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Let’s face it. The Medhuses know how to par-tay. Saturday, we’re having a belated birthday party for one year-old Easton, my grandson. It’s going to be a crawfish boil with all the fixings. Nick (his daddy) is going to fill our pool with dry ice. Lukas is going to make his famous Sangria and has professional lighting that changes to the music. We’re going to have Nick’s friend, Chance, bring his concert speaker, and Lukas is also going to set up two fog machines. It’s going to be epic. I give it two hours before the cops come knocking. I’ll try to remember to take videos. I’ll put them on Instagram. If you don’t have it already, download the Channeling Erik app from Google Play or the App Store to get my Instagram feed. If you have the old app, it doesn’t work so just delete it and download the new one.

By the way, check out these pictures that blog member, BJ, took. It looks like a 40 year-old Erik. Kind of creepy. It might not be Erik but it certainly is an amazing prank!

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Enjoy today’s post!

Me: All right. Let’s talk about plastic surgery, especially breast implants. We’re a society that doesn’t like to get older. People are more and more reluctant to accept their bodies as they are, and this particular blog member says she is one of those people. She thinks her lesson might be to accept the body as it is even if it doesn’t look good as per what she sees on TV and how we are all told how we should look. So, how does this all look like from a spiritual perspective? Is it okay to put things like implants into your body? Do we harm are bodies by doing so? Should we stop doing this?

Erik: Mind fuck, mind fuck! That’s all this little trip is here, because, you know, we’re getting into the whole marketing thing.

Me: Oh god, yes.

Erik: They’re feeding you this bullshit—what you need to feel and what you need to look like and blah, blah, blah. Well, the only true answer is: If you are in your body, and your chin has always bothered you, and you’ve done every thing you can to accept your chin, and you really just, you just don’t want, uh, you can’t, You can’t. Every time you go for it, you can’t. So, you get surgery, and you fix your chin, and you love your chin. Well, that’s fucking incredible. Yes, surgery, scar tissue, um, the tears in the energy that take place that happen in surgery, it does get in the way of how energy moves throughout the body—

Me: Hmm!

Erik: What people fail to do after plastic surgery is the rehab—the rehab on the scars, the rehab on the fascia, the rehab on the connective tissue, and the flexibility. Now if people can follow up on the rehab after plastic surgery, enjoy it.

Me: What about rehab on the energy? What about energetic rehab?

Erik: Oh, definitely, but commonly that falls into place when you look at yourself and you love it.

Me: Ah!

Erik: And the energy goes boom! It just cracks open and breaks the old pattern.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Now for those people who fix it and then find something else and then find something else and find something else and you recognize that it’s a pattern and you’re not accepting your body as a whole—

Me: i.e. Michael Jackson?

Erik: Uh, yeah. Great example.

Me (somberly): Yeah.

Erik: Then, you gotta seek some help. That ain’t cool. So, there’s a limit to how much work that you can do. When I say “limits”, I’m not trying to put a fucking number on it or anything. I’m just saying if you’re addicted to this shit, then addiction is something you gotta look at. All right? So, are you addicted to trying to fix your body? Are you addicted to hating your body? Then you need to work on that crap.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But if it’s just your boobs are sagging now, and it’s affecting the way you hold your posture or it’s affecting your sexuality or how you are with other people, well then get your fucking tits lifted! Who cares! They’re your tits! You have every right!

I laugh.

Erik: Just work on the scar tissue. Work on the physical body. Energetically, if you’re doing it for the right reason then your energy is going to boom. Your physical body and your energetic body are going to love what you’ve done.

Me: So, you wanna do it for you, not for everybody else!

Erik: Yes. If you’re doing it for somebody else like Sugar Daddy wants you to be a double D, and you’re an A, then that’s fucking bullshit.

Me: Or if you wanna do it because the TV or the commercial or the magazines say that’s what you should look like, then that’s messed up too.

Erik: Then that’s totally messed up, especially if you’re doing it because in your career, that’s what everyone expects you to look like. You get that nose fixed. You get that gap in your teeth closed. You know, fucking A, if we wanted to be clones, we’d let science do that shit to us.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: But no, YOU actually love it, and other people make comments on it constantly. You have to look at them and say, “Wow! YOU really don’t like my nose! YOU have an issue with it! I’M perfectly comfortable with it.” There’s no need for you to bring it back up again.

Me: Good one.

