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I’m still catching up after all the chaos from last week, so please forgive me if I don’t answer your comments. For now, I’m pretty much just clicking the “approve” button. 


Me: In these sessions that we have, do you ever want to start a conversation? I’m always the mic hog that asks all the questions, but I never give you the chance to just freely talk.

Erik: I know. Here I am, just a fucking guinea pig, right?

Me: I know!

Jamie laughs.

Me: You’re the question whore and I’m your pimp. So, what do you want? Do you ever want to—well you can speak up! You can say, “Wait, wait. I wanna talk about this today.”

Erik: And we have. I have on a handful of occasions, but—

Me: Okay.

Erik: Trust me. If I have some shit to say, I’m going to stop the train.

Me: Okay.

Erik: I like this. It’s guided by the people who are on the blog, which I think is beautiful. I don’t know. I think it’s cool. We’re the team. You’re the one who hosts and hound the people to ask the questions, and I’m the one who helps you answer it. I’m your ghostwriter, Mom.

Me (laughing): There we go! Good one. Awesome. Okay, we’ll move on. One of the blog members made the comment that you must be lower evolved or a lower level entity because of the way you curse and talk. How rude! (I chuckle.)

Erik: Oh, no. We gotta go through this again?

Me: And she indicated that she or her friend are supposedly used to communicating with Ascended Masters, angels and “speakers of great dignity”. So, if I remember correctly, this is the way you make it clear that it’s you.

Erik: It’s the way I make it clear that it’s me, and—let’s take the wonderful Sai Baba, for example. If Sai Baba accepted all of his money that was gifted to him, given to him, or what we might consider earned by him,–

Me: Okay, wait a minute. (to my little dog, Bella) Bella! No, no. Ah-ah. Don’t do that!

Jamie is laughing hard.

Me: She was tearing up my rug!

Erik: You just had to fart, Mom.

Me: How rude! I didn’t, but if I did, I wouldn’t admit it! Forget it. Blame the dog!

Jamie bursts out laughing.

Erik: That’s why you always have a dog.

Me (giggling): That’s true, on my husband’s part.

Erik: So, if Sai Baba chose to accept all of the monetary value and change his status in society, and wore wing-tipped shoes or boots and traveled the world in jets but had the same message, who do you think would hear him?

Me: Mm!

Erik: You know, we just—

Jamie (laughing): He just went, (in an aggravated whisper),“God! Fuck! Fuck!” and shook his head.

This made me laugh, considering the topic.

Erik: It’s so amazing and so fucking hypocritical that people can come and say, (in a snobby voice) “Oh, well, this is right, because there’s no cursing in it, and if a spirit curses to you, they’re lower level. All right, first of all—

Jamie (nervously): Mm. Erik!

Erik: First of all, fuck you for being judgmental and hypocritical about your judgment.

Oh god. I can already see the deluge of hate mail.

Erik: Because, right? You think you’re walking a life of light or enlightenment or spiritual growth, but at the drop of a dime, you’ll say that something is right and something is wrong. Something is better and something is worse.

Me: Ooo.

Erik: So, let’s just let everybody read, real plain and simple—


Jamie: He’s like, “Arghh!” He’s so frustrated right now! Thank you for talking slow, though, Erik.

Erik: Judgment on self, others or an expectation of what something should be—

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): No, we’re not going to do that! Ha ha ha!

Jamie burst out with a loud laugh.

Jamie: Can I just tell you and you not write it down?

Me: Just tell me. I’m going to write it down. I don’t filter anything, because that’s a form of judgment right there!

Jamie: He’s just trying to tick off whoever said it, I think. Playfully, though.

Me: I don’t think it’s a blog member. I think it’s someone who heard it from a friend. I don’t know.

Erik: To have a judgment of self or others? Now that’s the wrong thing.

Jamie: He’s laughing, because that right there is a judgment. So, that’s why I was going to say it would confuse the readers.

Me (giggling): Okay.

Jamie: But, you know, he is kind of pulling a prank on himself.

Erik: Acceptance is where we need to come into, and I choose to keep this language, because it was who I am from my last life—who I am now—and it is the path I feel is best to get more people to listen. Like Sai Baba. Sai Baba chose, in society, to take a vow of poverty, and, through that, he felt it was best for him to focus on people of every kind, of every level, of every race—to focus on them, as a person, not judging where they’re from or who they are and not judging self—doing what he saw fit for himself. I’m doing what I see is fit for myself.

Me: And you do seem to reach a lot more people, although you will probably offend the deeply religious, I will tell you that. But frankly, I don’t pretend to reach those people anyway. We’ll never woo them over.

Erik (chuckling): You gotta remember—they’re just words! Words have vibrational qualities and powers, but they have vibrational qualities and powers because of the intent you put behind them, you know? And I’m using mine as adjectives.

