Rolling with Erik: Happiness

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As for me, I’m a bit disillusioned of late for a couple of reasons. First, I’m so grateful for those who have worked hard as volunteers to transcribe the sessions, but lately, many on the list don’t respond when I send them a session, even after several emails and some just say they don’t want to do it after all because it’s too hard. Tell me about it! I’ve been transcribing them all for 8 years. So, now I’ve decided I’ll just have to pay a transcriptionist to do the transcribing for me. Yet another expense.

Second, even though the blog gets almost 8,000 hits a day, I’ve only received around 70 donations and all of those who set up automatic monthly payments of $5 have declined when the second month rolled around. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve received any donations at all, and it took me years to get comfortable with the idea of accepting donations for the costs involved in CE. It’s not about the money and believe me when I say that I DO get paid with the sense of fulfillment I get from being able to help others along with my son. But even though I received several hundred emails from people saying Channeling Erik has saved them either figuratively or even literally, so few are willing to put forth effort, time or money to help me out. I just don’t understand why, and it makes me feel very under-appreciated. Still, I’m grateful to those of you who have stepped up. And before any of you label me as a whiner, please put yourself in my shoes. This has really got me down.

Don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show TONIGHT at 5:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. Erik is going to talk about souls, including earth angels, starseeds and more. No more than 15 minutes before the top of the hour, call 619-639-4606 to ask Erik your question. There are three ways to listen: Listen on the phone line, click on the “Listen” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link:

Enjoy today’s Rolling with Erik courtesy of medium, Emanuelle McIntosh

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  • JAckie C

    That came as a shock Eliza. Firstly, I didn’t realise you had only received 70 donationsi. I gave £20/26 dollars roughly and decided I would do the same every so often. I felt I had been receiving on a large scale and not giving anything back.

    How about if we could give, say £2 a month (equal to maybe 2 and a bit dollars).. It isn’t going to affect anyone hardly and maybe at that amount people wouldn’t cancel. If people donated at that amount at say 3,4,5,000 people, then that would make a difference.

    It’s only the cost of a coffee and we get so much for it. I shall sign up to that and hope it sets a ball rolling. I would hate Eliza to feel so under appreciated that she stops the website ……….

    Regarding the transcriptions Eliza, I have considered it before but I only have an iPad. I did used to be a secretary and did shorthand and audio typing so it would be quicker for me, but would I need to have word for Windows or something? I am nearly 56 and not very computer literate, but if I could find a way to help then I would be glad to. My elderly parents have a computer and keyboard. I just don’t know what I would need to do it. Please let me know if you think I could be of use, either through this, or you should have my email through my donations. Jackie x

  • JAckie C

    I have just signed up to donate $3 a month. Just the price of a coffee at Starbucks. Will anyone else join me please? Jackie C

    • You’re a sweetie. I think we’re going to have an annual fundraiser each september for half the costs and Rune and I will cover the rest.

  • KathyAnnS

    Hi Elisa,
    Please contact me to transcribe. I would be honored.

  • Susie Griffin

    Hi Elisa, I’m trying to set up a PayPal a/c so I can donate. Having a bit of difficulty so I cancelled and will start again from scratch. Hopefully I’ll get it sorted soon ,thanks Susie. Love what you and Erik do x

    • I think we’re going to have an annual fundraiser each september for half the costs and Rune and I will cover the rest.

      • Susie G

        Hi Elisa, whatever you think suits you best, but I did manage to donate in the one off section of PayPal eventually….but setting the monthly one just wouldn’t cooperate with me. I’m still happy to donate across the year too.
        I’m so sorry you felt taken advantage of and you have every right to let us know. Thanks for everything, S.

      • Thanks so much!

  • Angela

    Looks like it’s time for a new business model… You’re awesome, and I’m sure you can do it!!

  • Robin Kincaid

    Just put you on my automatic/mthly for $10.00 each month; it is definitely worth it (and would pay more if I were able to).
    Thank you for all the work you do!.

    • You’re so sweet. It’s okay to cancel that because I think we’re going to have an annual fundraiser each september for half the costs and Rune and I will cover the rest.

      • Robin Kincaid

        Thank you, Elisa. But I have had “free”, wonderful advice from your son, Erik since you began with the blog (and the books) originally. I would like to continue the contribution. Best Spiritual Investment I can make for my earthly self to get a nice reminder and kick in the arse ever so often. Erik is awesome and has helped so many. This just feels so good to do this for you. Merry Christmas to your whole family!
        And I thought I’d be a Scrooge this year! Ha-Ha.

      • Merry Christmas back!!

