The Shocking Afterlife Interview with Madeleine McCann


Before you watch the video, I want to give you an update on my trial of low dose naltrexone. It works great! I feel such an awesome since of well being and I have no more cravings for my red wine in the evening. I offered to let an acquaintance try it–someone who has a problem with depression and opioid addiction–and after two days, he called me to say, “It worked. I feel normal for the first time in my life.” Seriously, people, this is the answer to the heroin epidemic. People are shooting up just to feel “normal.” Unfortunately, there’s no profit to be made by Big Pharma on it because it costs pennies a day. Naltrexone has been generic for a long time. So what can be done?

Now, enjoy this exciting interview. I’m not sure what to do with the information, though. 

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  • Paulette Roberts

    Was it established that it was a contract?

    • Yes it was.

      • JAckie C

        Hi ELISA, have been forced to sigh n to comment as feel very disturbed about this interview with Maddy. I am English and have followed what happened to Maddy from day one. Have read a number of books and also know that all three children were thru I.V.F. And very much planned for and wanted. Both parents are doctors and I cannot imagine how they would accidentally overdoes one of their children and then magically manage to find some ‘friends’ who are perfectly willing to take he body and dispose of it. They were at the tapas bar that evening with friends, so no mean feat? What I would like to make your followers aware of is the John Oliver show, Haunting Evidence, where he operates with another top American medium, or maybe two. They flew out to Pria du Luz for 3/4 days and independently both mediums brought forward a man who had taken Maddy from the apartment and took her to a flat. After a couple of days or so he was instructed to kill her as the media had gone crazy. He suffocated her. I found John Oliver the the other medium totally believable. So who is right. Please could you show this post so that readers can allow the parents a fair ‘trial’. Love Channelling Eric by the way and love to you and your family, and Eric. Jackie x

      • Rede

        I must say I have also tracked the Maddie case from the beginning and I find the interview very good and revealing. The history of an overdose makes absolutely sense, just because the parents are doctors!

        Because normal parents do not know what kind of sedatives they can give their child. Strictly speaking, normal parents would not give your child any sedative, fortunately!

        All the other explanations have more of cruel conspiracy theories that make little sense to me .. often the most obvious explanation is the right one!

      • JAckie C

        Have you seen the Haunting Evidence programme regarding Madeleine?

      • Rede

        Well, ..and have you seen the interview with Mistério Gonçalo Amaral, the Portuguese investigator, who is convinced that no abduction took place and the parents are not interested in any cooperation and resolution of the case and by the way have earned millions with the whole story?

        There is for each view the corresponding video, which leads to nothing..
        If you want to believe in the mysterious killer, that is your reality and also fine..

      • JAckie C

        I have read books by one of the officers involved and read stuff on both sides. One big hurdle I find hard together over is , what was the MOTIVE if they killed her? As I said earlier she was a much wanted test tube baby and they went on to have the twins after that. I have I.v.f twins so I know how much I’ve babies are wanted. Have also read Kate mac cans biography. Anyway, would be interested to hear what you think the motive was and was it an accident or not?

      • Rede

        They had no motive, it was an accident, an overdose, as mentioned in the interview. Madeleine was angry and loud and tiring and her parents wanted to rest and sleep, so I understood it.

        And her father did not want to endanger his career with this disaster and so they have over the years become more and more into the story and finally also earned a lot of money with it and as I understood it from the video, they enjoy their popularity in a certain way, what is bothering her a lot.

      • Lorri

        Wanting a baby very much is not a guarantee of anything at all. A parent could be an absolute nutcase and still very much want a child. There are plenty of children who are abused, who were planned for and wanted.

      • No, never heard of it.

      • I didn’t know until recently that they were docs. Are they anesthesiologists? That would explain things even more!

      • Rede

        She was a house doctor, he was a cardiologist.

      • Oh okay.

      • safemouse

        This about Kate McCann, from Wikipedia, Elisa: ‘She moved briefly into obstetrics and gynaecology, then anaesthesiology, and finally general practice.’ So you are correct…

      • safemouse

        (I think, I’m only human, so is Wikipedia)

      • Okay

      • Karen Johnston

        It is correct Dr Kate Healey / McCann is a trained Anesthatist so was her friend on the holiday Dr Fiona Paine.