Me: Yeah. You’re not saying (in a loud, angry voice) “FUCK YOU!”

Erik: Correct.

Me: Plus talking to those Ascended Masters all prim and proper—they’re kind of boring. You’re more fun to listen to.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Seriously. Sorry, Ascended Masters, but really!

Erik (laughing): For you, maybe.

Me: Sorry, but they could at least throw in some levity.

Erik: Really, I think that the raunch and the way that we talk—

Jamie: He’s talking about you and him.

Erik: –that’s really the worm on the hook.

Me: Oh!

Erik: Don’t you think. Mom? It’s like, “Oooo, look at that! That’s different! I wanna know what that is!”

Me: Well, yeah. I think so, too.

Erik: But you know what? The message is there and it’s equivalent to the great masters or might even be beyond, because it’s in a language that kind of disarms people. It makes them giggle. It makes them go, “What? Ah, that’s exactly how I would have said it!” We’re not saints!  We use all kinds of language to communicate what we’re feeling. As long as your intent is not to harm or place judgment, then I think we’re all in the right place.

Me: Yes. And the message is good.

Erik (laughing): Boo.

Me: What?

Erik: That’s just what I’m saying. I like Sean’s thing. Isn’t that Sean’s thing?

(He’s referring to Sean of the Sean and Jen Show.

Me: Oh. I just can’t get a picture out of my mind now of the Ascended Masters doing the Macarena.

Erik: Only if they’re wearing board shorts.

Me: Yeah, there we go!

Erik: It’s the whole thing of, why, when these people have these great visions and meditations or when they die and stuff and come back and they’re like, “They were wearing white robes.”

Me: I know!

Erik: Like Greek or Roman robes.

Me: That’s their expectations.

Erik: Yeah! Exactly. Thank you! Preconceived. So, that’s what the fuck you’re going to find. Enjoy.

Me: God, I read Greek Mythology, and I’m not going there again! Okay, anything else? That was a great answer.


Jamie (laughing really hard): He started to applaud for himself!

Me: Oh, hush. You’re probably bowing, too.

Erik: I’ll take that

Jamie can’t stop laughing. He must have had a hilarious expression on his face.

Me (giggling): Smartass!

Erik: Thank you.

Me: I love you, Erik. You’re amazing.

Erik: You’re the best, Mom.

Me: From my genes, of course.

Erik: Nah, I don’t look that good in your jeans.

Me (laughing): That’s a quick one!

Erik: Too high-waisted and the legs are too short.

Just for the record, I do NOT wear “Mom jeans.”


Just a reminder: Jamie is hosting her next web class, “The Grounds the Limit – How to Get and Stay Grounded.” Not being grounded can create so many problems, including loneliness, depression, anxiety and more. This class can change your life for a paltry fee. The direct link to register is here: REGISTER


I just uploaded a new YouTube video: The three part series on the spiritual basis of disease. We’ll have several multi-part series in order to cover every imaginable disease and disorder, both mental and physical, but this will occur over the next several months. Check out Part One!
Dear Reader,

The journey on which you’re about to embark will take you through stories that are deeply personal and involves a relationship between a mother and her son.

As a physician raised by two atheists, I had no personal belief system about life after death. In a word, I was a confirmed skeptic. As my journey progressed, my mind opened. It is my sincerest hope that yours will open as well and that you will have a greater understanding of your own life and what’s to come ahead.

Although Erik sometimes paints a rosy picture of the afterlife, time and time again he stresses that suicide is not the answer to one’s problems. If you struggle, please understand that the information in my blog and my book is no substitute for professional help. Please click here for a list of resources for help when you find yourself considering taking your own life. Know that they are readily available when you feel that hopelessness and despair that many of us feel from time to time in our lives.

I refuse all donations and ad revenue on the blog. It is my dream to one day establish a nonprofit organization that delivers a variety of spiritual services for those who have lost loved ones to suicide and cannot afford that assistance on their own. It’s a mission of love, sacrifice, and dedication.

Love and light,



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  • Jen

    How ironic! Whenever I think Erik is around or talking to me, I doubt myself because I -don’t- hear the stereotypical Erik cursing one would associate with him. I guess that could very well be another form of judgment going on in my head.

    • Brandi

      He doesn’t always curse and he doesn’t always lay down major raunchy smells either. I think a lot depends on what he thinks you “need” from him at the time, kinda like what he said in answer to your question on the webinar, you know?

      • Jen

        Yep, that makes sense!

  • donnalynn

    I agree with Erik, why would we think that it is ok to judge how ANY being chooses to communicate? The “cursing” is an example of how Erik, himself chooses to communicate and what he finds to be the most effective medium. There should never be judgment on that – for a living or non-living being. My brother passed a few years ago and I just chatted with him via Jamie last week and he curses like a truck driver!! LOL!! It’s really, more to get his point across so I understand the intensity behind the message he is relaying.

