Robert’s First Trance Channeling

First I’d like to share how things went with the Austin event. IT  WAS  AMAZING. Many said it was life-changing and wondered how they’d manage to return to their lives at home. It was recorded, and I’ll try my best to post it, but I’m not sure what the format is. Jamie plans on hosting the next event in California in November, so mark your calendars when we get the exact date.

Now I want to tell you about something remarkable that took place before I left for Austin. Blog member and gifted medium, Robert, spent the night with us, because he was going to ride to Austin in our car. The afternoon before we left, we went out for lunch and when he returned, he said he felt extremely tired. This is unusual for Robert, because he’s a night owl. Up by noon, in bed by 3 or so. So while the rest of us sat outside by our pool, he stretched out on the same couch Erik spent a lot of time on.

About ten minutes later, Robert joined us outside, but he had an odd look on his face and didn’t say a word. He just stared at me with his arms crossed. Funny thing is, I’ve never seen Robert cross his arms. I thought maybe something upset him, and I asked him if he was okay. Still, not a word. So, I took him by the arm and led him to a place that was out of earshot from the others. Again, “What’s the matter, Robert?” He just stared, arms crossed. It was beginning to alarm me. Finally, he spoke: “Don’t you recognize me, Mom? It’s me, Erik.” With that, I grabbed him in my arms and hugged him and kissed him as much as was humanly possible without devouring him in one bite. Suddenly, Robert “woke up” and asked how he got there, and what the heck I was doing, mauling him! Clearly, this was his first experience trance channeling Erik. What’s more, Erik spent most of his awake hours with arms crossed in exactly the same way. Ah, how wonderful to hold him close. Pretty cool. Hopefully, it won’t be the last time.

Now, as we take a break from channeling celebrities or at least post them less frequently, I have a request. We have a ton of new users, and I’m certain most of them don’t want to slog through the extensive archives. That said, I’d like some of you long-termers to submit general questions about death, the afterlife, the human experience, etc that you’d like to ask Erik. Some can be new ones that a we’ve never covered. Others can be requests for greater detail on subjects we’ve already touched on. Erik suggested this during the Austin event.

Again, I’m so grateful to Kent and Cindy for guest blogging in my absence. Their posts were incredible. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Sharonwolf

    I adore Robert. I must also admit to finding myself with crossed arms and wondering why after seeming unable to move myself from that position. I also rub my hands together at times like my grandmother did.

    • Robert

      i adore you too Sharon!!! 🙂 tell Jack to behave!!! 😉

      xoxo dear friend!

  • Clau Bueno

    oooooohhhhhh! what a precious hug!!!!!
    I’m so happy for you!!!
    I can’t wait to see when and where in cali will be event! Yay!
    Another warm hug from here 🙂


  • Elisa, that was an awesome experience you had with Erik via Robert. When my Dad passed away, he went unexpectedly to my cousin. It was a great experience for me & the rest of my family.

  • Peter_J88

    That’s one crazy prank Erik… Glad you guys had a good time in Austin… I have 2 questions…
    1. What should be expect to occur in world in relation to “The Shift” during the rest of this year?
    2. If you check out and some other great channelled writings from the early 1900’s they all talk about the spiritual realm quite differently…
    What’s changed in the last 100 years in the spiritual realm in relation to dealing with our lives after we die?
    Have fun…

  • Lorraine (LP)

    That is awesome Elisa!
    I do have a question for Erik. I have just recently come across this supposed strange phenomena-noises happening in the sky? From all over the world. I came across an article about these noises and clicked on the video to hear the audio of these-they are like very loud ‘humming’ noises; sometimes ‘clicks’ or what sounds like a ‘heartbeat’…..very strange. I think this has been going on for a couple of years, I don’t know….I was wondering if Erik knew anything about these noises? Thanks Elisa and I love, love your website!! LP

  • M and M

    Ah, that just warms my heart! We really are all connected, all one. Kind of like the ending in the movie “Ghost”. Now the trick is to change our ingrained beliefs and start to see that which we want to see in everything around us. I wonder if this is what is meant, in part, by the shift in consciousness going on now? If we are meant to realize that all we really want/need is within us, and therefore around us, we just need to open to a new sense to experience it.

