Spirits and Humans Getting it On

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Sorry this is kind of a short one! Lately, Erik’s been telling me he has crushes on some of you girl blog members. Could that be you?

Me: Can spirits develop an attraction for someone who is living and vice versa?

Erik: You mean like an intimate attraction?

Me: Yes.

Erik: Intimate attractions happens anywhere and everywhere.

Me: Can deceased and non-deceased have relationships?

Erik: We do have relationships. Are you asking about intimate relationships?

Me: Intimate, yeah.

Erik: We definitely have love relationships. You talking about getting it on sexually and all that jazz?

Me: I don’t know. I don’t know what she’s asking.

Erik: Well, that shit happens. It’s not so healthy for the human. It robs the human of the opportunity to be human.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: And that crosses a lot of ethics on our side.

Me: Oh yeah. I can imagine. Well, how can they have sex, a spirit and a human?

Erik: Mom, well think about possession. You know, evil possession when people get pushed up against a wall or slammed down the stairs or wake up with black eyes or marks on their bodies. All that fucking shit is real. Why can’t it be switched to a more pleasurable thing? Cuz it can.

Me: So, we’re talking penis into the vagina sex? They can so that?

Erik: Well, we’re definitely not talking about impregnation, but it’s pleasure in different way. It’s not so much a physical route or task.

Me: Okay. Now, have you ever had an attraction to someone who is not in the spirit world, who is human, that is?


Me: Or has somebody—a human—had an attraction for you?

Erik: I think I can say yes on both parts, but it’s not crossing the boundaries.

Me: Of course not. Have any of the blog members had crushes on you?

Erik (softly): Yes.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Aw. I bet. You’re so adorable.

Erik (grinning): Shut up, Mom.

Jamie and I both chuckle.

Me: Is he blushing, Jamie?

Jamie: He’s definitely not looking at me!

Me: Aw! Have you had any crushes on blog members?

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik, gently pleading): Answer it, Erik. C’mon.

(Long pause)

Jamie: He said yeah.

Me: Aw, how cute!

Jamie: He’s not saying who though.

Me: Oh don’t! You better not! You might disappoint a lot of other girls.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Reminds me of that movie with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, City of Angels. This is such an interesting topic because I actually have pondered this before – I think a lot of others have thought about this as well hahaha! I totally can say that I’ve had a crush on Erik. Can’t help it, he’s such a cute, curly-haired punk with a wicked sense of humor. Elisa, do you have the precise date that this discussion took place with Jamie and Erik?

    • No, I really can’t remember

    • Sindee Toussaint

      Wings of Desire – Wem Wenders is a film City of Angels was based upon. A good one. However the Angel fell from Grace in order to be able to do human things.

      • Oh word? Thanks, I’ll look it up. <3

      • Terri Elizabeth Ward

        Wasn’t it a black and white film??

      • Sindee Toussaint


  • Wei Wycoff

    My first encounter with Erik was in my dream shortly after I started reading Elisa’s book. He showed up as a 40-some-year old curly haired man and had conversation with me while in a interlocked position. My feeling was neutral. I think he did it that way so that I can remember him because up to that point I never had dreams like that with anyone rather than my husband. I woke up and knew it was Erik and I thanked him! In a recent blog post, Erik mentioned that he usually does this kind thing to make a point. I recognized that my root chakra needs to be more balanced as pointed out to me also in a couple of Reiki sessions, so I think Erik was trying to make a point here! Love you Erik!

    • Sindee Toussaint

      Could you explain interlocked position? Trying to picture this.

      • Wei Wycoff

        haha, the “interlocked position” is when we sit facing each other with legs wrapping each other like having intercourse. The position suggested intimacy so I could remember the dream, there was all.

      • Sindee Toussaint

        Thanks was picturing a head to head thing.

