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Well, I’ve had a breakthrough with my husband. For years, he’s been adamant about not letting our grown kids use our little ski boat because he’s afraid that they’ll plow into a stump, pitching everyone out into the air so that they land on underwater tree spikes, impaling their livers or he’s afraid they’ll get lost, never to return again, or that they’ll destroy the boat beyond repair. I texted him a couple of days ago, “The kids want to go to Austin and take out the boat. I want you to say yes.” And he responded, “Okay but if they break it, they have to pay.” You guys don’t know how momentous this is. I never expected him to acquiesce. I guess I had to wait until the boat was old as dirt. Of course now I’m biting my fingernails, hoping it all goes well. Wish them luck!

By the way, it will take the pine bark extract around 6 weeks to really start to create noticeable changes. I hope I’m not repeating myself, but I’m too lazy to check yesterday’s post to see if I’ve already mentioned it!

Here’s a great (and pretty funny) Best of Erik for you guys. 

Me: What are the rules of engagement between spirits and humans? In other words, what are the dos and don’ts that spirits have to abide by when approaching us for contact?

Erik: Don’t immediately have sex with them.

Jamie wails in laughter.

Me: Erik! But later, all bets are off? Give it like a couple of hours?

Jamie ratchets up the laughter.

Me: Maybe a couple of dates.

Jamie (in stitches): He’s talking about dates! I can’t believe you just said that.

Me: Have some wine, some cheese and crackers.

Jamie: Drug ‘em first.

Me: Yeah, some ruffies. (roofies?)

Erik: Come on, y’all left that one wide open for trash talk. Really, we’re only confined by the person’s belief system and the lessons they’re learning. We can’t interfere with—

Jamie (to Erik): Yeah, just say human.

Erik: We can’t interfere with the human’s lessons. Now, if something’s about to happen, and it’s not part of their lesson, then hell yeah, we can do all kinds of shit: interfere and mend things and put things back in the direction.

Me: Mm hm. You’re talking about the guardian angels and archangels.

Erik: Yeah, but if it’s part of what they’re supposed to be learning, we’re out, man. We’re observers.

Me: Okay. So, you’re in the stands ordering hotdogs, beer and peanuts.

Erik: Yeah. And you gotta remember, even if, you know, it’s not being a human where you approach a stranger on the street and you have to do research and inquire and figure them out. As a spirit, we have all of that information readably available. It’s a vulnerability policy. It’s an all open, open book, all truth laid out policy. So, when we approach a human that we haven’t worked with before, we know where they stand. We know what the boundaries are.

Me: Okay. Makes sense.

Erik: And if the human says, “Fuck you. I don’t believe in you. Get the hell away from me.” Or they pray to their god and protect themselves and, you know, kind of kick us out, we’re out.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You know, the human itself has its own private little universe that they manipulate to meet their needs. It’s crazy awesome.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Crazy awesome.

Jamie: Crazy awesome was the visuals he was giving me! It was like he was giving me maybe like a 12-inch tall human being, and it was a man dressed in pants, long sleeves. And as the man was thinking and having emotional reactions, that whole energetic field that he calls the universe around the man was shaping and changing. It was dense just like the physical body was!

Me: That’s wild.

Jamie: That’s how Erik says, when they see people, they see that energetic field being just s dense as the physical body, and it can lock itself down in ways that a spirit can’t enter into it.

Me: Wow!

Erik: That’s what happens when people surround and protect themselves.

Me (chuckling): Well, less work for you!

Erik (snickering): Yeah, it requires a lot more patience. You gotta hang around until they have a weak spot. Then you can jump in.

(Pause as Jamie listens)

Jamie (with a short gasp): Erik!

Erik: I don’t necessarily do that, but I know ones that do!

I can only imagine what he’s talking about. I didn’t want details.

Me: Has the spirit world ever felt so inclined as to physically intervene in to world affairs?

Jamie: Has Erik?

Me: No, has the spirit world, period. Or spirits in general.

Erik: Oh, fuck, yeah.


Me: Okay. Elaborate please.

Jamie: Uh, he’s doing that thing where he’s kind of looking off in the distance.

Me: Mm hm.

Jamie: Um, he’s so funny. He’s sitting caddy corner in a chair with his legs over the armrest and his back on the other side of the armrest so like he’s sitting the wrong way. So, he kind of drops his head back and looks off to the side.


Jamie: Erik, what are you talking about? Go back, go back, go back! Sorry.

Jamie laughs.

Jamie: He says, “You shouldn’t be so busy telling my mom how great I look!”

We both giggle.

Me: You mean how sloppy you look! Sit up straight young man!

Jamie (to Erik): What, that you have bad posture?

Erik (ignoring us): There have been many times where groups of spirits have united to eliminate the option of war to calm diplomats and governments down—pacify the situation. People might not like this shit, but there have been times where we’ve helped increase the efforts of war.

Me: You know that was my next question. Have you ever tried to make it worse for some reason?

Erik: Yeah. Make it worse so that when that war resolved there wouldn’t be a follow-up war.