    I love the idea of asking Erik more of these important life questions, thank you for that option Elisa. A suggestion, if it resonates with you, would be this. All this information is great and helps on a theoretical level, but how can we bring experiences to us that really make these things real? For example, we can intellectually understand that we are all one and about unconditional love, but how can we actually experience it, to really feel it and know it? When you read about people who have NDEs, they always say the feeling, the knowing, that they get during the experience stays with them and changes their life. Their perspective changes from that point on. While the rest of us are trying to adopt new ways of looking at things and incorporate them into our way of being, it seems like it would be so much more fulfilling and complete to do so if you feel it from the inside. Might be a loaded question, but worth a shot.

    Congratulations on seeing yet another side of Erik, and congrats to Robert for his growth in channeling. This is wonderful to hear. And yes, congrats to Erik as well for his new found freedom of expression. Somehow I sense Erik saying “don’t forget about me”. It is wonderful to be a part of this group.

  • Liz Bloomberg

    Dear Elisa and Rune and Jamie,,,, what an incredible weekend in Austin. I recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one. I didn’t realize I had more to release….I did realize that I had to be strong for my daughter when she lost her son Coty….my grandson. It was definately my time to feel and express my loss for him…but most of all to feel his presence. Thank you again.
    I hope to bring my daughter to your next workshop so that she can heal her heart.
    I was so happy to have Erik explain the difference between grief and missing your loved one. Thank you Erik for all of the fun and surprises….and thank you to the entire group of friends that I met and all of the love and support that was unconditionally given. This weekend was life changing for me.
    Liz Bloomberg/ Whitehall, Mi.

  • Kellyamber76

    I wonder if people know in some deep way they are going to pass? Are there signs in some small ways that are only realized after they pass? I know with my dad things in his life seemed to come full circle before he left us, my family really saw the connection of loose ends coming together. Maybe death presents itself so in some way we are prepped to go?? Thanks! Glad Austin was awesome!!

  • Lisa

    I would have loved to have attended the Austin event. Amazing you got to hug Erik before you left! Thank you for the invitation!

  • Well first of all that is an amazing story! I’m one of the fairly new members and I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed checking the site every day. The forums have been fun too.

  • amy cavanaugh

    my big take away from Austin was that grief is selfish and it tourments those on the otherside-so we should be respectful and move through grief into a new type of relationship with our loved ones. I think many feel that if they stop grieving they will lose touch with the departed, nothing could be further from the truth. Not to discount the importance of the grieving process but move through and move on or you may miss many opportunities here and over there!!!

    • Robert

      amy…you are such a generous Spirit and an amazing Soul! thank you dearest! 🙂

    • Pete Janssen

      Although I wasn’t in Austin with you guys I’ve read and thought about this a lot. I can’t help but wonder how different and easier the grieving process would be if everyone knew about the afterlife. The fact that we don’t go into oblivion or get judged by an angry God who is waiting for us to trip up and watch us fail… How differently people would approach the loss of their loved ones… Not that it is easy but just the knowledge could break down so many barriers especially the fear of death….

  • Maria

    Really awesome experience you had, Elisa! Did you finally sense that it WAS Erik, instead of Robert? I just can’t imagine how that must have felt…. I have one question that deals with physical pain. How do we view pain in the body. I am refering to a type of pain, for instance, associated with something like polio, which I had, and/or herniated discs. Is there a way we can “process” this type of pain to lessen it, or to view it in a more positive way? I don’t know if this question is “off the track”, but it is something that I wonder about. I also wonder how children who suffer with severe illness manage to endure their suffering as well as they seem to. Any ideas? Thanks, Elisa.

  • Robert

    i love you Elisa! it won’t be the last time. 🙂

    the Austin event was a most memorable event! Erik and Jamie were great (as usual) and several amazing new friends were made.

    big hugs and love to everyone!

