Proof of the Afterlife?

Like many grieving parents, I voraciously read anything that might provide some evidence that Erik lives on in some other dimension. I just finished reading a particularly intriguing book, We Don’t Die: George Anderson’s Conversations With the Other Side, written by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski. In it, radio DJ, Joel Martin, follows the now famous psychic medium, George Anderson, for twelve years. In that period of time, Joel transforms from skeptic to believer. He introduces the rest of the world to George’s amazing abilities through both radio and television and challenges professional skeptics by subjecting George’s talents to rigorous testing.

All of his readings are worthy of sharing with you. Here are highlights of some typical telephone readings conducted during a live television broadcast:

“Male close passed,” George said.
“Yes,” a woman replied.
“Woman close passed.”
“They are related.”
“There is a family connection,” the woman acknowledged.
“You were close to him.”
“It’s your aunt’s husband.”
“Your uncle is calling out to her. He says he’s in the light.”
“It’s an expression he used,” the woman replied.
“He had a rough time before passing.”
“Yes. He died one week ago tonight.”
“There is litigation.”
“About a dog bite.”
“The dog jumped up and knocked you down.”
“Yes. We went to court yesterday.”

Sometimes, personal objects help George channel the dead. In this next reading, one of Joel’s friends, Harry, was interested in testing George’s abilities. So one night, he handed him a piece of cloth that had been folded into a small square, approximately two inches by two inches. George held it in his had, but, interestingly, did not rub it or try to make out the object’s shape or size.

“This is something from a uniform,” George said.
Harry nodded.
“Something from a soldier?” Harry didn’t answer, then George said, “Something from a foreign soldier.”
“Yes,” Harry acknowledged.
“I see blood, violence. Oh my God, it’s a swastika!”
“Oh?” Harry replied, trying to sound very casual.
“This was your father’s. I’m being told it’s from a soldier he killed. It’s from the first soldier he killed.”
Harry then asked George if he could tell him what happened.
“It happened at the time of the Battle of the Bulge. It was in the south of France, in late 1944, he’s telling me.” George then said that he saw a spirit’s face materialize. It was the spirit of the German soldier from whose uniform Harry’s father had taken the swastika.
“The German soldier is telling me his name is Fritz. He’s saying there is no animosity to your father on the other side. ‘We have met on the other side. This is the exchange,’ Fritz said. Your father killed Fritz because in a previous life Fritz killed your father. This is an “evening-out” of karma, so to speak. In any event, they have met on the other side. They know each other now and they are friendly.”

Harry confirmed the reading. His father, John, removed the swastika from the uniform of a soldier he killed in 1944. John sent the swastika back to his wife with a letter saying, “This is from the first enemy soldier I killed.” A few months later John was killed in action. In 1956, when Harry was twelve, his mother gave him a number of mementos, among them the swastika.

I believe the world is ready to enter a new spiritual era now. What was once ridiculed is now being researched. Rigorously conducted experiments by a number of scientists seem to confirm the communicative channel mediums have between our earthly plane and the afterlife. Studies are being conducted on those who have suffered near death experiences. Mathematical investigations by theoretical physicists suggest quantum-based explanations for everything we once thought was the folly of fools.

Can you imagine a world where death is viewed as a comfortable transition to a greater reality where unconditional love envelops us? Can you imagine a society were we truly believe in the power of love and karma? How would we live our lives? How would we treat one another? What new utopian society would evolve?

I’m hoping Erik will help us uncover those answers so that his death will not have been in vain.

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  • I truly believe that death is just a new chapter of life… Just one we dont have tangibly here.

    • I totally agree. Have you read a book entitled, “Seth Speaks?” It’s pretty awesome. He’s a soul that suddenly comes through an old lady while she’s in some sort of trance. It was written in the 60s I think. In the book, which is basically all the transcriptions typed up by the lady’s husband, he shares information about the afterlife, death, and the nature of that bigger reality. Physicists are even studying the information Seth provides because they believe it has a great deal of valuable information about quantum physics, parallel universes, etc.

