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I just stumbled upon a great YouTube channel called Sassy Mantras. She’s only got a few clips, all very short (which fits my tiny attention span.) Her first name is Daniela, and she’s actually been a blog member for quite some time. Daniela claims that Erik has encouraged her to start this YouTube channel, injecting a bit of humor into the often overly serious topic of spirituality. I’d love to eventually have her on the radio show to talk about the value of humor.

But before you watch these three short clips, I have something serious to share. Talk about Debbie Downer here! At around 2:00 AM this morning, I had an urge to find a picture of the serial killer I had a close brush with. I Googled “Serial killer Galveston” and found him. I immediately recognized his face and shivers and waves of nausea went through my body. Although not yet charged, many think he’s the serial killer of the famed “Texas Killing Fields” where around 30 bodies were found. I know my guardian angels and guides were watching over me that fateful day. If you watched the Joyride Show I recently posted, you’ll hear the entire story. Here he is. 

Clyde Edwin Hedrick, Serial Killer

On a lighter note, here are Sassy Mantras three clips. Be sure to subscribe to her channel because there will be more!

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