Past and Future Lives Interacting

Just in case you guys missed it, blog member, Sarah Leach, won the contest by being the first one to guess that I was married in 1983 and like to roam the earth in sloppy t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Yeah, I’m a bit of a slob. As a doctor, I spent enough time in dresses and high heels to last several lifetimes! Congratulations, Sarah! Emma and I will have your session in a month or two!

I’d also like to invite a few more of you to volunteer to come on this week’s radio show to share how Channeling Erik and/or Erik has changed your life, hopefully for the better. All you need to do is email me the number you’ll be calling from so I can pick it from the studio board. My email address is First, Erik will discuss what death is like, a subject that should interest all of us except you immortals out there.

Last but not least, click HERE for the Australian Channeling Erik blog courtesy of medium, Alison Ailfinn. It’s a great post!

Now for today’s Best of Erik, a mind-bending one at that!

Me: Here’s another question form a blog member. He said is past and future lives already happened, and he can interact with them, and he said at the birthday parties—I don’t get that—they have there spirits shift between identities they have been—different races, genders, etc. So, that means we can both be and interact with other incarnations past and future I presume. What’s that like? Birthday parties? I don’t understand that part.

Jamie: I don’t either. Erik wants to know if this guy’s drinking.

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: Okay. Well, let’s just take the birthday part out of it. What’s it like to be able to interact with other incarnations of yourself Erik?

Erik: It’s really easy. It’s kind of like interaction with your inner voice and your emotions. You know, you don’t feel like they’re so far off from each other, but they have different viewpoints. It’s like that.

Me: Is it something like you see and go shake hands with somebody externally and talk to them or is it something internal?

Erik: No, it’s more of an internal connection.

Me: Wow.

Erik: Yeah, because if it’s more of, “Hey I see you; let’s go shake hands,” then why aren’t you running into yourself all the time? It can happen, but it’s very rare.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s not so helpful to have that kind of face-to-face bluntness. That can throw someone into Whackyville.

Me: I guess so!

Jamie (laughing): Whackyville!

Me: Have you done that?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Describe one of those instances.

Erik: Where I’ve gone into—

Jamie: He’s clarifying. (to Erik) Yeah, we wanna know what it was like when you went into the other life and how it was to connect to yourself.

Erik: Impressed.

Jamie laughs.

Me (sarcastically): Oh, of course.

Erik: I was! I was impressed that I was so intelligent and, um, that I had such a zest for life, you know, whereas here I was a little out of sorts.

Me (with sympathy): Aw.

Erik: So, it’s just so interesting to see how different your experiences are but yet it’s still you having them.

Me: Interesting. When was that in terms of earthly time?

Erik: Hm. It was after I passed.

Me: So, it’s in the future?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Do you know a year and a place?

I can hear Jamie muttering letters under her breath.

Jamie: Uh, it’s a foreign name.


Jamie (singing): A-N-A-K-A-U-M. Anakaum, Anakaun? Something like that. A-N-A. Maybe it’s A-N-A-U-K-A-N. He keeps using the same letters, but they’re in a little bit of a different order, so I’m sure that I’m not spelling it right.

Me: Okay. What year is it or will it be?

I can hear Jamie muttering numbers under her breath.

Jamie: He’s counting generations, and he’s saying it’s five generations from now.

Me: Okay. What about a past incarnation? Have you interacted with a past one?


Me: And were you stupid?

Jamie (laughing hard): He gets such a kick out of that.

Erik: I’ve had lives where I’ve been—let’s not say stupid—but very basic.

Jamie: He’s talking about a life in Africa

Me: So, you interacted with that personality, that Erik personality in the past, and what did you think? What was it like?

Erik: I wondered why we all couldn’t be that simple anymore. It felt like I was in a completely different world, like a completely different planet.

Me: Interesting. Anything else before we go on?

Erik: Nah. I can bore you. I can bore you more with other lives.

Me: No, you can never bore me, Erik. Well, here’s another one. If we know our future selves and can be with them, even if mostly in an internal way, how does that work with free will? I mean, did you know how you would die when you incarnated, or was that unknown due to free will? And if your death was unplanned or unexpected before you incarnated, did that change you future self when you got back Home? Oh my god, that’s a tough one to wrap my mind around.

Erik: Um, they coexist. That’s like the same as, “How do I influence this person, myself, and still maintain free will?” You just do. That’s not even a question.

Jamie snickers.

Me: Well, did you know how you would die when you incarnated?

Erik: I knew it was going to be a short life, yes.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But I didn’t know how, no. That wasn’t part of it.

Me: So, the unknown, uh, or was that unknown due to free will? So, your free will crafted that method of death?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Okay. And if your death wasn’t planned or expected before you incarnated, did that change your future self when you went back Home?

Erik: No.

Me: What does that mean, exactly? I don’t understand what this person’s  asking here.

Erik: You know, if you didn’t plan that exit, and then you created that exit, does it screw your shit up when you get back to Heaven?

Me: Oh. Okay.

Erik: It doesn’t screw your shit up! That’s like saying there’s a cause and effect and punishment set up, and there’s not. It just is what it is, so nothing’s getting fucked over by your free will.

Me: Ah, I see! So, you didn’t know. You just signed up and said, “I want a short life. So, you wanted the struggles. You wanted the short life, then you wanted to go back Home to do what you’re doing now.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And you probably didn’t want to struggle very long, because it’s so painful, but you wanted just enough struggle to, you know, gain the wisdom, compassion and soulfulness to better accomplish what your doing now. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Ching! Yeah.

Jamie (with a soft giggle): Ching.

Me: Hm?

