Praise for my Boy

I’ve been spending the last two hours listening to my daughter and her husband working on a compromise on what to do today. Nick wants to go to the beach with his friends, but Michelle just wants to hang out at the house. I’ve never heard two people argue about one subject for so long, going around in circles and circles and ending up in the same place. Two hours, people. Two. Finally, I had had it. I suggested that they go to the beach on a day when Michelle feels up to it, and invite friends over today for a rib cookout by the pool. After some feigned sulking, they both agreed. They didn’t want to sound too excited, but I could tell that they are. Now, they’re chattering a hundred miles a minute about how to cook the ribs, who to invite, what kind of sides to buy and what brand of beer would be best. People are so funny. Finally, I can get some work done. Jeez. 

Praise #1

I have just finished reading Erik’s book and I so did not want it to end. I think I felt every emotion possible whilst reading it and perplexed by some of the concepts. I will be rereading it very shortly, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. At times I felt such euphoria at understanding that we just go home when we leave this mortal world and have a great potential to do good from the other side of the veil.
Thank you so much Erik for this understanding, I need to learn to weave this knowledge into everyday life now, and to see challenges as a chance to expand who I am.

Thank you Elisa for your bravery, through your pain you have expanded my and many other souls potential in our human form.

Jamie thank you for your amazing skills, I love the youtube videos, your just so natural, wise and funny.
Thank you all for being part of my spiritual journey.

Praise #2

My Dad passed Nov 24th and Mom on Dec 5th this year. They were under hospice care in their home with family as their caregivers. Before they entered hospice, I used to love enjoy reading the site to them smiling to myself knowing what I had heard agreed with what Erik was saying. Dad had Parkinson’s and Mom had severe LBD and I was hoping that they would be able to remember what I learned from here and not have fear. I am so grateful to the site and the help it gave me in helping my parents. Elisa, Jamie, and Erik and so many others here, you are blessing for a person who became a caregiver totally unaware of what to expect. Your messages along with the humor helped me greatly to ease their fear so they could let go.

I have both books and am going to purchase them for my family so they understand. (I will write a review for both Elisa.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love and light,

Praise #3

I was caught up in cocaine use. I was injecting it. When I started injecting it one day, I suddenly felt that I couldn’t live without or with it. I made a split decision to o.d. with it. I did, and then went unconscious. Then I heard a voice that said that there was a God and that he was Him. He went on to say that he hated me and that I was going to burn in hell forever. I was surprised, but then there was a sound like a roaring train and at the same time a child like voice that said, “Oh no you aren’t”. I was back on the scene, and I eventually became drug free and “Christian”. I have struggled with this experience on my mind a lot ever since. I am praising God, despite my fear that He may not love me. I am gay and legally married to a man. I am at odds with my choice because of what it says in the Bible about homosexuality. I have a yearning deep in my heart to ask God to create in me a new heart and set me free from all sin. I don’t know what God’s answer is for me, but I will just keep following my heart. The Channeling Erik website has really helped me understand what true love is all about. I know that every person is unique and has their own experience in life. I talk to Erik all the time and have even felt that he has visited me on at least one occasion. What happened was that the other day, my alarm on my phone went off at 11:59 am, and I had not set it for that time. I really felt that Erik was the one who let me know that he is with me, and cares about me. I have felt so much relief from my anxiety through watching and reading Channeling Erik. Thank you for helping people you don’t know. It is such a hard road for many of us, and having access to so much wisdom through Channeling Erik, is a godsend. Thank you and may God bestow His riches on you. Love, Colin

Praise #4

Hi Elisa,

I just wanted to share how much I’ve enjoyed watching the series.

I do come across as strange to many that know me, but much of that is because of my belief system, which much of Erik’s communication validates for me. I actually felt that your recent video on light workers, in particular reference to “hot hands” was for me. I’ve had “hot hands” for the past two years and with that came a great understanding. I joke about myself in the third person as, “hot hands’, but this is what I’ve been calling myself. It is actually difficult for me to write this message to you. Erik is doing a great thing…people do not understand the idea of each their lives is as a story. We ask the question,” Who am I?” That is a big mistake, we need to stop looking, forget the search for who we are, just be, in the now. ever unfolding. There is only one truth for each person…and that is the voice inside your head describing whats going on…seeing only what you believe is possible …it can be a comedy, a drama, a musical if you wish, but it is always your reaction to what’s going on, in the moment, that becomes “YOUR” story. REACT APPROPRIATELY…if you hear a sad news story from the other side of the world. and you cry for two days , then stop watching the news…keep news to your very, very local experience. You will be much happier, and this happiness you will pass on!

FYI…Erik described my life perfectly. I was told by a woman, whom I would refer to as a “Master”, and who has proven that to me, who is also able to read all consciousness that my soul was referred to as “Master Tao”…I do have some personal insight to this, but if Erik wishes to share any more information, that too would be good.

I received “Hot hands” on 11-12-13 while having coffee with her in November 2013. She told me, I have a lot of biblical figures that hang around me because I own a very different energy, almost tangible on the other side and that very few individuals can read my Akashic records. I am certainly one of the people that Erik describes as a light worker…I have a lot of wonderful “spiritual” experiences, but would certainly welcome more….

Thanks for your time,

Enjoy last week’s radio show!

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