Potty Mouth

Isn’t the new snowfall on the blog cool? (Pun intended.) A blog member tipped me on to it. Now if we can only include a chilly north wind, a fireplace and a mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows, it’d be even cozier. 

Okay, so the orb submission contest is coming to an end so paw through your old pix or call forth your loved ones and ask them to pose! I have two orb videos that were submitted, one with an orb flying around a dog and the other where an orb is flying around a baby in a carseat. However, I don’t know who sent these. Can you email me your names? emedhus@gmail.com.

Also, everyone please submit ideas for future contests and prizes! I’d love to have your input!

Now for the real deal.

Me: I’ve heard that those who curse and swear are very honest. That means you’re really fucking honest, Erik! (Insert tee hee here)

Jamie lets out a boisterous laugh.

Me: Could you share more about that?

Jamie: I have never heard that before. That’s so awesome.

Me: Yep, they’re less inhibited and more emotionally honest.

Erik: Damn straight. Well I’ve been trying to tell people for a long time that just because it’s a nasty word—

Me: It doesn’t necessarily have the power of a negative emotional intent behind it.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: That’s what matters.

Erik: Yeah. Just because you don’t like hearing the words, you know, doesn’t mean that it’s coming at you with all of this nasty energy and that this person has nasty energy. That’s ridiculous, really. Like my mom just said: The intent behind it—


Jamie: I was just joking with Erik. My cousin’s husband, they call their little daughter, cute as a button, blue eyes, bald, they call her shit bird, and he says it so sweet. It’s really adorable. “Hey shit bird.”

Me: Oh, geez.

Jamie: Then he kisses all up on her. But at first, when I heard it I was like, ‘Oh my god! Don’t call your child shit bird!’

Jamie and I laugh.

Jamie: They just laugh, but just like Erik said, it’s really not the word itself. The word is written or said, of course, but it’s the power, the intent and the focus that you put behind it, you know, because for my cousin’s husband that was an endearment.

Me: Well you know it’s just a string of letters.

Jamie: String of letters.

Me: There you go.

Erik: Absolutely tell that writer that, yes, it’s much more fucking honest if you can use a bigger vocabulary.

Me: Why are they more emotionally honest? What’s up with that? What’s the connection between those who curse and the emotional honesty?

Erik: Oh, it’s because cursing is the seen as something that shouldn’t be done. It’s seen as not polite, and so when emotion kind of overrides that level of politeness you really say what you mean. You’re not looking for a boundary here. You’re looking to be heard, and so, boom, that’s what happens. I wish people could fucking do that everyday. We’re emotional beings; our biggest lesson is to be emotionally honest.

Me: Well, can’t you do that without cursing?

Erik: Absolutely, but—

Me: It’s not as fun!

Erik: Not as fun; it’s true! We’re so trained. We’re trained to identify these certain groups of words as just being unacceptable. So crude!

Me: And emotional honesty has nothing to do with words. It’s all emotion, right?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Plus, I curse so that people don’t see me as some boring fucking stiff shirt Archangel Michael. Sorry Mike. I want everyone to see me as just Erik, a guy that likes to talk and teach shit and stuff. I want to be approachable.

Me: Obviously not for little old ladies who only drive on Sunday to church.





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Elisa Medhus

  • Blakita

    Well, I about died reading this: “Erik: Plus, I curse so that people don’t see me as some boring fucking stiff shirt Archangel Michael. Sorry Mike. I want everyone to see me as just Erik, a guy that likes to talk and teach shit and stuff. I want to
    be approachable.”

    Great post.

  • ilSuperGattoNero

    ‘sorry, mike’ lol

  • Chelsy

    WOW! You three continue to fucking amazing me.

  • cristina

    :)))))))))))))))))))))))) loved it ! 😛

  • steveatl

    Erik is awesome

  • Todd Ford

    The new snowfall is fucking awesome. I tend to have quite a potty mouth myself. I never use it around my family but outside of them i’m like a sailor on a sugar-high,and it’s not because it’s polite or anything,I’ve just always been that way. Do you think that means anything?

  • Rachel Brown

    As a fellow potty mouth, I’m thrilled to death about this

  • Emeraldd

    I find this verbal license liberating and it DOES come across as very honest and not coarse or uncultured. Erik is right — the words don’t matter, the intent is one of telling the truth with honesty. (Are these two words mutually exclusive?) Thank you Elisa, Jamie and Erik for your very wonderful work and service to your readers.

  • Todd Ford

    The snow effect is pretty cool. I usually swear like a sailor on a sugar-high. Pretty fucking awesome subject.

  • MikeHulse

    And don’t forget when you move your cursor on screen the snow follows it’s direction left or right.

    • That’s right! You told me that and I forgot to write that in the post!

  • Dina

    Great post! Great snowflakes!

  • Sharon Young

    Yes love the snow flakes, how do you do that!? Erik continues to crack me up “sorry Mike” Too funny!

