bright blue, black hair. (to Erik) Where am I?


Jamie: Europe. South. Italy? Wait, there’s Italy and France. What’s next to the water? Turkey?

Me: Oh, down south? Oh god, I don’t know. There’s Croatia on the other side of the boot.

Jamie: You’re wearing a lot of leather.

Me: I’m into leather. Great.

Jamie: Croatia. Slovenia. I see you going back from Italy to Croatia.

That’s so weird because not that long ago I looked at photos of Croatia and had the urge to go there.

Jamie: Yeah, you are wearing a lot of leather, my friend.

I laugh.

Jamie: Nicely done. You slaughter the animals, and it looks like you are either breeding the animals or picking them up from breeders or farmers and taking what was considered exotic meats and killing it. I guess leather cleans much easier than linen.

Yeah, not dry clean only.

Me: God. So from protecting the forests to slaughtering exotic animals. Wonderful. That’s quite a range.

Jamie: Apparently you were chosen for the job because of your connection to God. You were seen as kind of a holy person.

Good save.

Jamie: You wouldn’t hurt the souls inside of the animals.

Me: Oh, good.

Jamie: So you had this crazy ritual. To eat the meat you slaughtered—sorry. He keeps using the word, “slaughtered.” That would not be my pick.

Me: Yeah, “gently snuffed the life out of.” That’s better.

Jamie: There you go.

She chuckles.

Jamie: Then if wouldn’t be seen as “suffered meat” or pain. You have a wife and a family and everything. I don’t see you as getting to spend a lot of time with them as you’ve been called upon a lot and paid generously for your position.

Me: Oh, good. Someone’s gotta pay for all that leather.

Living in Houston. Not much need for leather.

Me: Can I channel you in another life, Erik? I guess that’s possible, too,

Erik: If I let you!

Me: Ah ha!

Erik: Yes.

Me: So have you checked out any of your other incarnations? Have you visited any of your other selves?

Erik: Yeah, I totally stay in touch with all my selves. It helps me understand who I am now.

Me: Well, that’s true.

Erik: You’re talking to me now, but this is me, Higher Consciousness Erik, that has all my incarnations right in here. (He taps his chest.)

Me: Okay. That sounds good. I think that’s a wrap. Thank you guys.

Jamie (I can almost hear her eyes rolling): He’s rapping.

Me: Oh no.

Erik (to a rap beat): I love ma mutha mutha fucka.

Jamie mimics the rest of the unintelligible lyrics.

Jamie: I don’t understand everything he’s saying, but there’s a lot of—

(She makes rap instrumental sounds.)

Jamie: I can’t do this.

Me: You’re doing fine!

Jamie (laughing): Thanks, but it doesn’t sound like what I’m hearing!

New Life

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  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    I was gonna ask Alison if we could talk to Brothel Me and find out exactly what the “looooong story” Erik shared (that I’ve remembered) was about. I bet it was an especially good one, wink. Michaël was there too. It was a party!

  • steveatl

    Elisa – please, via a medium, channel your higher self!

    • Kari Silver Lining Mena

      We do that with the eboard. Elisa asked my HS for a name and got Minerva. Then we asked Minerva for a message and after much hesitation, she took the time to spell out “I have no messages. ” WTF. Nothing? Not even I love you or keep up the good work? Somehow I found this to be hilarious.

    • I did and she said, “Weeeeee,” probably alluding to the fact that my life has been quite a ride. I asked for more and she said (this is all on the eboard): For the love of god. It’s funny, because I say that a lot!

  • Rog

    I got mine, started it, and its already great. Honestly. Thank you so much. (The book 🙂

  • Kiwi

    So does that mean the real me, the whole me, my Higher Consciousnes is in heaven right now and always is. And the me here on earth is just a peice of the whole of me. And while that piece of me is living this life at this”time”, there’s also every other piece of me living out all my future and past lives simultaneously? And when i “die” in this life I rejoin my Higher Self. Can my Higer Self mess with myself in this current life? Sometimes i do things and it feels like I didnt choose to do it, like I was on autopilot. I’ll look back and think “why the hell did I do that” almost as if I was taken over by something.