  • Cynthia

    I’m so sorry Elisa. What a wake up call for me and I hope others. I was going to wait till after the holidays as my life is crazy, but I’ll get a donation into you my upcoming payday. It hurts my heart to hear how distressed you have been with all of this lately. I know many appreciate you and I’m sure most don’t want to take you or Erik for granted. I, for one, would hate to lose this blog.
    Hang in there with us a little longer. Hopefully it will work itself out… what does Erik say? I know he mentioned this hitting television status at some point…
    ((kysser og klemmer))

  • 403LEC

    I just sent in a donation of $25.00. Thank you for letting us know whats going on financially. I wish there was a membership fee so I could get it paid or do a monthly payment instead of guessing how much to send. I am willing to do my part….just let us know what you want or need.

    • Thanks! I wouldn’t want to charge a membership fee because some of those who need it the most don’t have that kind of money.

  • Cherie

    As for the people who only contributed once, might want to check and see if that is something from the paypal side. That may be happening automatically. That happened to me through patreon when I tried to do a monthly support for a couple different sites and patreon/paypal refused to charge it the following month. I didn’t know until I could not access the content provided to paying supporters.

    And what about asking those who have transcribed and are quick responders if they can do it more often? I could do one every couple of weeks. (And I’ve done once before.) Maybe set up a poll or send out a group mail to previous transcribers. There might be a few peeps willing and able to commit.

    • A G

      I agree with those who transcribed before, those who are willing to do it again, I am sure would find no problem helping you out (I would!). Sorry to hear about your feelings of under appreciation- if anything I know many on this blog hold you in high esteem and as a symbol of hope. I donated previously ($10) , and after the Christmas shopping dash I hope to donate again! Thanks for all that you do.

    • Cassandra Buchan

      I would transcribe another session. :0)

  • Cherie

    Or then again…just post the videos. If actual hearing impaired folks request transcripts (not just people who just prefer to read) that could be done at some time in the future.

  • bik

    What does a transcription cost for one reading? I’m in for $10 a month now.

  • Manoj

    Hi Elisa, i felt concerned to hear this. I am a software programmer and i will try to find some software from the net which can do transcriptions of video for free. Please give me 2 days time to do my research. After that I will get back to you. In case if you needed to ask me any questions meanwhile then my email id is- . Please feel free to contact me if you wanted to. You still need NOT go for a paid transcriptionist. Please wait for a day or two till we find some solutions. Till then keep posting the videos only. We are fully with you in your support.

    • Manoj

      I have made some progress in finding a way to do automatic transcription. But it is not foolproof. So I need to search some more. Don’t worry Elisa, I will get there definitely!!

    • Manoj

      Hi Elisa,
      Just an update. I searched for any free software that could do the transcriptions but couldn’t find any. The only free alternative i got was “google speech recognition”. I tried transcribing todays video using “google speech recognition” but the results were dismal as it was able to transcribe with about 30% accuracy at the most. so the only option we have now is to manually transcribe.
      Meanwhile, please keep posting videos only. No need to pay to anybody for a paid transcription. You also dont need to break your back doing all the transcription work yourself. You have done it for years and we love you for what you have done. As of now, we can do with videos only.

      • Yeah, they’re all pretty bad!! But I have to have it in text form for those who are hard of hearing or deaf.

  • You are not underappreciated by any means! If I had a job I would gladly send you money, I wanted to send you money way before you put the button up! See, I’m an Indigo and I can’t seem to fit into the “system”, I feel lost and stuck. I’m so sorry I don’t have anything to give you because this site, you, and Erik has changed my life & I can’y look at anything the same as before.

    • You’re thoughtfulness is more than enough, Casey!

      • Robin Kincaid

        I can see why some folks like the text as well. For some years now, I’ve got a couple of large. ring binders with copies of all the Erik transcriptions (and catalogued by topic) because so many friends. and family suddenly have an issue, and I’ve got an Erik Solution in one of my notebooks of copied, transcriptions to help them through their situations. Depending on the hours they work they can’t always listen to the radio show or may miss a video so the transcriptions work great (for later referencing). However, I agree with some others – if it’s too much for you then please be kind to yourself and do what is best.
        We don’t want your health ruined over all this empathic helping the world (which you are gifted with). Do what you can and we will all adjust because we don’t want you to have to shut everything down if you do too much.

        You have a “huge” heart and a “huge” need to do Service here – and you have done that and more! Girl, have you earned your “wings” or what? LOL Literally, take a lot of time to think everything over (you and your husband) and make sure you aren’t already overextending yourself. Man, as empaths, I really get how this can happen to all of us here. Go ahead and put yourself “first” before you take on another huge task or are presently taking on a too huge of a task. Big “AIR” HUGS as we go into another New Year!!

