Sad News

These has been a great deal of unconscionable drama and pettiness caused by medium, Emma McIntosh, which has caused me to lose friends and my respect for her. I’m wrought with so much sadness, especially after the betrayals of other mediums, so I’m suspending the blog and all things related to it until I get a chance to lick my wounds. She has been extremely hurtful to Veronica, too, to the point of bullying her, so Veronica wants to have a break as well. I don’t understand how people can stab you in the back when you try to help them. Please cancel any appointments you have with her. She doesn’t deserve it and I don’t put this lightly. Erik and I love you all very much. 

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Elisa Medhus

  • Amreen

    I’m really sorry for what is happening. Sending love and light to you guys.

    • Larissa

      Elisa, life is constantly changing, One night I tapped into your channel and it gave me a strength I had forgotten. I want you to know, your channel helped me and other remember who I am. Take your time to digest the situation. Ask Erick and your higher self for guidance. Then the answer will come. If you decide to shut it down. I respect your decision, and I’m eternally grateful to have crossed paths. If you keep moving forward, I filled with joy and delight. Once again I thank you and Erik for your sharing yourself with others.

  • Christy Herrington Burton

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I send you love and healing angels. May the rest of your Christmas be joyful. Regardless of what a few say there are thousands that love your blog and find it extremely helpful in times of great need. It is a light which shines in the darkness for many.

    • Therese

      What happened with emma and jamie? Whats the betrayal about?

      • Fpkerry

        Jamie’s website says she is taking a sabbatical from doing readings for a couple years to focus on her desired career in teaching. That does not sound like a “betrayal” to me

      • Nick P

        Betrayal meaning Kim and Jamie both used channeling Erik to boost their careers, and once they felt they had a big enough following they both left under the guise of “growth”. Jamie left a couple years ago to start a pay to watch video series and Kim had plans to do the same kind of profit work but just seems to want to be a model. Jamie’s producer for this show she started actually quit and outed her over his dispute from Jamie still trying to use Erik for her profit videos

      • Jade Milburn

        I think people are always allowed to leave though and move to other things as they so wish

        I can see why Elisa would be hurt as the topic is so sensitive so I send her love over that

      • Nick P

        No doubt, I was just explaining where the “betrayal” came from because the person above seemingly just referenced a recent Jamie post as the reason for Elisa’s hurt

      • Sarah Madsen


  • Gale Conn-Wright

    You must put the healing of your heart above all else.

  • Darren Cundy

    After all this time all the mediums should be working together as you and Eric keeps this show on the road….where we all benefit….well done elisa….and you will be back and stronger with eric…all my love xx

    • vickie

      I believe Jamie was reading for years before elisa went to her for a reading about her son. Anyone has a right to move on with their lives if they wish.

  • Nick P

    Love you Momma ‘Lisa, Have a Merry Christmas and happy Kwanza. This should be family time anyway

  • Betsy Piccolo

    Sorry to hear this. Hope you and your family have a great holiday and Happy New Year. Your family and that Rascal Erik who is with us all will help you get you thru this. As I always say it is what it is but don’t let it have you lose faith in people, we all love you!

  • Veronica Kaye

    Elisa, I am so, so so sorry to hear this. I too had a bad experience with Kim (she rescheduled 2 appointments, didn’t bother to show up for the third, then didn’t apologize for it but gave me a “poor me” story) so I know what it’s like to feel betrayed.

    I’m baffled though – you are MAKING their careers and exposing them to the world. They should be thankful!! So sad they are not. Sorry to hear that you are suffering 🙁

  • Enos Anderson

    One would expect these gifted persons to display much better character.

  • Val

    So sorry to hear this 🙁 love & light xx

  • Rex Edmondston

    Elisa you stay tall you have and Erik have been such a good thing for so many, we will miss you. lots of love to you and your family and merry Christmas.

  • selina cecil

    Omg…Elisa. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Please take care and remember that you have all of us that love you and Erik standing with you. I had a bad feeling about her but what can you do but shrug and hope it’s nothing! I was really wondering of her channelings with others that she was doing and naming the video chats along the same lines as your blog. I hope all will be good again soon. Love & hugs!

  • Cherieone

    I am so sorry to hear this You and Erik have helped and will help so many people. Stand tall and steadfast because you guys are so loved and needed by many! Have wonderful holidays with your family! Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future! Love and Blessings

  • Robin G Becker

    Sending love and hugs ♥

  • 1Jeanna

    I’m so terribly sorry you are having to deal with this. Take all the time you need.

  • Oscar Perez

    Wow! Definitely not the news we want to read before Xmas! This blog is so much fun to read for me. It is really a shame that you have to suspend it, but if it needs to be done, then, whatever is best for you and the blog.Nonetheless, love your work, your giving spirit, and waiting for the the blog to “re-open”. Hopefully this too shall pass, and will be regularly checking to see good news. There is too much love for you and your work out here. Unfortunately you might not see that or feel that, but I’m sure that the love for you and the work is much greater than the petiness going on behind the scenes. Hoping for the best, and happy holidays!

  • Amreen

    I mean everyone is human, so it might not be fair to place that assumption on mediums either.

    • Tracy Lamont

      Well the other two got famous thru the ce blog then left elisa and started charging extortionate prices for their services, so I don’t have much faith in them right now. I mean if I had such a gift I’d give messages for free…. and that’s the truth of it.

      • madhub1

        Nine hundred dollars an hour with Jamie.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Yes, Jaime charges $450 per 30 minutes. She only does a couple of sessions a week now though and is doing other things. I am all for mediums making decent money, but I will never understand rates that high. It just means that she is out of reach for most people. What good does that do?

      • crunch888

        I think it means she really doesn’t have the gift. An over sense of ego (ie price gouging) equates to lack of compassion or insight.

      • Lorri Lewis

        I think Jamie definitely has the gift and is a very very clear medium. I just don’t understand the pricing.

        I also thought Emma was at the same high level of clearness as Jamie, so I’m disappointed about whatever happened. I hope it’s just a misunderstanding.

      • crunch888

        I have never used any of the gals connected here. Thought about but nope. I worked for Maharishi Ayurveda Products back in the late 90’s. I sold product..herbals from India. TM Transcendental Mediatation was offered in their main building too. $1000 back then to do a starter class. I couldn’t believe it. I remember it was $30 back in the 1970’s. So I asked why and the response was that it was believed that spending $1000 would endear the training to the customer better. They would value it more. My Bull shit meter went off. The original intention of the practice was to get larger and larger portions of the population to practice it it. It was this wave of mediators that would change the world. Studies had supposedly been done that showed how small populations of people practicing TM could change the mental and emotional health of a community and then later the world. Stress goes down. Crime goes down. What do you gain by focusing on big spenders? A big hand full of money. I think the training is legitimate however ego driven people try to control it. BTW working in customer service my experience was that the most angry and imbalance folks were those that paid for the 2nd and 3rd levels of training. They were very full of their station in life. So when I hear of folks charging Sylvia Browne Prices I am thinking bullshit too. Browne was way off on stuff too. Once told a family their missing child was dead. The child shows up a year or so later. That wasn’t the only F#$@ Up.

      • Tracy Lamont

        No way! That is seriously abusing a gift.

      • Big Balls

        LOL, These mediums are doing gods work for a price.

      • Angel Shining

        what is the difference between them charging alot and a well prestige Dr charging a lot, a very good lawyer (which I am using right now at enormous prices) , a singer of Christian music making millions, etc , if your good and people love you, the price goes up cause they can only help so many a day. Demand determines pricing.

      • I used to think the same way, but I realized I felt that way about most things “spirit” related, and it’s a bit unfair. Like any trade, if someone has a passion and wants to devote their time to training and honing the skills needed to be able to give people the best of your services, it needs to be placed higher on the list than “hobby” or “side job”. And since the majority of people don’t go to mediums, the prices have to be high enough to pay the bills. I imagine once mediumship becomes mainstream, if that ever happens, prices will go down to be more competitive.

      • Lorri Lewis

        I agree that it’s ridiculous to expect mediums or psychics to perform for free. They have to make a living and pay their bills the same as anyone else on earth. Why do some people think we’re entitled to their time for free?

        That said, the ones who charge insanely high fees are also being ridiculous.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Kim only charges $125 for 45 minutes. That is reasonable in my opinion.

      • Alicia Scott

        No she doesn’t! When I looked at her site to get a reading it was like $800

      • Lorri Lewis

        Alicia, I don’t know what you’re looking at. I just looked again. The prices are under the heading “intuitive Sessions”.

      • Mary Capps

        I remember one of Kim’s earlier videos she commented on how she didn’t like what Jamie did and thought Jamie’s price was too much

      • Zamboa

        I guess there’s not much honor among charlatans.

  • M&M

    I’m so sorry for all that you continue to go through to bring Erik to us on a daily basis. I have grown to love you, Erik and this blog with all my heart. Your intention is always pure and you lead by great example. Thank you for sharing this latest hurdle with us. I will think of you every day and anxiously await your return. If there is anything I/we can do, just ask. We are not all like that, some of us are with you and Erik for the long haul. Much healing and holiday blessings.

    • JAckie C

      You don’t know what has actually happened, so you are not in a position to comment.

      • M&M

        I don’t need to know what happened to show love and support to Elisa. Did not comment in anyway about what happened.

      • JAckie C

        Oops, so sorry M&M that wasn’t meant for you! I think it must have been meant for ‘Nat’ who posted 2 days ago. Your name is close and I have somehow tapped on you. Sorry if I made you feel bad. I wasn’t trying to make ‘Nat’ feel bad either, whoever it was meant to go to, I felt, was coming down heavy on ELISA and as we don’t know what Emma has done, and it may be very bad, then I felt that crilticism isn’t right and will make Elisa feel even worse than she does already. Jackie x

      • M&M

        Thank you Jackie, I get it now. Sorry for the confusion, looks like we are both just trying to show support to Elisa.

      • JAckie C

        Yes, unlike MAYA. She seems like a troll. Elisa posted that some of the comments are really hurting her. Talk about rubbing salt in the wound. I think this lady needs removing. Glad you got my reply .

