Sacred Geometry, Part Two

The weather here in the Texas Hill Country is so beautiful. Mid-80s, dry and breezy. We’re having a great time with our grand daughter, Arleen, who has been such a sweet and well-behaved traveling companion, so much so, that we’re thinking of taking her on a road trip, the same one my daughter and 5 of her friends are on, to Grand Canyon. This morning, Annika sent me pictures of Antelope Canyon, and it’s magnificent!

Antelope Canyon

She also loved the Grand Canyon and Sedona. 

Sorry that we had to cancel the radio show yet again. Raylene’s son, hospitalized for staph sepsis, started having seizures just minutes before airtime, so of course she wasn’t able to set things aside and channel Erik. Kim will be back from Hawaii for the next show. Be sure to send Raylene and her son healing energy and prayers.

Enjoy today’s post!

Me: So, this web of sacred geometry has always existed?

Erik: Since the beginning of time.

Me: There is no time, so forever! It’s always existed.

Erik: Yes, and we’re only just now becoming conscious of it.

Me: What about rocks and other inanimate objects? Do they have sacred geometry as well or is it only life forms?

Erik: Yep, everything that you can touch and even things you can’t touch are connected through sacred geometry.

Kim: He wants to finish his thought about how we’re just now becoming aware of consciousness, and then he kind of rambled off to himself, which kind of freaked me out a little bit because the energy behind it is so big. He’s talking about mankind as a whole, and he threw himself back, laughing and said:

Erik: Consciousness is becoming aware of itself through humans.

Kim: That’s kind of a big concept to grasp! I don’t even know how to translate that. That’s probably why he’s laughing when he says it because he knows I’m like, ‘What?’

Me: Wow. It’s too much for us.

Erik: Yeah, consciousness is becoming aware of itself through humans.

As if repeating it will help.

Me: Well that’s like God is using us, and we are whole and part of God, to have the human experience so that It can know Itself. So the grand Source, All That Is, all consciousness, is trying to become more aware of itself through humans.

It’s a dirty freaking job but someone’s gotta do it.

Erik: You are God expressed as Elisa Medhus.


Kim laughs.

Erik (clearly unimpressed): And I am God expressed as Erik Medhus. It’s a fine line because it depends on where your understanding is.

Kim: Sometimes he’ll pass things along knowing that the listeners will understand him and other times he won’t because he doesn’t want to overwhelm them.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: You have to take responsibility for your actions and thoughts, but then in the same sense, everything that’s meant to be will be. If it’s not supposed to happen, it won’t.

Me: Right.

Kim: He’s kind of speaking out of both sides of his mouth.


Kim (laughing): He didn’t like when I said that!

Me: If we knew more about sacral geometry, what could mankind do with that knowledge? What uses could be developed from that knowledge, from intimately understanding all of sacred geometry?

Erik: If we intimately understood sacred geometry, you’d see radical changes in the environment and the way it’s respected. You’d also see a radical change in the way people treat themselves and others.

Me: Because of the knowledge of being connected, right?

Erik: Right. Exactly. That’s the whole bottom line. The foundation is the connectedness. If we truly, deeply saw and understood—now some people do—but if the masses understood, it’s like biofeedback. “I saw what I just did and how it affected my environment and how that affects me.” You’d see radical changes in behavior and lifestyles because, without trying to be insulting, people are mindless in their actions and words to other people, the environment and so on. They don’t often realize that they’ll become a victim of their own mindlessness.

Me: Okay. Interesting.

Erik: So go read up on sacred geometry!

Me: Yeah, we’re going to definitely have to!

Kim: I hated geometry. I can’t imagine this!

Me: Actually, I’ve seen artwork. One of my blog members creates beautiful artwork of sacred geometry. It’s absolutely amazing! I bet there are probably people who can see sacred geometry and the entire web and how Kim looks different in her sacred geometry than I do and that a rock looks different with a completely different design. Is that the case?

Erik: Yup.

Me: So there are some people who are gifted enough to see the intricate energy web of everything?

Erik: Yes, there are some that can see it and that’s why some can draw it, paint it, and then there are more that can feel it.

Me: Really?

Kim: He’s using telepathy and claircognizance interchangeably.

Erik: People will feel it and understand it through telepathy and claircognizance, just a sense of knowing how they’re affected in it and through it.

Me: Is that how telepathy works? Like you have this web, and you can hear people’s thoughts—

Kim: See? You are channeling Erik! That’s exactly what he was talking about!

Me: Wow! So somebody thinks something, and that affects the web, so that comes to you so you capture their thought?