      • You just made my whole week and weekend!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Hi Elisa, I sent you a completed transcription recently regarding food additives interview with Emma. I haven’t heard from you, so I hope you’ve received it. Transcribing is difficult unless you’ve got a foot pedal to control the audio. I have one at work, but not at home. It is difficult, but if the load was shared volunteers would have to do it only every so often. I’m sorry people haven’t responded. I think people’s intentions are good but lives get busy with work etc. If it gets too much Elisa, don’t worry about the transcriptions; just put the audio up.

    I notice that someone has posted that they will look at some software to help out with transcription. Take him up on his offer as it may really help. It may be voice recognition, which means the transcription would still need a little cleaning up, but would make the process of transcribing so much faster. Good luck!

    By the way, I think what you do is incredible. I lost my daughter last year, and I couldn’t do what you have done.

    • KathyAnnS

      Are the audios costing money? To store on Youtube? To pay the mediums that channel?

    • Oh, I must not have received it!!!

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        Elisa, I sent it to you on the 17th November. I’ve just resent it so check your emails.

      • Got it, thanks so much!!

  • Addie

    Hey Elisa. So sorry about all that. You’re not a whiner at all. It’s amazing what you do. Such a hard worker and you and Erik give soooo much. I chipped in $20 last month and realized it’s time for another. Appreciate the reminder. I don’t know how to transcribe, but I’ll try to send more $ next time.

    • You’re a sweetie. I think we’re going to have an annual fundraiser each september for half the costs and Rune and I will cover the rest.

  • Jade Milburn

    Hi Elisa maybe use gofundme or crowdfunding. Maybe ask a few people on here to help you with fundraising so you don’t have to to do it all alone. Do you have a financial advisor? Or get advice from someone working for a non profit. They often give excellent advice. I feel like people just didn’t know! And love to you!

  • Carol McIntosh

    Hi, Elisa,
    Thanks for the reminder about donations – my donation just sent. Also, I am a retired shorthand court reporter and I have years of experience transcribing recorded testimony as well. I’d be happy to transcribe for you. I produce accurate transcripts quickly and would love to contribute to the CE cause in this way. I have a transcription program and foot pedal. Please let me know if I can help.

    • Thanks so much Carol!!

      • Robin Kincaid

        Forgot to mention that I can still transcribe at least once each month. I am used to using very old equipment at my archives job in a local museum (with no foot pedal!), so it wouldn’t or shouldn’t be a problem for me to transcribe. I am on your list still, I believe. Let me know when you need help.

  • el-dawgo

    youtube offers free automagic transcriptions, after a fashion.
    on youtube site, click on the 3 “…” dots right bottom of video.
    open transcription. you can copy pasta that, and edit, etc.
    example, the video above, just did ‘ctrl a’ to copy it all, paste it in a text file, then trim..
    it might not always be so accurate with signal cut outs. but it is a start regards typing text..
    Emma speaks clearly here and no jitters so it helps.
    one other potential niggle is the time stamps but, you know, edit ’em..

