The Root of Suffering

I’m sorry that their was no post yesterday. I thought I’d take the holiday off. I hope you all took the time to feel thankful for the great Martin Luther King, Jr. He did so much for so many, and I look forward to interviewing him.

Today’s post is about suffering. It’s very relevant given how MLK has helped us alleviate the suffering of so many.

We all suffer in some measure of our life. That’s what the human experience is about, at least somewhat: To let go of the pain it causes and embrace the lessons it offers to make us the best version of ourselves. Tomorrow, Erik will share solutions for our suffering. Pretty dang important!

Me: So what is the spiritual root behind all suffering? Is it attachment? Is it resistance? Sometimes I think resistance plays a big part.

Erik: Yes, attachment is behind it all like the need to play the victim so that you can get attention and sympathy or the attachment of being right so your ego has that “I’m right” identity, the attachment to expectations which are sometimes dashed—a lot! (He rolls his eyes.)

Me: So attachment is the root. What about resistance? How does that come into play?

Erik: It’s the resistance to detaching to the shit that doesn’t serve you and that keeps you in the past instead of the Now. Resistance sometimes can be confused with maintaining boundaries, so I don’t want it to seem like all resistance is bad. Can we say, “stubbornness” instead?

Me: Sure.

Erik: Resistance can be done consciously like you’re totally awake. “I fucking refuse to do that shit!” It might be for a really great reason, but stubbornness is something you can do on a conscious level, but for all the wrong reasons. We’re getting into semantics here, though. “I refuse to help you because blah, blah, blah,” and everyone around you is like, “Wow. That’s really weird.”

Me: And resistance can be positive like, “I refuse to let you into my house to slay my children!”

Erik: Yeah, yeah. Stubbornness is ego-driven. It’s the driver.

Me: It’s like permanently being in toddlerhood.

Erik claps his hands and laughs.

Erik: That should be in bold words. There’s a t-shirt right there, Mom.

Me: So, to sum it up, the root of all suffering is stubbornly hanging onto something that doesn’t serve you.

Erik: Yes, whether it’s a belief, a past experience, an assumption, a need to be right or superior, a role and lots of other things.

The Root of Suffering, Martin Luther King Jr, Channeling Erik

This is a short one, I know. I promise tomorrow’s will be longer!


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  • Lisa Sowers Macke

    I love that MLK quote! & I would very much like to be less” hanging on for dear life.” Looking at it from the perspective of stubborn/bullheaded me, changes a lot. xo to you both.

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Good day everyone. New day, new beginning!

  • felicia

    Enough already of sadness, loss,grief, omg

    • Lisa Sowers Macke

      I get it, but maybe you are not in the place for,” enough already.” Just sayin.There are plenty of spaces for what you seem to need. And Maybe it is easier to Look ahead and have positive feelings if grief and loss can be faced in this manner. I can do both better, in part because of this place.

    • Are you saying we spend too much time focusing on loss? We try to mix it up, but a lot of people found the blog because they’ve lost someone or something: a job, a relationship, themselves, etc.

  • Justin Casey Zakop

    Look ahead. Positive feelings. Happier emotions. Well wishing all makes for better energy, higher frequency, that sort of thing. Forgive me for a bit of a fishing expedition, I must agree with Felicia. Keep a good thought.
    For a grieving parent not only to discover that survival after death is real (a gift beyond words) & to have regular access to the loved one there after…blessings abound. Then take those blessings & invest your efforts in sharing this abundance with the world as has been done, there should be celebration.
    Either that, or I’m just full of shit…

    • Lisa Sowers Macke

      That is actually what i find happens here more often than not. And no one invests more in sharing this, than Elisa.

      • felicia

        Thanks Justin, I did not want to offend anyone. Eric is such a energetic spirit and is doing work for his growth and for the betterment of humans. He has told his audience many, many times to go thru the screen door of grief and move on. He pulls no punches, he says deal and move on. Wouldn’t it be great to read about the moving on part and the positive outcome of doing so? Everyone has a story, could we accept that and move into the light rather than repeating the sadness?
        Eric is (I hope) helping humans to realize that our true home is so close and not “far away up there, somewhere”. I am a very ancient spirit and know how great a spirit Eric is. I love his candor and “wear your big kids pants attitude”.
        More positive, uplifting, such is life information would be appreciated.

      • Lisa Sowers Macke

        I am sorry if I missunderstood. Really I was not offended. I appreciate what

        you have said here. Just expressing my oppinion.

      • Justin Casey Zakop

        This is what I am saying…she is sharing her blessings with everyone, for this I am very grateful, & i believe it should be celebrated. I guess I should not curse, I don’t pull it off as well as Erik & i fear I may have been misunderstood. If this is the case- I humbly apologize

      • Lisa Sowers Macke

        I am sorry, I did misunderstand

      • We’re all family here and we all love you. It’s important not to hold back and fear that you might be misunderstood. We love what you shared and I hope you keep on doing it,.

      • Justin Casey Zakop

        Thank you for the wonderful sentiment. After many years of “surfing”, This is the first time I felt compelled to participate in a web log. How can I not continue with such openly welcome support. I pray your efforts continue to be fruitful. I believe the world needs all the kind effort we can manage.

      • (((HUGS)))

  • T Diaz

    Erik’s explanation today was really, really clear to me, tyty Erik! I also loved the MLK quote, tyty, Elisa!

  • Ellen Wood

    The root of ALL suffering? What about ppl who suffer from physical or mental illnesses or children of abusive parents ect. How is that attachment/resistance or ego driven? Or is he just talking abt grief? Love to u both!!

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