Erik: Yeah, exactly.

Kim: That’s where he was going; it’s so funny that you would bring that up.

Erik: Think about the phone game. Remember how, when we were kids, we used to use two cans connected with a string?

Me: Yeah, yeah.

Erik: Like if you are connected in this web, which you are, your thoughts will go out and exist in these little lines, and eventually, it’ll affect everyone else. So that’s the basis for telepathy.

Me: What about spoon bending? (I interrupted.) Oh, go ahead.

Kim: I’ll ask him that in a second.

Me: Jamie does that.

Kim: I asked him what if there was no sacred geometry?

Me (with a gasp): Oo!

Kim: He literally showed me a blackout like there would be no existence.

Me: Yeah, you couldn’t have form without sacred geometry, right? You couldn’t have material form.

Kim: Yeah, he showed me everything disappearing and everything became silent. Very eerie.

Me: Oh!

Erik: So, spoon bending is done very much through clairsentience. That’s being connected through feeling. Like you can really feel the vibes of something. For example, you might feel like you need to call your spouse: “Are you okay, honey? I’m just really thinking about you and feeling like something’s up. What’s up?” “Well, I feel like crap today. Thanks for calling.” So you’re connected through feeling, and that’s how someone can bend a spoon.

Me: Jamie will just rub the neck of the spoon between her fingers and both ends just droop. My daughter, Kristina, can do the same thing. What does that have to do with the web? They manipulate it with their mind, maybe?

Erik: Sort of but it’s like you put your consciousness into the spoon or you become the spoon and it becomes you. You see that there’s no difference. Then you convince/manipulate the spoon to bend by way of shifting your consciousness to it, through it, whatever.

Me: Getting the molecules to move apart from each other maybe.

Kim: I’ll have to try that sometimes when I’m feeling centered and focused. I’ve never tried that, but it sounds cool

Me: I’ve done it before once or twice, but most of the time, I can’t. All right, anything else on sacred geometry before we close?

Erik: Just watch your back because you might be a victim of your own actions. Be mindful. Mom, this is the basis for where the idea for karma came from. I don’t like the word, karma, but essentially, when you put something out there, somebody else or something else will be affected by it but so will you because it’s in your own web.

Me: Sure!

Erik: So be mindful.

Me: Right. Don’t poop where you sleep, in other words.

Kim laughs.

Me: Dogs don’t do it, so we shouldn’t either. All right, sounds good. Y’all stay tuned for the information that follows so you can get a holt, as we say in Texas, of Kim. She’s got some exciting new things happening. She’s planning to host some great webinars and so on. You’ll see her web address in just a few! Bye! Bye Erik!

Erik: Love you, Mom!


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  • Dustin Ebaugh

    I LOVED this discussion on Sacred Geometry Doc! It’s SO important. David Wilcock has discussed it a lot in his posts and online videos at Gaia. Wonderful stuff. We ARE all connected!

  • Kathryn

    What is Raylene’s, son’s name? It’ll help for my prayers.

  • Marq.

    Eriks comments reminded me of how he once described the collective enviroment he now lives in.
    Erik mentioned that the core co-
    created structures are constantly being slightly changed each time a spirit interacts with them.
    The changes reflect the preferred reality of the individual but the change affect all who come into contact with them.
    There is parallel playing out in the physical.
    In the non physical awareness of interconnectedness and impact on others is a conscious consideration.
    In the physical the words, thoughts and actions we create have a delayed manifestation.
    A huge part of the amnesic state we step into when incarnating is the erasure of our knowledge that we are interconnected.
    The higher we rise in vibration the higher we expand in consciousness.
    The closer we come to experiencing consciously our ultimate state. Oneness.
    Erik has spoken of how we each experience all we have affected on others from their own perspective in our life reviews.
    As if we were them.
    About how profoundly that affects all involved and resultantly raises awareness of our true interconnectedness.
    One of the major messages Erik relays is the inherant equal valueof everything in existance.
    Rock, plant,insect, animal, star, human, alien, angel,disincarnate spirits like Erik.
    You and I.
    All that is – is one conscious being.
    All that is in existance is that same one being.
    All things experience consciousness because all things are consciousness.
    There is no separation.
    There is no time. Just an eternal now.
    There is nothing outside of all that is so all that is focusses and explores inwardly.
    Done through the individualisation of consciousness.
    Individual aspects of an overall collective conscious.
    Manifesting in a myriad of ways to create and explore experience.
    The spoon bends when you realise and feel you are the spoon.

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