Progress Report on Erik’s Life in Heaven

Happy 11/11/11 everyone! At 11:11 AM and 11: PM, send love and gratitude to all of your angels, guides, and everyone with whom you’ve crossed paths with in a meaningful way, both living and deceased. Now, here’s the channeling from the end of our June 17, 2011 session

Me: So, Erik, I miss you so, so much.

Erik: I miss you too! Not as much as I did maybe about two weeks ago, because we’ve really been tied at the hip lately.

Me: Yeah, I know. It’s been awesome talking together when I go on my walks in the woods. And I really enjoy you bringing Andy along on those walks too, sometimes.

Erik: No kidding! You’d get lost without him. He’s helpful.

Me: Yeah, and Jillian. I know you bring her along usually. She’s so sweet. You don’t get as hot as I do on those walks, lucky you.

Erik: Well, if you remember, I wasn’t all that big into hanging out in nature when it’s hot. Not a big fan of 100 plus temperatures.

Me: I know! Now you can tolerate it, though!

Erik: Sure. Plus and because I don’t have to get tired either.

(I know, the grammar is iffy, but I type whatever comes out of his mouth!)

Me: That’s true! Dang. So, what have you been doing, Sweetie? Bring me up to date on your life before we close!

Erik (in a sing song voice): Up to date on my life.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: I’m working intimately with so many people to make sure that we get the ducks in a row for our next big push, and I’m quietly trying to push you.

Me: Me? What do you mean?

Erik: On this book. This book with the celebrities is going to help you put yourself out there.

Me: Ugh. I don’t really want to be “out there.”

Erik (ignoring me): And by then, a TV show, which will already be growing, will feel more powerful with the launch of the book.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So those go hand in hand. Really, that’s been my effort and my business so far.

Me: Yeah, but my grief holds me back, and sometimes I don’t really feel like doing much of anything. I like posting on the blog, because it’s like another conversation or connection with you, but it’s hard to do more than that like organizing and writing for a book. I just don’t have it in me yet.

Erik: Just put out a little at a time, Mom. Don’t do like you usually do and feel like you gotta get it all done yesterday and make it perfect.

Me: Well, I figure if I don’t do anything else at all and this doesn’t grow beyond our blog, it won’t mean the end of the world. I feel like you’re helping a lot of people and even just helping one person makes it worthwhile.

Erik: Yeah, but trust me, it’ll reach a tipping point way beyond the blog.

Me: Whatever the universe rolls out, I’ll accept. So, Erik, is this all part of Jamie’s spiritual contract too? Does she play a part in this spiritual mission we’re on?

Erik (with a mischievous grin): Maybe.

Me (to Jamie): Oh, he’s just teasing with you! Of course you do!

Erik: If she behaves!

Me: Oh boy!

Jamie (laughing): He showed up in one of the readings with another Eric who had passed away.

Me: Oh, yeah. I know who you’re talking about. His name is spelled with a “c”.

Jamie: Oh. My. God. They were so freaking funny together! It was crazy! It seemed like they had known each other forever!

Me: Oh my gosh!

Jamie: And so they started teasing me, and I was like, ‘Erik, if I could come over there, I’m just gonna punch you in the arm! Stop it!’

I laugh.

Jamie (giggling): And he would just fall over laughing.

Me: That little rascal!

Jamie and I chuckle.

Me: So, Erik, who are your best friends over there, besides Jillian of course.

Jamie listens, then laughs.

Jamie: Aw, you’re busted! He said, “My sweetie.”

Erik: Oh, I have so many other people that I hang out with to have fun. Eric is one of them. This guy named Luis, I hang with him. And because I travel around so much, I get to meet people. It’s so nice, because age is not—it doesn’t mean anything.

Me: Yeah, of course not!

Erik: That’s what makes it so awesome.

Me: Aw! What about Adam?

Erik: Yep, I hang out with him a lot.

Me: Dean?

Erik: Sure! I hang with a lot of the blog members’ family and friends who are over here already.

Me: And Andy of course. Y’all pal around and concoct all sorts of smells.

Erik laughs in agreement.

Erik: Plus, remember I visit a lot of the blog members too.

Me: And they love it, Sweetie. Well, I guess I’ll let you go, since we’re about out of time. Come visit me! Well, we’ll visit each other on the walks, but come prank me sometimes!

Erik: What? You still like that?

Me: I love it! It’s just so tangible. Beccause when I hear you in my mind, I’m always wondering, ‘Hmm, is this me or is it really him?’

Erik: Do me a favor. For one day—I know it’s just one day—but for that whole day, never second guess yourself.

Me: Okay. I’ll try.

Erik: Just for one day. And if, at the end of that day, you loved it, let’s keep it up. If you were like, “That was weird,” then fine, I’ll find other ways to get the words into your head.

Me: Okay.

Erik: But c’mon! This is so much easier!

Me: I know. You’re right. All right, Baby, I love you.

Erik: Me too. Bye, Mom.

Me: Bye.

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