  • Vivella

    Elisa this was an interesting interview on Madeleine. I recently watched many you tube videos put out by Richard E Hall who has done extensive research and analysis on this case, and his summary of everything is about 4 videos and very good. Another interview he also did was with a ‘statement analysis expert’ Peter Hyatt which is also very telling. It fits in with everything. The Portuguese chief, Amaral, also always said it was not a kidnapping. It is worth watching Richard E Hall’s videos on this matter – maybe he will see your video, which would be a good idea.

    • I’ll check it out.

    • JAckie C

      This man also believes in numerous other conspiracy stories. I have just listened to him one YouTube video. So I cannot believe him. I still believe this couple are totally innocent and police are pretty cute at sensing when people are lying.

      • Vivella

        Sure, Jackie. From what i recall after watching the 4 hour documentary that Richard Hall did, he did not give a conclusion, just brought up all the inconsistencies in a factual manner, which might lead to various different truths. I found him very factual and analytical, which is what one needs in such a situation. However, Peter Hyatt, the statement analysis expert was very emphatic in his conclusions regarding guilt. I have since then watched quite a long video regarding the financial management of the fund, which also brings up many questions. The police chief Amaral wrote a book called The Truth of the Lie in which he concluded the parents were responsible in some way. The McCann’s tried to stop him publishing the book but they lost that court case. I tried to keep an open mind when listening to all the facts in the videos, but I personally do believe the parents made a mistake.

  • Nishaak

    Hi Elisa!! Firstly, thank you for all the hard work you are putting in this work and secondly I want to request you to do a session on “Missing Time”. There are many people out there who have experienced it but no one has an explation about it.

  • JaniceT

    Hi Elisa,
    Wow, what a great interview! I wasn’t expecting this at all; to learn so much from a sweet little girl…Madeline has a choice to be peaceful and happy, but instead she chose to keep her humanness and feel pain and sadness in order so that she can help others here on earth. What sacrifice on her part. Amazing spirit.
    Another thing I always always always felt is that Elisa is exceptionally great in asking the right questions; questions i don’t think about until Elisa asks them. I truly believe that that is why Erik and Elisa makes such a fantastic team! two peas in a pod is what comes to mind….I cannot thank you enough for your hardwork and for your immense generously in sharing these interview. So very grateful. Thank you!

  • Felicia

    Thank you for this segment. I have been worried and thinking about this little girl for years. I am happy she is safe in heaven now.

  • Kyle Shields

    Elisa , You stated that Madeline was six , I have just read she was 9 days short of her 4 birthday. Is it possible to clarify this ? Many thanks Kyle

    • Leilani

      I re-watched the video, Kyle, and I can’t see where Anyone stated that Maddie was 6.

      • Kyle Shields

        Ok Thanks I will re-watch it and see if I can pick up where I heard it Thanks

      • No I didn’t ask her age.

      • Rede

        I have no doubt that this very deep interview with Madeleine is genuine.

        I was just a bit surprised that she is still so worried about her siblings. I mean, at 14 years, the chance to get an overdose of sedatives from the parents should be very low..

      • Maybe it’s not that. She could be worried about the affect of the media attention or the way they’re being parents, whatever.

    • I don’t remember saying her age. Maybe I said, “I think she was around 6” but I never knew her age.

    • Tracy Lamont

      she was definitely 3 yrs old….almost 4. This happened 2 months after I lost adam so I’ve followed developments closely. I’m a Brit and felt their pain. I live near to Gerry’s sister and a lot of campaigning went on in Scotland. I honestly didn’t expect this. I am so shocked and saddened.
      My son, Adam died with his best pal but they had a third friend who mourned them terribly as he’d been with them that day. This boy – Louis – his mom told me that shortly after the boys died, and after maddy was taken, she dreamt that the boys were walking along her street, swinging a little blonde girl by the arms between the two of them. She felt it was maddy so I’ve always believed she was dead……just didn’t think it would be at the hands of Kate and Gerry.

  • Elisa, I’ve made an appt. with a GP for Monday to get a script for LD-Naltrexone. I pulled my groin muscle 3 months ago and, at my age (63), it is a slow healing process. Ibuprofen works wonders for the pain, but it constipates me, so I only take it occasionally — and endure the pain when it wears off, which is no fun! (I’m also seeing a chiropractor for sacroiliac / hip joint arthritis — and hope that LD-Naltrexone will help for that as well.)

