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Great news guys! Jamie and Erik are almost finished with the details for the upcoming Channeling Erik event in San Diego this November. It’s going to be held in a pretty little hotel/resort on the beach. Yum. Some of the classes will take place on the beach, too! So, start making your plans peeps and email me if you’re pretty sure you’re coming so Jamie can order the appropriate number of materials. I think the conference rooms are a little small, so there may be a limit this time. 🙁 Now for Erik’s take on Ouija Boards.

Me: What about Ouija boards? Can you give me the general low down on them?

Jamie (laughing): Oh my god! Erik’s been talking to me about this! I was asking him what do we want to do in our San Diego event in November. He’s asked me a little bit about taking the Ouija boards and talking board communication boards out there and having and having part of a day learning how to use them.

Me: Okay. That’s so cool! If not a little creepy!

Jamie: What, do you actually approve of it? Do you think that it would be an okay thing?

Me: Are you kidding me? This is your and Erik’s gig. I’m just one of the paying customers! I think it’d be great. Any way to communicate across the veil is very cool in my opinion.

Erik: Mom, I still think you need to hire someone to do all the transcribing and focus all your energy on the books.

Me: No! I love transcribing, because it’s so healing for me to have the conversation with you all over again. No. No, no no.

Erik (sighing): Okay. It’s like taking away your pacie (sp?) I get it.

Me: I know.

Erik (in a sing song tone): I’ll let ya keep it.

Me (sighing): Okay.

Erik: Tell Jamie—

Jamie (to Erik): I know.

Erik: Tell Jamie to put it on the books that we are going to teach Ouija and communication techniques on talking boards.

Me: Okay.

Jamie (to Erik): That means I have to have a Ouija board and talking board for every couple of people!

Erik: Yes, Jamie. You can do that; don’t worry so much.

Jamie: All right.

Me: Anything else on the Oujia board?

Erik: Well we didn’t really talk about it.


Jamie (to Erik): Oh, really? (pause) Uh, yeah, we can. Tell, uh, well, that’s not going to be til later in the year, Erik. (to me) He says that this time, when we do the Erik conference, he wants the workshop, the workbook, to be kind of like a chart to be where you’ll be able to scan it and post it on the website for people to be able to download.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: So, if we do the Ouija, then he and I will create a document that can be scanned in and posted as a “here’s how you do it” kind of a thing.

Me: That sounds good, especially since not all of the blog members will be able to go.

Erik: We gotta help people stay in contact. They’re real instruments, but tell the people who are asking the questions that you can really fuck up bad.

Me: Yeah, because can’t you let in negative energy, negative spirits and stuff?

Erik: Oh, yeah. A whole lot of creepy shit.

Me: Mm. So, I guess there are ways to protect yourself.

Erik: Yeah. Yeah. But that’s like a whole hour lesson. Do you wanna get into it?

Me: Well, we don’t have an hour, sadly. I guess the main thing we wanted to know if whether or not Ouija boards were truly useful instruments or crocks of shit.




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  • Amy N.

    Laura Knight Jadczyk uses a spirit board to communicate with the 6th density Cassiopaeans and gets some very interesting results. It’s not just for talking to dead dudes but I agree there can be danger involved if you attract negative elements and protection is important. Is there an optimal or minimal number of people needed to get the best results?

  • Lorraine (LP)

    very interesting! I would love to hear from Erik about the proper way to use it. I do own one and I do know that you can invite all kinds of negative energies in-that’s why I am kind of backing off on using it. If I knew the correct way, I would surely take advantage of it. Thank you Erik and Jamie and of course Elisa!! (((HUGS!)))

  • I’m really not sure! I guess Erik will explain when they post the instructions online for us to download and of course at the conference.

  • Clau_Bueno

    yeap… I am not super sure as well. I come from a family that is very spiritualist but i remember my parents saying to me when I was a kid, to be away of that. Kids used to hang out and play with the board, my parents said that you could attract bad vibration spirits and for me just walk way when the conversation about the game comes up. I do believe if you are not “familiar” with the tools, could be a little trouble.

  • Jane5

    I wonder about negative spirit energies sometimes. There are people on earth who are so dark that they are really really scary. Are there negative spirit energies that are as negative as the most negative people on earth? Or even lower than that? (yikes) But perhaps the more negative they are, the more simple they are and not complex like a human is?