  • Lelabelle

    I received my pre-ordered book today! Can’t wait to start reading it 🙂

  • Jesse

    Seriously? I went to Barnes and Noble to buy the new book and they don’t carry it and they are not going to order it for the store shelves. Instead, I have to wait about a week to get my copy! Bummer…. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book…….Jesse

  • T Diaz

    Got my copy yesterday, Kindle Edition, and read it last night until I just couldn’t read anymore and had to get to sleep!

  • SoulScribbles

    I’ve often wondered the same thing – if we could channel one of our past lives. Never thought about our future ones though; good one, Elisa.
    It would be intriguing to find out what advice my past me and my future me would offer.
    I do sometimes ask my higher self for assistance; good to know I was on the right track.

    • Kiwi

      You can do past and future life regression too. Check out Dr. Brian Weiss on YouTube and he has books, “Many Life’s Many Masters” and others.

      • SoulScribbles

        Kiwi, thanks for the information. I have that book but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I didn’t know he had a YouTube channel and will check that out.

  • this cracked me up you guys are such a HOOT!! Only a Dollar… ha hahaha

  • SoulScribbles

    I’m just about to finish reading the book, but I couldn’t wait to give you some feedback.

    Erik gives a fascinating account in describing what happens to us when we die. With a clear, genuine and communicative voice, Erik walks the reader through his experience of death as it unfolded for him, taking us along a journey that we will all one day take, whether we believe in it or not.

    The descriptions of his journey and his transition to the afterlife are detailed and engrossing. His account of the process where he comes to realize the lessons and reasons for his life, the understanding of the ‘whys’ as he puts it, and seeing how the pieces fit like a puzzle and how others are connected and affected by it is not only illuminating, but I feel gives the reader pause to contemplate their own life’s puzzle and the role they have chosen to play, giving much credo to the often said ‘everything happens for a reason’.

    The more I read, the more I kept thinking that in my own life I need to trust the process more. At one point, when Erik was having a conversation with his guide, Cawli, soon after his passing, he reflects that she mentioned something that he didn’t quite understand then but has since become self evident, especially to anyone who follows the blog, and may have even become the saving grace in what Erik and Elisa have been through;
    “I didn’t know what Cawli was talking about at the time, but she said that together, my mom and I would both become the best versions of ourselves. That’s what we signed up for.”
    Erik’s life, his early death, Elisa’s journeys from “skepticism to belief … grief to joy” and from discovering that not only could she continue to communicate with her son again but that they were an amazing team, have all led them towards, as Erik says, “go on to do awesome shit…”
    It not only illustrated once again that Erik’s death was not in vain, that there was a higher purpose, but that we too should keep in mind that are our own struggles are meant for a similar purpose.

    Erik’s innate ability to be emotionally honest is embedded on every page and at times its effect would make me weep and at others would make me chuckle. Even though I knew him and his story through the blog, I was surprised to find that in many ways, I was able to get know him further. There is a certain vulnerability that comes through in the book that is not always discernible in the blog posts, especially in the paragraphs where he discusses his human life, his relationship with his family and the aftermath of their reactions to his death.

    I treasure the insights he provides and knowing he has found fulfillment and joy on the other side as a guide, gives us all hope, that no matter what our disappointments and struggles in this life, we can still have the opportunity to thrive, to learn and do meaningful work in the afterlife.

    One more thing Elisa, the dedication you wrote for Kristina is beautiful and made my heart swell with gratitude towards her as well.

    Erik, Jamie and you have done a wonderful job with the book. I think Erik might just give new meaning to the ‘dead poets society, but I think he might prefer ‘dead dudes write’. What do you think? 😉

    My apologies for the lengthy review, I think my excitement and enthusiasm got the better of me. Hope you don’t mind.

