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This one gave me chills. 


My name is Julie and I wanted to reach out for a while , but I didn’t know if this was really something that would be helpful or not but I felt prompted today to share my story with you I’ve been a person that has been trying and tempted to get out of this world for a very long time my first suicide attempt was at the age of 13 I am now going on 36 .I have probably attempted suicide over 10 times in my life the most serious was whenwas 21 I ran my car into a telephone pole at 80 miles an hour had a near-death experience and stayed that didn’t really give me hope it just made me want to leave even more. I have struggled for years to stay in this world and have fought and fought and fought to be here to feel loved from my inner being to find my connection with source and you’re probably wondering what this has to do with Erik but it does about a year ago I had a dream that I was in my Art Studio (I’m an intuitive artist )and in that dream under a pile of pictures of the past was a shiny silver gun I put the gun to my head and before I pulled the trigger I heard Erik say that it wasn’t gonna hurt at all it was like it was just like waking up and I pulled the trigger and I heard the bang and nothing happened I was still standing there and I thought what the heck is going on here and suddenly I see (from the third person perspective )the back of my head and my body fall to the ground and I woke up forever knowing what it was like to die. Since then i realize that I am here for a very important reason and that was a taste of what would happen and that truly I am this Consciousness and not just this body but I wanted to let you know that I listen to all of your YouTube videos and they do give me peace,and I feel that I was prompted to send this for a reason and thank you for all of the work that you’ve done and know that you are helping people and that Erik has touched so many people and I appreciate you and for receiving this.
Thank you
Julie Luke

If you missed Thursday night’s radio show, check it out here!


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Elisa Medhus

  • Martin Coss

    The doors- break on through?
    This as a intro indeed reflects the link of connection… l have wondered if Erik would be interested in bringing through Jim Morrison…. making with full circle, the break on through too the other side…. the poet the philosopher musician, could he gift us again with some more wisdom.

    • We did interview him. If you search the blog with his name you should be able to find it.

      • Martin Coss

        Oh wow… with so many wonderful souls giving too us voice… for anyone of us to revisit, check out in with the “hall of the enlightened archives”… each is real life story of wonder….
        Mmm, it would appear l was not in the room paying attention to do a proper typed searched for Jim Morrison…
        So now my good intention to thank you Elisa, bless you… with so much work for you going on, you gave me your best intentions by helping out a fellow who took a we little stumble..
        l will say l am all good now, I’ve dusted off and ready to head back into the “hall of the enlightened archives”…
        Peace and thank you for everything you give too us in sharing in with the wonder..
        Smell you later Erik!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I hope Julie is okay. If all her suicide attempts failed, it means she’s meant to be here and it’s not her time to go. You’ve still got work to do on earth Julie. Hugs.

  • M&M

    Thank you for sharing your touching and honest story, Julie. I think a lot of people can relate to this on some level. I wish we could skip this veil business and remember what we are truly connected to, at least those of us who need that to keep going, I think it would make life more fulfilling. Hugs to you.

  • Julie Luke

    I am grateful for all of you and for being able to share apart of my journey that’s not been always easy to discuss so openly , but feel it’s important to discuss since i know alot of us experience a feeling of wanting to go home , feeling overwhelmed with our many lessons here and to raise them up to be transformed is not always easy and takes great strength love and faith. Even though the road has been rocky i see it all as teachers and tools to create growth and compassion for self and others going through similar things also forgiveness.
    the earth fatigue from working this duality puzzle for lifetimes i believe is what caused such a resistance to this lifetime as this personality perspective and belive i am here to clean up and heal lingering past life energy in self and in turn help hold energy for others to do so, also being highly empathic i pulled in so much energy from others and had no clue really for years how to deal with it since from childhood because it was blanketed with a diagnosis of mental illness which kept me in a victim state chained to what was” wrong with me ” instead of what was gifted or right with me,yet through all of the struggle i always felt close to spirit for i hear them & feel them and this day i look back at so many trials and the protection i received from the family of spirit that surrounds us all to keep me here while attempting to go home so many times along my path for all i really wanted was to feel the love of self ,of god, of home and peace and feel at peace with it all ,but as i kept going i have healed and grown tremendously and feel very blessed to be here today ,to be of service to the shift of consciousness happening here at this time is indeed very important that we stay and fulfill our mission.
    To all of the friends here who posted all of the compassionate concerns from the story i shares i am grateful i love you & thank you i am still here i am okay what all of this has taught me is how important all of are to this beautiful earth experience. Much love to you all ♡ Julie

    • Nancy Antia

      Thanks for sharing. Much love to you too!

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