Me: Oh!

Erik: You know, like make an end to an end. It’s kind of like when you’re in a relationship and you’re breaking up and the dude says, “Are you fine?” and the girl says, “Yeah, I’m fine.” And then she walks away. Then two weeks later she fucking implodes and goes crazy and slashes his tires and stuff. You gotta get it all out at once. So, there are times where I know that there has been the case in history to get it all, all out so that peace can come afterwards.

Me: Hm. Can you give me an example from the past? Or the future?

Erik: Oh, Mom. I don’t want you to get hate mail!

Me: Okay fine. Fine, fine, fine. Well, give me a future one.

Jamie: He’s already shown it to me. Do you want to know, personally?

Me: Well, if it’s a future one or a very distant past one so people don’t know.

Jamie: It’s in history, but it’s not so, so much in the past.

Me: Okay, go ahead and give me one.

Jamie: Well, just for you. Uh, he’s talking about the spirits supporting XXXX.

Me: Oh, okay.

Jamie: Because it’s been after that that no world war three has come.

Me: Ah! Okay.

Jamie: That it’s given us worldwide over 100 years of peace. Even though individual countries have been at war, it has not involved what they consider to be the world.

Me: Why does it work that way?

Erik: I don’t know. Why, when you push a kid on a swing in one direction, do they swing back farther in the other direction?

Me: Oh. And I bet you anything, um, we talked in private about YYYY having some sort of contract.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: And that’s part of his contract?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Interesting.

Erik: But people don’t want to give him that good edge, and I totally get it. It’s like we’ve always been taught that there’s a good guy and a bad guy and that the good guy has to punish the bad guy so that there can be happiness, But really there’s no good guy and bad guy. There’s no need to punish.

Me: Yeah. It’s hard for most people to wrap their heads around that though. It’s in our DNA to hate, to take revenge.

Erik: Yeah, and it’s a concept that’s going to take, I don’t know, probably take another fifty, sixty years to grow out of.

(I’m thinking that’s pretty damn optimistic.)

Me: So, basically that whole thing—the horrors of (that war) scared us into peace, a long era of peace.

Erik: Yeah.

Me: I gotcha. Okay. Anything else on that?

Erik: Nah.

Me: Okay.

Don’t put this in the Universe!

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Elisa Medhus

  • Okay, six weeks for the pycnogenol to start working. Check. But I want instant gratification, dammit! “)

    Was Erik kidding about sex between spirits and humans? Probably, which is a bummer. I miss my husband. “(

    • 403LEC

      Hey Delving…I am waiting on mine to arrive in the mail…then I take as prescribed by Elisa…then I wait 6 weeks…then mind blowing beauty??????

      • Yes!

      • Mine has been delayed by this bitch of a storm we got in Connecticut, dammit! But hope springs eternal … and I hope my skin does, too! “)

    • No I think he was kidding with that one remark but they can have sex with us. They’re are boundaries, though.

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    Wait! What is the pycnogenol for? I missed it. Good for Rune, letting the kids take the boat! BTW: Erik is RIGHT ON about the crazy awesome bit. This is exactly what Seth talks about in his books.

    • It’s made my wrinkles and crepey skin (and old lady bruises) go away.

  • Dmom

    I just ordered my pycnolgenol . Do you know if there are any contraindications or issues with other meds or supplements?

    • Nancy Antia

      I wanted to know that too. Thanks for asking!

    • I’m not sure. You can check with your pharmacist, doctor or google.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I’m trying to figure out who XXXX and YYYY are!

    • angelo

      Xxxx is world war 2…..when japan was bombed atomic bomb…

  • Nancy Antia

    Elisa, why do we, human beings, always learn from the worst possible scenario? I mean ALWAYS. I keep asking myself that question but haven’t been able to answer it. Thank you!

    • I guess we need slapping upside the head with a two by four.

      • Nancy Antia

        Oh no! 🙂

    • Or, as Dr. Samuel Johnson said: “There’s nothing like a hanging to focus the mind.”

      • OMG Haha!

      • Nancy Antia

        Isn’t it too much? We could learn through love… No pain, no suffering or little pain, less suffering… My native language is Spanish (I live in Argentina) so sometimes I have to figure out what you people say especially when it’s something that seems to be a joke like what Dr. Johnoson said.

  • Lorri

    “Jamie: That’s how Erik says, when they see people, they see that
    energetic field being just s dense as the physical body, and it can lock
    itself down in ways that a spirit can’t enter into it.”

    I have rules in place that spirits can only show up in the daytime, unless there is some urgent reason that it would need to be at night. Even then, the only spirits that can show up have to be family or guides or have some reason to communicate.

    And so, I saw my first two ghosts in the daytime. They knew the rules! 😉

  • Liberate_me

    Well I think you are talking about the austrian guy. I can tell you, most of us germans still feel guilty for the past, although most of us were not even born at this time, there must be something like collective guilt in our collective awareness.. even though it is nonsense from a spiritual point of view..

    • Yep, that’s who I think it is, too. But YYYY? Maybe the dude on 9/11?

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