Raising Rainbow and Crystal Children, Part One

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend doing little errands and repairing some things around the yard. Some privacy slats on the fence need re-nailing. The pool filters need hosing off, you know, menial things like that, but I love it because it’s a form of active meditation for me. 

Let’s end off the week with a contest, the winner of which will have their Higher Self channeled. That channeling won’t happen for around a month because we have other things in queue, but it should be fun. Here are the questions. Yes, there are two, and you have to answer both correctly: 1) In what year was I married? 2) What form of dress do I prefer: Long, flowy, but casual dresses, shorts, sloppy t-shirts and flip flops, jeans and collared tees, skirts with a blouse and jacket, swimsuit in the tropics or nice slacks and a silk blouse. Email your answers to emedhus@gmail.com. The first one to answer both correctly wins! I won’t respond to your email, but don’t let that hurt your feelings or make you think you haven’t won. 

Here’s today’s post!

Kim: Hello again.

Me: Hi there. The last couple of sessions I’ve cut you off for some reason. I don’t know what’s the problem! Hi, Erik, again! Hi, Kim!

Erik: What’s up again, Mom?

Me: Oh, the video was really stuttering for a while. Maybe it’s okay.

Kim: Uh oh.

Me: We might have to restart, but we’ll see! A few sessions ago, we talked about Indigo children, raising an indigo, but now I want to talk about how to raise crystals and rainbows. First, what are crystals and what are rainbows?

Kim: He’s putting them both in the same category or in the same group.

Erik: Kim, you should know all about this.

Kim: My daughter, she’s kind of shown some things, but I just let it go where it goes.

Erik: Crystals and rainbows, Mom, this is a generation of individuals that are hard to tame. They know no parameters.

Kim: He’s showing me that to them there are no rules or consequences.

Erik: These are highly intuitive individuals that rely more on their spiritual self for communication.

Me: Hm.

Erik: They have a natural instinct to trust their intuition and to hear it.

Me: Oh, good!

Kim: So, this is why he’s showing me that all the rules and parameters don’t make sense to them. There’s less ego involved.

Me: They’re less logical. They think here (pointing to my heart) instead of here (pointing to my head.)

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Well, what’s the difference between the two? What’s the difference between a crystal and a rainbow?


Me: Or is there?

Erik: Yeah, there’s really not much difference. If there’s any difference at all that I could point out, it would be a vibrational level. The difference, that’s mankind’s idea.

Me: Okay.

Erik: These are people who know and have a deep connection to their intuition, and that’s always primary for them. That always comes first. There’s a huge wave of consciousness shifting to a higher vibration. The children being born right now like ages 10 or 12 and under are all incorporated in this vibration, and this is why you think this new generation, even some teenagers and some in the twenties look rebellious or look careless, reckless. It’s because they know themselves on a deeper level, but it’s hard to find placement in this society because of rules and consequences.

Me: And here I thought we just spoiled them!

Erik: They manifest differently, and the way we view and judge those manifestations is what causes difficulties. It’s what shakes everything up.

Kim: Now, he’s talking about rainbow children specifically.

Erik: These are people who you’ll see a lot of parallels with. For example, you might be at work and let’s say your daughter is a rainbow child, and at work, you’re thinking about her all day. Your daughter has something happen at school or whatever. So there’s a simultaneousness of the connection like telepathy.

Me: Oh.

Erik: You might even share the same dreams.

Me: Yeah, that’s like with my daughter and me. We had the same dream about these red-earred slider turtles slipping off the bow of a boat. I said that in one of our sessions. We had the same exact, really random dream! That’s so weird! So that’s what you mean?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Cool!

Erik: Yeah, having those parallels happen like that, you’ll see that a lot. It’s just a little tweak in the vibration with the rainbows.

Kim: Well do they just have those parallels with their parents?

Erik: Mostly, yeah.

Me: What, are they able to tap in, telepathically or what? Why are there parallels?