    Anyway, I have been checking with local pharmacies to find one that carries the LD-Naltrexone, and no dice. I’ll have to order through a specialty compounding pharmacy, it seems. Do you do that, too? If so, which pharmacy do you use?

    My big worry is that my GP hasn’t heard of LD-Naltrexone as an anti-inflammatory, and I’ll have to sell him on prescribing it for me!

    • Just have your doctor give you the 50 mg Naltrexone and make your own LDN. It’s so much cheaper. Break up one tablet so it’ll dissolve faster. Put it in an amber jar and use a syringe or graduated cylinder to measure 50 ml of distilled water. Put that in the jar with the pill and stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then it should be dissolved. Mix it well every time before you take it. Use a syringe to measure your dose. Everyone is different. I started with 2 ml (taken after 9 PM at night–very important.) and since I didn’t have side effects (the most common one is trouble sleeping for the first week) I took 3 ml the next night, then 3.5, then 4 and now I’m on a permanent dose of 4.5 mg. I take a one week vacation from it every 3 months. Print out literature to convince your doctor. You can use google to find out information and also go to this website:

      • Dustin Ebaugh

        THANK YOU Dr. Medhus! I was just going to ask for this information from you. 🙂

      • Many thanks, Elisa! There’s also a study by the NIH — “LDN as an anti-inflammatory” — that I’m bringing for backup. I’ll keep you posted on my success.

    • Lorri

      Would Naltrexone work for dental surgery as a prescription instead of something like Vicodin?

  • Wow, thanks for the information. What staggering numbers and how disgusting, horrifying and shameful!

  • Dustymylove

    This was a fascinating and courageous interview. It was done with compassion and sensitivity…and may, in time, help bring resolution and transformation for those involved. You are making a great contribution to the world.

    For many years (about 13), I have followed the case of a missing woman named Maura Murray. Her case is perplexing and tragic…especially for her father. Is there any chance that Emma could speak with Maura?

    Peace, love….and all of the above.

    • Margaret

      Yes, I was going to ask Dr. Medus this as well. The Maura Murray case is HUGE in the MA/NH area and a completely crazy confounding mystery!

  • Joius

    Dear Elisa,

    Is it possible to bring in Meredith Kercher for interview and ask her about Amanda Knox involvement in her murder….

    • I don’t want to get into too many of these murder mysteries. They could have legal implications.

      • Leah

        I would discuss this with a lawyer that way you’re crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

  • Oscar Perez

    I remember reading the version of other mediums about Maddie and what struck me about this interview was the description of a white car. I remember another medium describing that Maddie was being driven by a woman who was a recent acquaintance of the family and she was in a white car. However, I think the medium was saying at the time that Maddie had been kept alive and then killed? It’s been a while. So was surprised to hear about the white car and the recent acquaintance. Very interesting. By the way, who is the person channeling on this video? I don’t keep up with the page on a daily basis so not familiar with all the channelers and nowhere on this page nor in the youtube page does it say who the channerler is, or at least I missed this detail somewhere…

  • Wilhelm F

    This was sad but i am glad she is doing fine and happily reincarnated into her new life !

    • JAckie C

      Hi, am not computer savvy but today worked out how to join discus as wanted to post Eliza. After I made my post I ended up tapping on the symbols at the end of her name and it asked if I wanted toBlock her. I accidentally tapped O.K. And I have Blocked Eliza. Can’t seem to undo it. Can you help please? Jackie C x

      • Wilhelm F

        Hi Jackie , are you sure you blocked her? Your comments still shows on here ..I am also new on Discus but i’ll go and look how to unblock people !

      • Wilhelm F

        Jackie , just sign into your Disqus account, go to settings on the left, you’ll see Blocking down the that and unblock. ! Take care W

      • JAckie C

        Have tried that but it isn’t working. Will have to wait till my daughter comes home. I am 54 and not very good with these things. Thanks anyway . Jackie

      • Wilhelm F

        Lol sorry, hopefully she’ll fix it in no time.. You’re most welcome. W

  • Leah

    I appreciated this post. I often think about missing children. Eliza, you asked great questions. Although I did get a sense of overwhelming feeling that if the dad sees this he will not be happy about it. But he will also take it as “no one will believe this nonsense” anyway… could you do a segment on baby Lisa Irwin? I was very drawn to that case. Thank you and Blessings.

    • JAckie C

      Leah, please cud you read my above post? How do I unblock ELISA?

      • Are you sure you’re blocked? I see your comments.

