Sick as a Dog

I’m sick in bed with some crap, which is not a big surprise with so many people and a grand baby under one roof, but for some reason, my heart is skipping beats nonstop. Probably not helped by the fever. I’m not going to post anything and if you can withhold emails, blog comments, Facebook comments (at least those directed to me) and Facebook private messages for a few days, I’d appreciate it. I do have some important, time sensitive news that compels me to post this:

Medium, Veronica Drake, has opened up her site for the October Q&As, so click HERE as soon as you can because she books up within a day. 

Also, there will be no radio show tonight and, as I posted yesterday, we’ll get Emma to answer the October Ask Erik column questions for November since Kim couldn’t do it.

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  • Robin G Becker

    Hope you feel better soon! My heart does that skipping beat thing once in awhile, usually for a day or so. It was my understanding that a lot of good energy was coming my way and I was not in best vibration to receive it. Get lots of rest ♥

  • Dina

    Sending you white and green light of healing. {{{hugs}}}

  • Cynthia

    Rest and take care of yourself!

  • Ndoh

    I would love to have a interview with the Vegas shooter and what could have possibly be his motive for the tragedy?

  • David Cohan

    All the best from me, too! I would also like an interview with Stephen Paddock. Nobody understands his motives, not even his brother.

    Was it a spiritual contract with the victims to make the Americans more aware that there is a problem of armed violence in the country? Will stricter arms laws finally be enacted?

    • I’ll try to interview him soon.

      • Sue Wechter

        I do not think if we block guns it would stop killers who kill with cars, knives, Chemicals and Fertalizer bombs. Nobody needs automatic guns anyway. As for us we are vegeterians. We do not want to be part of the killing of animals to eat or to wear.

      • Listen to what Paddock said about that!

      • Janene

        Thank you,
        I too, would like to know more about this horrible insident.
        Nothing is adding up.
        Could it be a set up if some sort?
        Thank you for all you do.
        I hope you are feeling better

        All my love, Janene

      • Paulette Roberts

        Gotta know what his transition experience is’ details’ hope that was asked

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