    • Ash

      Jason wrote something in the forums about this – I could not find the original post or the context in which it was written, but I did find where I’d copied and pasted it elsewhere:

      Those in Spirit, below a certain level of experience and understanding of who they are…..exist withing a range of being in or out of alignment with their highest state of being. With the top as One in Unity with All That Is, and bottom so out of alignment that one is blinded with felt separation. It is an indivisible division that can not be overcome except by experience and understanding.

      Refinement is the only way to traverse to finer, ever more pure states of being. Those of dense emotional states of being, have trapped themselves in a mire of their own perceptions, which blind them with one way vision. Where they are and below. They can not see finer states. They can only see those like them or denser depending on their beliefs and awareness. Each state of being is confined to those like themselves. You can go down further with ease, but to go up back to your higher self requires the work of experience.

      It is only through this work that the identification of the lower self’s is realized as false and they then, are cast into dimensional memory. It is analogous to those who walk Earth in an unconscious state of living, blind to who they are and their inner spirit. They have Angels and guides, though they only interact unknowingly. Once a consciousness is awoken through emotional experience, they slowly or suddenly become aware of higher beings around them, or higher purposes, and in various ways are guided to evolve. So too are the other planes of existence.

      • Jane5

        Very interesting, thank you for sharing that. Good idea to copy and paste to save for later, glad you did!

    • Clau_Bueno

      hi jane5… i don’t know “negative” energy, but i heard about lower energy, the ones that people that passes but really doesn’t accept that, or doesn’t let go or have a suddenly death and doesn’t know where to go… well, people stuck between “here and there”, do you know what i mean? and seems most of them are not very “friendly”… ;(

      • Jane5

        Hi, yes i’ve heard the same. That there are some who are confused or angry.

        I remember Elisa asking Erik once if there were denser or lower energies than ones we have on earth and i think he said yes and she was understandably disturbed but i can’t remember the conversation exactly.

  • Tracy Lamont

    It’s my Adam’s 24th birthday today!
    Here’s a poem he helped me to write…

    Remember Me

    It happened so fast, no time to prepare,
    No time to say how much I care,
    No time to give you all a hug,
    My sister’s hair, a playful tug.
    My instincts told me not to go,
    Along that dark and foggy road,
    But, with my friend, I took that ride,
    We died together, side by side,
    Snatched, swiftly from my family,
    No last goodbyes,
    Remember Me..
    At first, I couldn’t understand,
    But Grandad came, he took my hand,
    He smiled at me and held me tight,
    He wrapped me in a golden light.
    I travelled to a far-off place,
    A perfect world in time and space,
    The Angels came down from above,
    Surrounding me with purest love,
    I thought my heart would burst with glee!
    I love you all,
    Remember Me..
    They took me through a shimmering door,
    I met those who had gone before,
    They welcomed me with hugs and cheer,
    So pleased to see me safely here.
    I felt the love they bathed me in,
    A warm cocoon, so safe, serene.
    I can’t describe the beauty here,
    A sacred place, beyond compare,
    I’m happy, now, alive and free,
    My spirit soars,
    Remember Me..
    I’m there beside you, when you cry,
    I hear you whisper, “Why, Oh why?”
    I need so much to let you know,
    That it was just my time to go.
    I had to get a message through,
    To tell you I was home with you,
    I whispered in my father’s ear,
    I told him I was safely here
    And not to worry about me,
    I’m with you all,
    Remember Me..
    I come to you in dreams at night,
    I comfort you and hold you tight,
    I’m always here, I haven’t gone,
    I’m still your Adam, my life goes on.
    I brush your cheek, wipe away a tear,
    I see you smile, you know I’m here,
    I make my presence heard and felt,
    I’m moving things around the house,
    Please, don’t be sad, I’ll help you see,
    My love lives on,
    Remember Me..
    I’m with you till the end of days,
    I’ll show you in a thousand ways,
    White feathers drifting to the floor,
    A stunning rainbow at the door.
    A stranger stops to say hello,
    He smiles at you and you will know,
    Those twinkling eyes are really mine,
    My beating heart, My love Divine,
    Forever with my family,
    I love you Always,
    Remember Me…

    • Hugs sweetie. Those birthdays are so hard.

    • Tracy: From one poem hater to another, *insert heavy sarcasm* just terrific this was.

    • Tracy, that is beautiful, and moved me deeply. Hugging you close, hoping you feel all the love.

    • JoAnn


    • Jane5

      Beautiful poem Tracy. Love and light to you and your Adam.

    • Phil1886

      Really beautiful. Blessings to you and Adam.

