Testimonials like this make me smile all day.

Hi Elisa,

A shout out that I am purchasing the book tonight and apologize for delay. You have changed my life with all that you share, you and Erik (Robert, Jamie, and your family too)….and know in your heart what you do touches so many people. Someone said to me once, “everybody is battling their own battles everyday”, so I guess I mean that you feed our souls with all that you are doing and I want to be a voice for all those people you are not hearing from. People are caught up in their lives battling and I am one of them and wanted to stop and just say THANK YOU!!!! We are all with you!! Your courage, patience, perseverance on this journey, that we are along with you on, is CHANGING LIVES….please know that! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND PLEASE THROW OUT REQUESTS LINES FOR HELP, I heard you and just wanted to reach out. YOU ARE THIS AMAZING PILLAR OF HOPE and your efforts and achievements are on everyones radar and we love you and eternally grateful for you, Erik and your amazing family who gives you this incredible support. Love to all and know our hearts and spirits are with you.

Love and Light Always,

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