  • Frederik

    I have a question for Erik, but don’t know if this is the right place to post it.
    I am from the Netherlands and as you might know, we have a Queen (Beatrix) and a royal family.
    This winter the Royal family was again, as every year, in Lech/Austria for their Ski-holiday.
    Unfortunately, the second son of our Queen, Prince Friso, got in an avalanche on February 17 and was found only after many minutes. The medics had to re-animate him for 50 minutes, but since then he is still in coma in a hospital. After several brain scans they concluded that he has suffered severe brain damage because of the lack of oxygen for so long. He practically has been declared as “brain-dead”. He lived in London with his wife and 2 children (daughters of 6 and 7 years old) and now also is brought to London.
    My question for Erik is:
    How does it work for a person like our Prince, to be in a coma with severe brain damage: Is he still full alive at the physical plane or is his spirit already (or partly?) in the afterlife?
    Would he be able to communicate with his mother, wife and little daughters thought channeling with e.g. Erik. or does he has to wait until the Royal family might decide to pull the plug from his life-extending coma situation and he then really will be dead?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.


  • liz

    Just posted on the forum, but here’s a question for the Erik family: what does he have to say about dissosociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder? Some people think it’s a form of schizophrenia, but I’m not so sure.

  • Booktoo

    As an old timer with the CE Family, this is amazing Elisa…I should be learning not to be too surprised with anything that Eric sets his mind to accomplish. We’re all very very happy for you both….AND Robert.

  • Tracy Lamont

    That is so amazin, Elisa! Hope Rune didn’t catch ya hidin in the bushes, kissin and a huggin with Robert!
    How cool, getting a physical hug from your boy!! Sigh xx

  • On the list!!

  • I’ll be happy to ask this. Consider it in the question queue and my prayers go out to the family.

  • Oh it was so very real. Even his facial expressions, body posture–everything. And I will put these great questions in the queue!

  • We usually design our own exit points between lives, so yeah, but that’s such an important question, I want to make sure I get all the info, so it’s now in the queue.

  • Miss you already, Liz!

  • Ooo, I love the idea of asking more questions of Erik on how to deal with specific aspects of the human experience. I have some of that in the blog, but we need more questions like this. Can you (and others) email me with any questions along those lines?

  • Ah! He did answer that a couple of sessions ago. It’s coming to a post near you!! I just have to get to that session’s transcription!

  • Wrote them down! We’ll see what our Erik has to say.

  • I think it’s in November, but I’m waiting to see what Jamie says! I hope you can come so I can meet you!

  • Mommazee

    Pete, I have been thinking the same thing. I used to live in fear of a loved one dying, death was always my biggest fear in life (but not so much that it altered my daily life, it was just something that made me cry when I thought about it, I haven’t lost a loved one yet). Since discovering the truth about the afterlife, I no longer have that fear, and it is so comforting to know that they would be in a happy place and still able to communicate with me. If everyone knew this, death wouldn’t be such a sad and tragic event, it would be more of a homecoming celebration. Sure, we’d still be sad that we can’t physically hold them, but it wouldn’t be as depressing, knowing they are still there. Especially when you think about life plans and exit points, people would understand it was their time to go, and that this is but one of our many lifetimes together.
    Thanks to all the major religions pushing the idea that people go to hell if they aren’t saved or if they did/didn’t do certain things, there continues to be fear and worry surrounding death. If only everyone knew that there is only love, that we return to love, and that this life is all but an illusion, a lesson, a playground set up to learn and grow and teach! This life isn’t final, it just IS, always has BEEN, and always will BE. I am so glad I got out of the church that was sucking me in with fear!

  • George

    Where and When in California?

  • Jemma

    Hi Elisa,

    Austin event sounds fab! This is a simple question for Erik;

    In what ways is the shift manifesting physically in our bodies – ie aches, pains, stomach upsets etc, and which chakra’s, if not all, are, predominantly, affected?

    Jemma x

  • Yvonne Chireau

    Doesn’t life feel good when you are all together and time stops? This is what Jim Self describes as the frequency of the fifth dimension. It’s the state of Happy!