      • Seth is amazing: my first intro to the paranormal after Shirley McClaine. Still read “Speaks” because it’s that dense. There are also books written, based on Seth, about quantum mechanics. Seth describes this science pretty much in his books. We have a Seth group in my town of Eugene, OR.

      • Yes, it’s one of those books that you have to read each page at least twice!

  • I just discovered your blog today and am enjoying reading it. My question is this: With the peaceful, loving environment Erik is experiencing why would anyone not want to end their life on this earth to go to such a place?

    • Awesome question. I actually just asked him that in the last channeling session. I just got the recording and am transcribing and posting everything bit by bit. But basically he says that committing suicide doesn’t help you escape from your problems. You take them with you. All you leave behind is your body. On top of that, you have to deal with the remorse for leaving behind people in extreme grief, knowing that you’ve created such pain. He has had to witness me finding his body; he’s had to hear our every thought of despair and grief; he’s had to watch us sob; and he’s and to realize that our lives will never be the same again. He says that there is therapy in the afterlife, but many times it’s much more difficult there than here on the earthly plane. Plus, there are things he misses. Sometimes having complete control over your own reality is boring. He misses not being able to anticipate everything, the adventure of it all. And know he realizes that his soul’s progress has taken a huge step backwards.

      This is only Erik’s perspective, of course. I did have a comment from someone else who committed suicide. A young man Erik brought forth. When he popped out of the body, he had, as is usual, a broader perspective of his soul plan and the ripples in the pond his death created. By killing himself, he would no longer become the physician he was destined to be and many people that would have been healed by him would die. An “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment, I guess.

      Some souls like being in the spirit world (Home) more than the earthly plane, but some feel the opposite. I think Erik prefers the spirit world but understands the harm he’s caused for himself and others. He still has trouble forgiving himself.

  • Dear Elisa, I’m sure my mother who passed helped me to “stumble” upon your blog 🙂
    I’ve been reading for an hour now while laying on a couch in my RV with the air blowing through. I’m so grateful you are doing this. It would take me days to write all the things that my mother has done to help me since she passed, but I want you to know you’ve made me feel even more secure in myself and what I was sure I had experienced. I’ve bought and read the books you’ve mentioned so far. I have several others as well. I can share the titles/authors of the best ones if you’d like. They are so comforting. I had a medium tell me my father said he likes what I’ve been reading 🙂 It’s great stuff!
    Your son is a doll and his personality shines through the pictures. I loved the orbs too. I’m a teacher and professor and I know my new found beliefs would make many in my university shake their heads at me, so thank YOU for putting this out there for us to find. I have your blog as an app on my iPhone so I’ll be reading often. God Bless and know you’ve really helped someone. Donna in California

    • You are such a sweetie. I would have loved to have met your mother. I guess I eventually will. Would you mind if I asked Erik to seek her out? I’d love for him to have a Mama on the other side and I sense that she is amazing.

      Could you send me a list of the books that are your favorites?

      Love you, Elisa

  • Dear Elisa, like many, I have found your post very touching and illuminating on a subject that many people are unable to talk about. I am so happy that you have found connection with Erik.

    In the last 10 years, I have lost my sister (2001) my father (2002) my son (2003), my sister-in-law (2009), my nephew and brother this year (2010). With these many loses, one would think you gain experience of loss and grieving but every loss presents itself differently. I have to say though that the loss of a child is by far the most heart breaking so that’s why I completely understand the emotions that you went through in Erik’s transition. I lost my son when he was only five years old due to a drowning accident. He was also autistic. I know you receive many questions and was wondering if you could find out from Erik how my son and the rest of my family are doing. I do believe that they are happy; however, I would like to know why my son left so soon. Was it a lesson for me? Also, if possible, can he tell me about my life; what can he tell me about my future.

    Thank you so much for this blog – Many blessings.

    • Thanks for you kind words. I’m sure you son is happy and no doubt Erik is teaching him to snowboard or something. I’m going to try to catch up with all the questions that flooded in from the Huffpo article. When I do, I’d love to ask your questions. When I put the Ask Erik page again, you’ll be notified immediately if you signed up for email notification. I’m also trying to get extra sessions from kim. I’m so sorry for all of your losses. It’s hard, isn’t it. But I will send you and your son my prayers in the meantime. Much love, Thummy.

