How My Son Came to me from the Afterlife

I thought I’d share this link as a separate post because today’s earlier one had so many announcements. I didn’t want it to be buried. Check it out HEREIt’s pretty much my whole story with a lot of the evidence that set me on the path to healing. I’m so blessed to know that he’s still with me and we still have a relationship, a wonderful and fulfilling one.

My baby boy

My baby boy

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Elisa Medhus

  • Don Cunningham

    I have enjoyed the postings on you tube. More in tune because my wife went to a nursing home and screwed my lifeall up financially. So now I keep thinking I had a good life ubtil I married this btch, undying hatred towards her. If I knock myself off, what would be the chances of really haunting the twit. I mean, I rely on a pill to stay awake (nacrolepsy, my gut hurts, my arm never mends, my daughter killed me off already, and it looks more and more I like to croak and tell the great state of Maryland to shove my wife’s income since I have had enough of this woman.I have to rely on ssan nd my va stipend, and I can’t fathom going through black Friday all over; 3 times before.

    • Lelabelle

      Don…I’m sending you healing energy. You are filled with negative energy and it will make you sick. Please try to forgive those injustices done to you, for YOUR sake. Negative energy can take you out, sir.

    • Buttfuker God


    • Buttfuker God

      “If I knock myself off, what would be the chances of really haunting the twit.”

      Just concentrate your thoughts on GOD, there is nothing better you can do now, because anything else you do is going to come back to you. Remember GOD is love and light, only if you believe so. And no I don’t care if you don’t care, you do everything for yourself including worshiping Me.

    • Sending you prayers and love and healing energy, Don. Maybe you should talk to Erik today on the radio show.

  • Maya

    Yes, you are blessed. Correct!
    (I suppose all who listen to Erik are blessed as well).

    • Miguel

      Hi Maya, kind of off topic but lately constantly on my mind is the question; we live all our lifes at once, and happening in the now…. then how come it is possible that once we depart to Erik’s place, or preferably Home, we have the free will to incarnate back to Earth in whatever life form we desire, or other place in the universe to choose? After all we or I myself are/is already predestined to do or go to learn or spirituality grow?
      Also, if we look at just Earth, its population (humans) keeps on growing, how is that to explain?
      Hopefully you are willing to share your thoughts about this with me…. thanks in advance for your time. Love, Miguel

      • Maya

        Hi Miguel, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t have access to computer.

        1. We are always Home, but by our own predestined “agreement” that is made by our own free will, lol, we are choosing the game of limitation (or physical reality, if you wish). Even right at this moment, you (us, all alive people) are still choosing to be on this game (e.g. life = basketball game).

        Right now, at this moment, you can always choose to quit playing the (basketball) “game”. Right at this moment, you can suicide if you wish, and be on Erik’s side. But the fact that you are alive right now, is a sign that (right in this moment) you choose to incarnate as a physical being (human).

        That means you are playing several games (life as human, aliens) at this Now moment. But Now you agree to allocate majority (60 – 99.9% or more) of your focus to play human (limitation) game.

        If you choose (right Now) to access to your 0.01% of life as an alien, what happen is you will get more Inspiration of how to navigate this (human) life better.

        2. According to spiritual gurus & channelers out there they say, everyone who has been reincarnated before, plus the “first timer” are choosing to be reincarnated at this moment (e.g.around dec 21, 2012). Because right now is the special time where the energy (era/age) is changing. Many souls & spirits want to experience this special time. That’s why so many population. But they say 100 years from now, not so many human population on earth.

      • Miguel

        Thanks Maya for the reply. I might ask you some more in the future if you don’t mind?

      • Maya

        Sure, I coincidentally like this thinking stuffs. 🙂

  • Jill

    Wow! These posts about Empaths have been SO helpful to me. I recently learned that I am an Empath and when I did, it made so many things make sense to me that didn’t before. I have been struggling a lot lately and the information that Erik gave is just what I needed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Alphonso de Barbo

      I will tell you a true story …I think I might be (empathic) too, yet it could be coincidence, lol…
      A little boy I know was talking to me about his recent holiday. Part way through the conversation I blurted out, “So, what’s the story about you throwing stones at houses?” For some reason I imagined that he had been doing this on his holiday… as boys do, lol… He looked at me silently with a quizzical look on his face and finally said, “How did you know?” …and then I got the full story about how he and his cousins had been throwing stones at an old man’s house, although he did insist they didn’t break any windows…

  • Water Lily

    Hello Elisa, I enjoy reading your conversations with Erik. It’s lovely that you are able to continue your relationship. My beautiful daughter took her own life less than two months ago. I accept that I will never be happy again and that I will always have a very deep sorrow within me.
    I have been doing a lot of reading. I’ve also had three psychic readings where I connected with my gorgeous girl. All the information I am able to gather says that suicide can never be part of a soul contract. But I feel that if it wasn’t meant to happen, something or someone would have stopped it. I believe that my daughter was meant to be here only for those 20 years.
    imho (and I’d love to ask Erik this) when a soul takes his/her own life there is initial grief and regrets for what they have thrown away, but as the soul moves on he/she is given more information and is able to see the bigger picture (perhaps after doing a life review; I don’t know). It is then he/she can see whether it was part of the soul contract. What do you think?
    I would love to ring in to your radio show but I am unable to work out what 7.00 pm CT is in Australian time.

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