      • M&M

        I am right there with you, Jackie. Trying to find ways to not react to some of the posts, as this stuff is all around us and shutting it out completely is not possible. Have yet to find something that truly works but what does seem to help is thinking, “not my stuff” over and over. Let me know if you come up with anything that helps reduce the reaction to troll type postings. Happy New Year.

      • JAckie C

        I think people like Maya are similar to children wanting attention. When she gets a reaction, albeit a bad one, she loves it. The response also then gives her fodder for her next posting. She must feel famous by now, lol! I figure the best thing anyone can do everytime she posts, is to reply with one word ………Troll. If everyone did it she would eventually have nothing to bite back at and become exhausted and bored. In fact it could be done to anyone who is consciously and knowing saying things to stab the knife and twist it into Elisa’s heart. What do you think M&M?

      • M&M

        Jackie, good point. In my experience, people who want to start a fight will find a way to do so no matter what and then it builds from there. Like you say, I guess the trick is to engage as little as possible, or none at all.

  • Nat

    I’ve never spoken on this website before but you should remove this post. You are upset because when a medium leaves, you feel like a part of you/Erik goes with them, right? When the last one left, you questioned whether or not you should continue the website, or something like that? (Believe it or not, I can hear you. I’m a shitty psychic and I wasn’t sure why I was hearing you.) But a post like this makes you (and everyone involved) look bad when one of your causes is to spread love and light. People are changeable and when they change, it is not necessarily a bad thing. People are also fallible but no side has an argument that is 100% correct, and anyone who argues otherwise is arguing from an ego/negativity/pride/whatever they want to call it.

    Heal. And try not to post when you’re high on emotions because people will want to bring you down. Everyone has human moments. Mom stop being so hard on Emma.

    (Also as a side note, I’m sorry if this post makes you feel disrespected, Dr Medhus.)

    • M&M

      We do not know exactly what the situation was. Maybe it was much more than leaving the blog. A lot probably goes on behind the scenes that we are not made aware of. Just a thought.

      • JAckie C

        That’s the one that bothered me. I am English and followed the case very closely. Mi have read Kate McCanns biography and they came across as very loving parents. They were talents doctors who would know what they were doing with medications. But it just didn’t feel right. I really love Robert, I get lovely vibes from him.

      • hoopaloopdaloop

        I voted for Robert too

    • Maya

      @Nat I agreedy with you. That’s what happen when you (I mean her) rely your healing on other people and not on yourself.

      Like Abraham-Hicks said, “Just ignore everything, don’t worry It’ll get bigger.”

      To me, this “Erik cause” should shut down long time ago. I am glad this blog is finally shut down. I always told her to focus on her healing, not to deny the pain and try to “save the world” instead.

      That’s like creating a patch (band aid) to heal deep wounds but not wanting to have the open heart surgery for a permanent healing.

      Healing requires self-check. Self-introspection. Healing is painful, and ugly.

      ” one of your causes is to spread love and light.”

      This is a facade cause. Martyrdom attitude. She kept saying, “I sacrifice my son for humanity.”
      No one wants to be a sacrifice lamb. Every child wants to be her mother’s priority.

      No one wants to suicide. If the house is happy, no one want to end their lives. People suicide because they are not happy.

      Sorry, Elisa, I might say something hurtful to you. But you see, it’s not and never my intention.

      If you want to heal, please check out “Dr. Joe Dispenza”. I believe I point you to the right direction.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Maya, your remarks are hurtful because they are inaccurate.

        I don’t care how “happy” a house is, a person like Erik suffering from bi-polar disease of the sub-type that is nearly constant deep depression isn’t going to be happy just because the family is happy.

      • Maya

        @Lorri Lewis It’s hurtful, because it is accurate.
        If it is inaccurate, it is not hurtful.

        ” I don’t care how “happy” a house is, a person like Erik suffering from bi-polar disease ”

        This is a comment from an ignorant. So you try to look inside, you don’t like what you see, and then you try to blame me?

        People reject the Truth, because they are unwilling to look inside and SELF CHECK.

        They want to believe they are that good, or that perfect, when they are not.

        They blame the disease. The put a label of a condition such as bi-polar, autistic, etc, and judge it as abnormal.

        Then they easily put the TRUST & responsibility of the wellness to the medical doctors & psychologists. Still refuse to look at SELF.

        You talk about “happy family” from the SURFACE level. There are many “happy families” out there, but INSIDE they are not happy.

        Erik did not have bipolar when he was born. He had bipolar, AFTER he was bullied by the cruel school mates.

        Now, the problem is ERIK or the cruel school mates?

        To me, the ones who need to be putted into mental institutions and need some medications ARE the bullies, not ERIK.

        How can the BULLYING PEOPLE become the standard or SANITY in the society?

        DEPRESSION is not normal. Please don’t make DEPRESSION as the standard of life. In ideal world, people are suppose to be happy.

        Are you interested to go to that direction, or not?

        if you think DEPRESSION is normal and you just eat some medication to cure your issue, then YOU are the problem.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Maya, bi-polar disease can come on at any time and it is a chemical malfunction of the brain.

        Your continuing to blame the Medhus household for not being “happy” enough to save Erik is just plain cruel.

        Millions of children are bullied all the time without becoming bi-polar, so don’t confuse the two. The bullying Erik experienced was just in addition to bi-polar disease among other illnesses he had. The bullying did not CAUSE bi-polar disease.

        Lastly, no one said depression was normal, so I have no idea what hat you pulled that out of.

      • Maya

        @Lorri Lewis If you bully strong people, they don’t become bi-polar.
        If you bully vulnerable people, they fall apart & become bi-polar.

        Erik happened to be that vulnerable, delicate soul who needs extra understanding, compassion, & comprehension.

        I maybe cruel. But I speak Truth.

      • Lorri Lewis

        If you believe that vulnerable people become bi-polar from bullying, then you live in your own made up Universe and no one here can help you.

        It’s gotten way past tiresome. Goodbye.

      • Maya

        @Lorri Lewis I don’t need your help.

        ” then you live in your own made up Universe and no one here can help you.”

        This is the form of ‘gaslighting’.

        “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. –

        Alright, I guess I am out of here as well. (Except someone reply to my comment, then I’ll reply back to as well.)

        But I guess, I’ve made my point.

      • Léon Vrins

        So you are glad this blog is finally shut down. So you don’t give a damn about all the people who get a lot of support and or happiness from it. I don’t like it at all the way it occurred! So suddenly as it happened. It is not like Elisa nor like Emma. I mentioned it before, in my opinion,the source of this conflict has a strong connection with those forces behind the scene, who don’t like things being revealed about the targets of that shadow government.

      • Maya

        @Leon Vrins You mean fake happiness?

        I prefer this blog never have to existed, and ERIK STILL ALIVE.

        How many people are with me? Probably none.

      • Léon Vrins

        Maya, I really feel sorry for you

      • Maya

        @Leon Vrins Weren’t you the one who wish America to fall apart long time ago?
        You Dutch, wish bad things upon Americans. I remember you.

      • Léon Vrins

        Reading your last comment I feel more sorry for you. Your memory needs some refreshment.

      • Maya

        @Leon Vrins It is called gaslighting. Of course I remember. We argued about 911.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        I am not disagreeing, just wondering how ‘forces behind the scene’ can manipulate. I too feel as though something or someone was wreaking havoc because it is unlike Elisa to be so mean.

      • Jenna Lee

        Your comments are disgraceful. And quite honestly, you sound like an immature child. Keep working on your own spiritual development MAYBE then you can help others. To even suggest that a family is somehow, even a little bit, responsible for a suicide shows how much more work you have to do for yourself if you want to be a compassionate, helping person to the world in any way! I think Elisa has you way beat with that and I’m sure hundreds of thousands of others would side with her without a doubt especially after your horrendous comment. How dare you

      • Maya

        @Jenna Lee My comments are disgraceful for vultures people like you.


        You ALL want ERIK to DIE because you enjoy the benefit of he being in spirit. Shame on you.

      • Jenna Lee

        Erik did die, not you or anyone else can change that fact. If you didn’t want to help or be compassionate toward Elisa than I’m really not sure what your doing here except to try to spread your own delusional stories of right and wrong etc. which, from the looks of it, isn’t working out too good for you and for good reason. You don’t know half of what any of them go through so get a life.

      • Maya

        @Jenna Lee Erik died physically.

      • Oscar Perez

        Jenna, as they say, don’t feed the trolls. If you look at the history of the unintelligible comments written by the user, sadly enough, it seems that somebody needs psychiatric help. Or at best, they lack the capacity to comprehend basic facts.

      • Nancy Antia

        Erik came to see me back in 2.009 at the request of my own son in spirit and that alone changed my life. How can you possibly say the things that you’re saying here? You’re hurting deeply lots of people. You don’t really know what you’re talking about. I’m very sorry for you.

      • Maya

        @Nancy Antia Do you prefer your son to be alive or dead?

      • Nancy Antia

        Why do you ask me that question?

      • Nancy Antia

        Do you enjoy hurting people?

      • Maya

        @Nancy Antia I enjoy seeing strength in other people.

        I don’t enjoy seeing martyrdom.
        I enjoy seeing fighters who fight for what they believe in.

        Your right maybe other people’s wrong, and vice versa. But why follow herd of sheep?

        My question to her (Elisa) is, does she feel her son’s death is justified or not? Is she okay with it? Can she let him go?

        Rahtaeh Parsons’s parents sued her bullies. They want them to go to jail.
        That’s the form for love that the parents can show to their daughter. They might not be able to prevent the tragedy.
        But they defend their daughter’s right to live. They seek Justice.

        Why didn’t she do the same? Where was she to defend Erik, when he was bullied?
        Why she has a martyrdom attitude, while Rahtaeh Parson’s parents (and other parents out there) have fighter attitude?

        She loved him, but she doesn’t love him enough to:
        – defend him
        – go through all the pain all over again
        – heal

        It’s like half love. It’s love, but it’s come from selfish perspective. It’s ego and possession.