    • william thiry

      I don’t know what the fuck all you are talking about, but ever since I have been hanging around Erik, my mid-west in your face, get the fuck out of my way attitude as come back!!! And I fucking like it!!!

  • 2foru3

    I do cuss once in awhile , I was brought up not to cuss. But I believe in live and let live . I miss my sister who died on Aug 10 2013 , she was my best friend and her death was so sudden . If you see Geri please tell her I love and miss her I hope she hears me when I talk to her . I miss her so much there are no words to describe my pain I feel. Your book has helped me thank you .

    • I wish you could have joined the channeling call today, because you’d be able to talk directly to Geri. I’ll ask Erik to love on her some and make sure she’s doing fine. Maybe he can teach her how to communicate with you more. That’s one of his jobs. She might not have any problems doing it, but many spirits do. It takes manipulating, lowering, raising their vibrational frequency. I have you in my thoughts, sweetie.

      • luvscats

        Oh thank you when Geri died a part of me was ripped apart .i love the book and hope to thank Eric someday in person for giving me hope . I am a RN and I work long hours so I have trouble making the channeling calls . Please tell Eric I include him in my prayers , he is a awesome spirit . Just tell her I love her and we. All miss her , I talk to her all day .

  • BarbaraSparks

    At first I thought the snow flakes were an Erik prank! Love them, but at least on my computer, it makes some control bar at the bottom of my screen flash wildly on and off. Am I the only one? If so, then it definitely has Erik’s name on it.

  • Chris Scardino

    Man, I love Archangel Michael so much. I agree with cursing and the intent behind it. I curse like a boat load of sailors but slamin’ good ol Archangel Michael sounds a bit dissrespectful to me. Sorry, bad form bro.

    • Archangel Michael has a great sense of humor, so I bet he didn’t mind. I don’t think he was slamming him. I think he was just pointing out a difference in communication styles, but I do agree with you. No he will be smited!!

      • Hmm. I’m not getting that at all. Anyone else?

      • TrulyTrue

        Seemed like good-natured teasing to me – typical Erik 😉

      • Chris Scardino

        I don’t know…it might be different if I were to have a conversation with Archangel Michael.

      • Dinabedina

        Chris, to me, chatting with (White Wolf aka ? Archangel Michael ) feels like you were talking to the no nonsense- straight to the facts, Hotel manager in that movie with Julia Roberts. No dicking around. Love him ( them ).
        Hilariously serious. SO I get what Erik is saying.

      • Dinabedina

        WOwzah Elisa, As I finished saying how White Wolf ( my supposedly guide) and Archangel Michael ( who supposedly is on my team) sounded and felt so much like the same types, you add that they have a great sense of humor…a SERIOUS sense of humor… and I ‘ve always felt that too… as the goosebumps ride up all over the right side of my body whenever I mentioned them on here today. So interesting the world next door huh 🙂

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Potty mouth well, that would be me but I do have to put this out there. I had a in-law that used “fuck” as every other word in his sentence and to some point it really got annoying because, it wasn’t so much that he was speaking from his emotion but saying it because he liked the word fuck.
    I do have two teenagers who cuss but only when they are upset about something they have seen or read and we do have a 7 year old and we do let her know not to cuss because as you know the school would have us in the principal office in a heart beat.
    I like to call it cussing with integrity is when I tend to use it. Peace!

    • Cussing with integrity! Love it! My grand daughter, even when she was as young as 2 (she’s now 5) would reprimand her parents every time they cursed.

      • Oh.em.gee!!! You are fucking hilarious! Don’t you know Erik must be so fucking proud of all of us?

      • Jeanette DiPasquale

        Hell yeah, fuck yeah, shit yeah, damn yeah…very proud indeed!!

    • Kari Silver Lining Mena

      My fuck bombs are usually online. I work at a fucking preschool, for fucks sake! However, I am in the infant room and those little fuckers don’t understand a word I say. I could sing fuck off lullabies and they’d smile with reciprocating love in their eyes.

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    Hey fuckers. My first ccontribution to the blog and I start out with “Hey fuckers.” WTF. The “F” word is just really funny and liberating and I love the innappropriateness of it. Aunts, uncles, co-workers, they all see my fucking shit all over FB. It does make me feel genuine, like this bitch has nothing to hide. (I’m sure I actually do have shit to hide, but I choose to remain in denial, hiding from my damn self as well.) Erik, you mothahfuckah, was that you fucking with my keys, you asshole?! It’s all in love and honesty, and I think I’m funny, whether or not others do.
    See y’all in Feb for some Fucking Enlightenment, bitches.
    Love, Kari Silver Lining Mena

  • Kari Silver Lining Mena

    Omg. There is a moderator. I’ll never get posted.

