Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Lately, I’ve been feeling terrible. My heart rate is between 112-149, I have a lot of ectopic beats and I feel like I’m on crack. My first guess, as a physician, was that the LDN I’ve been taking has been curing my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and now the amount of thyroid supplement I’m taking is way too much. I got my lab results back and, yep, I’m hyperthyroid. So, I’m going to stop taking my thyroid and will check my labs in a few weeks. So LDN is amazing for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions!!

Today, we interviewed Howard Hughes. I forgot that Emma canceled a couple of weeks ago, and he was on our session plan. I’ll get to John Denver next week. We also had a long session on dreams! It was fascinating as was the Hughes interview.

Monday at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik. Topic: How to live with a narcissist, even if that narcissist is you!

Enjoy today’s Best of Erik and have a great weekend, peeps!

Me: Why do people always talk about soul mates or twin flames? To me those are titles, but very few understand the true meaning of those relationships. Can you give us a simplified explanation, and also tell us why we have such a huge connection with some people but yet we never see them again? The feelings don’t stop. The emotions are still there, but the actual manifestation of the person is gone.

Jamie (laughing): Don’t, Erik! Erik’s joking, and he’s saying, “Oh, they’re an asshole. You just didn’t know it at the time.” He’s joking.

Erik: A lot of the time, there are the road signs. You know, you drive by them on the highway; they give you direction. They’re in the right spot; they give you accurate information. If they weren’t there, you’d get lost, but you keep on moving. That was their purpose, in that moment in time, to encourage you to be a better you, and the moment moves on. Why would you be selfish enough to think that that person should stay in your life long term because it was magical for a moment.

Jamie laughs.

Erik: Stay in the moment. Stay in the now, cuz it constantly changes. You know, we choke a lot of—

Jamie (to Erik): Choke? You said choke. Yeah.

Erik: We choke a lot of situations from their magic.

Jamie: We choke the magic from a lot of situations. That’s how you should say it, Erik.

Erik (laughing softly): Oh, now you’re my verbal editor!

Jamie and I giggle.

Jamie (to Erik): That’s exactly what I am! I’m your verbal editor!

Me: There we go!

Jamie: Ha ha!

Erik: Ahem. All right. Getting back to it.

Jamie: Okay. Fine. He wants to be funny when HE’S funny, but when I come up with something funny, mm mm.

Me: It’s too much.

Jamie: Seriously!

Erik: So, if you don’t stay in the moment, in the now, and how it constantly changes so you adapt. You’re always in the now. If you’re hanging on to a moment, then all of a sudden, you’re living in the past.

Me: Ah!

Erik: Yeah, because now is constantly growing, and if you’re hanging on to one of the nows, BOOM, all of a sudden it’s the past. So, this person feels like, “Oh, I didn’t get what I needed,” or “The moment went by,” or “It was too late.” It’s such bullshit. You’re just deciding to live in the past.

Me: Okay, so—

Erik talks at the same time, so I say, ‘Oh, go ahead.’

Jamie: I don’t know. He’s talking about “Lay-ow,” “Lay-o”? Some famous quote. Lao? He’s talking about if you’re living in the past, living in the future and the present. If you’re anxiety, you’re living in the future, and if you’re feeling depressed, you’re living in the past. If you’re feeling at peace, you’re living in the present.

Me: Interesting. That’s so true.

Erik: That’s a person’s name. Lao. L-A-O.

Me: So, basically, she’s talking about a soul mate. Soul mates don’t have to stick with us an entire lifetime. They can have little contracts, come in and do their thing and leave. That doesn’t mean they’re not, uh, basically, look, we’re eternal beings. They’re not going to be forever gone. She has to have that understanding. But to her, it feels like some sort of death in a way. We love them, but we can’t see them all the time—throughout the rest of our human life.

Erik: That’s not a punishment.

Me: Yeah. It doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. They’re soul mates. They’re eternal. She has to look at it from that perspective.

Erik: Yep.

I love this passage:

If you are depressed,

you are living in the past.

If you are anxious,

you are living in the future.

If you are at peace,

you are living in the present.

-Lao Tzu 

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  • Cynthia

    Sorry to hear you haven’t felt the best recently! Glad you figured out why and are on the mend!

