Quantum Physics and the Afterlife, Part Two

Everything is Energy

Even the parts of the atom that we think of as “particles”- little balls of solid matter- under some circumstances behave as waves of energy. This means that what we think of a matter- the basis of materialism- is in fact energy vibrating at a slower speed.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Will

    Make sure you also check Tom Campbell’s explanation of the double slit experiment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW6Mq352f0E

  • Patrick

    The explanation I’ll post it tomorrow, Saturday the 26th on Forums;

    1. Enter Forums
    2. Metaphysics and the Paranormal
    3. Cerebral Musings of Professor Patrick (and for the record I’m no professor…)
    4. “Pesky, bashful electrons”

  • Aw I saw that video yearsssssssssss ago in high school!

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    You should dig in the “dalayed choose double slit experient” to go insane 😀

    Basically, you can check the path taken by an electron “after” he has passed the slits, but “before” he hits the screen.
    Same flabbergasting results: If you observe, even after the slits were passed, the interference disappears. It’s like the electron can modify the history backwards in time (time? what time? 😀 :D) .
    Current scientific position is really that a flying particle is neither a particle nor a wave during travel. It become wave or particle only after some CONSIOUS observation. If you put a detector and destroy the registering (informations available in the observing device) the interference pattern appears! SO is not the interaction wih an observation device, but the information thing that alters the reality. The reality seems made only of consciousness, full stop.

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