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I just stumbled upon a great YouTube channel called Sassy Mantras. She’s only got a few clips, all very short (which fits my tiny attention span.) Her first name is Daniela, and she’s actually been a blog member for quite some time. Daniela claims that Erik has encouraged her to start this YouTube channel, injecting a bit of humor into the often overly serious topic of spirituality. I’d love to eventually have her on the radio show to talk about the value of humor.

But before you watch these three short clips, I have something serious to share. Talk about Debbie Downer here! At around 2:00 AM this morning, I had an urge to find a picture of the serial killer I had a close brush with. I Googled “Serial killer Galveston” and found him. I immediately recognized his face and shivers and waves of nausea went through my body. Although not yet charged, many think he’s the serial killer of the famed “Texas Killing Fields” where around 30 bodies were found. I know my guardian angels and guides were watching over me that fateful day. If you watched the Joyride Show I recently posted, you’ll hear the entire story. Here he is. 

Clyde Edwin Hedrick, Serial Killer

On a lighter note, here are Sassy Mantras three clips. Be sure to subscribe to her channel because there will be more!

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  • Lorri Lewis

    Elisa, maybe you should do a session on that serial killer to find out why he is one.

  • 403LEC

    Elisa…I am interested in your experience with that serial killer. I don’t know if you want to divulge anything about it, and I completely understand. His picture is disgusting. AND thank God he didn’t harm you.

    • I think I shared the entire story in great detail a while back.

  • Michelle Schill

    I have been following Sassy Mantras on Twitter and I just love her! She always make me laugh! I was not aware that she has a YouTube channel!

  • Geraldine Maxwell

    Sassy Mantras is awesome! Let’s not take life so seriously.

    • I think that’s what both she and Erik are trying to teach us!

  • Amanda

    Haha, Sassy Mantra is hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing her YouTube info with us- I’ll def check it out now!
    Yah I agree with the other folks. My friend was listening to a podcast on Jeffrey Dahmer the other day. Sge was telling me about some of the stuff he did to people and animals, which was absolutely horrific, disgusting, and insane. It’s hard to wrap my head around why someone so vile with absolutely no value for life can be here on this planet. Why is that soul expression allowed to hurt others so savagely and without remorse? What is the lesson to be learned here? Sociopaths/psychopaths of that magnitude don’t change, cannot be suaded to have positive and healthy emotional attachments; it seems those like Jeffrey Dahmer, and this other guy, Clyde Hedwick, amongst others, are only here to hurt and kill. I’d love to understand why.

  • Judith F.

    Soul contracts. If Adolph Hitler had a soul contract to come to this earthly plane and carry out his “mission,” which was supposedly to teach the world that such horrors of war should never be repeated, then murderers, serial killers, rapists, pedophiles, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc. also all have soul contracts. And their victims have soul contracts. Erik has talked about such contracts. We all make a soul contract before each incarnation. Robert Schwartz has written “Your Soul’s Plan,” and “Your Soul’s Gift,” detailing specific stories of soul contracts and channeling contextual explanations of why each soul in each story agreed to their contract and why they experienced what they did while on earth. Actually, I felt a bit nauseated when I was faced with such information. In fact, I haven’t read “Your Soul’s Gift” yet because I was so turned off by the idea of some of the most evil contracts. If both kind souls and evil souls are actually a product of afterlife/in-between-life contracts. then the so-called “heavenly realms/dimensions” are the perpetrators of the most heinous evil acts ever done. Yes, I know that all we experience here is for the soul’s growth, and we come back to either have a positive or negative experience based on what we’ve done in previous lives, but I don’t have to like it! And as for Adolph Hitler, I don’t think the world has learned enough yet since wars and killings on a massive scale have continued on earth; in fact, humans are finding technologically superior ways of killing on a mass scale. That’s just my two cents’ worth!

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    C’mon, Guy’s, he looks like he’s had a hard life! Give him a bit of slack… I’m trying to be ‘inclusive’.

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