    • This. Is. Awesome! Can you copy and paste it into the Amazon and Barnes and Nobel customer review page? I’d LOVE that! Thanks so much. I so want Erik’s book to be a success!

    • Patrick

      “Dead Dudes Write”?
      I love it….

  • Annabelle

    I can’t put the book down since getting it, thank you thank you thank you Erik x

  • Angela

    Got my copy of the book! I was a little worried when the Barnes & Noble attendant had trouble finding it… just wait until it tops the charts then it won’t be hard to spot 🙂 Once I had it in my hands I had to laugh because in my head was just ‘yay! yay! yay!’ over and over, not sure if it was my excitement or the excitement of our entire loving community. Nothing short of amazing…Absolutely can’t put it down! I have a feeling I will be reading & re-reading this one.

  • Judith F.

    Ha-ha-ha! What a sense of humor you have, Elisa. Wow! I’m surprised that Erik was able to tell you as much as he did about your WAY-in-the-future life. If I come from the yucky air part of the earth and knock on your “dome,” will you let me in? 😉 Heh-heh… That’s so cool to learn about a future life! It’s nice that Erik keeps all his past lives close in spirit. I DID get my book yesterday, but I nearly killed myself in the process. What’s Erik trying to do to me? (I’m sure he wasn’t responsible.) Instead of putting the Amazon box inside the storm door as usual, the delivery guy laid it down right where I step onto the front stoop. So, I was going out to feed the birds, and suddenly step on the box that knocks me off balance, and I’m waving my arms around and twisting my body to grab onto something before I fall. Fortunately, I only squished the box on one side, and didn’t fall. Am SOOO looking forward to reading and savoring every sentence. I will definitely leave a review on Amazon, Elisa, when I’m through. How exciting!!! 😀 Congratulations to you all for a job well done.

  • Rita Loina

    Funny Jaime mentions domes to protect the environment in the future. I got a Future Life Progression done and I saw a dome as well. When my session was finished, the hypnotherapist told me that many of her clients said something about domes. Hmmm…makes you wonder where humanity is headed. The environment is most likely going to be way worse than it is now. We’ll probably have to create synthetic grass, air, etc.

  • Guest

    Hi Dr Medhus
    I’ved loved reading this blog over the last few months. Erik is one straight
    talker!! I was wondering, in keeping with the theme of past lives and also
    “the shift”, if we are evolving toward eating less meat and more
    plant based foods, nuts and seeds, veganism etc, why are there so many that
    suffer from serious nut allergies. Is it a past life thing? Does “the shift”
    have anything to do with healing these types of “ailments”? Congratulations on the new book!
    All the best.

  • Simon

    So is the future forester self on earth? If so thats super depressing if we don’t improve the situation in another 2000 years! Surely we must have amazing technology by then? Wow I’m super bummed out by that!

    • Patrick

      We should not assume all effects to Earth are caused by humanity alone. It’s a limiting (and arrogant IMHO) view, used often to support global warming arguments.

      Seawater near-the-surface temperatures are affected by deep sea temperatures & currents as much as by sunlight; humans do not measure surface crust temperatures just beneath the sea floor and do not know about deep sea currents. Just as jet stream high altitude air currents flow, there are similar currents far below the surface, just as there are on the surface, e.g. the Humboldt Current, Gulf Stream and so forth.

      Humans cannot control these any more than earthquakes or volcanoes and all create effects.

      • Simon

        Good point Patrick, I wouldn’t be so sure about the earthquakes though. Maybe you’ve heard about haarp?

  • MichelleSettle

    How does that work when you die? Do you assimilate into your higher consciousness? And why do some people have trouble with past live trauma in their current lives, doesn’t the healing tunnel or room fix this? Loved this post. I’ve wanted to know the answer to these questions myself. Thanks so much!

    • You can assimilate into your higher self if you want or retain your individual personality. Read the post, “Life is a Paddleball Game.” In fact, you might want to make your way through the archives. Your past life question is answered in many of them.

      • MichelleSettle

        Thank you, will do!

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