Playtime with Erik, Part One

I’m sad to inform you that Kim’s grandmother just passed away quite unexpectedly. I hope you all send her, Kim and her family love and prayers. I’ve asked Erik to help show her the ropes in her new dimension. 

On a happier note, I had a nice birthday weekend. Yep, I stretched it out over three days, although I don’t know if yesterday should have counted because I spent three hours scrubbing all the tile floors in the house. God how I’ve learned to hate grout. Friday, we had out usual cookout with the family, Robert and Kari (Silver Lining) Mena complete with a beautiful cake. When the candles were lit, I was a little nervous that the fire marshal would pound on the door or the smoke detector would start screaming, but no. I was lucky. I think you have to be 90 for that sort of thing to happen. 

On another happier note, here’s our first fun post about playtime with Erik. Be sure you invite our boy to play with you!

Me: Hello!

Robert: Hello!

Me: We’re all set. How are you doing, Mr. Robert.

Robert: It’s so funny because when Skype was calling, I kept touching my screen.

He laughs.

Robert: I’m so used to my smartphone!

Me (laughing): Oh no! God!

Robert: I was like, ‘Oh shoot. This isn’t my smartphone.’

Me: That’s like my sister, Laura, when she tried to use the TV remote as a phone. Anyway, I look forward to having you over for Thanksgiving dinner, Thursday. We’re going to talk about some things, Erik. Hi, Erik!

Erik (with jazz fingers): Hi, Mom!

Me: What are you doing?

Robert: He’s picking his nose.

Me: Well, what have you been doing?

Erik: Working with Robert’s friend.

Me: Oh, Andy. Yeah, let’s talk about that. We can open with that. You’ve been helping Andy communicate with spirit, and apparently, anybody who’s watching this video—and even those who aren’t—can do the same thing. So teach us how to communicate with you, Erik. Tell us a little bit about what you do with Andy and go from there.

Erik: Well, what we do is we make it into a game. That’s what I’d like everyone else to do. Make it into something fun. When you do something that’s fun, you’re more interested in it and you’ll want to keep doing it. At the same time, when it’s about play, play is like being on a river. You just flow. You do one thing for a little while, and then you switch and do something else that’s fun. So with Andy, I was asking him to visualize me in his environment somewhere. You all know what I look like, right? So, I’d like everybody to do this. Make it into something fun. You know I’m crazy as shit so visualize me in the environment, and I’m going to be doing something hilarious. I want to make you all laugh, so just picture me in your environment. The other night with Andy, I was hanging around one of his friends doing all kinds of crazy shit making Andy crack his ass up.

Robert and I laugh.

Erik: Just have some fun with it. What will happen in the process is it’ll strengthen your connection to me. There are some people out there that might not be very in tuned to visuals. This will give them practice on that.

Me: Good. And coming from a place of play, that raises your vibration so you can reach Erik’s vibration, spirits’ vibration.

Erik: Right. That’s the key. Bingo.

Me: All right. You probably already said that in other words!

Erik: It’s all about that. This is why I am the way I am in spirit. This is just how my spirit is, playful. People get drawn to that kind of energy whether it’s me or someone else. It’s light and makes them feel free.

Me: Sure.

Erik: That’s what you are, free. You just don’t think you are, but you are.

Me: Do you want to walk us through some steps so people can practice communicating with you? Step one…

Erik: Mom, you know if we do those kinds of things, people will be worried about trying to follow the steps. “Oh, oh, oh. I have to do this step.” It’s not really like a dance, you know?

Me: All right, then do it in general terms.

Erik: So I’ll go through what I did with Andy. I kept it very general with him, and that’s the way it should be with everyone. Just try to visualize me in the environment. You know what I look like so sit there and focus on that. You’re sitting in your chair, and you want to have some playtime with Erik, so say, “Erik, let’s have some fun.” Focus on an area in the room. You’ll be drawn to a certain area because my energy will draw you there, and then you’ll start to get visuals. I may be doing some stupid ass shit, dancing around or maybe wearing some crazy outfit.

Me: What did you do with Andy?

Robert laughs.

Robert: So, Andy had friends over, and they were hanging around, and he saw Erik with one of his friends. He was doing all kinds of crazy shit: dancing around him, humping the air, doing weird shit like that. Then Andy started to crack up and his friends were wondering why.

Me: And did he tell them?

Robert: No, no. Not at all.

Me: No. So he can see Erik?

Robert: Oh yeah. Andy has a very unique connection with Erik. Um, I should have asked his permission to tell all of this! But he has a very unique connection with Erik. There can be something that Erik has said to me and has only said to me, and then Andy will hear it and repeat that back to me without knowing that I had already heard that.

Me: Okay.

Robert: There have been other things that Andy has told me that are specific to Erik that I’ve mentioned to you but nobody else. So he has an interesting connection. He can speak with animals; he can do all kinds of things.

Me: How interesting. Oh, I wish I had those gifts! Everybody has the potential, and Erik can help you guys. What else can Erik share for people who are interested in playtime with Erik? What can they do? They focus on the part of the room that they’re drawn to and just wait until they get images?

Erik: It’s pretty simple. Yeah. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t pick up on anything right away. A lot of people will have other things going on in their environment. But I can tell you right now, the most important thing is that you have to approach it as play and not work. A lot of people will do that. “Okay, it’s time to get down to business! C’mon, let’s play!” That’s not going to work! Being your own taskmaster isn’t going to work.

Me: I went to a Kim O’Neill workshop—

She’s a famous medium and angelic channeler.

Me: –and she had us do automatic writing. My daughter, Michelle, was with me, and we didn’t share our notes, but at the end, we saw that we had both written that we saw Erik making bunny ears behind Kim’s head. So, you’ll probably see Erik do things like that.

Erik: That’s a perfect example.

Now go play with Erik!

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  • Magda

    Could you ask Erik about the missing people I asked you back then (maybe you remember how I asked you about the missing who may be kept in captivity) and about the REAL meaning of the Saint John Gospel (I mean the Apocalypse) – what his visions were REALLY about? 🙂

    • Can you email me a list of questions? I’ll see if it’s broad enough a topic for a 45-60 minute YouTube. If not, it’d be best to submit it as an Ask Erik column question when I call for them or ask during one of the radio shows.

  • Magda

    Just those two ones:
    1. Are there any people in the USA kept in captivity like the women of Ariel Castro just now and if so, then could Erik say where exactly because you could then call the police about this – we could save them.
    2. What do all the visions of the Apocalypse really mean? Christians are wondering this for so loooong.
    3. There were going to be those two but you have the third one as well – it just came to me – why are there all those visions of Virgin Mary appearing? I mean – who is sttanding behind all those Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorie etc. ones? And btw, what is the painting of Mary of Guadelupe about? 🙂

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