      • JAckie C

        Have come to see my sister and she has sorted it out for me. Looking forward to your replies if you have time Eliza. Love 2 you and Erik x

    • I don’t think he’d want to go after me for fear that I would spread this all over the media.

  • JAckie C

    Am confused. Am certain the medium said that GerryMcCann was the one who ‘killed’ Maddy, accidentally or not, and that Kate McCann had not known about this until relatively recently. However, near the end of the interview, ‘Maddy’ was asked who gave her the medicine/drug and the medium said Maddy was saying it was her mummy, or it felt like she was saying mummy. Surely this is a contradiction. If Kate her Maddy the overdose then how can Gerry be the one who killed her and she didn’t know about it. The are both doctors so Kate couldn’t have been tricked into overdosing her. Anyone else questioned this? Btw, if ELISA would like to reply to this, I have inadvertently blocked her and can’t seem to undo it on discus at the moment.

  • JAckie C

    Have just posted under the heading of pictures/maps, but in case no-one sees that …….. This morning i had a look at the post ‘Message from a Hopi Elder’ – the blog bit before the video. In it it says that both Eric And Maddy have said that she was abducted from the hotel. She was taken away and subjected to a terrible ordeal (words to that effect) for 3 days, then died. Please can we get this clarified. Who was the medium that the above information we given to and now what are we supposed to believe as these two versions are nothing alike. Am concerned that this latest interview is going to cause a backlash against the parents. Please respond someone. I am not wanting to put anyone down i just want to know the truth. Jackie x. P.s. Have inadvertently blocked you ELISA and still cannot undo it. But you could. Reply to me ina post in this section. I know you must be very busy tho x

    • In a way she was abducted by that couple who disposed of the body at the direction of the parents.

      • JAckie C

        Ok, but Emma relayed that Maddy said her parents gave her the medicine/overdose and that she died in the hotel,whereas in the other version she didn’t die in the hotel, she died somewhere else after being abused for 3 days?

    • Katarina

      Jackie C- yes, the first thing that popped into my mind was the ‘Hopi Elder’ blog post, too! It completely contradicts what this medium said! Here is a copy paste from the Hopi Elder post —– ‘She was taken by someone in the hotel, someone her parents saw and interacted with on numerous occasions. She was kept alive by her captives for quite some time and unspeakable things were done to her poor little body. This was such a shock for her, because she was raised in such a loving, safe family. She had no idea that such “monsters,” as she calls them, even exists. It just wasn’t in her realm of possibilities. Of course, this innocence only made her an easier target for evil. Her captives intended to sell her on the sex slave market, but fortunately, she didn’t survive long enough for such future atrocities held in store for her.’ This is totally different info!! I’m also surprised also that nobody seems to have picked up on this contradiction. Who to believe?? I personally believe this and not the new version (that her parents were involved).

      • Oscar Perez

        Not the first time nor the last where mediums contradict themselves. Some have even said that Maddie is still alive. Some said it was a woman who took her, others a man; then they have different information about the location. I’ve had personal readings where Mediums are dead spot on some info, while dead wrong on others. Same medium, yet, the info is not 100% correct. That’s why I like to read these posts and take the info as an alternate possibility of what could have happened, and not as an absolute authority of what happened. 🙂

      • They are human, after all.

      • JAckie C

        Hi, thanks for your comments. I am still disturbed by the total dissimilarities of these two channelings and think it needs looking into further as we are left with the latest version seemingly being accepted as the true version. Unfortunately if this version is not the correct account then it’s more horror for Gerry and Kate, as if the first version is correct then they are 100% innocent. I have asked for it to be looked at further, but Elisa says she doesn’t know why the two do not tally and she is going with her feelings that Emma’s version is the right one, so I have to respect that. You may be very interested to see the video/s of John Oliver and the other top medium on ‘Haunting Evidence’, just Google it and you will find the Madeline episode. Which ever version is correct I hope it is one where she suffered the least. Jackie x

      • Katarina

        Yes Jackie, that’s the thing- the ‘Hopi Elder’ info clears the parents and says they gave Madeleine a loving environment while this one says the parents are guilty (and especially paints Jerry McCann in a bad light). Just totally contradictory. Oliver and Elisa pointed out that mediums are human, but then who do you believe?? Should we believe any of them? Yes, I saw this case on ‘Haunting Evidence’ but I don’t know how credible they are either! Another contradiction: regarding the Jon Benet Ramsey case, the Haunting Evidence mediums say an intruder killed her, but Erik says it was the mom. Then I watched a documentary on youtube where they picked apart the evidence and after watching it, you believe the brother Burke did it and the parents covered it! (If you’re interested in watching that video, it’s called ‘The Case of Jon Benet’ -two parts -by a poster called Nicolas Lepage). Both of these cases are just so sad.