      • Marie Cole

        Maya, that’s really harsh. You don’t have to put Elisa on trial. She’s hurt enough. It’s hard to see that your posts came from a loving heart. Earlier you commented something to the effect of CE should have been shut down long time ago, but if you thought so, why did you continue to visit the site?

      • Big Balls

        Well I see the troll is showing her true colors. What a cunt.

      • Manoj

        Perfectly said! Ha Ha Ha..

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        I can’t believe you’ve spouted such insensitive claptrap. And it is abjectly cruel to tell a mother that their child took their life because of the ‘house’ they were in. I hope to goodness that you never encounter tragedy in your life Maya and then have people blame you for it.

      • Fli

        It almost seems like you were waiting for this moment and even take pleasure in it, immature as hell. You don’t even know what happened to judge. No one cares about your contrived knowledged when it comes to supposed “gaslighting” arguments and mediocre analogies to make your point sound more conclusive, you still sound childish and disrespectful.

        To be fair, some stuff that you said is reasonable because there are a lot of people without critical thinking and a considerable lack of intelectual ability to comprehend some things, but the rest is just plain stupid and mannerless, absolutely unnecessary. Full of holier-than-thou egoistical crap, self-afirmation and shitty disrespectful atittude.

        And honestly, no medium that charges 450 dolars for a fucking 30 min session deserves this gift or my respect. In the end, I think this happened for a reason, and a good one. I’m sure Elisa will find another decent and WAY less greedy medium, that’s much better. This US mentality about money is so ridiculous that being a medium is perceived as a career, wouldn’t be that much of a problem if they weren’t so greedy and shameless about making a shitload of money from it.

        And you make no sense when you say that “wanted Erik alive”, I don’t know what’s the point of whining about that, what’s done is done. He is alive and well doing his mission and helping a lot of people on this earthly plane, it was meant to be. Who are you to judge or to say otherwise? Keep those stupid hurtful words to yourself, I think Elisa is going through a lot and the last thing she needs is some random cunt like you, show some fucking respect since you think you are so intelligent. And BTW, strong people are vulnerable, not otherwise.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Fli, good points, but Emma is NOT the medium who is charging $450 for 30 minutes. That was the first CE medium, Jaime. Emma’s prices are reasonable.

      • Fli


    • Maya

      @Nat She has a false belief that ‘helping others help her’. That’s not true at all.
      Help other, is just: help others.
      Help herself is: help herself.

      Things doesn’t come in circle. People believe in ‘the more you give, the more you receive’. That’s a lie.
      The more you give, the less you have. That’s just the fact.

      Unless she’s willing to change her false beliefs, she won’t heal.
      She must prioritize herself, and not to help the world, save the humanity. Humanity does not need to be saved. Mankind can find his own way for it’s own survival.

      We are animals in that sense. She have to be willing to let go.
      The cause of all pain is ego. It has nothing to do with Erik’s decision.

      • Oscar Perez

        Quite surprising you listen to Abraham-Hicks, and you say that we are animals and that the cause of pain is all ego. But it goes to show—and as Abraham Hicks says—we all live in our own realities!

      • Maya

        @Oscar Perez You misinterpret my comment.

        “we all live in our own realities!”

        But there are things that are out of your awareness, need to be brought up into your awareness. You only as aware as you are.

      • Oscar Perez

        Your comment clearly states, “We are animals in that sense.” Nothing to misinterpret there if your comment states that. You wrote that, nobody else did. If that’s what you get out of listening to Abraham Hicks, then maybe is best to reconsider your understanding of the teachings. But like I said, we all live in our own realities—as twisted as they are.

      • Carrie

        Oscar, dear, we are all entitled to our own opinions and beliefs, even if we don’t agree with them. Let us be part of the solution by UPLIFTING others, and not engaging in arguments with others who oppose your view point.

        You know in your heart what your truth is! So don’t even give attention or energy to some of these remarks—in doing so you are having th adverse effect— giving attention to the problem not the solution!

        Let us let others have an opinion, REGARDLESS if we feel it is right or not and let us be KIND TO ONE ANOTHER. People deserve kindness! So let’s be a part of the solution by uplifting others and not engaging in banter with people who we feel does the opposite of that!


      • Jenna Lee

        Honestly you absolutely have no idea how much it helps her, if it helps her, and why she does it. To think otherwise is completely irrational and condescending that you know her better than herself! To act like you know a persons inner world is disturbing and rude as you really don’t and shouldn’t act like it. Also, it’s surprising how much anger and hate you have while you try to argue that your way is the best way. People should be able to live their lives without criticism from others. I’m sure you can read that somewhere in your spiritual books…

      • Lorraine (LP)

        As I read through all of your responses to people on here, I came to the conclusion that you seem quite unstable. Please, stop. Leave Elisa alone you damn fool and go to bed..

      • Maya

        @Lorraine (LP) In narcissism, what you did to me is called gaslighting.

        “Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. – Wikipedia”

        Please, stop. Why should I stop? So you can make people sleep? I have mouth, I can think. I won’t go to bed. I am awaken. I am a Light Bearer.
        I stop, after I make my point, not when you order me to.

      • Lorraine (LP)

        Leave Elisa alone. Period..

      • Maya

        @Lorraine (LP) Shut up.

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      I agree with you. Emma was attacked because of emotions being far too high.

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      …but as Erik has said many times it doesn’t matter if what you do is seen as positive or negative… there is no right and wrong… that’s such a cool philosophy!

  • Suzy Del la JC

    Stay strong Elisa! We love you. The light you have brought, and continue to bring, is helping the whole world. Bless you, Erik and Veronica. And I also send blessings for the others you have mentioned. For whatever reason this is all happening, I hope you can eventually forgive. It will set you free. Love and light to you.

  • Rhonda

    I dont think it’s sad Emma McIntosh is gone. I thought she was a phony from day one, Sorry, my take on her. Some might have believed her, but I read body language and she just made crap up as she went along. Her interview about Madaline McCain especailly disturbed me to no end. The fact that thats the only interview she put “For Entertainment Purposes” on, That should be on ALL of her video’s.

    • Lorri Lewis

      Why did you find the Madaline McCain channeling so disturbing?

      Also, if Elisa removes all of Emma’s sessions, that would be a lot of information disappearing off the blog.

    • Oscar Perez

      It’s been a while, but I think it was explained that they put “for entertainment purposes” because of legal reasons related to the case. The family could have come and said that through the blog post they were being accused of something and start a litigation case. Other channelings don’t have this chance of happening and thus, the label for entertainment purposes is not on there.

    • JAckie C

      Please please see my reply to you above, accidentally posted to M&M, lol

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      It’s an open secret that Madeline’s parents know far more than they’re letting on. I thought it was a spot on interview.

  • Rhonda

    BTW, it is your blog Elisa, and I would remove all of her interviews. Just my thoughts. Have a good Christmas. Everything is the way it should be. Better to see the real face to face.

    • Lorri Lewis

      Why remove so much incredible and useful material just because Emma channeled it?

  • Lorri Lewis

    I am so confused. Elisa, you never seemed angry with Jaime or Kim leaving. You said it was just time for them to move on to other things, though I admit I never understood why Jaime couldn’t do both. CE didn’t take that much time for her.

    As far as Emma goes, this is really shocking. She was truly one of my favorites and didn’t seem to have a mean bone in her body. Mercury is retrograde . . . Could this be some kind of misunderstanding?

    I am really hoping you two can patch things up.

    • Stacey Berns Strukel

      That’s because Emma is the truly spiritual one. Elisa is ego.

      • Repukes No More

        exactly right!

  • Widdershins3

    I’m sad at any betrayal but one now at the holidays in a place dedicated to affirming our our lost children’s survival is just so wrong. Here’s my hope for you and your family to still feel the peace of the season and to heal in it.

  • IndecentAngel

    So sorry. We love you. Stay strong sista.

  • Audrey Rowland

    I didn’t want to say anything, because you hadn’t sooner, but it did seem as if Jamie and Kim used you and Erik as a stepping stone to fame, before they cast you aside. Maybe this is a sign for you to ramp up your own medium abilities, Elisa! Love and light.

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      ELISA, i agree start channeling Erik yourself for your videos, your already doing it. Take time out to develop more and do your own channeling of erik have someone in the family or a friend you trust step in to ask the questions, YOU channel. Finding reliability ongoing is a human issue loyalty etc Hang in their Elisa spend family time and enjoy your christmas. Im sad to hear all this. Time for Erik to stop channeling through the people you felt betrayed him. No more financial gain inn Eriks name. Hugs x

  • MissingChunk

    Grief moves in waves. I felt yours open up again a few months ago. It’s not something you can just push through by doing the same thing or holding a cheery disposition. Emotions flow. People and events flow in and out. What I wish for you this holiday is the flow of self love and self care. Don’t worry about Channeling Erik, your audience will be here if/when you feel ready to return.

  • JaniceT

    I’m so very sorry, Elisa. No further explanation necessary. This is your blog so although its sad for us, you come first and foremost. Take you time to heal. Lots of love and light to and your family.

  • Celeste

    I love you all a lot …. maybe everyone just needs a breather and time to relax……your blog has helped me so much in my life. Soooo much. You have no idea. We all love you….. xoxoxox Celeste

  • AO

    Our love for you and Erik will always live on. Take the time you need Elisa we will be here when you get back & we are all sending our love & light to you & yours until then. Everything for a reason… just keep being you. xoxo

  • Robin Kincaid

    Considering that Jamie, Kim and Emma know, most definitely, how things will be for them when they Pass Over (Law of Attraction), I really hope, for their sakes, they figure out where they went wrong and make things right.

  • T Diaz

    So, so very sorry to hear. Sending love . . .

  • randee

    I’m so sorry to hear this and feel bad that you are sad because of others actions. I along with many others love the work you are doing. This helps so many people, and we have gotten to know you and your family through the blog. You are one of my peeps!! I don’t know what happened with Emma & am sad about it but light pushes out darkness so maybe this is a blessing. We all have our lessons to learn & hope she owns up to whatever she may have done. Sending her love & healing will help you heal as well. Find your rose quartz & keep in close. Love and hugs and Merry Christmas ❤️Randee

  • Dustin Ebaugh

    Oh, Elisa. So sorry for the drama! Take time to heal and come back if and when you are ready. Just know that we love you and thank you for all light you and Erik have shared with us and the world.

