Pinky and Cockroaches. Ew.

Hi Folks!  So today’s conversation with Erik is in reference to this post:  ( describing a conversation with a new-to-me being who I nick-named Pinky.

So Erik, what’d you think of Pinky?

She’s cute!  Kind of like a little punk-rock / mother earth mix alien.  (Punk rock because of her bright pink colour, which is how I perceived her.)

Have you talked with Pinky’s species / people before?

Not with her, directly – that connection is all you.  But yeah, I can see them all. 

How many?

Well, (he wrinkles his forehead, pinches his forehead a little bit with this angry-ish look of concentration, pauses for a moment)

It’s like it depends on where you draw the circle.  If you want, you can count the number of (peoples / species) by how many different planets they live on – and some of them actually don’t need to *live* on a planet.  That’s just one way to being. 

Of being?  

No- TO being, incarnation is a route TO being, and BEING is the whole of you, you as an individual, you without time, you without separation from anything in the universe, you get me? 

Yeah, I get that.

So, it’s kind of hard for me to give you a straight answer on the “how many” thing, because it depends on who you count.  And YEAH balls of light can be life forms.  But try telling that to someone who might not consider an insect (as a conscious being.)

You know (what species is really cool)?  COCKROACHES!

Aww, dude, obviously you haven’t had to live with an infestation.  It’s not cool if they’re in your bed.  But I do get that ONE AT A TIME, they’re rather cute beetles.  I like their little waving antennae… just not in my cupboard.

Erik responds by showing me the infestation in one of my former Toronto homes, and then flashes me a tall building packed with people, comparing it to a termite mound – reminding me that at least roaches don’t eat your actual house. 

Yeah, I guess termites are more of a southern US thing, eh?

Yeah, well thanks to the warming climate, they’ll be in Canada in the next 20 years (shows me they already are, but not in great enough numbers to be considered a problem. )

Okay, now Erik’s playing a game called “Gross Kate Out” where he’s showing me images upon images of layered pest animals, like roaches getting bigger and rats eating roaches.  A few spiders – this scene from the movie Arachnophobia that I managed to decide was funny.  This is the neat thing about Erik – I’m sure he could fill my head with images that would *actually* keep me awake at night, but instead he treads the “pain in the ass” route showing me things that are gross, but not nightmarish.  He’s keeping the trust but pushing it whenever he can, which is pretty much trademark Erik.

So what do you think is so cool about roaches, in the context of the alien species topic?


They breed quickly and are supremely adaptable?

AND they are SMART.  This is something a lot of people don’t give credit to insects: intelligence as WE define intelligence.  If we (humans) are gonna get smart about talking to off-earth species like Pinky, shouldn’t we take a closer look at the fuckin’ cool pieces of work right on earth?  ‘Cause this stuff is gonna help us to understand (the nature of consciousness, how intelligence / awareness / life experience is different from our human experience but not inferior.)

It’s that respect – when you’ve got respect for roaches, maybe you can come back ‘round to having respect for human beings. 

I heard the word “predators” as you were saying that last bit, what does that mean?

Well, a lot of people going through this (bunny ears quote marks) “SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION” or whatever you wanna call it, it’s easy to get hung up on humans who are just assholes.  And yeah, some people just incarnate to be assholes, and that’s their job, whether they have an agreement (with victims / the planet etc) or not (it’s just an experience for the expansion of their own energy pattern).  It’s seeing the DARK in the light, you get me?  (he reminds me of my own past life recall)

Okay, so that last bit from Erik needs this context:  In my own study to understand my individual soul history, there’s good stuff and there’s bad stuff, like there is for us all.  You can have a beautiful soul and have more than one past-life doing “terrible” things.

While I have beautiful past life memories, there are terrible ones too, and one that Erik was referring to was the recall of being a medieval torturer.  Now, I hope you folks understand this is not something I share lightly; this is not a past life recall you tell at dinner parties.  No, I have really vivid, visceral – sounds, smells, tastes, and the emotional experience of being this person who, among other things, pulled teeth out of people to try and force them to renounce their religion.

You can look at this lifetime just in the context of that ONE life and say that soul deserves to burn in hell forever, because this person was cruel to others pretty much his whole life, and experienced NO empathy or remorse, even as he died.