      • JAckie C

        There is one other solution – develop your psychic powers and become a medium yourself, lol x

      • I’ve tried and I keep practicing.

      • JAckie C

        Under what heAding did Erik comment on the Jon-Benet case please? Would like to watch/read it. I did feel an intruder did it as I could not for the life of me find a motive for the parents, but plenty of paedophiles out there would want her. Unless the intruder was her brother ! Maybe a jealous brother could have a motive. have you seen Sensing Murder, a psychic detective series that features two Australians. They are incredible. They give names of streets, the people who did it, where they work or worked. Unbelievable. They are well worth watching. They start by placing their hand and a brown envelope with a photo inside it. Would love to see a Sensing Murder programme on Maddy and Jon-Benet.i may even enquire about it.

      • Can’t remember the title. You’ll just have to type all or part of her name in the search bar.

  • JAckie C

    ELISA. The post below this was supposed to have been addressed to you (but othe comments very welcome).

  • Ronald Matthaei This news artical in a Dutch newspaper about the investigación is almost spot on with the reading. Love and light for maddie and Erik and all of you. Ron

  • Interesting!

  • Kim Harris

    I have worries about this interview too also why is there a disclaimer saying for entertainment purposes only? None of the interviews usually have this I believe this interview was fake and it’s making me doubt the whole blog which is sad because it has helped me a lot

    • JAckie C

      I am pretty sure the disclaimer is there because of the highly sensitive nature of the contents and to make sure nobody is sued. I do not personally feel the interview was fake in any way, for that would be to say that the medium was making he whole thing up. She seemed totally genuine to me but I have visited mediums and they can think they are getting information through via images, etc., but the brain is an amazing thing and who knows what it can come out with. You said you had problems with the interview, did you just mean the disclaimer part of it or are you, like me, questioning it because it does not tally with what Erik and Madeleine were purported to have said in the blog above the Hopi Indian video that I mentioned? Did you read it. The two stories do not match. The first says that abductors took Maddy abused her for 3 Days and then she died this last one says that the parents, or Gerry the father did with via an accident with sleeping medication and she died in the hotel room. So my question is, firstly, who was the medium that channelled Eric and Maddy in the first reporting of Maddy’s disappearance and, secondly, has she/he channelled the details correctly or has Emma channelled the details correctly, or incorrectly. Could be either of them. They can’t both be right as the stories are not the same. Do not understand why no-one else is commenting on this? I sincerely do not wish to upset either medium but after following Madeleine and what happened to her for the full ten years, I really need to know the truth. Do look up Haunting Evidence and the episode on Madeleine with John Oliver and Carla ????? as it is very compelling and felt totally believable to me. Thanx for replying Kim x

  • Kim Harris

    Also they said Maddie had blue eyes they are green with a very distinctive fleck going across her right eye which wasn’t mentioned, and also the “bear” they referred to with no name was a cuddly toy cat called cuddle cat

    • JAckie C

      Yes, I picked up on those two points. Madeleine had greeny, part brown eyes, not much blue there. More so, I was uncomfortable that Emma referred to a bear and when pushed to ask Maddy the name of the ‘bear’, Maddy could only say she liked soft toys. I live in England and I think most of the population knew she had a stuffed cat called Cuddle Cat that Maddy was nearly inseparable from. I did try to think maybe I was being too picky, so wouldn’t have mentioned unless someone else did. I, personally would have loved Jamie to have channelled Madeleine as I don’t really know Emma but I do know Jamie .

