Sensing Murder

I found this use of psychics for detective work one of the most convincing yet. Skeptics, can you explain this?


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  • LinT

    I love this series.Their work is absolutely wonderful. It’s so comforting to know that they solve so many crimes that are baffling Police.I stay hopeful that one day the little girl (from here in the UK,Madeleine McCann) who was taken around 5 yrs ago while on holiday in Portugal,will one day be found safe by this means.Each year a modified photo is put on national TV news to remind us all how Maddy might look as she gets older.It’s so heartbreaking for her family,their strength remains remarkable.Thank you for posting,if only the skeptics would believe…..sigh.

  • Amber

    Reference DISCUS. There is no field on this page to report problems with it.
    I have just typed a reply to LinT. When I clicked to post, it came up with “Just a moment”. Nothing doing, I clicked it but 5 minutes later there’s still nothing doing. (?)
    Fingers crossed that this post works.

    • I think the recent update is the problem and reverting the the former one helps.

  • Amber

    ps as soon as I posted the complaint, the reply to LinT box released its “just a moment” message!!!!

  • Amber

    Still struggling. I’ve twice clicked the post button on the reply to LinT but nothing doing (???!!!), so instead I will type it out here as the comment post seems to be working.
    By the way, my original Comment, posted in response to the video and while the comments page was still blank, has not come up either!

    Like you I have hoped for resolution to Madeleine’s case. It was on this website that I learned of her death, which horrified me. Put ‘McCann’ into the searchbox.
    I expect many psychics will surely have been onto the case but as yet no-one has actually pinpointed where her remains are. I always wonder that some things we are not meant to know when so many people are intent on uncovering the truth?
    All in the fullness of ‘time’….

    • Disqus recently updated with the WordPress update so Kristina reverted it back to the previous version. If that doesn’t do the trick, it might be Erik teasing us?? Let me know if it keeps up, guys.

      • Tracy Lamont

        It’ll be that boy of yours! He keeps messing with my mouse when I’m trying to reply to comments. My page is going up and down faster that a wh***s knickers!
        He put those words in my head —– honest! 🙂

  • Jane5

    I truly hope someone finds that little boy taken from his school, Kyron

  • Amber

    My comment about the video was that I’d seen similar on YouTube regarding little Madeleine. As it’s also presented entertainably I’m dubious. (How rigorous can they get?) For example, although the Police Officer says that he mentioned no names, when the psychic took half an hour to come up with one (I suppose by yes-no process of elimination of the alphabet?) we cannot rule out telepathy because the name both she and the other psychic gave, was on his list. Their urgent desire to win the case could well have led them to an innocent man, simply one that the Police Officer has a strong suspicion of. Had he not had a list of names in his head the outcome may well have been different. At any rate it shows the likelihood that the psychics are at least as good at telepathy, but there is no certainty of their verity. Just as well then, that this stuff is not accepted legally:You can’t take it to court. However, it is well-used by the Police. I recently read of one psychic having offered their service over 500 times! What we do not know, (because it’s not acceptable evidence) is how many times their results have been the correct ones. The best phychics/mediums in these seach cases can only be those whose work manifests in the physical world, ie; leads police to unearth bodies and through DNA or other means, lead to a killer. A tall order indeed.

    This issue always brings me to our good friend Erik. We imagine him to have a bird’s eye view of everything. He’s immersed in the all-knowlege akashic record, all data at his fingertips, to pass on to us. Why can’t he and others simply tell us? Either they don’t have the x-ray vision I think they have, or, they are not ‘able’ to tell us as, for example, this takes away the lessons we are heer to learn, or the experiences individually or collectively we have incarnated for? Why on Earth would parents of missing children put themselves through this? We don’t see the wider picture. I am left wondering how difficult or frustrating it might be for Erik and others to have to decide what to tell and what not. IS this the case? I’d really like to know.

    At any rate, we would be in the same position, that we ought anyway to be in of discernment of everything we hear from the spirit people, just as we must be among ourselves. What ‘truth’, ‘evidence’, is really the case?

  • tracy_lamont

    Thesde psychics are uncannily accurate. I remember watching an episode where the psychic Kelvin Cruickshank was trying to trace a missing woman and he was sitting in his car in a forest car park. He said the woman had been in this car park and saw a blue and white pick up truck go by. Just then a blue and white pick up truck went by! The driver turned out to be a valuable witness!

  • Tracy Lamont

    I asked Erik about Madeleine and he went and got her. She said she had been taken by paedos and died quite soon afterwards….

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