Jamie (Laughing): I’m just—ching! It’s just funny hearing him say just strange noises, sounds. I think it’s rubbing off on me, because the other day I made a really funny sound, and my kids just stopped and looked at me, and I went, “It’s a sound effect, guys.”

Me: Ha!

Jamie: So, I thought, “Oh my god. Erik is teaching me bad habits!”

Me: Oh, no!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  • Luci

    That’s interesting. So you can decide on a short life, but not know how you will die. Then how do you (your conscious mind) know when it’s time to go? What determines ‘how’ you will go? Sorry if that’s a dumb question.

    • David Cohan

      No, that is a very good question. Sometimes I get the impression that Erik does not want to tell us everything, and instead simplifies things. Maybe he thinks we would not understand it otherwise, or it would disrupt our earthly adventure or something similar..

  • Amanda

    So, if we are living all of these lives simultaneously, and the end game is to always try to grow spiritually so one can rejoin the Source, essentially wouldn’t all of us, Erik included, have already done so? Are we just on some kind of a continual loop?? Meaning, we have and experience all of these lives, grow spiritually, get re-absorbed by Source, and then get spit back out again to start all over at square one?? I’m sure my tiny human ego mind is not able to wrap around the true ins and outs of it but I guess I just don’t understand :/

    • Samantha

      Amanda, your question is something I ask myself all the time!! I would really love a channeling about that. For now it seems to me like there is no end and we will always be living lives to grow. There is no cap. I get tired just by thinking about that, lol. Mrs Medhus, would you please do a channeling with this subject?

    • You just blew my mind. I hope Patrick reads this. He might be able to explain!

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      Yes, Amanda, these the same questions I am asking myself too… and when I meet up with the ‘Source’ I’m going to him/her a piece of my mind! Quite frankly, I don’t see the point of it all!

  • I have been told time is circular. We go out, experience, expand, grow and evolve. Then we come back to Source and are brought back out again. It is something that is continued into infinity and beyond. I don’t know how true it is as I cannot grasp my mind around things and as Erik has said, there is no time nor space in the spirit world. So my ego mind would ask, If everything is instantaneous, then isn’t the absorption back to Source and release from Source also? Puzzled brain or just overthinking.

    • Amanda

      Agreed! I guess too, that as humans we live every aspect of our lives with some sort of a beginning, middle, and end, right? So I guess it’s really hard to understand something that doesn’t fit that at all, which is just strange to think about..

    • These things are so mind-bending. I’m sure we’ll see things clearly when we get there.

      • Mauigirl

        Thank you Elisa. It IS mind-bending, but you have a way of putting it right back into perspective.

  • Marq.

    Every thing and every event that ever will exist,… alreasy exists.
    Past, present and future….
    all happening now..
    There is only one moment and it contains all.
    Expansion is simply the contribution of those exploring ‘All that is’ from there own individualised perspective.
    All options are tangibly real and exist now simultaniously within’All that is’.
    Think of a life in terms of an endless pathway that continually divides in front of us as we move forward,.. seeking more and more experience.
    The choice to take the left fork in the pathway activates certain experiences but not others germain to the right fork.
    Both pathways remain always real and existant to ‘All that is’. Yet ‘All that is’ chooses to fractalise and ‘delegate’ so as to experience and perceive from a plethora of narrowed but equally valued perspectives.
    The experiences already exist within all that is,.. The human ( or other) paradigm through which they are experienced and percieved is the unfolding that causes the desired expansion…
    The right fork (unchosen option) is equally existant and real but the individualised fragment has simply chosen not to interact with it…
    So to those experiencing linear time it seems to be just potential…
    Our human lives are perhaps akin to to constantly editing an ongoing movie,…done within a linear time construct.
    All the potential scenes (frame by frame)for a completed movie already exist within ‘All that is’…
    Yet the frame/scene selection is shared and negotiated between the veiled human incarnate self and the unveiled higher self providing oversight.
    Done from a much higher perspective. Another aspect of our selves existing on a much higher vibrational plane.
    I choose – Iexperience the effect – I recalibrate – I choose again.
    We each weave a story that reflects and explores our both our individualised fractal selves and our chosen incarnation theme.
    ‘All that is’ chooses to fragment and individualise.
    To create infinate selves (us) that can choose and create (access) experience according to the preferences and choices of each individualised personality construct.
    ‘Create’ implies something did not exist until it manifests.
    I choose to say ‘assemble’..
    Linear logic is only relevent to linear time.
    Linear time is only relevent to the dimensions that use it as a tool to have a certain type of experience.
    One that allows the individualised fractal to play in illusory ideas of disconnection and separateness….
    The illusion that allows the conscious human fractal to experience grand drama, elation and despair….
    The extremes of human polarity.
    To allow the individual to merge and identify with culture and social/familial practice.
    To form preferences and project meaning to events and circumstances.
    (did you know that meaning is applied by individuals and/or collectives but is not actually inherant).
    Ultimately you and I are the same being.
    All that is.
    Yet we each have chosen to know ouselves as ‘ I’ .
    The I that we each are can never be unmade…
    Everything that ever existed continues to be.
    You can never loose your sense of self.
    You can only expand it….
    The linear human illusion you have chosen to explore suggests strongly that you are far from home… adrift…. perhaps lost.. perhaps uneeded or unwelcome….
    The larger reality is you are just enjoying the drama of the play you are writing and starring in.
    You are watching your unfolding play from your private box in higher realms and at the same time allowing yourself to be the main character in your human story.
    There is no separation.
    There is no excusion.
    There are no ejected souls because
    There is no outside.

  • Marq.

    Thank you Erik.

  • Mel

    I had read in the past Erik stated he wasn’t going to reincarnate? Now he talks of a future self? Just curious, thank you

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