  • Robin Kincaid

    Interesting article. I cannot remember the name of the book, but there was a woman who says that her deceased husband still “does the thing” with her and she swears it “lasts longer and it’s better than it ever was”. No physical exhaustion with Spirit bodies apparently (as they don’t need sleep). Many Out of Body experimenters swear they’ve had these encounters and that it is really a complete, all body sensation with the “melding of the chakras – from the crown of the head, and downward” throughout the body. There are no male/female parts involved; it’s all energy-based sensations created with thoughts activating the chakras. Many find they no longer find human intimate actions satisfactory after they have experienced the initimacy of the spirit world. However, it makes sense that these mutual attractions can happen as we are ALL spirits, and we on earth are only Spirit temporarily inhabiting a physical body. When we sleep, we are Completely Spirit and can freely interact, even sexually, with other spirits that are permanently in spirit body.
    Problem: Maybe Erik can address this, is when you open to this stuff you will ATTRACT some really evil spirits who are drawn to the activity you are doing with these other spirits. This is when it gets very, very dangerous. An opening in your aura (that normally protects you) can lead to full, Inside body possession through these seemingly pleasurable acts with the spirit world. Just thought I’d add that warning in case people think about trying this stuff out.

    • Sindee Toussaint

      I feel we are completely spirit when we no longer have a body.

      • Robin Kincaid

        Before my NDE ,I also believed this. But we are SPIRIT always and just free will choosing to learn in the Earth School plane by utilizing/animating a physical body. We cannot look at it the way man made religion prefers us to look at it. When we sleep at night, our free spirit is and does break free (tethered by an energetic cord) to roam around in the various astrals as Spirit, our true selves.

      • Sindee Toussaint

        feeling that having the material body sheath still adds more weight.

      • True!

  • They had a movie about this topic. A entity that wished to have sex with a human. I think it was done in 1992 or something I forget. It’s called “The Entity”. Based on a true story from the Los Angeles area. It was a spirit who for what ever reason like this one woman. He would come and have sex and leave bruises and such. Finally someone believed her and they went as far as to recreate her apartment in warehouse kind of place in a effort to catch it with liquid nitrogen. They did, but it was MUCH larger than they could have ever thought. Soon it broke out and goes after her more. I won’t ruin the movie for lovers of such programs. But this posting made me think about it.

    • Hi Stanley!

      • Hello Elisa. Hope everything is going well for you and the family. 🙂

      • It is, thanks. How are you?

      • Doing pretty good for the most part. I have been fighting my mental health county here for almost 8 years. I finally got set with a psychiatrist a year ago and finally my bipolar and depression has gotten some what stable. I have not been hospitalized in 2 years, and have not been to the ER for a eval since November of 2016.

        It’s nice to finally feel semi stable. Lithium and Celexa ended up being the best match for me. Still trying to find what can help with the PTSD nightmares and flashbacks as well as something for the anxiety. Big change for sure. Having a good therapist is a huge help too.

        My only regret about finally having access to medication is that I wish it could have happened 7 years ago. My un-medicated bipolar cost me a lot of friendships and did damage.

        So I wanted to take a moment before posting my reply to say I am so very very sorry for all the worrying, bothering and anger I caused you and the other blog members since meeting everyone since Erik passed away. I would take it all back in a instance if I could. I didn’t realize what I was doing. Bottom of my heart, I am sorry. **hugs**

      • Ask your psychiatrist about low dose naltrexone. It works for depression and is less than a penny a day if you make it using Naltrexone 50 mg tablets. Google “low dose naltrexone” and “Mental health” or “mental illness.”

    • Sindee Toussaint

      liquid nitro!!

  • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

    I can totally understand a girl having a crush on Erik! I once read of a woman who said she’d been raped (I know it’s not physical rape) by a spirit during the night. Scary.

    • Robin Kincaid

      They don’t need to manifest a body to do damage to your Energy System with their own Energy Bodies if they are Evil people. So, and this sounds awful, they will shrink their energy down and literally cram their heads through your orifices to get inside your body (once through your now broken aura) and try to possess you or once I read, “just do really serious internal damage just for the fun of it. You’ll go to the doctor with bleeding issues and they will think something is wrong with your platelets; like being eaten energetically from the inside out.” Evil beings think this stuff is fun. Think of what your worst serial killers in history have done, and you’ll get an idea of what you could end up dealing with when they’ve passed and have even more power to mess with humans while they sleep! Also, this shoving of their own Being into the orifices of a human is why a person can wake up and think they’ve been raped – it will feel the same and it can hurt for days, absolutely.
      Some psychiatrists I know are starting to believe that nearly half of the patients in psychiatric units are actually there because of this night time torment and no one believing them about what is happening. The constant abuse keeps them drained and from getting sleep; they lose jobs, families, etc. Just what the evil want in order to gain complete control that they ultimately want – sometimes it’s to get you to kill your entire family (because that is what they’d like to still do if they had human bodies). The universe is sicker than people realize, and the spirit world and its varying dimensions is very, very real. People need to be careful with interacting in any way that Opens the Door.