However, in the context of the life cycles that make up my consciousness in this moment of time, that lifetime had its purpose.  It also explained why, when I was a child and getting my permanent teeth, I had doubles and triples of the same adult teeth come in, and for several years I was required to go to the dentist for regular extractions.  This dentist was old-school and still used re-usable needles and anesthetic which did NOT work.  I held on to anger for years towards my mother who just sat in the waiting room listening to her child scream… but I understand now that I needed that experience as a child to begin to integrate the “karma” I accumulated in past life experiences.

What Erik was referring to was this past life experience of being a horrible person who inflicted pain on others, in the context of the expansion of my consciousness into THIS period of time, this lifetime, where I incorporated a neutralizing experience.

What I understand his meaning to be is that if you take any one thing out of context, and just ONE lifetime IS taking something out of context, it’s difficult to wrap your limited, intellectual intelligence around the meaning and purpose of shitty shit that happens.

(Erik nods in agreement.)  So yeah, you don’t want predators and criminals running around in the streets.  Don’t lose your fuckin’ minds here people, I’m not sayin’ we shouldn’t have laws and cops and all that shit, (tangent rant on wasting police resources on pot-busting).  What I’m sayin’ is if you’re hung up on the Shitty Shit, (grin and nod – he likes that summary of the crap that goes down on this planet, which will from now on be referred to as “shitty shit”.) – if you get hung up on the Shitty Shit, it’s because you can’t see the whole purpose, and that’s just fine. 

So you look at a bug, like a roach:  you don’t understand what that roach is all about, do you?  Do you know the soul history of a cockroach?  Do you really?  See cause it’s not always as simple as (a soul group, a species oversoul) because there’s exceptions. 

Sometimes, inside a roach is a consciousness that used to be a human being – and maybe that dude really liked bugs and wanted to LIVE AS A BUG just to see what it’s like.  Because they REALLY ARE FUCKIN’ COOL especially if you LIVE as a bug.  (Shows me crawling on walls, garbage being amazingly yummy, the feeling of wealth in a dumpster, the adventure of travelling in apartment walls, the quick surprise of getting eaten by a larger bug.)

See, that’s the thing when people get hung up on labels and shit.  I DO my best to explain here, but you (everyone) gotta understand that there’s always exceptions to every little thing, you gotta leave that door in your mind open a crack. 

So anyways, (he says “anyways” with a smirk because he knows it’s wrong and my inner control-freak wants to edit it) if you’re super-interested in beings like Pinky and Plink-Plunk, just remember there’s a fuckin’ REASON that THEY are so interested in YOU.  Cause guess what?  YOU’RE THE COCKROACH!  And it’s cool BEING a bug, I’m not trying to freak anyone out, cause humans are not inferior to other (alien) species any more than roaches are inferior to us. 

You can decide that roaches are inferior, but just understand that the judgment is all about context, and the cool thing about this point in (human understanding) is that we’ve moved BEYOND pulling teeth for religion… mostly.  Do you think all this shit that we’re doing (on planet earth) to the planet and to each other is gonna go on the way it is for another 500 years?  Nuh-uh, it can’t, it’s fuckin’ obvious.  Of course not.  So what are we (humans) gonna look like in 500 years?  C’mon and stick your head into the future, and have a look.  It’s really cool. 

I’ll tell you one thing for sure – in 500 years, there will STILL be roaches!

Erik, this has got to be one of the weirder entries we’ve written together.

(laughs)  Just tryin’ to keep it WEIRD! 

