The Relationship Between Aliens and Spirits

I’m having a great time camping in the Texas Hill Country, so I’ll keep this intro short and sweet. I interviewed Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher today with Emma, and it was an eye-opener. I can’t wait to share it with you. Until then, check out today’s post!

Me:  Obviously there are other beings in the Universe. What is their relationship with the spirit world like?


Me: Oh, and in terms of distance, what are the nearest extraterrestrial beings—well, it’s okay. That’s a separate one. Just answer the first one I guess. I’m sure that some are, you know, aggressive and some are not.

Erik: Yeah, we all have the ability to communicate throughout the multiple dimensions, and some of the alien races are comparable to how humans react to spirits.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: You know there are a percentage of the humans who delve into the spirit world on a daily basis, and then there are a percentage of them that just can’t do that shit at all.

Me: Yeah. Like me.

Erik: Same in other multi-dimensional communications. Some do it, some don’t. The option is always there. You can have it, but, you know… And them some just—it’s like taking an elevator going to a different floor, getting into a car or airplane, traveling to a different country—as easy as that. Some people do it; some people don’t. Some spirits do it; some spirits don’t. Same with alien races. If you’re talking about, “Hey, we have a living soul, and we have this whole thing called religion and belief in God.” Do the alien beings have that same kind of, “Hey, we’re living beings and we have religion and a belief in God.” Um, yeah. And guess what—

Jamie (to Erik, firmly): Don’t say that.


Erik: Jamie, don’t filter me.

Jamie (to Erik): I don’t think you want to call your readers assholes.

Me: Um, no.

Jamie (to Erik): See? Thank you. He says, “Loosen up, assholes. We all have life force and intelligent pure energy, and it is all connected together.”

(Please forgive Erik. He’s just being himself. You all know he loves you.)

Me: Oh, yeah. Of course.

Erik (in a deep Southern accent): Black people aren’t separate from the white people aren’t separate from the Asians aren’t separate from the—

Me: Of course not.

Jamie (giggling): He’s just going to town.

Erik: Alien life forces aren’t separate from humans. That’s just a larger concept of racism.

Me: So, the relationship as far as getting along with other beings in the Universe—do you guys get along with all of them?

Erik: Nah.

Jamie (chuckling and mimicking Erik): Nah.

Me: So some you have good relationships with—hang out with, grab a beer with, chill with, and some of them you don’t want to have anything to do with.

Erik: Totally.

Me: Well that’s racism right there!

Erik (emphatically): No, Mom! Not judging! Just don’t wanna be around ‘em.

Me: Ah, okay. And why? Is the chemistry not right?

Erik: Uh, some of them are what I would consider a (unintelligible).

Me: A what?

Erik: A (unintelligible).

Me: Huh?

Erik: A bully!

Me: Oh, a bully! I thought you said “boy.”

Erik: No, bull-ee.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I don’t like bullies; I’m not gonna spend my time handling a bully.

Me: Are there any other reasons you wouldn’t wanna hang around certain other alien races?

(Long pause)

Me: Maybe no common interests or…

Erik: Okay, sure.

Me: Good. Okay.

Have a great weekend! 

Just a tad creepy!

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  • JaniceT

    So that means, there’s Aliens in spirit too, right? This would explain some people having Aliens and other beings in the universe acting as guides for some of us here huh?
    Looking forward to the Iron Lady interview! Maybe next time Princess Diana? (re: conspiracy that she was killed by British royals because of Dodi being a Muslim).
    Enjoy camping! photos please! 😀

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Yeah, the bully aliens– I suppose they’re the ones the illuminati satanists worship and believe will soon be coming back to earth to rule over us. The illuminati cult believe that satan is an alien who will soon be returning to earth.

  • Marie

    Is Eric talking about the alien’s being bullies in their spirit form or their physical form. And if it is spirit form, being a bully in spirit form is hard to wrap my head around because being a bully to me seems like it would lie in some sort or ego or insecurity and I thought ego was a physical form thing because of brains and body?

    • Cole Balthazar

      I’m pretty sure he means in physical form, else they would be just spirits and not very alien (to us) at all..

    • ekhidne

      Supposedly some lower spirits can be bullies. Like ghosts? But you’d think if they were ghosts they’d be tied to their plane on their planet. Not sure about any of this.

  • Cole Balthazar

    Well Im busy with the alien topic for over a decade now and I had several (friendly) UFO encounters by myself. So everything you ask Erik about alien species is very interesting to me. Sure some of the species involved with earth are a bully, but if you look at our history (and still today) humanity is a bully in small-scale as well.. Alien species have several bases on our blue planet and especially on the moon, certainly on Mars. Bashar once said, the Phoenix Lights (1997) was a stress test for humanity implemented by the Yahyel Civilisation, who will make open contact (spaceships will land on earth) with humanity first, in between 10-15 years from now on. Other species will follow. I would be very pleased if you could ask Erik about it one day.

    • Interesting!

      • Nuno

        I would really like to ear what Erik has to say about it as well. By the way, I hope that picture with the alien won’t keep me up tonight. Can’t stop staring at it ahah

      • I know, it was creepy!

  • Alex J Campbell

    Kryon says that humans are the only divine beings out there that continually reincarnate, are aware of their divinity and can raise their own vibration. He goes on to say Earth is a test bed to see where divine energy will settle in a world of duality. This is why so many observations are being made. We’re the main event! The most exciting show in the universe!

    • Liberate_me

      We are primarily spirits who reincarnate, not humans, or aliens, depending on what planet we are used to incarnate most frequently.. Earth is so special in creation, because on no other planet incarnated spirits are so limited in their abilities. We are so locked-in we do not even know there is creation and we are connected and that is why we fear death, the end of our existence, which in fact is not possible, we will always exist in some form. In addition earth climbs up one dimension within the coming 100 years, that is the main event. Or in other words, our overall energy is raising up and we gonna wake up.

    • Interesting!

  • Jake

    I can’t believe no one has come up with the obvious theory that aliens may have made direct contact with spirits using their advanced technology to open up a portal.

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