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Enjoy these two Erik testimonials! 

Story #1

Dear Elisa,

Your story and site has touched me tremendously. Since quite young, I’ve had encounters of my own with spirit. My mother saved my life 2 years after she died by telling me to go to the doctor, that I had melanoma, which I had immediate surgery for following my visit to my doctor. She also saved my son’s life as an infant years later, telling me to take him to the doctor, that something was up his nose. I had taken him to a daycare for only one week only,, and apparently another child had shoved a piece of foam rubber up his nose, as an infant he couldn’t have, and had no way to tell me. It was so infected that he had to be on antibiotics for a very long time once it was removed, and skin and tissue had started growing over it. I have a degree in Psychology, and one in Religious Studies. I have to comment on the channeling Kim had with “Jesus and Mother Mary.” Like many others have said, something felt so very painfully wrong that it was difficult to listen to the end. That’s never happened before and I’ve watched all your videos. One of the many things that hit my spirit was her translation of the time of his birth. I’ve studied so much History and Biblical Archaeology, and in classes at two different universities, and at both we were taught that history has now showed that Jesus was not born in Winter. That Christians took over an existing Pagan holiday which has become our celebration of Christmas to honor the time of his birth. They have been able to trace and establish the astrological “phenomena” followed by the wise men, found documented in various writings, including other countries and cultures,, and was certainly not in December, much less the “cold” Winter months. I am NOT a hater. I’m very grateful for your work and know beyond all doubt that spirit is real, and both myself and my child would not be alive without messages from spirit world. Furthermore, I started actually crying when Kim stated it was “Jamie’s filter.” I became physically ill before her remark, I should have known it was coming, but had to turn off the video shortly thereafter. I have no preference for Jamie and know she’s no longer channeling with you. I do notice that EVPs were caught during Jamie’s interview, and Erik participated in it fully, whereas in Kim’s he did not. I’ve seen spirit next to Jamie, and know humans can and do make errors. For some reason I felt very strongly that Kim had a religious connection to her words, bias, and spirit was not as much part of the session as any of her others. Please take this in the spirit in which it is intended. I had to say something as it has been on my heart heavily since. Thank you for your heart, your time, and your work. You are changing the world and helping people heal. One of the most valuable things any human can accomplish. Much love and appreciation to you.

Story #2

I discovered your youtube channel by accident…by searching a book character with the name Erik. I kept coming back and listening to the videos because of the friendly people behind them. I’m a proud Catholic, so I’m not technically supposed to be into mediums, but I still kept listening and (not ashamed to admit this) putting the content through my own “personal belief filter.” The spiritual stuff I pick at, taking what I support and leaving what I don’t, but the philosophical stuff (like happiness, full-mindedness and technology) I lap right up…I love that, as well as Erik’s sense of humor. I love learning about this side of spirituality regardless of what I take and what I leave, and I deeply respect all involved for their gentle open-mindedness. Thanks.

And don’t forget to click HERE to listen to this past week’s radio show!

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  • 403LEC

    Inspiring…thank you for posting this today Elisa 🙂

  • T Diaz

    Elisa, I love that you post testimonials in which people have some concerns/issues/questions about some of what they read or see via CE. That, to my mind, is the sign of a truly open-minded, open-hearted person, that you’re open to those with a differing perspective. I love that about you xoxo

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Kudos to you for posting a comment that questions. Although I have to admit I don’t understand fully what the first person is saying, I can tell it’s not all positive.

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