Erik: Be a teacher and stand your ground. Create your boundaries. Don’t be a pushover and let somebody else feed you shit you don’t need.

Me: Ah! Very good. So, why do people become addicted to plastic surgery? Like Michael.

Erik: God, it’s fucked up, isn’t it?

Me: Yeah, poor guy.

Erik: Mom, you know this as well. There are so many mental things that can be wrong with people. You know, the anorexic and bulimic community, no matter how beautiful they are—so beautiful, just visually beautiful—they look in the mirror and see themselves as being crippled and just destroyed. It’s based on mental reasons. Self-sabotage. A lot of the times, energetically in the soul they’re not grounded into the body. A lot of the times they don’t want to be alive.

Me (sadly): Aw.

Erik: Many other times, subconsciously, they know that this is not their body so they’re trying to fix it to make it look like their body.

Me: What do you mean?

Erik: Cuz they remember their body from a past life, or they remember their body from being an alien, and they get in here and they just think it’s totally the most fucked up body ever, because they’re a woman, and they were used to being this big fat man in Italy, and now they’re this skinny little Southern peach, and they’re miserable.

Me: Yeah. Hmm.

Erik: We can get into the whole transgender community. It totally sucks to be living in a body that you can’t attach or ground yourself to.

Me: And do you think a lot of that transgender stuff is also based on past lives like, “Hey, I’m supposed to be a man, but here I am, a woman!”

Erik: Fuck, yeah!

Me: And maybe their life as a man was wonderful, and they were with the woman they had a relationship in their current life. Maybe they were soul mates.

Erik: Yes.

Me: So, the lesson here is accepting the body as it is or as we want it to be—but as we personally want it be rather than as society wants it to be.

Erik: Yes, but if it’s extreme, and you’re going off the charts and more into an addiction, then you need to get help for it, or you’re just going to destroy the body you’re in.

Me: Okay. Exactly. Anything else on that, Erik?

Erik: Nah, we could talk about this all day.

A Person Who Doesn’t Need Plastic Surgery!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Raven15

    Thank you Elisa for the link on the dream interpretation. On the picture from Bj the fella looks a little tortured and my first impression is he is not where Erik is. Does Erik have any thoughts as to why he would appear this way. Do you think he is asking for some sort of help?

    • I can’t imagine he’s asking for help. You’re right in that it might not be him at all. Maybe BJ will call and ask on tonight’s radio show.

  • James Vorline

    Thank you for the update. I think you should give us alert before show the picture. I watched the picture from BJ in 2 AM alone and I scared to go to bathroom.

  • Lorri

    So then what is the answer for transgender people? Should they work on accepting the body they were born with? Or should they do what Bruce Jenner did when he became Caitlyn Jenner? Jenner seems so much happier now.

    • That’s a very good question!

    • Katherine Zuckerberg

      People should do what they feel is right for them in order to be Happy. Happiness is key and being true to self. We after all incarnate to experience everything we can in order to learn and grow. Do no harm, love and be happy that’s my motto.

  • T Diaz

    I loved the look on my plastic surgeon’s face after my mastectomies when I let him know that I was going to pass on reconstruction #2 and the fake nipples ;-D

  • Beadybonce

    I had a friend who was a TG. But really, despite al the surgery, medication etc it did’t solve any of his life problems and then he started taking drugs and became psychotic. He died in a really bad state.

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      I had a friend like this too, who has since passed, but I always felt after his/her looks began to go that he/she regretted the decision to get the chop… and the health issues that arose from the artificial estrogen began to kick in towards the end too. Seeing this has meant that I am absolutely against gender reassignment but the media and their left wing liberal agenda will not brook any opposition… it seems…

      • Katherine Zuckerberg

        If you had a Transgender friend you would not use the his/her to describe them!!! Jog on luv!

      • Alphonso de Barbo

        That’s a typical liberal marxist response to a complex issue…
        #Jog on, luv – only a transgender would use a term like that, LMFAO!

    • Katherine Zuckerberg

      Maybe that’s because the people around that individual where not supportive. Usually it’s the society around people who make individuals feel like shit that creates a damaged person unable to function. If the individual had their family and friends to support them they would be here now shining bright. Why do others judge others for being authentic that’s fucked up because we can’t all be clones. Individuality is precious and should be encouraged. I have many Transgender friends and they are truly happy and a inspiration however they where not excluded or mocked.

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