  • madhub1

    Sending Love and healing Grace your way, Elisa.

    These times are challenging many of us. The darkness is being exposed to the Light. <3

  • Diana

    Elisa, we are behind you 100%. I trust your judgment about the Mediums. We love you,
    take as much time as you need.

  • HBarr

    Elisa, I am sorry to hear all of this. However, I love you all. I love how you have helped my life. I respect all the mediums for who they are and what they do. I cannot judge because I don’t know all the facts and I never will. Why? Because we never know all the motives, nor the facts, nor the truth until we return to the Oneness. I know that I perceive what I project. I know that I attract the reciprocal energy vibration that I emit. I know that whatever happens to me I have asked for. I know that my false judgments of someone else will only adversely affect my karma. I know that trashing people online does not serve me well and I don’t recommend anyone do it. I know that one day I will experience a Truth like Erik’s. I know that any fucked up perception I have is of the ego and is not true to Spirit. And I know that at times like these I go within, I connect with the Divine, and I forgive. In this world Forgiveness is my only option for peace. That is what I have learned through all my studies and by watch, reading and listening to ChannelingErik. Peace be with you. Merry Christmas. This too shall pass.

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      wise words

    • M&M

      Very well said.

  • Cynthia

    I’m so sorry Elisa. I hate when you’re feeling down. Idk what happened but I support you and Erik no matter what.
    Its sad because Jamie was my favorite. And besides Robert I felt Emma channeled the best. So this is disappointing.
    I hope Erik can bring you some needed comfort and hope you see how loved you are here.
    I hope you continue the blog when you’re ready.

    • Léon Vrins

      Of course you have the right to choose your favorite medium. Maybe Robert channeled the best but there is one exception: his channeling the terrorists of 9/11 was fake…!

      • Sondra Luchetti

        The day I was surfing the net, I had no idea my life would be changed. That is because of you and Erik. I will miss the sight. But want to thank you and Erik for changing my life. Love, sondra

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    My darling girl, I am so sorry. I am so protective of you and I become a little crazy if any one makes you unhappy. Oh please know how much we all love you. Big hugs.
    Love you muchly,

  • Angela

    Dear Elisa, I have been blessed with many gifts all my life. (We all have them)
    But sadly I’ve only spoken of my gifts with my family and close friends. Your posts along with Erik has given me the strength to share my gifts and I’m not afraid anymore…I don’t hold back anymore.
    My numerous NDE’s as a child and recent NDE Nov 13th 2015….I have become braver to express myself without fear. I found strength thru these glorious posts. Please Don’t give up….but yes, you should take time for yourself and enjoy your family. Have a Beautiful Holiday…..Know that YOU ARE making a difference in this world.
    I have a great respect for you and what you do.
    Many Blessings
    Angela xoxoxo

  • Mark Marrinan

    I thought things were very strange when your medium talked to Stephen Paddock, and he was saying “it was all him, no other gunmen”……blah blah blah. So wrong. Multiple gunmen. Multiple sights in Vegas. get a clue. Illuminati, folks……assassination attempt……how would a medium worth their salt not get this correct info from Eric???????

    • Rayleen Conestro

      I dont like that medium at all. Of course not personally, I dont know her lol but as a medium, she comes off as a fraud to me.

  • John Blair

    Hi Elisa,
    I’m so sorry to here your sad news about Emma, Jaime and Kim. I love what you are doing and know that it really has helped a lot of people. I personally own both of Eric’s 2 books and I think they are great.
    Sometimes, when I try to do something, no matter what I try to do, “Life” seems to put up roadblocks that prevent me from accomplishing my goal.
    On those rare occasions when I both recognize this, and give up trying to accomplish my goal, “Life” often steps in and provides a different solution to the problem. Furthermore, this different solution is almost always a much better solution than the one I would have come up with.
    It has just occurred to me that perhaps “Life” is putting these “channeling” roadblocks in front of you because “you” are the one who’s suppose to be channeling Eric’s messages.
    Please take this comment with the love that is truly behind it. I’m not trying to increase either your stress or your workload. But I have a “feeling” that this may have occurred to you too.
    Have a Happy Holiday and know that there are many of us out here who are behind you, no matter what you decide to do about this.

    I have very much enjoyed what you have done here and

    • Gale Conn-Wright

      It also occurred to me that Elisa is the one who could be doing the channeling.

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      i agree sometimes things happen for a reason maybe she needs to be the one channeling him nothing replaces the love of a mother and a son maybe its time to channel him herself for the videos

  • Naomi

    Whose ego is really the problem here? I hate that we will never really know and that someone (who fucking knows who) is lying to us. Also allow me to say i don’t like your approach on this. I think you shouldn’t tell people to cancel appointments with her or say that they bretrayed you after you helped them. They all offered something super important to CE and helped us as well. I hope everything is fixed soon, this having to get used to new mediums is getting old, the second we get to know and love them, they split… and not knowing whose fault it is SUCKS.

    • Tiffany Clark

      Emma saw Veronica for who she really was and Elisa isn’t handling that well

      • hoopdahoop

        meaning, veronica is a fake? must admit, i wondered..

      • Naomi

        My intuition tells me Emma was right, never fully trusted what Veronica said for some reason.

      • SCT

        It always struck me as odd how much Veronica whined that people were mean to her. She seemed very insecure and made that our problem somehow. Why is Elisa chucking the good for an unknown?

      • Repukes No More

        ego. Period.

  • Sylvia Svihel

    (((cyber hugs)))

  • pgregory70

    Have a Blessed Christmas. Sending much love and healing to Elisa and Veronica!

  • Helen Ruiz

    Please take this time off, to love and care for yourself, reflect on what has been happening in your life, what issues have been recuring, because remember what you resist persists, and that people are capable of doing what we believe they are capable of doing. And please don’t judge them or yourself, maybe this part of your contract.
    You have helped Erik to get through to so many and have changed our lifes for the better, so please find your true self again, and keep sharing with us.

  • Léon Vrins

    Elisa, I feel very sorry for you. It seems Emma did something wrong, but I don’t know what. Could it be a misundertstanding?
    There is something coming up in my mind. Maybe this is all about the forces behind the curtains who did not appreciate the channelings about the shadow government, so they created a conflict in wich Emma is the bad girl, so she never will have any opportunity to reveal more criminal actions the ‘normal’ government is involved in or knows about, like 9/11. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

  • Nancy Antia

    I’m very sorry, dear Elisa. I love you and Erik with all my heart.

  • dnah

    Maybe this platform is meant to have different mediums rotate through. Otherwise they should be more of a parter, if you don’t want to do it without each other.

  • David Blackwood

    We love you, Elisa. Thanks for everything you do, and Happy Christmas ❤️

  • Kim Plawchan

    Re-group, re-align, and re-fire!! Change is the given in life, we follow you and EriK Elisha, not your mediums……

    • Dina

      Well said!

  • Lisa Marie Mostroem

    So sad to hear! Sending love and light ❤

  • Sky Alessandra Romano

    some things happen for a reason. step back recollect and think maybe its YOUR time to shine. We dont always see why things happen, when it feels like its all going wrong we look back and realise we were being guided in a different direction. Erik may step back from people he channels through for you. Maybe YOU are the one thats needs to be channelling him maybe this is the nudges needed to make you realise. Develop your channeling, step back take time and see if this is whats needed. Talk to Erik maybe he can make things more clear about future direction.
    Frustrating at times people coming and going for you with the channeling but dont lose hope.
    Enjoy your Christmas with your family Merry Christmas to all and Erik too. It will all work out have faith. Just Breathe.
    love to you and Erik xx

  • scurlock ainsworth

    Bring Robert back. He was. Great.

  • Mauigirl

    Dear Elisa,
    Can I tell you how much your work with this blog has helped kick me to the next level in my spiritual quest?

    Or how your generosity of spirit has set a beautiful precedent for anyone paying attention by sharing, at no charge and with much personal expense, your journey with your precious son with all of us out here, who are total strangers to you, as a gift to humanity?

    And how reading your warm and high minded, often hilarious posts, never fails to be a joy and a pleasure and give a lift to my day?

    How every time I turn on my iPad I check Channeling Erik before anything else, and always read the latest blog before bed?

    Through you and your work, I have stopped fearing death. I have witnessed how grief can be channeled (literally) into goodness. I have certainly gained a deeper understanding of how the universe works, and how and why we incarnate.

    It has all been priceless and such a great blessing. I have deep gratitude for every post I’ve read, and an ever deepening admiration for you. Eric is, literally, an Angel.

    It’s been an amazing run. On behalf of myself, my husband, the many friends and acquaintances I’ve turned on to your blog, and everyone out there who, like me, has loved, valued, and learned from your work, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    You will be greatly missed while you’re gone, so please come back someday. I and many others will miss you and your heartwarming relationship with Erik every time we turn on our computers.

    You’re family now, and we love you and wish you nothing but the best. Take very good care and please stay in touch.

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      thats beautifully said i agree

  • BonelessSausage

    I wonder what they would do if their gifts were taken away…like say over Christmas? Now that would be ironic.I think it has already started.What comes so easy might be become very hard with the energy they are now receiving. Wish them no harm, but this is just catty behavior. So Jamie is taking a break .I wonder the true reason.

  • Dandelion

    People fall out for various reasons but when i read your comment ‘Please cancel any appointments you have with her. She doesn’t deserve it ‘ That comes across as very judgmental and unfair, as it up to each of us with our freewill to make decisions that affect us and whilst I understand you feel hurt, that feeling of betrayal can cause us to behave in ways that are not kind or fair. Please reconsider your comments, they do you a diservice! If anyone should understand that people come into our lives for a moment or a lifetime, or anything in between, it is you Elisa.

  • I am so sorry Elisa! I dunno what to say except that you are a beautiful and luminous soul and don’t give her a thought and energy!

