Pokes, Static and Songs

Click HERE to read what scientists have to say about the survival of the soul after death. It’s exactly what Erik told us!

Story #1

This one is short and sweet. Since childhood, I’ve had recurring dreams of haunted houses. A few weeks ago, I dreamt I was in a large house – I forget all of the details except for this: I’m in a hallway lit with natural light from windows lining the hall. I feel an invisible finger poke me. Instead of me feeling fearful that it’s a demon or upset spirit (which is usually the case in these dreams), I become curious and ask if it’s Erik pranking me. The reply is another invisible poke. Not sure if that was Erik, but it’s totally possible.

Story #2

I discovered this site about 2 months ago. It has shifted years of fundamental belief systems. After only a week, I told Erik he was welcome to visit me… but couldn’t frighten me. The following Saturday I was home trying to tune into one of his podcasts. All I would get was static. I tried many other podcast stations… and they tuned in perfectly. I had perfect reception, a full battery… nothing, nothing should have caused the interference. It was ONLY Erik’s podcasts which gave me trouble. This went on for at least 45 min – 1 hour.

I can’t help but believe it was Erik harmlessly pranking me; making his presence known.
I have both Erik’s and Elisa’s books and am captivated by your experiences, insight, and hearts.

I have been an Elementary teacher for over 20 years. I look at my little ones with new eyes.
THANK YOU Erik and Elisa for your sacrifices of grief, pain, time, honesty, humor, energy.
Your compassion to enlighten us equip us with the essential tools to better navigate our lives in an effort to help others. Erik, I welcome your visits and deeply appreciate all you are revealing.
I will be scheduling a session with Kim to channel you, Erik. I look forward with great anticipation to communicating with you directly.

Love and Light,


Story #3

Hi to all! I have few Erik encounters, but today I have extra encounter. I always ask him, come but pls don’t scare me. Today I was on YouTube listening to some documentary, and I told to Erik, come and change that program. Give me some song instead if you are not busy. A few minutes later, he come and changed the program and put me a song in my language. It’s new,,never heard before. Name will be translated in English “Call me back. Call me again.” Hahaha. It was so funny! ty Erik! God bless you all.

Please send your Erik prank by clicking on the “Share Your Story” button on the right hand sidebar of the homepage of the blog. You have to scroll down a ways to see it! It doesn’t take long, and be sure you don’t submit it twice. It won’t show up right away. Instead, it’ll remain in queue until I get to it. The reason I want you to share your story is because they give such comfort to others and Erik loves the attention he’d get from you!

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