  • Mary Beth

    This was timely for me (as usual!), because I’ve been pondering the topic of “judging” a lot lately.

    I had a very interesting reading not long ago about a young person who died from a drug overdose after battling heroin addiction and mental illness. Yet in the afterlife, she is fiercely proud of her last life because she lived *exactly* the lessons she chose. She came back one more time, just to accomplish this. The very intensity of the experience made it such a powerful lesson — one that she will now teach to others. She lived that life because she strong enough to do it, and celebrates it as a great and victorious accomplishment. On earth we judge it to be a tragic life. From Spirit’s perspective, it is exactly the opposite.

    I CAN’T judge ANYONE, because they may be following the exact path that they chose for a whole bunch of reasons that I can’t know.

  • Elizabeth S.

    This is too funny – Erik you must have been listening last night to the conversation I had with my husband regarding your “language”. I can’t wait to have him read this entry and thanks:) Elizabeth S.

  • Liz

    Haha, I curse all the f*cking time, so it’s nice to know that it’s not being “frowned upon” by the Ascended Verbal Masturbators, haha! 😉

  • keyoix

    Totally agree with Erik

  • jamie dimarco

    LOVE IT! Especially when he said, “First of all, fuck you for being judgmental and hypocritical about your judgment.” The more I am able to let go of my own hypocricy and judgments, the more I see what I am shedding in everyone around me. God, it’s so easy to be a douche – and that has nothing to do with language. I see it in myself, and then I get all judgmental on my own ass and thus the cycle of malicious masochism carries on… until I breathe and say fuck it, I’m done with this.

    • JoAnn

      today when i read the post ,,, i heard erik saying a quote to me,,,, and i didnt want to write it because it was potty mouth,,,, but then i am reading your comment and again Erik says it to me,,, so no insult intended,,this quote is from Erik,,, himself,,,, because i don’t think or speak like this,,,, “Great Douche Donut Head” and then he says,,,, he is not being mean,,, he says it means that it is great that you got that judging yourself is also not healthy and by ,,,you realizing that,,(evenif you still judge) you have cleaned some negative stuff out of your energy body,,,hense,,,douche,,,and the donut part,,,he wouldn’t say what he meant by it.

  • JoAnn

    Great post,,,, as i was reading i got information and had i guess what we could call an upgrade on my own understanding of “judgement” and what it really “is”,,, the Word IS being the main topic of interest,,,, Judgement is a name we give to an energy that “exist”,,, the light body is held down by this energy,,, releasing this energy is a prerequisite for “ascension” to occur,,,, so as we “use” this energy in the form of judgement,,, meaning ,, deciding, reasoning,,all these “words” use this energy also,,, discernment , well many words in the English language,,, require us to use this energy ,,, it is a building block in the co-creating process we practice here in the flesh,,,, so when we can understand in the basic terminology that what Erik is saying,,,, is the words we use are living words,,, they cause our consciousness to focus and decide a decision to be made ,,,to creat,,, by means of action,,,, so it is up to each of us,,, to decide ,,, how we want to utilize the energies available to us,,, we all must use the same energy,,,, it up to us if we choose to ,,, put love and positivity behind our intentions or anger, resentment,, vindictiveness,,,defensiveness,,,behind the intent ,,,, if we always make sure that in every decision or act we do,,,, we are ,,, putting love and fairness etc behind our reasoning then we are right where we need to be,,,, but if we use defensiveness,,, or any of the lower/heavy density traits,,,emotions,,, then we can not “ascend”,,,or lighten our energetic load.

  • cristina

    this is so funny 🙂 in 3 minutes i go from “I love Erik, he is so sweet” to laughing like crazy because of this
    “Jamie (nervously): Mm. Erik!

    Erik: First of all, fuck you for being judgmental and hypocritical about your judgment.

    Oh god. I can already see the deluge of hate mail.”

    Hey, I would be upset too to be considered bad while everything i do is for benefit of others – you have 3 years of conversation to prove that his intentions are good 🙂

    And yes “Erik: Because, right? You think you’re walking a life of light or
    enlightenment or spiritual growth, but at the drop of a dime, you’ll say
    that something is right and something is wrong. Something is better and
    something is worse.” – this is 3D good/bad thing – when you raise your vibrations you don’t see good/bad anymore 🙂

  • cristina

    wow, not that is interesting 🙂

  • M&M

    Beautiful, Erik, just beautiful. Loving you more every day. And giant kudos to you, Elisa, for not filtering a thing. You are both such a gift.

  • Brandi

    Love that boy and love his language. 🙂

  • Tiggg

    I had a reading last week and the first thing my primary partner said to me when I asked her to talk to me was, “Fuck off” she eventually let me know why she was so peeved at me and it was due to me not having faith in myself. Anyhoo thought it was funny in lieu of tonights topic lol.
    Erik you just be your old self mate, if they don’t like it they know what to do. But hopefully they will see past the cussing and stay with us. We are all here to learn and there’s no right or wrong way to do stuff, just find your own truth.