      • Kayra Sun

        Hi Jackie and Kim. Just to confirm, the “entertainment purposes” disclaimer was indeed posted because of concerns of the content being of a sensitive nature. Jackie, I believe your personal attachment and sensitivity to this case may be causing you to be a bit pushy with Elisa and the medium. (Just my opinion!) It is true, mediums are spirit translators and can sometimes not have something completely accurate – such as the bit about the stuffed animal. I know Elisa and I can tell you she fully vouches for this medium as being very accurate. I have known Jaime for years also and can tell share with you – as my opinion – that this Medium’s translating abilities seem to be right up there with Jamie’s. I understand that many times we get information we rather not accept or believe. It’s always our choice. Remember what Jaime tells us: what we believe in is our own truth. If you choose to believe that the parents are innocent and that is your truth then it should be respected. But also the work of this medium and Elisa should be respected. In time, all truths come out. If the parents did anything to cause their own daughter any harm, they will be the ones feeling that pain and judging themselves when the time comes. It is not up to us to judge, though its such a human thing to do. However, it takes great courage to post content of such a sensitive nature and I admire Elisa so much for this and many other reasons. If one chooses not to believe the information given in this reading, then at least let’s put our focus and attention on the ongoing tragedy of the many cases of missing or trafficked people. In the end, it’s a takeaway that we can all agree on. I don’t feel the parents will be harmed by this reading because usually people form their strong opinions and stick by them. There seems to be plenty of conclusions out there that involve the parents. In the end, I will pray for the whole family and will see how we can help raise awareness for trafficked people. I believe Ricky Martin has a foundation that is collecting and creating awareness for that purpose. Much much love and light to you ladies!

      • JAckie C

        Not sure what you mean by pushy, but anyway ….. You seem to have missed my most important question ………. That is the fact that what was originally revealed in the blog under the heading of Converstion with Hopi Elder (or similar) by Erik himself and Maddy is totally different to what has been revealed in this video with Emma. I will repeat it again, in the first revelation it was said that Maddy was abducted, horribly abused for 3 days and then died (not in the hotel obviously). In this latest video Emma relays that Maddy is saying that her parents overdosed her and she died AT the hotel. Two different stories from two different mediums. So ……… Please, pleAse read the first version of events, then please explain to me why it doesn’t match the most recent version of events? Looking forward to your reply. jackie

      • Kayra Sun

        Pease don’t take this the wrong way or as a personal attack because that is not my intention. What I mean by pushy – only because you asked me to clarify – is that you have posted the same thing in multiple posts now. Elisa is a busy woman. Please give her time to respond if she chooses to. I personally have no interest in this debate, but felt compelled
        to express my opinion. Have a beautiful evening and I hope you get the answers you seek. Thank you for being a part of our CE family.

      • JAckie C

        As I said I an earlier post to you, I do fully realise how busy Elisa must be. However, you don’t seem to be as busy so you could have replied to me with your reason as to why there are two different versions of the Madeleine case, both from Erik and Maddy. Obviously you don’t want to answer. As to your comment on my not wanting to believe the parents did it. This is not the case. I just want to clarify why there are two versions of the murder?? ELISA herself has queried when things don’t tally, I.e. Channelling with Jesus and his mother. One session was with Jamie and the other with Kim. Different answers were given in each interview, I.e that Mary was a virgin/or not. I.e. That Jesus had children/or not. ELISA put out a video questioning the discrepancies as she was not happy and needed to know why the two channelling did not tally, so I am only doing what she did …………… So do you wish to criticise Eliza also?

      • Sorry, I get so many comments I miss them at times. I don’t know why there are different answers. THe first said Maddy was abducted and in a way she was since the couple took her to dispose of the body. With the Jesus channeling, I think Jamie’s is the accurate one. Kim is religious and may have filters. Mediums are human and so they have filters. You just have to “feel” which one resonates as the truth for you.

      • JAckie C

        Thank you for replying as I realise you are so busy. Looking at your reply, I think this is something you said earlier, ie, in a way she was abducted as the couple took the body,but this is saying that the body was taken to dispose of it,I.e a ‘dead’ body. But in the blog above the Hopi Elder video, Maddy and Erik say she was abducted (and taken elsewhere obviously) was horribly abused for 3 days,THEN died. This is the bit I am confused about. One version is her father, or mother and father overdosed her and killed her At the hotel. The latest scenario is they abductors killed her at anothe address after 3 days of physical abuse. So who killed her, her parents or the abductors? I hope you can see why I can’t tie the two versions together? Not sure what answer can be given to this. I do understand about mediums having filters as they are only human, but it makes quite a different in a murder case that either the parents did it or abductors did it. Or at least it makes a big difference toGerry and Kate MaCann. Is there anyway someone could ask Erik to explain where the two versions don’t match. I think you did something like this in the Jesus discrepancies as far as I can remember. I will leave it with you, but hope you can see my point now. I really don’t want to stress you any more after all the grief you must be feeling, but for the sake of the parents and any backlash from this, I have felt compelled to clear this point. Love to you, your family and Erik, Jackie x

      • I don’t know. I just feel like Emma is spot on.