  • Tiffany Clark

    I am sorry that you are in pain, but Emma did what was right. When I heard that you didn’t care about the carelessness or false witness that Veronica was telling people ( for example, when I told Veronica about my depression and suicidal tendacies, she told me if I attempted suicide it wouldn’t work) I was and still am in shock. I trusted your channel to direct me to a reputable medium, not a scam artist. I have my entire reading recorded and very shocking content included, I tried to contact you but you just didn’t care. I know Erik cares, and apparently Emma. Take care Ms. Medhus

    • hoopdalooploop

      well, i wouldn’t consult veronica..

    • Zamboa

      There is nothing reputable about Channeling Erik. Elisa will continue to be “betrayed” as she puts it by people taking advantage. At some point however Elisa must take responsibility for creating the format for this fraud to occur. Subscribers and followers are not children and are not responsible for Elisa’s feelings. Only she is responsible. I see a woman who is forestalling the healing process and it is terribly sad. Elisa needs real help with her grief but she must also own her feelings and actions as all adults must.

      • Sky Alessandra Romano

        your mean and hateful

  • American

    If it wasn’t for your eternal love for Erik Elisa none of them would be able to share their gifts. Stay strong, I’m sure it will work out.

    • Lorri Lewis

      And if it wasn’t for their gifts, Elisa wouldn’t have been able to do what she does. Doesn’t it go both ways?

      They would have still shared their gifts, but they would have grown more slowly.

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    Elisa, please stop and take some time out. Take a step back and take a few deep breaths. I know you are emotional at the moment. Spend some time with your family and revisit this issue when you have some space between it and you. You will then be able to assess it with more rationality and with more objectivity. Once you can view it with less subjectivity, I think you will see it not so black and white.

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    I think most of these mediums have used Erik for their career growth. I also thought that the Channeling Erik medium page did the same thing….they ousted me for giving free readings because they wanted me to pay them to have my name on sight…when the page started out for growth of mediums etc. I went on to do my own page and started my professional side of it was a push for me to get out there….But I thought the other mediums where using all of this to make money and not for the reason the page was set up for it seems in the first place…to let people explore their mediumship talents….when others started recommending me….. they decided they didn’t want the competition or something..they were mean…and they also lied. And… even though you can see my name as poster…that is not my contact for readings….SO I am not using this to promote me either…so don’t even go there on that…lol…. I admire Elisa for standing up to them, calling them out…. I knew one day she would see the truth. A lot of users out there. Also I am not saying these people do not have a gift….But sometimes…the human side of greed and celebrity status takes over.

    • Katarina

      I agree with what you said. It always comes down to money in the end, doesn’t it. But it’s disappointing when it happens in a spiritual community- you’d think there would be more integrity, especially as they all usually say they want to spread more ‘love and light’. But nope- it’s the almighty dollar in the end. I remember feeling disheartened when Elisa said that she couldn’t afford Jamie’s prices anymore. Like, wow. You’d think Jamie would’ve given Elisa a deal as it is because of Elisa that she can now charge $800/hr- well, according to one above poster, it’s now $900/hr (shocking)!

      • Lorri Lewis

        To be fair, Jaime is the only one who hiked her prices so high. You can’t say any of the others did the same.

      • Katarina

        Lorri- true (so far). But Jamie comes across as being so… sincere, genuine, loving…her passion and desire being to spread ‘love and light’. But in reality, hey, that love and light sure will cost you! But when Elisa said she couldn’t afford her anymore, I just thought, wow. I wonder what Erik thinks of all of this.

      • Lorri Lewis

        I wonder why he thinks too. Perhaps he’s more concerned about the message than the money. Jaime does give classes and does YouTube videos, so to an extent the message gets out anyway.

      • Katarina

        Yes, she does do youtube videos, but I’ve been put off watching them after learning how she has jacked up her prices (and I know I’m not the only one). I just question her sincerity and think it’s pure greed the price she charges- a real turn off.

  • Big Balls

    Free will trumps all. Even in this fun world where capitalism rules the modern world.

  • Madame Egg

    Sorry this has happened to you. Betrayal is a hard lesson in not being connected to the outcome and using control of others to stave off pain and grief. It hurts no matter it’s source. Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process states that he is more then “Michael Brown author” that he is other things as well, musician, friend et al. He lets his creations, his writings and his books go out there and find the people who need them. He doesn’t charge hundreds for courses and conventions and many of his writings are free. I know you are more then Elisa Medhus of CE website. Perhaps it’s time to not just be a psychic training ground for beginning psychics whom also eventually charge hundreds of dollars to your faithful CE readers. When people are dealing with the desperate emotions of strong grief, they look for any light in any window. If a fake, exploitative or extreme amateur is waiting in the wings, this can do more harm then good. You are looked at like the Red book seal of Approval for mediums. Remember that? Redbook magazine would suggest products they tested and people would trust and buy them. Years ago I remember you wanted to have more spiritual centers to help people that may be considering suicide. What happened to that idea?

    • Lorri Lewis

      To be fair, none of the mediums have gone on to charge hundreds except for Jaime. I don’t think that’s really an issue.

  • Mic Fed

    I’m really sorry to hear this. I thought Emma was one of the good guys. Then again I’ve been betrayed by two friends I trusted with my life practically. They were both nothing but a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I can feel your pain, Elisa. You definitely are one of the good guys. Always remember that. 🙂

  • Johnny DH

    I would really like it if Emma would comments on all this, because there’s always 2 sides to every story

    • Lorri Lewis

      Emma has commented. Someone posted her comment on the situation on the latest YouTube video about “Tools”. Her comment is underneath another comment. I don’t know where she posted the comment originally.

      • Johnny DH

        Thank you. I just read it

  • Kathy Dench

    There are two sides to every story. I think issues such as this should be handled privately and maturely on private message. Public attacks on people which could affect their livelihood could possibly be litigated as slander. The negative energy from all the drama of this very public battle has really affected me and many others. I love all of you and want to see everyone listen to and understand each other.

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      yes the negative effect ripoles and hits us all like a stone skimming through water its not good i think it should be removed the entire thing it goes gainst the goodness that Erik is trying to out out there.

  • Johnny DH

    I just read Emma’s Facebook response, and to me she sounded very reasonable

  • Elisa, here are some beautiful things to think about:

    It’s zero degrees here in CT, but not in Houston!
    Saturn just moved into Capricorn, the money sign, for the next 3 years!
    You’re kids are stunning!
    And smart!
    Especially Erik!
    We love you!
    Chill, girl. Open a bottle of champagne. Drink it!

  • Manoj

    Stay strong Elisa! We love you. The light you have brought, and
    continue to bring, is helping the whole world. Bless you
    For whatever reason this is all happening, I hope you can eventually
    forgive. It will set you free. Love and light to you.


    Given below is what I wrote to you in a mail to you in the recent past and I wish to write the same thing again to you, please forgive my verbosity –

    Hi Elisa,

    Good Morning, hope you are doing well.
    I am a regular reader of your blog ever since I
    discovered it about an year ago. It has transformed me in many ways. I
    read your daily posts as well as the archives. But till now i have not
    even been able to read even half of the archives. My God, how muc
    ​​h information you have put out there. It is full of every possible information on all topics a spiritual seeker needs to know.

    guidance & information is par excellence, he is the master teacher,
    an excellent guide & above all “a friend in need”.
    is such a great soul & such a cool dude. Whenever i have asked for
    his help he has helped me to such an extent that for the first time in
    my life i understood the meaning of the phrase – “a friend in need is a
    friend indeed”. He is a true friend & he does all this help by
    staying in the background & doesn’t ask for any recognition or
    praise in return. I cannot ever thank him fully enough.

    have been working so hard with your time & efforts to do all these
    channelings & transcribing to bring us daily a new blog post to read
    & you have been doing it regularly come rain or sunshine. You have
    also been working to bring us the app

    free of cost
    ​ & other things such as the radio show. You have been doing all this with your own hard earned money and
    ​ time & effort​ not asking anything from us in return. How can we blog readers ever thank you enough for this


    You have transformed lives & touched lives every where. You have provided solace to many bereaved
    ​ &
    many souls who have lost somebody in their lives. Erik’s guidance has
    uplifted everyone who has cared to listen to what he has to say.
    I have no words to thank you enough for all this. I can’t find proper words except to say you thanks a million times.

    My wife is skeptical by nature so One day she asked me what is this erik blog that i talk often about? I narrated


    your story in brief & in the end i said that Elisa & Erik are
    two souls who have burned in the fire of suffering, torment, heartbreak
    & agony only to use the light of that fire to light the whole
    I think no other words describe your & erik

    ‘s journey together better.

    was thinking of expressing my gratitude since a long time so today i
    took up the time to express it today no matter what. I am sure lots of
    readers feel the same kind of gratitude but are too busy to find time to
    write to you. Hence you do not get to know about that. So multiply this
    letter a hundred times, thats the fan mail you should be actually
    receiving everyday.

    finally, take care of yourself & thanks for all that you have done. May God bless you.

  • Léon Vrins

    Recently I asked Emma if she would tell me what happened and this morning I got her answer, in Dutch.
    I hope I will soon get an opportunity to translate her message if she allows me to do so. I think she will, because on her facebook page she already told what has happened. I have a strong feeling that she is right….

    • Johnny DH

      I am Dutch and I speak the language fluently. Why don’t you post her message here in Dutch and I’ll translate it word by word

      • Léon Vrins

        I am Dutch too. I ‘ll give it a try as soon as possible.

      • Johnny DH

        Please do. Harstikke bedankt 🙂

      • Léon Vrins
      • Johnny DH

        Ik heb gisteren ‘t hele verhaal vertaald, maar het was binnen een paar uur weer verwijderd

      • Oscar Perez

        Did the translation actually made it to the site or did you post it and it said it was going to get approved? Or did it actually post….you saw it on the comments, and then it disappeared? Sometimes disqus doesn’t post the comment, specially if the person has posted too many comments in a span of time. Has happened to me on other sites.