  • 403LEC

    Oh Elisa, it made me sad to hear about your discomforts. I have thyroid problems myself so I understand, and it is trial and error getting the meds just right. Hang in there my friend. In the meantime I will send you healing energy 🙂

  • madhub1

    Elisa, check out Medical Medium. He speaks clearly about thyroid issues. In fact, he has written a book on it that will be out soon.

    • I’ve read about him!

      • 403LEC

        Speaking of Medical Medium and Thyroid problems….He has written a new book and I pre-ordered it from amazon. It is due in pretty soon. I am hoping to get some insight into thyroid problems.

      • Lory Medearis

        Lol! I was also, coming here to suggest the same Elisa. Please check him out. He (the author, Medium Anthony William) is really, really excellent and he guides you on what you’re having issues with, and the foods, herbs that are spot on for helping find the answers (even has each illness or condition is indexed alphabetically in the back, so you can help give you a place to begin). Plus, he comes from such a kind and geniune holistic place of healing and guidance, Real, authentic food is what gives our bodies what it needs…as well as a spiritual meaning/balance to each food our bodies are receiving from them (I think of it like a food “chakra” rebalance…). He includes not only both the nutritional importance, as well as the color it vibrates with the illness and balance it will bring, but also the love and energy brought to your body, as well as your mind and soul and why these foods work synergetically with the illness. His books have helped me tremendously Elisa…I think you will find so too. He has a book called, “Life Changing Foods” and also now has one just aimed at the Thyroid, called “Thyroid Healing” ….so perhaps, this was meant for you to be brought to your attention! Give a look on Amazon and look at the reviews, or his excellent group on FB. I think you will find much that resonates with you! I’ve been ill awhile and he has brought me healing that nothing else has came close. Sending you much love and healing…trust your instincts, and I hope you are feeling better soon! xoxox

      • Thanks!

  • Mauigirl

    Elisa, I know you’ve discussed LDN here at length, but have you mentioned if you need a prescription for it? If not, how is it available?
    Sincerely hoping you feel better soon!

    • You need a prescription for Naltrexone 50mg tablets which you can dissolve in 50 ml of distilled water. Then you stir the suspension and take 1.5 ml at night after 9 PM and work your way to the target dose of 4.5 ml. You can get a compound pharmacy to make you 4.5 mg tablets but it has to be instant release and certain fillers can’t be used. That’s a more expensive way and still requires a prescription.

  • Do you have a particular question? Have you considered talking with your husband through one of the mediums?

    • Chris Marci

      Thank You so much Elisa for taking the time to reply.Im a little starstruck and I have the biggest smile I’ve had in a long time, thank you. A particular question for You and Erik or my Husband Kenny? Before reading your books and blog posts I didn’t believe in this at all. So I honestly don’t know where to begin. Id love to talk to him anyway possible, any advise you could offer would help. I’m sorry, I just am lost without him. I want to know he’s ok, and if we will be together again when I die like soul mates I guess. I mean do You and Rune think that about each other? Thank you again Elisa. Do you think Erik could check on Kenny and see if he is ok. Thank you both. Chris Marci

      • Of course Erik will! Maybe you should book a session with one of the mediums and talk to him directly! It’s very healing.

      • Chris Marci

        Elisa honestly I hate waking up everyday, I want to be with kenny. I’m going to the therapist and taking all the meds but I am only getting more and more hopeless. I don’t know what to do. I think if I talked to a medium it may help or it may make me more likely to end it myself. I’m so lost.

      • I promise you you will regret it if you end your life. Unless it’s a contract, which is very rare, all spirits do have intense remorse. You really need to talk to Kenny ASAP and remember, call 911 or the suicide hotline if you get desperate. 1-800-273-8255

  • Allison Kugel

    I understand the discomfort from heart palpitations as someone who has PSVT. Hope you feel better soon! Very excited about John Denver interview! This is pretty far flung from John Denver, but I think John Gotti would also make for a fascinating interview. Thoughts?

    • On the list!

      • Allison Kugel

        great! 🙂

      • Chris Marci

        Hello Elisa, are you feeling better? Did you get a chance to think about my question to you and your husband? Also I contacted Jamie Butler to make an appointment. Any chance Erik has found Kenny?

      • Oh yeah! Yes, I feel like that about my husband, Rune. As for Kenny, I asked Erik to help him out, but since I don’t channel well, I can’t say how Kenny is. He’s probably doing great but you might want to talk to him through one of the mediums!

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