    • Jan Drake Bakke

      Beautiful!thank you!!xoxo

  • Mike Hulse

    Elisa, what is a Quija board? lol x

    But I have used these hundreds of times and had everything from children to adults to criminals to demonic entities come through. Always best to have a medium in charge when using one I find.

    • I think it’s best to wait for Jamie and Erik to give us instructions to download before ANYONE uses one. I’ll let you know when they do that.

      • Mike Hulse

        Elisa, you missed my first question though. Lol

      • ????

      • Mike Hulse

        Pssst take a look at the blog post title of this article for today? lol lol xx

      • Yvonne Chireau

        LOL, maybe it’s like “Qui” the interrogative in French, for WHO?
        and the “Ja” is German, for YES!

        The Quija is sending us messages from beyond, in different languages!

  • terra

    Elisa… I will for sure be there at the San Diego CE event!! How do I sign up?

    • Yay! Not sure about the sign up yet. Jamie will let me know soon!

  • QUESTION: I cant find Jamie on http://www.bestpsychicdirectory.com/ – IMO the best site for reviews of legitimate psychics. Are reviews for Jamie available anywhere?

  • PollyMax2010

    I use a pendulum sometimes to chat to my spirit guides,using my own alphabet chart. I wouldn’t use a ouji board at al . You can create your own charts 🙂 Always surround yourself with the white light first of course. It can get a bit annoying and frustrating, but on a good session I can get a good sentence………:-) I always use Angel Oracle cards in conjunction with the Pendulum as well 🙂 Susanxoxo

  • I posted this one in the questions section a while back. Glad to see you got around to it or arrived on your own. There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding communication devices and such, and it would be nice to get a perspective from the “other side” of the board on what’s going on (and also get an answer about the Mark Twain question: did he write Jap Heron; maybe you can cal him in directly). I’ve never had anything truly bad happen, apart from some bumps in the night and some lingering negativite emotions once or twice. But it was all a learning experience.

  • I have read pretty much all that material as well. Do a search for the original transcripts online. And be weary of her and her group. It’s a little cultish.

  • I think those sites are only for the psychics willing to pay for those ratings. We docs have the same things. “Best docs in Houston” that sort of thing. You just have to try psychics to see if the chemistry is right. Actually, part of it depends on the sitter. If they’re not very relaxed and open, a good reading is difficult. There are many great mediums but many, many more charlatans. I had to try dozens before settling on Jamie. She’s as filter free as they come. But these are things you’ll have to discover for yourself.

  • Edie

    That would be great. I want to learn how to use the quija board. I’ve always feared them because I understood it to be dangerous if you didn’t know how to use itproperly. I’ve seen some bad stuff come to those not knowing the dos an don’ts. It is not a joke. If I can learn from the experts, (Erik & Jamie), I can have another tool to communicate with my spirit guide and my loved ones who have passed.

  • Brenda Hamadeh

    Thank u so much. I have been wanting to communicate with past loved ones and was always told a ouija board would only bring something bad upon myself…if I could learn from you how to protect myself I would be ever so appreciative…
    Brenda H.

  • Bruce

    “…crocks of shit.” I believe this is the first time I’ve actually heard Elisa use profanity! I am laughing my head off! That’s so cool! I’m sure Erik is proud! More, more, more!!!

  • MikeT76

    I’ve tried the Ouija board before and always found it to say frightening things. I really can’t imagine using one without feeling nervous. Hopefully Erik can inform us how to use it without attracting any negative energies.

  • akolen

    Very interesting, an ouija board. They have such a bad rap but I read somewhere , I think it’s on the museum of talking boards online, that the rap is not justified. That the church gave them a bad reputation early on. I mainly meditate to speak with my mom. Lately, I have tried some automatic writing and I reached my guide. Boy does he speak in a flowery language with references to things that I actually have to look up.

    Tracy, that poem brought tears to my eyes. I am still going through the first year after suddenly losing my mom. In your poem you mention “a stranger stops to say hello”. Is that a sign? I have noticed that when I feel heartbroken, women my mother’s age would smile at me, hold the door open for me, offer something to me etc in public places.

    My best to you and Adam, Tracy.

  • He’s a bad influence on me!

  • I’m sure Erik and Jamie will give us full instructions for me to post for you to download soon! I can’t wait. I think it’s so sweet of Jamie to do this for us.

  • I always wanted to use a ouija board, but I’m too vulnerable a person and I’m scared I’ll attract a lot of bad spirits that make my life worse 😡

  • Beth Murphy, M.Msc.

    Elisa. You know there’s apps where it transcribes for you, yes? You’d still be needed to edit it, but it might be more efficient.

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