      • Johnny DH

        No, I posted it, and it was definitely there. But somebody removed it

      • Johnny DH

        I saved the translation on wordpad, so here it is again in case disqus didnt post it properly:

        Emma received a lot of emails from blog members whom complained about incorrect and downright negative information they received from sessions with Veronica. Emma then gave these blog members the correct information so they could breathe a sigh of relief. Emma then told members to pass their bad experiences on to Elisa so she knows what they went through with Veronica.

        Emma is part of an online group called the Joytribe where they like to pass along intimate information about everyone. Apparently Elisa invited Veronica into the Joytribe group without Emma’s consent. So Emma didnt like this and decided to ban Veronica temporarily until the group decided it would be OK for Veronica to become a member.

        Emma made the complainant email regarding Veronica public and passed them on to Joytribe members and she also informed Erik about all this.

        Veronica apparently didnt take this very well and exploded like a grenade, and said that everyone was wrong about her. Emma then said she got negative vibes from Veronica, and she preferred that she didnt join the joytribe group. Veronica or Elisa then apparently threatened to end Emma’s career (its unclear if Emma is talking about Veronica or Elisa at this point).

        Emma asked (I assume Elisa) to take a break from channeling for a while so everyone could calm down.
        Elisa however kept threatening Emma by saying she made her career and could break her career if she wanted (if this is true thats not very nice from Elisa). After that Emma never contacted Veronica again, and the “sad news” blog post Elisa made was the last Emma heard of Elisa.

        Apparently other mediums have told Emma they had the same experience with Elisa Medhus and for that reason have stopped working with her. Emma says to always follow your heart and your intuiton, and thats what she’s doing right now. Honesty is the best policy.

        Then Emma concludes with “season greetings”.

        And thats the gist of it

      • Oscar Perez

        Thanks for the translation. What’s really surprising is this statement: Ik heb enorm veel steun gekregen inclusief van andere mediums die blijkbar gelijkaardige dingen hebben meegemaakt met haar toen ze niet deden wat ze wou.

        What did Elisa wanted the mediums to do that they didn’t do? Always two sides to the story! I always thought Emma was really one of the better mediums on the site. Haven’t really seen Veronica’s work, but either way, even Esther Hicks channeled the wrong info back in the day with Abraham.

      • Johnny DH

        One thing I’ve learned about all this psychic stuff, is quite often mediums get it right, but equally as often they get their information wrong

      • Lorri Lewis

        It’s called the “JoyRide” group and they are connected by their interest in spiritual subjects. The members are two women who are DJs on the Joy Ride Radio Show, Elisa, Emma, and some others. It’s very small and private.

        The Joy Ride radio show discusses spiritual subjects also.

      • Stacey Berns Strukel

        You verified everything I knew about Elisa! Thanks. I’ll stick with Emma.

      • Léon Vrins

        In ieder geval bedankt voor de moeite. Ik vind dit trouwens wel een stevig minpunt dat op zo’n manier de persoon die je zwart maakt ook nog eens monddood wordt gemaakt. Ik ga er dus een commentaartje aan wijden.

  • Jade Milburn

    Elisa you seem really down right now. I feel you are hurting Emma because you are hurting. You need to take a step back and think. I think she has been good to you.
    Mediums leaving you does not mean Erik leaves you. Their soul might want to exlerience something else, expansion always occurs which is good. Would you want to hold them back.
    I feel other things have upset you at this time, and it is good to take a rest and tell your husband what is upsetting you. That is a beautiful bond you have, and he truly knows the depth of losing Erik as a son, which is why he can support you the most at this moment. And don’t think everyone is out to betray you! Dont take on too much, take a rest. Erik is always with you. Love.

  • Johnny DH

    If I understand the gist of it Emma thinks Veronica is a fraud, and she let Elisa know about it

    • Lorri Lewis

      Reading Emma’s explanation, it seems that Emma was minding her own business until she began receiving e-mails from CE blog members who were upset with their readings from Veronica.

      • Riley

        Where does Emma give her side? I haven’t seen anything and would really love the full context.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Someone cut and pasted her response from her personal Facebook page onto the “Tools” video in CE on YouTube. Her response is somewhere under a comment.

      • Riley

        Thank you!

  • Maya

    @Carrie She does not heal. If she healed this posting above never have to exist. The altercation between her vs.other mediums is not the root cause of the issue. Those are only the side effect of the main issue. The root cause of the issue is, she does not heal.

    That’s why in youtube video, she kept interrupting mediums. That’s to mask her pain, you know? She is in denial.

    ” In helping other people she is helping heal her grief.”
    This is exactly what I disagree about.

    You don’t help you by helping others.
    You help you, by help you.

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      I understand what you are saying… you have to help yourself first before you can help someone else… and I have to agree, all this ‘Love and light’ nonsense comes across as phony, but I don’t think it is Elisa who is promoting that, it is the people (many on here) who keep looking outside themselves for answers/help/a crutch when they, in fact, need to look within…
      The Erik site is attractive to me because of the insights Erik has on the relationship between this world and the next – which raises more questions than answers, but it shouldn’t detract (I’m sure Erik would agree) from our free-will. In the end we are responsible for all of our decisions ourselves, no one else… which, I think, is what you are saying…
      Don’t let the ‘Love and Lighters’ bully you and beat you down! …how contrary to their philosophy does that run??? I probably have no need to say to you, remember, you have as much right to express your beliefs as anyone!

      • Maya

        @Alphonso de Barbo Thank you.

    • Nancy Antia

      Why are you here? Who are you? You’re hurting me with your comments.

  • Michelle Rogers-Wright

    we’ll be here when you’re ready. I hope and know all will be well and aligned. Erik i love you, Elisa i love you!

  • jrnivy

    Yesterday, a precious fur baby wo i followed on instagram called specialgraciecat Passed away. Her mama didn’t want her baby to feel sick and weak anymore. She was a very special girl who touched so many lives and hearts. And it has really sadden my soul and heart. I thought of channeling Erik to find some comfort and to reassure that our beloved fur babies are still living and are waiting patiently for us when we arrive. I cannot remember how or when i started to read here and watch the videos. All i know is this.There’s a reason why we’re all connected by Elisa and sweet Erik. Elisa’s sadness is helping others. And it’s just so amazing and over the moon that Erik is still living and helping from the other side of the world. Through all the sadness, and heartache from saying goodbye to our fur babies and the anger that over comes us because we ask why does this happen to such innocent fragile souls? I believe specialgraciecat had in her contract to help others realize what is important life, how to be strong and still live your life to the fullest no matter what cards you’re dealt with. She really changed the way i see life, how i feel and what matters. Even though she had to be the precious beautiful cat to get sick, slightly blind and deaf she just took a piece of me with her. Erik if you’re reading this because i know you know what happened. Please visit Laura specialgraciecat mama and comfort her and her fur brothers. And please tell specialgraciecat that we love her and thank her for changing our lives for the better and to watch over her family and come visit sometime. Dr. Elisa please know that we’re here for you. And one un-friendly seed doesn’t add up to all the beautiful flowers you and your son Erik have planted which has grown into such amazing connections. Because of Erik i no longer fear death and my beliefs in spiritual and connection is stronger than ever before. Stay strong, stay pure, stay you. You’re protected We look forward to hearing from you and continuing your life contract 🙂 Peace*Love*Kindness* 🙂

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      beautifully said.

  • Phil1886

    Gee, this is really sad. I hope you recover from this. Love and blessings to you.

  • Wayne Williams

    Elisa: Maybe now you get a bitter and personal taste of what it feels like to those like me when you and your other mediums and Erik himself laugh and act immature when you channel such serious topics as Stephen Paddock and the Las Vegas tragedy. After less than a month I became angry and disappointed at the childish and immature behavior you and your channels display. I no longer follow your channel. Wounded emotional and immature women such as yourself and the mediums you use have no place or business dealing with serious topics when there are hurting people out there looking for answers and hope through your work. I hope you never resume this work.

    • Johnny DH

      You feel that way, and yet you’re still here posting stuff

    • Sky Alessandra Romano

      then why feel the need t come attack her. How unloving and cruel at a time shes hurting bad and missing her boy. Your heartless doing this at christmastime. Shes human she makes mistakes just like all of us. You unfollowed her youtube now leave her alone.

      • Wayne Williams

        Consistently acting immature, getting upset with Stephen Paddock and showing her disgust towards him as did her channel in the afterlife interview, cutting off the souls being interviewed to insert her own personal agenda, not caring about the quality of the videos or the having the so called mediums get upset at something a soul entity shares? These are not “mere mistakes” but her true character at all times.

        You just mind your own business. Wounded women including yourself have no business in the spiritual community as healers or helpers. Why would she be “missing her boy”.? According to her, he is now around 24/7 If I am going to spend my time and energy looking for viable spiritual teachings, then you can bet your Ass I am not going to remain silent when I see stupid destructive behavior. The behavior demonstrated by Elisa and the channel during the Stephen Paddock interview was childish and utterly ridiculous in nature, as were many others. I don’t stay silent when I see people act and behave in these ways.

      • Sky Alessandra Romano

        im no wounded woman you know nothing of me but its clear youve got anger issues and are nothing but a bully just get off her blog your mean and hateful. if you want nothing to do with her videos why are you here? your obv someone connected to with that evil monster paddock. she needs to have admin that block haters like you from harassing her.

      • Wayne Williams

        You are full of self disgust, anger, and rage. Anyone who views Stephen Paddock in the way you do instead of with compassion for what may have driven him to do what he did, is full of anger, judgment, and rage. And so you are. The reason I am here is to voice my displeasure and angry feelings over the way the mediums act and behave in Elisa’s videos. For you to call someone an evil monster means exactly that you are also evil inside.

    • Stacey Berns Strukel


    • Repukes No More

      Very well said! Exactly how many of us feel. Elisa is very immature emotionally, and a bully.

  • Léon Vrins

    When I read that the translation by Johnny DH of Emma’s e-mail was removed I was really shocked and I intended to send a sarcastic comment, but now I see that the translation is replaced by Johnny DH and still not removed, so there is no need anymore to refer to 1984, the Soviet-Union and other unpleasant things.
    The reason I asked Emma for information is, that I could not believe she had acted that wrong. On 9 september I made her acquintance during the Erik-event in Belgium and what I experienced was a warm, honest, loving young woman. Having read her answer I am sure she meant no harm, on the contrary. So the only thing I want to say now is: LET THERE BE LOVE.