  • Dusty

    Erik expresses himself in a unique and often hilarious way. Working with high school kids, I guarantee you he’s right in step with the young demographic. They’d totally dig him.

  • Alvin

    Erik is absolutely right about the person who was judging him based on language and expression. They are the ones who are not very evolved.

    It’s the same sort of judgment with many religious people- someone said something or wrote something thousands of years ago, and then in 2013 there is this expectation that we are supposed to live our lives as they did, with values from that past moment in history.

    Actually, it’s refreshing to hear a being that is no longer corporeal yet expresses their self as a person in earthly form would.

    Kudos to Erik!

  • Nancy S.

    Hi Donnalynn,

    I think people view lower level entities as the only spiritual entities that curse because that is what “Hollywood” depicts demons as. When an angelic charactor is depicted they are shown as clean, non-profanity using spirits. You may see the opposite in comedies!! It is sad, but, much of what many people use as a source of judgement is what is presented to them through the media.

    Just my JUDGEMENT of Hollywood and the media!! 😉

  • HSB

    Ha ha! The day before this was posted, I was talking to Erik and he looked like he was wearing pale blue, high-waisted, dumpy butt jeans. I teased him about wearing mom jeans and he jokingly replied, “Fuck you! They’re Levi’s!” But seriously, I saw mom jeans.

    I suspect he does this sometimes – puts visuals in my mind that Elisa refers to in the next posts – to show me that I’m actually talking to him. I still question it from time to time but can now usually tell when it’s really him and not just my imagination.

  • lilcalichick86

    First of all: i read this blog and these channelings specifically because they dont start of with “GREETINGS DEAR ONES” “GREETINGS BEINGS OF LIGHT AND LOVE” “CALLING ALL STARSEED DNA ACTIVATION ASCENSION PORTAL” BLAAHHHH . that shit just creeps me out. who the hell says “greetings”? it makes me imagine a little green man doing a volcan sign with his hand. Just say “hey” for craps sake! its like damn, take your halo out of your ass- then you can sit and have a convo with me. i like erik because i can relate to him and he doesnt sound like some creepy ass ascended master of perfection that explains things only in metaphors and soothing words that sound like a melody. screw the melody, i like to be real. i have a bone to pick with Jesus – that guy couldnt just be straight with people. it was all about metaphors and weird cultural parables….if he just made things a little clearer back then instead of hiding the real meaning in a metaphor, things would be a lot different today, which is why i appreciate the “teachings” of someone like erik who just lays it out (not saying that he is the new jesus or anything).

    Second: I used to never cuss. It was only when i started getting in touch with my feelings/soul/theuniverse that i started cussing. Our language doesnt have words STRONG ENOUGH to express our feelings (or at least mine)…its really lacking, so i had to adopt the most intense words i could find. Now i swear like a sailor- which im trying to be aware of because i know it offends others and thats not my intention, but i simply cannot .find .words. i think erik struggles with this also. feelings are so personal, its hard to communicate a feeling without a strong word.

  • Wow, they just published a study which showed that people who curse are less emotionally constipated (not the words the study used, but…)

    • Actually, Erik said that we’ll eventually be able to subsist on energy alone. In fact, there’s some dude who has been doing so for 70 some odd years. Now they have him in a controlled place to see if he’s pulling everyone’s leg and he’s been without food or water for over a month. Cool, eh?

  • Elijah

    I love Erik just the way he is. I love the idea of ascended masters ? BUT it all can get a little old real fast. Erik is real, funny & full of wisdom. I don’t always agree with everything he says…. but so what; that would make me worship @ his feet & he doesn’t want that. I believe that unicorns are real & somewhere he said they weren’t. Well …… so what ??? if they are fine & if not fine too.
    I would rather read this blog with Erik, Elisa & Jamie…. than hang out with the masters. We are all one & here to learn from one anouther. Like people thinking drug addicts have nothing but a wasted life…. good grief. They are old souls & teach so much. Thanks for this wonderful website….. 🙂

  • Stacey

    I was wondering if this topic was going to come up. 🙂 I read the other blog this lady is talking about, you ask questions to ascended masters and they answer some of them through someone who channels. She is not in direct contact herself. I knew she was refering to Erik when she asked the questions. When I go to mediums to talk to my sister she curses because that was her personality! I don’t go to them to talk to her wise soul all the time, i want to talk to her as a human, as she was in this past lifetime. I read both blogs and get a lot of wisdom from both and discard what I don’t need. I know Erik is the real thing, love ya!

  • Lillie Albert

    Erik, I love you and your communication skills. I need the straight up, no fucking chaser. Lmao. Lillie

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