Erik: Don’t think of it as tapping in. It’s more like a place you reside to experience these simultaneous events.

Me: More like sharing energy?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Okay, got it.

Erik: Mom, think about it like this. If you were both sitting in the same room on the same couch, you’d see the same thing. It’s like you’re in the same vibration so you experience the same things.

Me: Oh, okay!

Erik: But to transcend and come into the human plane is pretty rare.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: So, when you do have those simultaneous dreams or thoughts are you go, “Oh, I was thinking about you all day,” then they say, “Oh, I was thinking about you all day, too. That’s crazy!” When it actually transcends into the human awareness, you should be proud because it’s rare for that to happen.

He claps his hands as he says this.

Erik: It’s happening more and more. Now with crystals, it’s a little different.

Me: Well, you said they weren’t different! I don’t get it. Is it because they’re the same but on a different spectrum?

Even I don’t know what the hell I mean.

Me: You’re contradicting yourself.

Erik: With the rainbows, they experience the telepathy or those simultaneous interactions with their parents whereas the crystals experience it with each other, not necessarily with their parents.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: It could be your best friend. It could be someone you just met, and all of a sudden, you’re having the same thoughts. The crystals are similar to the rainbows, vibrationally, but as far as where their experiences manifest into the physical plane, it’s more so with each other instead of with their parents. Crystals are even more radically outside of rules and organized settings.

Kim listens for a while.

Erik: Kim, you’re one of them.

Kim: Oh, that’s interesting. I guess I never knew that. I guess that makes sense. Here’s an example. I’ve never been the type of person to clock in 9 to 5. I don’t understand the 9 to 5 clock in, clock out thing. It’s never made sense; it’s never worked; it’s never felt right. I could never make it work in my life for a long period of time.

Erik: With crystal people, organization and sets of rules just don’t make sense. There’s no comprehension.

Me: Yeah, okay.

Erik: This is when you see—not necessarily people who get in trouble a lot, but they’re the “outsiders.” They’re the ones that do things differently. Simultaneous, telepathic communication happens often with them, but it’s more known than with rainbows. It’s more prevalent, I guess would be the right word.

Me: Quick personal question. My two grandchildren, Arleen and Easton, what are they? Are they crystals or are they rainbows?

Erik: Arleen is a crystal.

Kim: He doesn’t even put Easton in either of those categories. He puts him above.

Me: What do you mean, above?

Kim: Is this like a whole new—when I say “above,” he’s showing me vibration, so crystal and rainbow are very similar, vibrationally, and he’s putting Easton above that, outside of that vibration.

Me: Okay. Maybe it’s a new category.

Erik: Easton is very intuitive and telepathic. Let’s say, for example, that he’s really fussy, being cranky. Then a half hour before Mom comes to get him, he calms down because he knows she’s coming or he knows she’s in the room.

Me: Oh, I see.

Erik: He relies more on the energy, the feel.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You’re going to learn a lot from this kid.

Me: Good!

Erik: He has a lot to teach and share. Thank god he’s mine!

Kim: He’s talking about family and really being connected.

Me: Aw. That’s awesome.

Rainbow Child

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and be safe. No drinking and driving. I might not post Monday. It just depends on if I have time. 

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  • Leah91

    Hi Elisa, did the radio show not air yesterday? I had a reading with Raylene yesterday and she said that she was going to be doing the channeling Eric show. Every time I click on the link that says 5-25-2017
    I only hear the one from last week. Was really looking forward to it. Is it me?

    • It did but liveparanormal still has the old one up! I don’t know why. I did message them. Maybe it’s blogtalk radio’s fault.

  • Marie Cole

    Very interesting! I wonder if parallels with Rainbows can be physical also. Once my daughter (22) and I had a sore tongue for no apparent reasons for the same exact 5 days. She and I also had a generalized non-itchy rash, literally just red dots, at the same time, lasting 2 days with no other symptoms. My other kids living the same living condition did not have those manifestations.

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