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her work, please check out her professional website: and her personal blog:


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  • JoAnn

    ok now,,, this is a bit far out there,,,but it is what happened to me,,,i am in an 8x10ft camper with my BF,,,and we do not have room for cock roaches here,,,, i had gotten a free bag of clothes and such and brought it to the camper and wala,,,, roaches moved in,,,, i know how devestating an infestation can be,,,so ,,, i was in no mood to argue,,,, so basically i communicated with the “cock roaches”,,, i said what i had to say in my mind and directed my feelings towards the cockroach each time i saw one,,,, i never immediately killed them,,, but i did chase them and communicate my desire for them to leave my area,,,,,now,,, i can say,,, i have never known in the past ever hearing that roaches leave when you ask them,,,,but,,,that is what happened,,,, i know they still live,,,and they are in the house inside,,,and in the building and the other camper on the property,,,, but They are not in my camper,,,works the same way almost with ants,,,, i can make communication and be friendly,,,show them MY area ,,,where i put my drink etc,,,, and if i had offered them somethng ,,,they would Not bother my drink,,,,i know this is strange,,,but oh well,,, when you go on journeys with light beings and you see the beauty behind the skin of the bug,,,then it is easy to become mutual friends,,,respect is a whole new word,,,when you learn to give it and recieve it from the insect or animal world,,,it is a real lesson in humility,,,or humbleness,,,i guess,,, because,,, the energy in the bug,,,might be someone you know and love,,, matter of ,fact,,,i was told,,,they are OUR loved ones so be careful who you squash,,,because you might not like it,,when you discover who it was,,,,

  • JoAnn

    oh,,,and almost forgot,,,last night i was hearing a song in my mind and it was about me,,,the weirdo,,,staying in sychn,,, it is such an awesome feeling to wake up to the post and see that it is just what you were thinking or needing,,,,Great Job Guys and Gals,,, i Love the gang

  • Janet E

    sometimes (actually most of the time LOL) when I look down at my feet and toes I just think that they are the oddest things that humans have.. and yet women paint their toenails and decorate with uncomfortable shoes. Human feet just seem so alien to me! Seeing humans as being the cockroach being watched by other species made perfect sense to me. funny

  • cristina

    oh boy, i forgot I need to open CE if I want a crazy laugh 😛
    love this “Cause guess what? YOU’RE THE COCKROACH! ” :)))))))))) Damn good ! 😛

  • l chaney

    Erik, are their species out there like in the Enders Game series that are controlled/cared for by a true hive consciousness?

  • julia

    if there is no one you can connect with on earth and youre always “alone”, is there someone who will connect with you when you die/afterlife? because it seems like I came into the world with differejt views that were normal to me, but ridiculous to everyone else. its like no one wants me here, yet this is all I know.

    • 3nCHanted_s0uL

      I left you a reply on your comments on the post “what death feels like.” but haven’t received a reply. There are people out there who are trying to connect with you, you just have tobe open to it and allow it as well.

  • JoAnn

    I believe there is Exactly that concept in reality,,,, and i believe,,,we are the only ones left in the Dark about the depth of connection and co-creating that occurs through all of energies merging and becoming New,,, there are life forces,,connected through tremendous consciousness,,, that are the guiders of energy,,,we participate,,,equally,,, whether it is a conscious decision on our part or if we just go with the flow,,,

  • Sky girl

    My parents and siblings always gave me alot of slack for saving bugs and spiders from being squashed in our house. I catch everything and release it outside. There have been times when I accidentally killed something by either stepping on it or vacuming it and immediately I would feel guilty about it. However, If a mosquito or horse fly decides to bite me, it can kiss it’s ass goodbye.

    • Jonette Teresa Benavides

      I do the same thing!! I put them outside unless they REALLY “make” me kill them…I hate killing ANYTHING!! I always say “God bless you” to dead animals/bugs/ppl who look like they could use it…idk why exactly…it just feels comforting, like I’m sending them on their way, or wishing them luck or something! It’s a “None left behind” concept, I guess!! <3

      • l chaney

        me too. I work in a little retail shoppe and when someone comes in “all grumped out” I try and send ’em love and light ( although I confess I’m not at all sure how) and i always wonder if they feel it, receive it..

    • l chaney


    • Ah but take it even further, the mozzies and horsefly will only bite you if they are hungry, so why not (through gritted teeth) say to them, ‘that’s ok, I know you’re hungry but please don’t do it again’. That’s mega compassion!

  • Nancy Antia

    Kate, cockroaches called my son Santi’s attention for years. (he died when he was only 23). He even developed a theory of his own about them, about the way they managed to survive for millions of years and had learned to be almost immune to the poisons people use to kill them. He told me a few times that we, humans, should look more closely to these insects for their survival abilities and something else I don’t remember.

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