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I decided to share this Erik encounter by itself because it’s pretty long, and it’s absolutely amazing! Enjoy!

This is a little long because I’m sharing several Erik encounters 🙂

First, I wanted to thank you for Elisa that she’s done in turning such a devastating tragedy into something that is helping so many people all over in the world in deeply profound ways. I first came across the Channeling Erik phenomenon on YouTube just a couple months ago; I’d recently gotten into the habit of putting a video on my phone while I puttered around the house doing chores and whatnot. I came across a CE video one day (I think it was one that was interviewing a dead celebrity or historical figure of some kind although I don’t remember which one now). I know now that wasn’t an accident, nor was my sudden interest in YouTube. After I watched that first video, I was fascinated so I watched another… and another… and pretty soon I was obsessed! I took to the internet and read more about the history behind the videos, which made my heart ache for your loss, but that made the videos even more poignant and important. I was also completely blown away by Erik’s completely fresh, down-to-earth, sailor-talk language and all the actual ANSWERS you get from him! I remember telling my husband about them early on and explaining how other spiritual teachers and speakers will gloss over a lot and hit the high points, but with Erik, you can ask follow-up questions and he’ll actually answer them, so you get to a point of truly understanding what he’s talking about.? I can’t tell you how rare that is!

I remember hearing ?Jamie? laughing in a video about how he would often set Siri off on her phone, which lead to you two discussing the pranks he pulls, which included the blog members. I smiled and thought how cool that was and, again, how very different he is than other spirit guides. A few days later I’d forgotten about that, but as I was watching a CE video, without me being near enough to even touch my phone, Siri went off and said, “Hey sexy!” My jaw dropped and then I burst out laughing; I knew it was Erik. He’s since set Siri off a few more times, but that was the best one as far as I’m concerned (and yes, I am a woman, as he seems to have a special love for ;)). As I fell deeper down the CE hole, I discovered the Facebook groups, the podcasts, the tour… and I wanted to be involved in ALL of it!!

I started trying to talk to Erik myself; something I’ve been working on with my other spirit guides as well. This year has been an absolute explosion of spiritual growth for me, and I feel like I’m really only seeing the tip of the iceberg! I had a few dreams with him in it, caught him pranking me now and then and sometimes was able to hear/feel his answers to my questions, or simply feel his presence.

I have a mysterious chronic pain in my right flank which is treated symptomatically (and feels like I’ve been stabbed in the side, or perhaps had an arrow shot through me). One of the treatments are nerve-blocking injections which I have done about every nine months or so, and have done so for the past seven years. I’m fully sedated during them; not out so much that I have to be intubated, but I’m not at all aware of what’s happening. I close my eyes in the OR and wake up what feel like just a second later in the recovery room. Mind you, I’ve never once hallucinated or had anything crazy happen during them. This time as I prepared for my most recent round, just about two weeks ago, I’d asked beforehand if one of my guides would show up while I was out, just as a treat for me. I wasn’t specific about who or what they should do, I just wanted to see one of them. Then as I got involved in other preparations, I forgot about my request.

You can probably see where this is going! As I was put under in the OR, the world faded away… but instead of dissolving into nothingness as usual, I was aware of Erik there suddenly, holding my hand. He was crouched down so that his head was level with mine on the table and his eyes were focused SO intently on mine. He never looked away once, I don’t think he even blinked! He smiled sweetly and spoke to me the whole time; I don’t remember the exact words he used, but he kept telling me everything was ok and I was going to heal well (sometimes my pain spikes for up to a month after the injections before it starts to help). He was so sweet, loving, compassionate and reassuring. I didn’t need to hear his exact words to understand that! Then suddenly I was laying on my back and a nurse had put my hand over my chest. I wasn’t at all aware of having been moved, but I saw Erik standing over me and walking with me as I was wheeled to the recovery room. And still, his eyes never left mine, his smile never wavered and he never stopped sending me love.

I’m sure many would chalk it up to a crazy drug reaction, but I know that’s not what it was. For one, as I mentioned, I have never had ANY kind of hallucination during this procedure, and I’ve had it done a LOT. Secondly, I could see his face so clearly; it was much clearer and more 3D than simply looking at a photo. It was like meeting someone in real life for the first time when you’ve only seen photographs of them. Lastly, for some reason I’d thought that he had brown eyes, but when I saw him, they were blue. I looked up some photos afterwards and saw that they indeed are blue! If it was simply conjured in my brain, I wouldn’t have given him blue eyes.

Since then, he’s been very present with me. I’ve been meditating for a while, but I often try and bring him into the meditations now. I also had my first CE session with Celestine Grace, who I can say is AMAZING. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ve been seeing a truly wonderful therapist for about four years, whom I love dearly. She’s helped me SO MUCH, but there are a few niggling issues that just keep coming back. Some insecurities which I knew were irrational, but couldn’t stop feeling them, and I couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Within a few minutes of my session with Celestine, Erik told me exactly what the insecurity was about and how to go about ridding myself of it. He also gave me some very specific supplements to take, even down to dosages, to help alleviate my myalgic encephalomyelitis symptoms (very similar to fibromyalgia if you haven’t heard of M.E.). To say I was blown away would be a HUGE understatement!! I’ve been dealing with this insecurity and the M.E. both for about eight years and in one session, Erik helped free me from both of them in ways that neither my therapists nor doctors have been able to do. I have been looking up the supplements online and choosing where to buy them, but I’m going to get them as soon as I can!

?Erik also makes me laugh so much! He’s so different than most spirit guides that way! Recently, I thanked him for bringing me to the CE community and for making me a part of his world. He began singing “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, and when I looked up, he was reenacting the famous scene with Ariel on the rock, singing with water splashing up behind her, but of course instead of a lovely mermaid, it was Erik, tossing his hair and being “sexy.” I burst out laughing, out loud, all by myself! At the same time though, he’s been working hard to teach me that I am loved and valuable, as that’s a big part of my insecurities; not believing I’m worthy of love. He can be so silly and make me laugh hysterically one minute, then have me in tears because he’s showing me how loved I truly am the next. He has an extremely rare gift and I’m so grateful he let me into the CE community!

If you still would like to make a donation, I’ll keep the button up for one more week or until the goal is met. Just go to the homepage and check out the right hand sidebar. You might have to scroll down. Thanks!

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