  • Michele Matthews

    Definitely am a cusser too ! I also did try not to say the fuck word in front of my kids when they were small…..but it seems as I failed miserably. My youngest, Zach, went to a posh nursery in London. He wore a long sleeved white shirt and a red tie every day to school. He looked like an angel ! One day I was called in for a ” conference ” . It seems that my little angel was habitually telling the other little children to ” fuck off ” ! Wow….was I ever embarrassed ! I also just want to add that I only just discovered your blog and book, which I have on my kindle and can’t put it down ! Thank you Elisa……and thank you Erik !
    I live in a beautiful village in Cornwall in the UK. It is very beautiful and very spiritual here !

  • What a great story! I remember when Erik was around 18 months or so we attended one of those meetings where one of my daughters was graduating from Brownie to bonafide Girl Scout. As the color guard marched down the hallway carrying their flags, everyone was quiet with their hands over their hearts. When they passed Erik (who was sitting on my lap at the time so I couldn’t say it was someone else’s child) he pointed to the flag and said, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” It’s just that he couldn’t pronounce the word “flag.” Well, I guess that was his first practice session.

    • Michele Matthews

      Ha ha ha ! I love it ! Both of my sisters live in Houston. My sister Maureen saw you on the telly over there and sent me your site. My sister Melanie, has a son called Christian, who died when he was 25. Sweet Christian was deaf, blind, and mentally and physically handicapped. It was a release for him. Melanie has said to me that the only way she has survived his death is the comfort and fun she gets from speaking to excellent mediums. Xxxooo

  • Phil1886

    Erik…..”a guy that likes to talk and teach shit and stuff.” Good on you, you do it so well.

  • Am_Bro_Se


  • KDREECE456

    I am glad to know these were intentional snow flakes I thought my computer was going crazy. I love Erik’s potty mouth I think people are more honest and hate bs and get to the point, but all of this is missed by those who are sanctimonious. I bought your book just two days ago and it is fascinating,i read your comment about goosebumps, in the book about gb scientifically not possible to occur only on one side of the body,so i started looking up reasons on the computer and i hit on a site , what i thought was by accident, and then Eriks picture showed up,”serendipity” i think so. picking up a random book at books a million then accidentally hitting on the web site. I am an RN of 23 yrs and I have been having a lot of goosebumps during specific times when certain topics come up. I have some clairaudience abilities but they have been very strong lately, I have lost three members of my family within 7 months including my mother.
    I have been out of the work force for about a year, i was taking care of my mother, I have been looking,looking,looking–just like Erik said in the book they are giving the person hints, well the hint is “YOU ARE NOT GETTING A JOB ANY TIME SOON” I am an RN with 23yrs experience this is all i want and know to do, I have read some blogs from people overseas that are having trouble getting jobs and asked Erik to help them,and then they get a job, I have been asking Erik about this and hope i can find or hear the answer, do you have any advise,
    I have another question about the goosebumps and I also get an electrical feeling always on my right side from head to toe at times. These always occur when i see any thing about an airplane, heroic acts of any kind and very strong feelings about Africa does Erik have any incite on this topic, is this possible evidence about a past life. and how can i be for certain, what can i do to get an answer, meditation isn’t helping at all and cant afford a cession with Jamie right now, but i really need some help now!!! THANKS SO MUCH

  • Well for most of these questions–I really can’t answer them cuz I can’t channel Erik well enough. You can try one of Jamie and Erik’s small group channeling calls. They’re a lot less expensive. Or you can book a session with Kate Sitka who writes guest posts for CE. I used to help people buy sessions but I just can’t afford to.

  • luvscats

    To be honest the book isn’t about Eric’s swearing , that is just how he is . That’s ok , God made us all different . I throw no rocks at anyone we all have different life paths . The book’s meaning to me is my sister is still alive and she hears me , that she hasn’t died . I miss her so much my soul was ripped apart and I can’t wait to see her , she died suddenly age 49 years old of sudden cardiac death. We have always been together and now we are apart and I miss her . Eric can cuss like a sailor on leave for all I care . I believe because we die our personalities don’t change , so I’m ok with Eric . What he says is what I’m interested in. I am a RN and believe me nothing surprises me , I just want him to be himself . Thank you Eric for helping me through the worst time in my life , someday I will thank you in person .

  • {{{{HUGS}}}}

  • I will sweetie.

    • Erik answered those question. I think if you read every post from the category “animals” you’ll find that and more!

  • Dinabedina

    So Archangel Michael is an unapproachable fucking boring stiff shirt???
    Sounds like my current guide, who calls himself White Wolf… and I was told “Mike” was my archangel… Must be related those two then…:) ( White Wolf sure came across as those stern teachers depicted in the all boys schools of the past.)
    Makes me laugh that he is my guide , because I love to laugh and am I’m as free spirited, wild and carefree as they come. Interesting match I would say!

    • Some of us need to hear from a serious “stiff shirt” dude rather than Erik!

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