The Physics of Death, Part One

Since my vacation, I’m pretty much back in my usual rhythm except in one area. Kickboxing. I wasn’t able to go, obviously, when I was in California taking care of my sister, Teri. Then I come back and Rune breaks his foot and ankle, and then we take off for Norway. The first day back was brutal. I felt like a wet noodle (as opposed to a dry noodle?) just after completing the 15 minute warmup. Then came the bag rounds and I’m like, ‘Bruce Lee, freaking take over here because I’m about to throw up.’ What’s worse is that the instructor, Katie, had us do a lot of side kicks which are my least favorite. Mine are so weak, it’s like I’m petting the bag with my foot instead of kicking its ass. I go again today, and I’m sure it’ll be just as miserable experience until I get a couple of weeks under my belt. Enough about me. Let’s talk about another cheery subject: Death.

Kim: Hello again.

Me: Hello. Well, we just had an upbeat session about the sad plight of Native Americans and our relationship with them, but we’ll go on to one that’s a little more uplifting, and that’s going to be death.

Kim laughs.

Me: No, but Erik, I want to know about the physics of death. The scientist in me wants to know. What exactly happens at the moment of death or during the process of death with the separation of the soul from the body?

Erik (blowing me a kiss up close to the screen): Aw, Mom.

Me: Kisses back.

Kim: You asked him want happens at the time of death?

Me: Yes. How does that mechanism work?

Erik: I want to explain it in reverse because it might make more sense.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Everything starts as energy first and then takes form. If you understand that, when you look at death, when the energy leaves, the form dies. The body is deceased.

Kim: He’s showing that your vibration has an awareness, a consciousness, and that vibration makes up who you are, what you look like, the way your express yourself and so on.

Erik: So when that vibration, your energy or soul, separates from the body, your soul stops talking to your body right down to the cellular level.

Me: Where in the cellular level? I think you said it was in the microtubules, those little tubes that help with cell division and also maintain the integrity of the cell. Is it in those tubules or have you found out new information that’s different?

Erik: It’s through the tubules. For some people, it’s a slow process, and for others it’s an immediate process.

Kim listens for a while.

Kim: This is interesting. I’ve never heard him say anything like this before!

Erik: That’s why, when people die quickly and unexpectedly, they take a longer time over here to recover and shed their humanness including their human thoughts. When people pass slowly, when they slowly start to deteriorate, it doesn’t take them as long.

Me: Why is that?

Erik: Because at the energetic level, their energy, their vibration, slowly stops talking to the physical body.

Me: And are they in the other realm more getting oriented before they’ve completely separated from their body?

Erik: Right. That’s why you see, whether it’s dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, whatever, their vibration is slowly shifting back to the Other Side. So you start to see different parts of the body shut down, work slower or become defective. It’s because that communication isn’t happening anymore clear down to the cellular level. Different organ systems need different frequencies to sustain life, and as one slowly transitions, you can see maybe multiple organ failure or—

Me: Or the kidney’s give out. Yeah.

Erik: There’s a certain frequency that anything has to reside in for healing to occur. So when you’re outside of that wavelength, that’s when death begins to occur at the cellular level.

Me: Oh, okay.

Kim: He’s kind of giggly about this and delighted. He’s got this real upbeat energy now.

Erik: That’s why you see people with dementia start to communicate with “nobody” in front of them.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It looks like their talking to thin air, but they’re really just already transitioning to the Other Side with their consciousness.

Me: Wow.

Erik: The body is slowly detaching.

Me: Okay, let’s talk about what happens in the microtubules. Is there a disconnection from physical atoms or is their a buildup of energy between the body’s energy and the spirit’s energy?

Erik: There’s no transfer of information.

Kim: He’s showed me this image one time before, and you said what it was, but I don’t know what it is. First of all, with words—and then I’ll tell you what image he’s showing me—he’s saying there are no transmitters. There is no transmitting of information. There’s no communication happening.

Erik: It depends on what’s happening with the body and what illness they’re going through.

Kim: Is there a buildup of energy that then sort of releases and causes damage or destruction?

Erik: It just depends on the illness.


Stay tuned for Part Two Friday!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Nancy Antia

    This is amazing! My son Santi died in a tragic way very quickly at a young age. He didn’t even have time to realize he was dead until he got to the other realm. Once he said to me in the course of a conversation via a medium that he was trying to be a human being in a non human environmnet. I’ve just realized why he said so thanks to Erik’s explanation. Thank you so much for this post, Elisa.

  • 403LEC

    Didn’t Erik say one time….something about a silver string-like thing and how that separates when the soul leaves the body??? Or did I dream that…LOL

  • USAFRet

    I’d like to ask Elisa if you read DATRE? I’m pretty sure you read Neale D. Walsch and probably Seth books after my reading of My Son and the Afterlife. I’ve read pretty much all these books, Ruth Montgomery, Moody, Robert Monroe, etc, and they all pretty much say the same thing but in the context of their beliefs. Now, DATRE, to me, is different. Although they speak through John and Aona Sinkiewicz, they still are independent on what they are saying to us. Erick, what can you tell me about DATRE and what happened to Aona and John, they dropped off the net many years ago and no one has heard from them since?

  • Donna Sherman

    It makes complete sense. I have a question, however, one I realize the answer to, may be too much for our human minds to comprehend…but; here is the question anyway. If time is not linear on the other side…how is it that spirits come to terms with their lack of body when the death is sudden? Coming to terms with anything (here on Earth) it takes time. Living with it. I wonder how that process unfolds over there…..? I have a feeling it is within a layer of a dimension, not the whole shebang. Ie; perhaps it is merely an aspect of a soul that undergoes that transformation, not the entire soul……the rest of the soul is always unperturbed…..maybe…Hmmmm?

    • Good point. Maybe it takes a while for them to shed the idea of earthly time.

      • ilcebigmc

        Oh, this is so odd! 🙂 I’ve been lurking on this site for a month, and skeptically asked Erik to show me a sign if he’s around me. Nothing for weeks–and then get this—
        A half hour ago, I finished taking an online exam on Alzheimer’s for my job. The accompanying book covered microtubules in some depth. As soon as I finished the exam, I felt drawn to check this blog and click on this post…And there it is..A discussion about microtubules. Post also mentions my first name. I think that was a wink from Erik…

      • I agree! This is something he would do.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Wow, thank you Nancy for that. I’m going to research her story.

    • Nancy Antia

      You’re welcome! NDErs can teach us a lot too.

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