  • Angela

    I didn’t realize how addicted I am to this beautiful community. I hope you and yours are doing well this holiday season Elisa. We LOVE you!

  • Elle W

    I’m so sorry this is happening! I’m sure Erik is providing many hugs right now, and just in case it’s not enough I’m sending many more loving embraces!
    It’s hard at times for mediums, working in the field alongside many of similar nature it’s truly painful to see other parts of their human nature best them. It is a catalyst for growth, I wish you the best & hope you’ve had a very merry Christmas despite the drama.
    On a side note, what a wonderful time to find these things out? A new year coming, release that which no longer serves you in turn making room for expansion of awareness within yourself. Stay strong!
    Much love!

  • Johnny DH

    Anyways, I hope all this can be resolved and Mrs. Medhus can resume her channeling

  • Sky Alessandra Romano

    Elisa your heavy on my mind over Christmas i know how hard it is for you with one child physically not there to hug.
    I think you should take this post down the negative affects us al and its going to keep going like the bullying that was going on towards Veronica on youtube. I would remove it or change it so no comments. Its not helping any of us this negativity keeps flowing in the comments this should all be privately worked out between you and the mediums. I feel so sad about all of this.
    We need love and light and advancing our souls towards loving one another. This post should just be erased.
    Maybe its time to draw up contracts before a new medium starts channeling for your youtube or blog. Legal contracts as to who is legally allowed to channel Erik. So its kept copyrighted to you and your blog, which is also Eriks blog. He is now being channeled aside from the blog by others to make money from him, i dont think this is right. This was your blog and you having Erik channeled for the blog. Legal contracts drawn up where mediums are not allowed to make financial gain or channel Erik outside of you and his blog may be a good idea to stop this continually ongoing. Hes now been published everywhere channeling through others. I think this hurts the blog especially when you are paying for these mediums to channel your own son then turning around leaving and channeling him for money by themselves. Have a talk to him about it for the sake of you and his blog he should be kept in one place on blog and on youtube.
    Channeling Erik was you and his baby, you cant even get donations to help you pay for the channeling whilst these mediums are going off and making massive amount of money channeling him when they were hired to channel him on your blog. This is where he should be kept on your blog on your youtube. Seek legal advice.
    Start channeling him yourself develop your skills to do it come back and do it yourself. Then you get reliability.

    I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and wish you all the best you and your family and Erik for 2018. much love and light.

    • Lorri Lewis

      Sky, I don’t think you understand how this works.

      The mediums already had their own businesses, and while CE brought greater attention to them, it could never be their only means of support. Erik has been known to pop into private sessions with all the CE mediums to give advice to a client. Elisa knew this and it’s been talked about many times on CE.

      Elisa can take away her endorsement of a medium and she can prevent them from advertising themselves as being affiliated with CE, but she can’t control who Erik wishes to talk to.

      Jaime and Kim are still on the list as being endorsed by CE, so they have done nothing wrong as far as that goes. Elisa just removed Emma from the list of CE mediums a few days ago. Emma isn’t advertising herself as a CE-endorsed medium, so she’s also done nothing wrong.

      But if Erik has any messages for her clients, no one can stop him.

  • Johnny DH

    By the way, there’s an easy way to test whether a psychic is real or not. You dont tell the psychic which famous person you want to channel beforehand, and then wait for his or her answers, and crosscheck that with the celebrities wikipedia page.

    For example lets say we want to channel Bob Hope. Ask the medium how many wives he had and what their names were.
    A psychic like Emma who lives in Belgium is unlikely to know this because Bob Hope was American, before her time, and not that well known in Europe

    • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

      Seriously, if you are doing that to psychics to trick them out, you shouldn’t be going to mediums. Your intention is not honourable.

      • Léon Vrins

        I think Johnny DH’s intention is honourable, because everyone has the right to know if the given information is right or wrong. For most people it is impossible to know what is true or not. By the way, I know an even better way to trick them out. Let the medium channel a person who is still alive and see what comes in….
        I mentioned it already by remembering the channeling by Robert of the alleged terrorists of 9/11.
        Usually every channeling starts by telling who is going to be channeled, but not in this case, although the name of Mohamed Atta was already known as the alleged leader of the pack. He told Robert that everything happened as we were told by the authorities. Erik told Emma that explosives have been used to bring the towers down, so we have to make a choice: Robert was right and Emma was wrong, or the other way round. Having read and seen a lot I know Emma was right. This does not mean that I think all channelings done by Robert were wrong, but in channeling the alleged terrorists he has made mistakes. Why? Through what? I really don’t know.

      • Johnny DH

        Not trying to trick them, I just want to make sure the psychic is real or not before I waste my hard-earned money and time on them. Would you blindly give your money to just anyone who “claims” to be a psychic?? Thats foolish, because there’s a lot of frauds out there (not that I think Emma is one however)

  • Is anyone else having trouble posting comments? I kept trying to post a comment here using my disqus account and I see it here for awhile but then it disappears.

    • Oscar Perez

      has happened to me. you can try to repost it hours later; not sure if it’s disqus or admin of the site deleting; but have seen same issue on other sites with disqus, specially if i post too many comments within the hour…

  • Johnny DH

    Another thing I’ve noticed is people who have dealt with serious loss of a spouse or their children are usually a lot more on edge around Christmas time. I suspect that may have had something to do with all this as well

  • Caroline Whodat Houston

    Sounds like the medium let her ego get in the way BIG TIME. She will learn but I can’t help saying shame on you Emma, talking to and about Erik’s mother like that after all he has done for you. Just the mere fact that is his mother and she will grieve for the rest of her life. Better be careful, the universe don’t like ugly

    • Oscar Perez

      I think you need to read Emma’s side of the story, since as they say, there are two sides to the story.

    • Johnny DH

      The universe doesnt like judgemental people either

    • Tiffany Clark

      What exactly did Emma say ?

      • Oscar Perez

        posting her comment from her fb page, but gotta remember that Emma is Belgian. And what I love about Europeans is that they tend to be more straight forward than Americans. You go to a restaurant and the owners asks an american how the food was, the american will smilingly say, it was good; then that same person will step outside and say, it was horrible. A european will tell the owner, the food was not so good. Straight up! 😀 The american will then say, oh my god, that was rude.

        Hey guys, just a quick respons to Elisa’s message. I passed on some of the CE blog members bad experiences they had with another medium’s readings and offered to send her the emails I had received with their complaints, which she refused to see. I then honestly and with no bad intent shared my personal feelings about her and what Erik thought of it. She did not take that well and started threathening me and putting every effort to prove me and I guess Erik wrong. When she added Veronica to our very intimate joytribe friends group, despite knowing how I felt about her, I erased her from our group. I clearly stated that Elisa can work with her, no problems on my end, but to add her to our joytribe, I believe all members of the joytribe should have a vote first. She then told me she would destroy me. Erik is my guide and will always be present with me every day and I was surprised to find this still very broken and controlling part of Elisa. I wish her and her Family more healing and all the love and light in the universe. All of you who ever have spoken to me know who I am so I would recommend that you follow your heart and that will lead you to the thruth. This is the price I paid for being honest and straightforward.

      • Tiffany Clark

        Sounds very reasonable and truthful, after reading the comment from the lady above, I thought Emma had said something different, but this seems very reasonable to me. I honestly respect Emma alot for standing up for herself and others who needed her.

      • Lorri Lewis

        Europeans are more blunt in everyday life, but I’ve always heard that Americans will complain about bad food and bad service more readily.

      • Oscar Perez

        The service or the food has to be really bad for somebody to complain; usually an american will just stop going to a restaurant if he/she doesn’t like it because you vote with your wallet. However, if your meal came with a piece of hair or molded bread, then yes, somebody will complain. But when we used to go out almost daily, I can only remember one time somebody complaining and it was because the tortilla was molded; most of the times if the service or food was bad, we just didn’t come back.

        Nowadays you can also leave bad reviews on fb or google or yelp. However, when you go out enough with Americans, you know that the phrase said curtly, “is good” actually means, food is not great, most likely not coming back to eat in that joint; if you get a real compliment, like, “wow, this food is really tasty” or “best steak I have ever tasted,” then yea, legit good place to eat at.

        But one thing you learn quickly with Americans, whatever they say, most of the times they say it out of politeness, not because that’s what they really mean. That’s why they have the reputation of being fake in many countries.

      • Johnny DH

        That is so true aboot the honesty part. I’m Dutch but I live in Toronto now and I noticed a real difference in people being honest here as opposed to Europe. Maybe it was just a culture clash between Mrs. Medhus and Emma??

  • Debra Mills

    Yes there is negativity coming out in people. Wonder what entity attached it self to her. Cindy Riggs in Columbus ohio. She is real and very high vibration.

  • Debra Mills

    Eric would say mom let it go ,it is their journey. Eric won’t speak to some one that is trying to use him for-profit.They have free will also. Lessons to learn. They are going on to teach others in their own way. I know some use, but for others it is a stepping stone.

  • Happy New Year everybody! I still haven’t been able to successfully post my comment, so I’m going to break it into smaller posts and wait an hour in between each post. So my first thought is: Guilt isn’t real. Have mistakes been made? Yes. Is there learning and healing that needs to be done? Yes. Does that make any of the people involved in this bad? I don’t think so. All three ladies bravely put themselves out there to the public for all to see. Are they going to be perfect? No. Do mistakes take away their worth in any way? No.

    • My second thought: Erik’s messages are (in my opinion) the top priority of the blog. It is important for Elisa to have a space to share her feelings in, but posting while upset may have backfired. When people compare the “Sad News” post to the loving response that Erik encouraged us all to take when we see what we perceive to be bullying, they may be offput by the discrepancy. The FB post stating that she didn’t want to cause Emma emotional harm is worrisome considering the judgmental language used to describe Emma and the call for members to cancel their appointments with her in the “Sad News” post. In order for Erik’s messages to get out to the most people, it is important that people see Elisa as someone whose judgment they can trust. And for the most part we do! This situation is something that seems really out of character for you, Elisa. And I could be wrong, but I think I might know what is going on.