    Amazing that Robert channeled Erik and Erik got right in there. This is a skill. What a blessing to Elisa.

    Sending gratitude and love intent to all of you. Purge fear and BE HAPPY

  • I think LA in November, but Jamie and Erik are in charge of all this.

  • Nadina405

    Hi Elisa, well I told you of my experience but again, something strange happened to me the other night. I woke up to someone calling my name. I could not recognize the voice but the clarity was undeniable.

    • Do you know Erik’s voice? He often calls people’s names.

    • Do you know Erik’s voice? He often calls people’s names.

      • I do now ! Thank you Erik for visiting me and shouting my name ! I hear you loud and clear now. Thank you for the jump start you gave me at the event, will never for get it ! It was priceless…
        Elisa you and Rune are awesome people and parents, loved loved, loved meeting y’all !
        Thank you so much
        Love Carey

      • I miss you already!!

  • amy cavanaugh

    this is exactly what I am hoping to do with my life. Tomorrow I have an interview at Hospice. We are Deathaphobic and we need to put our big girl panties or as Erik said Man Up

    • Jason Shapeofacloud

      Omg, every time I eat crap, Erik says I am gonna have to get the big gurl pants out… then he shows me bloomers with an elastic waist band.. lol!

  • It was so wonderful to connect with new friends and old at the Austin event this past weekend ! Huge thank you to Erik and his Mom and Dad and Jamie for creating a loving and supportive gathering, it was a life changing event for us all . I look forward to the next time we meet again.
    I love and adore the new friendships , thank you all for an incredible experience.

  • NancyM1122

    I love Erics idea of asking questions, I have one that is pretty strange, but, here goes,
    Some years ago I felt my pupils opening as if they were doors and a laser shot out of my eyes. I can’t find any thing in the books for that one. Could you please ask Eric about that?

    • That is so interesting because I’ve heard this from other blog members. It could be that your souls is not originally from earth. Have you read the stuff on Starseeds? Do you have any of the characteristics?

      • nancym1122

        Greetings Elisa, I have heard of the Starseeds, I must look up their characteristics. I do feel that I am from another place. I am blown away with your response to my question. My experience was something I felt I could not share for different reasons, now, I feel so much lighter.
        You have taken your sorrow and pain and created a place where others can go to heal, learn and love. That is amazing… Eric does bring out the love in people. Does it help to know that he is home and safe, out of this illussion and now you both are working together in this very special way.
        WOW! Blessings:}

      • Aw, “Erik brings out the love in people” I love it!!

  • divya

    ma’am i genuinely from the bottom of my heart wish that u keep getting these kind of meetings from ur much loved son erik.
    bcoz a mother’s love for her child never dies.

  • Edie

    I find the celebrity channelings to be inspiring and reassuring as well as a freeing experience. Please continue. Also, I have a question for Erik. In heaven, is there an awareness of where God came from or how He originated? I’ve often thought even as a child that that would be my first question I would ask Him when I stood before Him. I have to say that I’ve been religious most of my life, but in the last six months as I returned to the this blog, I have become so much more spiritual and have had a closer and unbelievable relationship with GOD! He is so so amazing. I love HIM so much. He loves us ALL all the time no matter what.

  • Believe it or not, I just asked that very question Friday. it’s in queue to post!!



  • farensultanaasa

    If you check out… and some other great channelled writings from the early 1900’s they all talk about the spiritual realm quite differently…
    What’s changed in the last 100 years in the spiritual realm in relation to dealing with our lives after we die?

  • Simon

    Super touching

  • His name is Robert F. Burke. You can find him on Facebook. I mostly use Kim Babcock but I use Robert a lot. He’s awesome!

    • Joanne Jerome

      Elisa. In regard to new questions. The Earth population is ever increasing. With that in mind, how difficult is it for spirits seeking another reincarnation to search out a birth “vehicle” – especially if they want to attempt to be with other spirit companions in their next incarnation
      Famed Channeler Ruth Montgomery said we choose companions along the way – however there is always a chance of not connecting with them once born due to distance etc. How is this managed?

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