Rolling with Erik: November Q&A, Part One

As promised, here is the first part of the Q&A with Erik through Emma!

Also, Veronica wants me to share her YouTube channel with you guys. Please subscribe by clicking HERE! Today, she posts a new angel message.

Sorry this is so short! I’m watching Easton while his mama is doing a 12 hour shift in the emergency room, and man, is he ever busy!!

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  • Robin Kincaid

    For people trying to figure out (in the US) when to send their questions in on time to Emmanuelle in Belgium – remember that when it is, say 4:30pm on the west coast here it is 1:30 AM in Belgium and they are also a day AHEAD (so today is Friday in US but it is already morning, Saturday in Belgium). Hope this helps! Explains why some folks are not getting their questions in on time (they are sending them in a day earlier and there is that nine hour time difference to consider).

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