      • JAckie C

        Well if that’s your gut feeling then that’s thats a good enough answer for me. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a good weekend. Take care, Jackie x

      • I always respond to people but sometimes I get sloppy in my reading and miss things. I usually spend around 4 hours a day reading and replying to emails, blog comments and FB private messages. It gets to be a lot. Oh, and YouTube messages too.

      • JAckie C

        P.s if being pushing means pushing for an answer, then yes, I am pushing for an answer. If and when I get the answer, I will immediately stop posting. I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings just would love an answer. Someone has also questioned the Hopi Elder blog and how it doesn’t tally with this latest video, but she hasn’t had an answer either. Realise Elisa has a lot on her plate and must be very busy by the way x

      • Agreed!

      • At $800 and hour, I can’t afford Jamie anymore. Emma is just as good. She has given me private readings and included specific names of my relatives and information that there’s no way she could have known.

      • JAckie C

        That’s good enough for me Elisa, if you have a high opinion of her. The truth is I have seen a number of videos with Jamie but only this one with Emma, so I am not in a position to compare in anyway.

      • Katarina

        Elisa- I can’t believe she is charging you $800/hr as well! You made her famous! Of course, she should charge, but $800/hr, sheesh!

      • terry

        i like Kimberly.

  • Katarina

    I am late to the party here, but as another poster, Jackie C, pointed out, this info completely contradicts previous info on this blog regarding Madeleine. If you google ‘channeling erik madeleine mcann’, you will see a top link ‘Message from a Hopi Elder’. In that blog post it says………She was taken by someone in the hotel, someone her parents saw and interacted with on numerous occasions. She was kept alive by her captives for quite some time and unspeakable things were done to her poor little body. This was such a shock for her, because she was raised in such a loving, safe family. She had no idea that such “monsters,” as she calls them, even exists. It just wasn’t in her realm of possibilities. Of course, this innocence only made her an easier target for evil. Her captives intended to sell her on the sex slave market, but fortunately, she didn’t survive long enough for such future atrocities held in store for her.

    This info completely contradicts this new channeling. So, who to believe??? This is the problem with channeled info. I personally believe the above, and not the new info.

    • It’s a tough call, Mediums are human and they have good and bad days on top of that. I feel the information, at least most of it, from Emma is right. I feel it in my heart. But I’m human too, so…

    • Karen Johnston

      I have been a Spiritualist for 26 yrs, I have sat in development circles but never got far if any where but I have had a handful of experiences that I am aware of. I have also done a healing coarse & received correct information while giving healing energy. From my experience those lights orders who help people for little or no payment are the best! I’ve noted when Mediums get greedy or a big ego the gift they have is weakened so they make it up as they go along. I have seen many Mediums & a lot will say you cannot ask for who you want to come through & get a bit dubious of those who ask for a certain Spirit to communicate, however there is a woman in UK who does a spot in a man who seems excellent & people ask her who to contact & the feedback is cock on, if you care to look her up her name is Mandy Masters & she was born a victim of Thalidomide. I would advise to meditate & do protection & prayer before opening yourself up to the Spirit world and close down after, not all Spirits are as they seem or say & I was told the more Spiritual you are the brighter your light shines & lost souls will be attracted to that light , so it is wise to test the Spirit.
      Now I will move on to the Maddie case & my thoughts. As a person who believes I am also put off by the 2 totally different versions, it is this kind of stuff that gives people something to laugh & make fun of us who are genuine in our thoughts & beliefs.
      This nut is a hard one to crack because it is so high profile & considered the biggest mystery since Jack the ripper & never out of the newspapers, so any clear vision a Medium will get will be clouded These parents are clever & manipultive so thier plot to brainwash the public worked out as planned by getting the media involved before the police had time to ask any questions or decide what kind of crime had been commited or not. I was in CZ rep when the news broke so I was not subjected to the hype & brainwashing & was to busy with my own babies so never pick up on the case till 2013 when Crimewatch done an updated appeal on TV so I Googled what the occult had on the case & found only Haunting Evidence & turned it off minutes in as my gut told me it was just following the official story & from the beginning I knew the parents were involved, may have been different had it not been 2 Drs that left their kids to go out on the lash. I also found while Google’s FB groups full of information from the official police files & let me tell you I knew zilch zero, so what an eye opener of which confirmed my Gut feelings a cadaver dog can’t be mistaken 11 times to the scent of death & all to McCanns property. I am of the thinking Maddie died of OD that either finished her off after a fall or an assault or caused the accident. The blood under tiles & the blood splatter on walls suggested a broken neck / large but as their had been a clean up with household chemical’s no DNA of substance could be matched. The reason I suspect she died of OD is A song that just popped into my head when reading up on the case which was What did Della Wear Boy of which in the verses Tell a story that fit a bit of the goings on Della Died & she sipped a Minnesota. I will tell on another post another time another song I got that came to pass as I guess you have all nodded off, also please excuse my grammar.