    1:11 / 6:50

    hey guys Eric here you know so many
    people ask me how can I find happiness
    or how do I pursue happiness and the
    answer is really simple
    stop trying to find it or stop trying to
    chase it or pursue it because you are
    happiness your core being your spiritual
    self exists in a constant state of high
    vibrational energy and so you are
    therefore in a constant state of
    happiness however experiencing a human
    life with all the emotions and
    misbeliefs can really mask and cover up
    our true state of being you know
    whatever we search for happiness outside
    of ourselves and we allow our happiness
    to depend on materialistic wants and
    needs or the achievement of specific
    desired goals well then your happiness
    will always be temporarily and there
    will be an ongoing search for the next
    30 minutes of happiness so how do we
    reconnect to a true happy selves well
    true lasting happiness begins with
    appreciation for what you already have
    and expressing gratitude for what is it
    relies on the ability to let go of the
    need for perfection and the need to be
    right your happiness needs you to let go
    and let life unfold instead of always
    trying to manage it and control it you
    know life will always be full of
    surprises no matter how bad you want to
    keep everything under control no matter
    how bad you want to manifest feelings of
    abundance and bliss into specific forms
    and experiences for example a lot of
    people will say I will be happy when I
    get that specific car or I’ll be happy
    when I get that specific job or that
    specific girlfriend you know we’re
    always attaching demand
    and expectations on our experiences of
    happiness also plans never seem to go as
    expected and everyone around you never
    seems to behave or act the way you
    expect them to behavior act you know
    your boss never seems to appreciate you
    and shit is always breaking and so every
    time we experience these unexpected
    moments we invest way too much time and
    energy in those in those moments and and
    we then infuse ourselves with
    unnecessary stress and fear and anxiety
    and anger and whatever other destructive
    emotion you can come up with so embrace
    life’s surprises and all its
    uncertainties with a playful attitude a
    playful attitude will take away all the
    fears and anxieties of the unknown and
    turn every moment into a memorable event
    filled with growth and expansion also
    allow others to be who they are your
    family friends colleagues and so on
    because we are all here on our unique
    journey with a unique desire of the
    lessons to be learned allow the people
    you meet during your journey to enrich
    your life in all different ways you
    chose all these different relationships
    so you could learn grow and expand from
    the contrast that all of them will offer
    you also look for beauty the
    practicality the usefulness in what we
    experience as imperfect maybe your house
    needs a paint job or a new carpet but
    doesn’t your house always keep you dry
    and safe no matter what it looks like
    and maybe your couch has a big tear in
    it but doesn’t it still provide you with
    a comfortable seat
    doesn’t a flower with a petal half-eaten
    by a slug still smell amazing the
    answers are fucking yes choosing to see
    beauty and imperfection just makes what
    you see a whole lot nicer to look at
    there may be a lot of room for
    improvement but seeing what’s nice and
    beautiful will make you feel happier and
    that happiness will energize and
    motivate you to make it even better so
    also embrace the learning part of life
    you know we never stop learning even
    after we cross over we are always in a
    state of expansion and growth so embrace
    the idea that everything that happens to
    you really happens for you challenge
    yourself to learn one new thing every
    day and start to look at your
    environment as if you are seeing it for
    the first time start noticing the little
    things and most of all be fascinated
    with yourself and last but not least
    simplify people don’t over complicate
    happiness doesn’t need to be something
    huge but it can be found in the smallest
    ladybug in the smile of a child a little
    sparkle in your partner’s eye when he
    comes home or she comes home from work
    and sees you you know beauty and
    happiness can always be discovered in
    the here and the now so look around you
    guys and absorb the happiness within all
    that is that is a trick to being happy
    all the time go out find your happiness
    within you and find the beauty around
    you I love you guys take care bye
    English (auto-generated)
    Up next

  • If you don’t have much, then trust me, your thoughtfulness and loving support is more than enough. Please don’t donate. We’ll have an annual fundraiser to cover half the expenses starting next September.

  • bik

    I’ve tried several times to donate through Paypal and each time it hasn’t showed up on my bill. This isn’t the first time they’ve done things like that. I’ll try again tonight.

    • Robin Kincaid

      That happened to me when I was trying to donate money to the young father that Elisa mentioned needing help as he was going to locksmith school. Something really weird and problematic about PayPal – you never know when it is working properly.

      • He’s doing great and has his commercial truck driving license now!

    • No, don’t worry about it. All is okay now. Gotta plan.

  • Joanne Jerome

    Elisa – If you have a lot of hits – have you tried the ad vertising route? A few ads certainly will help as well as donations. I see that today Wikipedia posted a note on their site asking for donations for their ad free site. Their donation check off boxes through PayPal started with $3.00. $5.00 $15.00 etc

    I also have to ask about some of the earlier channelers. I don’t know how much they charge but they should have been doing this for little to nothing because – for some – their fame quickly swelled as did their pocketbook. I hope all have been fair. Your followers should know
    the amount of time and money involved in coordinating your site. Joanne

    • It’s hard because ads make everything seem so commercialized and are so annoying! I don’t allow them on the CE mobile app. Thanks for the suggestions!

  • einpuss

    youtube does automagic transcriptions on the videos..

  • Jill

    Hi Elisa! I have recently stumbled on your website and have just been glued to the blog and YouTube videos and have found so much enlightening information from what you, your son, and team are doing! I am searching for some serious direction at this point in my life and the perspective I’ve gained has been so helpful. I have such respect and admiration to the Servant’s Spirit that you and Erik clearly have and thank you both for the work you are doing!

    • Aw thanks! Glad to have you as part of the family!

      • Jill

        Can you tell me the best way to call in on the show? I have recently lost a child that was born to a couple thru embryo donation following an IVF cycle I had over 11 years ago. He had a very rare genetic disorder that was inherited by me and my ex husband. My son is also a carrier and there are two left. Although we were all devasted by his loss, they are considering using the other two remaining embryos because they desperately want to be parents. I would love s chance to call in for any insight Erik may have. Sorry for the long post..

      • I’m so sorry. Just call the number I post on the blog Fridays, Sundays and Monday mornings. Try to call in at exactly 15 min until 7 PM CT, not before, because you won’t get on and others calling will get ahead of you, so timing is everything.

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