  • Dear Elisa,
    Thank you for your quick reply! Yes, if he was able to connect with my mother, that would be amazing. She had 5 children (3 girls, 2 boys) and another boy died before birth at 5 months. Some similarities to you?
    Here are the books I have that I have enjoyed. All James Van Praagh books and even the Sylvia Browne books have been good. I also like John Edward, but there are some others that aren’t as well known. Vibrating to Spirit by Kathleen Tucci (a medium in Dallas, TX. I’ve had 3 readings with her)Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie oldie but goodie, Life Among the Dead by Lisa Williams, We Are Their Heaven, by Allison DuBois. That should keep you busy for awhile. If I find more, I will let you know. I have also read the ones you mentioned and have them all on my bookshelf. I never even thought about all of this before my mother died and I asked her on her deathbed to please let me know if life really continues on after death if she possibly could. I told her that I would be able to accept her passing and go on with my life if only I knew that she was still “alive”. All these books opened up a whole new world to me and I was able to live my life these past 2 years because of her “signs” to me. I have 104 dimes I have collected from her since she died. Some of the stories are nothing short of amazing. One of the stories still makes me smile as my 16 year old daughter was with me to see the miracle. I always knew they were from mom, but felt no one believed me. Now they all do. I just wish she would appear to me. Your blog renewed my faith, as mom has not been “around” as much as far as I feel. You may not know the extent to which you are helping others, but know that you and your son are really making a difference—even if you can’t “see” it. You are. Love, Donna in Southern California
    (true Midwesterner from South Dakota, though)

    • How uncanny! I lost a boy 5 months before birth, too. Did I have that in my blog? (It’s hell gettin’ old; memory’s shot!) I’ve read a lot from the authors you’ve mentioned, but not all. The titles I haven’t read yet intrigue me. I’m ordering them on Amazon now! Enjoy the weather in SoCal, lucky girl!

  • Mary

    Hi Elisa, a few posts ago I talked to you about my parents both dying when I was 29.My dad died in June of 1983 and 9 months prior to his death I had made an appointment with George Anderson after seeing him on a cable show on Long Island. I thought it would be an interesting experience even though I had no one close to me at that time who had crossed over. My dad died 2 weeks before my appointment with George, and I remember him answering his front door with the words “there is a man here who has been waiting to talk to you”. Although I was crying throughout most of my session with George, several things that my dad said through him were remarkable. He told me I had a son waiting to be born, and I became pregnant the following spring with my son John. He also told me I would get a bonus from my work; I am a musician and got a singing gig 2 months later on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. He also told me that he would be present at a party my mom would have for Ann Elizabeth. I did not know who this was at the time, but in August my mom hosted a party for my cousin’s new baby girl named Ann Elizabeth. The session I had with George was such a gift and helped me so much during such a difficult period. Thanks again for all you are sharing!

  • Zaire


    I new to this blog and I love it. It’s helping me with somethings that have been on my mind lately. I have a few questions for Erik. I posted in one of the forums and love the responses I’ve gotten but would love to hear from you, or Erick.

    Thanks so much for creating this blog.

  • Hey sweetie, how can I help?

  • Susan

    I just started reading your blog, and I just wanted to tell you thank you.
    Thank you for being strong, thank you for sharing your stories and experiences. I will continue reading them. Thank you.

  • Liz Robertson

    Hi Elisa, I have only just discovered your series on YouTube and I am just in awe of your strength. Your sons words from the afterlife have given me so much peace as living on earth can be overwhelming at times. I live in Australia and find it difficult to find honest , caring like minded people to attend workshops with. Maybe one day I can visit America and attend a workshop with you, Jamie and Erik?
    I look forward to reading more of your conversations with your son. Liz

  • There are books about the afterlife (I also read everything on this topic) written by soldiers. Let’s see, written by people living about the soldiers who died. That’s what I mean. The ones I’m thinking of are in the book: Dead Men Talking by Michael Tymn. Yes, a book about books.

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