  • Sky Yozenko

    Thank you Emma and Elisa. I would love you to do an afterlife interview with Isabel Celis and Haleigh Cummings. Isabel was 6 years old when she disappeared from her parents’ home in Tucson, Arizona in 2012. Her remains were found in March of this year but police still have no suspects or poi. Haleigh Cummings was reported missing from her family’s home in Satsuma, Florida, on February 10, 2009. She was 5 years old at the time and she or her remains have never been found. Both of these girls were asleep in their beds and disappeared during the night.

  • 🙂

  • Kimberly Brooks-Knapp

    Please do one on Johnny Gosh taken from West Des Moines Iowa always been a mystery for years

  • Sandra Dobrowtisky

    I am really enjoying listening to all the channeling Erik interviews, I want to thank Erik and you Elisa you are both wonderful and lovable so big hugs to you both. I am not very good at navigating the blog and I am trying to find out more information regarding where the Erik shows in the various cities in the US will be held as well as the dates. Can you let me know how to locate this information from the blog?

    • You have to go to the homepage of the blog, go to the right hand sidebar and scroll down until you see the tour button. Emma is going to have an event in Belgium 9/9, so that should be fun. Folks are coming in from all over Europe!

  • DebC

    Hi…I thought i would have a look at a map of Portugal and there is a peninsular called Sagres Point exactly shaped as Maddy described where a lighthouse stands and is called Cabo Sao Vicente. Maybe there is truth in all accounts from the mediums as Maddy seemed like she wanted to protect certain people. Could the flat have been a room in the lighthouse? It also may be possible that Maddy was drugged and may have had an out of body experience and thought she was dead. She seems very disturbed and makes me feel that she is omitting some significant information. She is very passionate about the the children being sold, drugged and abused, quite rightly but I feel that if this had not been her experience then she would not be talking about it. If it were just the accidental overdose surely the abuse etc of others would not be her spiritual work ?????. I know she says that this is not her experience but maybe it was the intention but was thwarted by the high profile media frenzy and thats why she says a lot of children would be saved if there was lots of attention from the media and general public and make abductors think twice before doing it.

    • JAckie C

      I agree with you. Why would Maddy be immersing herself in helping abducted children? Why is she not helping children who are drugged at night by their parents? Something feels not right to me and I have since wondered if she was given an overdose by an abductor (known to the McCanns or not) and, because she was half asleep and the room was dark, she THOUGHT it was her father? The people who took her were said to be acquaintances of the McCanns, they were not close friends. They probably just worked at the hotel and were on friendly terms with many guests. I find it hard to believe a father could accidentally overdose his child, find her dead and in a very short space of time manage to get two acquaintances to be party to a murder, take the dead child away, then the father goesto the tapas bar as if nothing had happened and laugh, drink and joke away the night. Doesn’t feel right. I feel that Maddy is still in her little girls body and mind and this version of events is what she FEELS happened, but that doesn’t make it so. What do you think?

  • Dena Hurwit-Tharp

    This interview makes total sense! Thank you Erik! The most telling fact is that Kate went to tell her husband and friends (that Maddy was missing) and left the twins in the hotel room. What Mom would ever do that if she thought an abduction took place??

    • Wow, that’s true!

    • JAckie C

      But Emma said it was her father that accidentally killed her and that He only told Kate in the last year or so. Apart from that, if you thought your child had been taken you would be in such horrific shock that you would just run out of the building and scream. You wouldn’t suppose that the abductor was still around. Kate was out of her mind at the time and would not have been thinking calmly.

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