      • My third thought: PTSD hurts like heck (and I have it too). Elisa, I love you so much. I believe your PTSD has been triggered. Erik was bullied and Michelle too, and you lost Erik and then it seemed like Veronica was being bullied and then I think you went into that state that I know oh so well. And I know that probably makes you angry to hear someone say that because it sounds so invalidating (I hate it when my husband says it to me). But please consider what I’m saying. Please ask Robert to channel Erik for you to talk about what happened. I understand if you want it to be private, but I think it is so public at this point that we really need this video in order to be able to heal and to learn. This could be an opportunity to take something that has been painful and negative and turn it into something healing and beautiful. I still have more I want to say but I’ve got to get to sleep. Sorry for talking so much, I’m just really emotionally invested in this. I love you, goodnight!

  • Mike Lundman

    Kia kaha!
    Māori phrase meaning stay strong

  • ginadv

    Hmmmm….I wonder what this is all about. Could Robert, or someone else you trust, walk you through this and discover the spiritual meaning of behind it? (and then share with us!) You are so strong, Elisa. I pray for your strength through all of this (admittedly some of it for selfish reasons–I need me some Erik!) Bless you Elisa! I’m grateful to you and Erik! Xoxo

  • Diane Moran

    sorry to hear that Elisa. Unfortunately, when we expect people to act a certain way it doesn’t happen. I sent Emmanuel an email and she didn’t respond at all. I understand they can be booked, but at least respond. I do believe she at least used your site to gain more $$$ and that is not very nice at all. Hope your Holidays were happy and maybe this year will bring better mediums your way!

  • Diane Moran

    sorry to hear that Elisa. Unfortunately, when we expect people to act a certain way it doesn’t happen. I sent Emmanuel an email and she didn’t respond at all. I understand they can be booked, but at least respond. I do believe she at least used your site to gain more $$$ and that is not very nice at all. Hope your Holidays were happy and maybe this year will bring better mediums your way!

    • Lorri Lewis

      Any medium listed under “CE Mediums” makes money from this site, simply by people seeing their name on the list of mediums and deciding to book with them. Their names on the list are an endorsement by Elisa.

      What exactly do you think Emma did to “gain more $$$” that is different from any other medium listed?

      Lastly, perhaps Emma missed your e-mail. Why don’t you try to send it again?

  • Elisa

    Really sorry to hear about this Elisa. Glad that you are taking the time out for your self to regroup.
    I can relate to having one’s world turned upside down and inside out more than once, and my heart goes out to you.

    The only thing I could suggest is to get a contract signed with any future mediums. This way there is a really clear agreement on what is expected. It would be very hard to regard your son in terms of a ‘business’ – I can imagine that that could be really triggering for you. But if you are very clear cut and business like in the beginning then you are protecting yourself and your family from having any of these sorts of experiences whilst at the same time communicating clearly to any future mediums just what you expect and require if they want the privilege of working with your son and yourself.

    Hope you feel better in time.
    Again I wanted to remind you what a miracle finding your blog and watching your videos with Erik’s advice has been for me. How it has helped through dark times and been there when very few people were. It means a lot and is priceless.

    Wishing you well.

  • Saba

    Elisa, if u r honest
    I will remind u not to worry

  • Deborah Sauder Mcgeehan

    I just saw my first YouTube videos ( Maddie McCann, Charles Manson ). These are like watching a Saturday Night Live skit. I could not bring myself to check out the 911 video. I happened to stumble upon My Son And The Afterlife at the library, and checked it out. I’m glad I checked out YouTube, before I read anymore of the book. Also, after reading many of the previous comments, the pettiness, negativity, and downright meanness, added to all the greediness shown in the money comments, left a vile, bitter taste in my mouth. I am truly sorry for your loss, Elisa.

  • lali

    So sorry to hear about this break down with the mediums. Its just sad and unnecessary. I hope Erik can help ease your pain as only a son can. Im sure it breaks his heart too to know his momma was hurt by those he has been working with for so long. Its really up to him how he chooses to work with them in the future. Sending light and blessings to you.

  • Abby

    I miss you and hope you heal soon. You and Erik mean so much to me. Lots of love, Abby

  • Sending all involved my love and light. May it be what it needs to be.

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    You just can’t lag a couple of months visiting here, and you find the earth shattered, lightning striking around, and the sea boiling… I’m just wondering what’s happened, but I suppose that all has is place in the great scheme of the Universe…

    I’ll return again in march, to see how the things have mended… For now I wish the best to you all

    • Deborah Sauder Mcgeehan

      I think this is all a fraud. Manson, 911, and many other famous people. Don’t you think Erik might have more important work to do over there. And the video if channeling Manson , they way they were so sympathetic to him. Wonder how those families must feel. FRAUD…Mom worst culprit!

      • Carolyn Thomas

        you know the old adage deborah if you cant say something nice then dont say anything at all…….

  • Brian

    I just found Channeling Erik last week. I watched many videos on youtube in the past week and I have a very open mind about spiritually and the after life. My heart breaks for the Mom (Elisa)….I can feel her pain. For her sake I hope these mediums are honest and true. I want to believe they are, mostly because I don’t want to believe there are people that would falsely profit on something so sacred.

    As far as what these mediums charge….I guess they are worth what people are willing to pay. Otherwise they would lower there prices. But selling merchandise on their website is in poor taste, my opinion.

    I pray for Mom, may you find peace. I do believe Erik is with you every second of everyday. God Bless

  • Rayleen Conestro

    In Emma’s last Youtube video where she gives random messages from people she heard from during her everyday life, she said Erik came in to discuss accepting change and for no hard feelings. I couldnt help but think of this situation. How can his mother and sister say she has been awful to them and he chime in on her video talking about change and accepting it. Why would he not tell his mother and sister this? Now I am thinking some of it if not ll of it is fraud.

  • Sky Alessandra Romano

    I miss hearing Erik and of course you Elisa i hope youll be back soon with new mediums. I know there must be lessons for all this we are needing to learn hopefully wont be too long before we hear from Erik again. <3 much love

  • keisonrocks

    I have been watching and going to medium for over 10 years now and I have NEVER come across one that charges $900 for an hour appointment. That is 100% outrageous, in my opinion. I will never be able to justify spending that much on a reading. I don’t care if you’re the most talented medium in the entire world, I would never pay that much. It’s almost like she caters to the “1%” wealthy, and the 99% of the population not being able to afford her. It’s extortion really.

    That being said, I do understand that mediumship is a source of income for them. I have no problems paying a reasonable price. They were bestowed a wonderful gift that is to be shared and used to help others. It’s not really helping others when no one can afford her services, except the wealthy.

  • Rob

    Hope you feel better soon. You are respected and admired by many.

  • Jane Seymor

    Hello Elisa, I am a long term follower of Channeling Erik. There are so many topics of the human condition that you have only superficially addressed with Erik after all these years even, such as narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Instead we get Charles Manson, Mothman, etc and weird stuff. Use this off time to refkect. When you come back online, I hope you and Erik can thoroughly address this issue and similar ones that affect mankind.

  • Christopher Smallbone

    When one or 2 people stab you in the back I guess you are unlucky when its 3 or 4 or maybe more you have to wonder whether the person being stabbed is the source of discontent

    • Andrew Ch

      Like Jesus.. was a major source of discontent

  • Melithecat

    After reading the Emma’s response and having seen some of Veronica’s work, I’m not at all sure why Elisa is standing up for Veronica – which is why is seems like she is doing as well. Emma is genuine and it was so clear Veronica was…less than credible. Still, I hope Elisa has time she needs for herself and she also needs to know she has touched many people’s lives with this site.

  • Wow. Crazy. I was wondering what happened to Channeling Erik Youtube Videos. Looks like the last one was the talk with Charles Manson. Well, we’re still on earth and there’s drama. Sorry to hear about the troubles. Hope to see you guys soon.

  • Fanny brooks

    Elisa I am so sorry some how I saw it coming I read her face and her spirit didn’t gave me good vibe , Erik I send you infinite Love don’t give up , I just started seeing your channel and all your messages sending Love to both of you from Isaac’s mom

  • Critter Rehoming

    Hi there, not sure if this is the right forum – but when you come back mid march, can you ask Erik for another Trump reading? I am watching the first one 1.5 years later and it seems to be way off..I wonder why?

  • Carolyn Thomas

    hi Elissa, lots of love to you. Please come back soon . We need you . I know from what you have written things have been hard . I hope you have the strength to come back and find some good readers.
    What happened to Robert I thought he was a very good reader he is so sweet and very intellegent with a lovely sence of humor ..
    hoping your back on the air soon .

  • Amadore Blackwood

    I don’t know the story but asking your followers to cancel their appointments with her because of whatever drama you are going through doesn’t seem right.

  • Nick

    Being a medium is to be open to higher vibrational frequencies. As paradoxically as life expresses itself, this is often combined with a immature or egoic personality. As mediums obviously and rightfully regard their abilities as special, it takes a lot of spiriritual strength not to let the gift become a posession of their egoes. If their shadows or pain bodies weren’t so influential, maybe their urge for a spiritual orientation wouldn’t be so strong. The bad goes with the good, so to say. Being open, aware and accepting can make these disappointing events positive by regarding them as opportunities for you to heal.

  • cristina

    I’m guessing you needed some love from me too, that is why I’m suddenly going through all your posts, not having any idea what i’m searching for <3
    I love you much much much :* muah <3 Those type of people made me take a break from any socializing and it was a very long break 🙂 We all need those breaks every now and then, but just remember that you have thousands of people loving you, while one one (or few) is/are rude 🙂
    And just FYI, Erik is always there for me when I need help: with a real actual help, or just a joke, teasing and hugs if I'm sad 🙂 And I'm sure he is there for you too :*

  • Jeff Miller

    I don’t care about the channelers, I’m just hear because of Erik and Elisa.

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