Was That a Phantom Poop Smell?

So far, no one has guessed where Erik was raised. It’s kind of a trick question because it’s a town within Houston!

This is a great Erik Encounter! Be sure you watch this video before you read on:

About a week ago, after having asked Erik to come around, I was in my bedroom and not one but two separate lamps turned themselves on and off- something I’d never seen before (except on TV!) I thought to myself….hmmm…Erik is that you? but the natural skeptic in me didn’t want to assume. Shortly after that, I found myself watching the uploaded videos on Youtube-specifically one of Erik playing with his niece, who was a baby at the time. She was wearing a diaper, and Erik and what I think must have been his sister, were cracking jokes because his niece was hanging out in just a diaper…one that started coming a little loose; at one point in the video, Erik pulls on her diaper and you can see her “plumbers crack”- crack kills, right!? Right at that moment, I got the strongest smell of…. poop! I was home alone (and I can assure you it was NOT me!) haha. It was so strong I got up to see if the cat was in the litter box but that wasn’t the case either. I couldn’t help but think to myself….whoa… now THAT seems like kind of thing Erik would do!

Fast forward about a week—> I’ve been listening to Erik’s book (#2- no pun intended) on Audible. I had a great laugh when I heard this: “Making smells is kind of my specialty. And they’re never like roses or perfume. I like to create the really nasty ones, like cigar smoke, rotten fish, pot, farts, smelly socks and other rank smells. All I have to do is figure out the energy signature of that smell on earth and duplicate it. That’s pretty easy, like reading a recipe from a cookbook and cooking it. Then I get right next to the person I wanna annoy, and I put that same smelly energy pattern in their space. I find it hilarious when they wrinkle up their noses and cough, especially when there’s not a dog around to blame.”

Talk about validation from the prankster himself! XO

That same day a few lights turned on and off in my house, I happened to watch your youtube video from when Erik was alive, playing with his niece, in the diaper..it appeared it was him and his sister and they were joking about seeing her butt crack and crack kills! I kid you not, just as he pulled down the diaper a smidge, I smelled the strongest smell of poop! It was so strong I went to go see if the cats were using the litter box and they were no where in sight. I knew it was an Erik type prank haha. I’m currently listening to the second book on tape, and I came across the part where he said he said ‘making smells is kind of my specialty…and they’re never like roses or perfume’ –what confirmation that was! I had a good laugh and hope you do too ?

Missed last Thursday’s radio show? Listen by clicking on the link below to find out how to communicate with your deceased loved ones, Part Three of his “Communication with Spirits” series. This one is poignant and powerful!

Listen to “Hour of Enlightenment 1/5/17” on Spreaker.

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  • Tammy

    Hi Elisa. I loved watching the video – especially the part where Erik was playing with his niece. As much as I love it, it’s also hard to watch. I can’t imagine how it must feel for you. You are always so upbeat and positive, doing so much to help others, it’s easy to forget that you still grieve as well.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing these intimate parts of your family with all of us. ❤︎
    Oh and was Rune wearing a Cayman Islands t-shirt in the video? We just got back from there this week!

  • Sara Hans

    Is the answer Houston?

  • Fiona

    Yes was he raised in Houston?
    I think that Erik may have pranked me a while ago. Abt a year or so ago after I had read the books ( stayed up all night, couldn’t put it down!) and first discovered the blog I invited him to prank me. I wasn’t sure what would happen. I had quite long hair ( still do) and I have to admit that when I’m down I’m afraid I dont bother to brush/ wash it and it can easily become unruly and tangled and there’s only one brush that can deal with it.
    At that particular time I was being slack with my hair but I needed to sort it out quicky as I had to be ‘presentable’. I looked for my favourite brush but it was no where to be seen.
    It was a bit irritating but I needed to clear out my room so I thought it must be in there somewhere if only I was tidier so I completely cleared my floor but….nothing. I went thru all my cupboards and surfaces but still nothing. By this time I was getting a bit worried ; I looked at my bag and thought “please be in there!” but when I looked inside it was empty. I checked all the pockets but they were empty but as the brush was quite big it would of been visible. “OH NO!” I thought. So I had no choice but to give up. I went abt my bussiness with unruly tangled hair. Then a few weeks or so later I had to reach into the same bag to retrieve my wallet to pay for some phone credit and the brush was in there! and the bag had been closed with the clasp shut! To this day I don’t know how it got in there bcos there was no one in the house who could have put it there and the cat wasn’t up to it!
    If that was Erik I don’t know how he does it!
    Thanks Erik x

  • My bud Erik was raised in Hedwig Village, Texas.

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