Praise for Channeling Erik

Instead of posting some Erik Encounters today, I’ve decided to share some of your praise for our hardworking boy. Here are three lovely stories. Thanks to those of you who so graciously shared them.

Story #1

I want to start with thanking you and Erik for providing me with a tremendous sense of relief having grieved beyond reproach with the loss of my daughters father last August to murder. But even before this tragedy I have suffered from depression since childhood from abuse. I was also raised that old down South Christian values (laughs) horrible I was terrified of God, death, sin, LIFE… I knew that the bible and God was not what my religion group made them out to be it didn’t make sense that God loves us so much that he created us to in turn decide “Oh this half is going to hell and this half heaven” WHAT? I believe that love is love, I knew I was an emotional being “Mess”.

In any event I found your site in lieu of searching for some SERIOUS HELP the more each day past without my Jamie the less interested I found myself in wanting to be a part of this world. Many of Erik’s conversations with you helped heal my soul of past fears and suicidal thoughts. I cried out for God, my Angels, and James to help me! I felt so lost… And Erik has helped me to find myself again. When I go to that place of negative energy, I log right on and pull up a topic from Channeling Erik and I’m there.

I wanted to also share with you how I know Erik is around at times not sure why but I catch his pranks, stinky fart like fumes from out of nowhere (laugh) it’s HORRIBLE.

Story #2

Since I was about eight, I had problems with the Jesus story. I just KNEW he lived and had a family. All my life it was a real tension in my soul, like I was hearing someone lying about my family. Then I saw the video on youtube with Jesus. I cannot find words to explain what the difference is now that I saw that. I feel so calm and affirmed. It is unbelievable. I have also thought of Judas who I believe history has lied about too.

I was thinking of him for two days, sometimes feeling the buzz of energy on my skin that I feel when something or someone is affirming my thinking. (I had a near death experience and this happens to me when something spiritual is happening or I am on the right track. I know its my mom and dad who I sought through Laurie Campbell and George Anderson)

I thought, I have to go to the website and ask you to think about Judas as a subject. I have tried to do so the past two days and finally arrived. GUESS WHAT IS THE TOPIC!!? My man, Judas.

What you do is life affirming, paradigm changing and as kind as anyone can possibly consider doing for another. I have been a demon in pursuit of truth all my life. I cannot thank you, Elisa, Jamie and Erik enough. What you do matters. You have made my soul peaceful for the first time in my life. My two guys … my friends? my family? my mentors in some far away time? … I feel so peaceful for them at long last. I knew they had a different path than this. Thank you all so much.


Story #3

I am so grateful for your journey and sharing your discoveries. Your journey with Erik is truly inspirational. Just wanted to really thank you. Keep doing what you doing because the chances are that it will only give another person like me to be more open about life and purpose in life.

Thank you.

Now for another special treat. Listen to the podcast of our show on Unknown Origins Radio with host, Mark Johnson. As usual, Erik is up to his old tricks, creating all sorts of havoc in the latter part. I haven’t listened to the recording, so I’m not sure if there are any EVPs on it as well. Let me know if you hear anything. Click HERE.

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