      • Léon Vrins

        Robin, I don’t have any expertise in this area, but the existence of evil beings like you describe means there are no other beings/spirits that try and are able to stop them. And what about the idea of us all being one and being connected? It’s a bit confusing.

      • Robin Kincaid

        The good spirits, like any of your deceased ancestors are by Law of Attraction (and newly crossed over, likely) are of a vibration like they were here – so are those who were bad, indifferent or Evil as well. So, by free will we can give permission for those at much higher, advanced vibrations to protect us (these would be your Guides, who can also be advanced folks who were your ancestors, etc) there are also Archangels (as mentioned in the Bible, although that doesn’t mean I believe in 85% of the man made Bible, I don’t). This would all get to deep here so I cannot begin to explain. I am an NDEr so I have some perspective, but still this would be a lengthy conversation. However, there is always Free Will and ALL beings are ONE (good, bad etc. what ever experience One Chooses that is what one would have, even if we ALL come from the All That Is. Because ALL come from the Source/Creator and ALL can make their way back). God/SOurce is NOT a human and we cannot ascribe human thoughts/feelings/ and especially Judgements to a non-human who is far beyond infinite and perfection. All are loved, and all eventually go back to the Source.
        We are Allowed to have all experiences we want, even evil ones if that is what we…by Like Attracts Like Vibration require for growth this incarnation or we simply by free will attract the experience. But we are also able to call on protection, but we must give Guides permission; they do nothing against our free will, even if it makes them feel awful when we screw up or allow evil to enter our lives.
        Sorry, hard to have this….what would really be a deep conversation……online. Hope this sort of helps?

      • Léon Vrins

        Thanks for the explanation. About free will I still have my doubts. I think we have free choice, but that is something else….The choices we make are based on what we hope, expect etc. and the expectations and hopes come from what we already experienced or were told by others. Of course we have a will, but it is not free, because of all the influences.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        What do these evil beings ultimately want? Does Satan exist? How do these evil beings become one with God, or the Source, if they choose not to be good? How do they become ‘good’?

      • Sindee Toussaint

        I hear the dark wants us to remain chained to bodies to never go back Home to Spirit.

      • Georgia95Luciana Todesco

        I’d like to hear Erik’s view of this. I would tell the dark spirits to fuck right off.

      • We did interview Lucifer.

  • Robin Kincaid

    From what I’ve read, and heard stories from some folks, there is “no linear time”. Everything and all our lives are happening Now. So, let’s say you were married in another lifetime – maybe healthy or maybe very controlling relationship or abusive. That spouse decided not to incarnate again after passing for awhile anyway, but you decide to. One day, usually if you are single/widowed or having difficulty in your current relationship, this deceased guy who used to obsessive over you comes back into your life and starts, well….getting physical with you. I hate to be right out there with this, but it will feel, eventually, more like oral sex with….what they or “it” does with you. It feels great to the human body, but the same spirits (good, bad, evil) travel the same Spirit Highway and once your aura looks “dark” in certain areas of your body other spirits know you are “marked” or give “permission” for this stuff and you will get all kinds of spirits doing things to you and it can get very bad…you will think it’s just the one guy but it’s really more than that. They are Energy Beings and don’t need to manifest a body, so they can be very “tiny” or very large beings and so they can get into your orifices. No joke here, it’s happened to a widowed psychiatrist friend of mine and just about through her over the edge because she thought it was her deceased husband…well, it was at first, but they he got shoved out of the way by these others that came in (by the hundreds from the lower astral). She had been an atheist, so this really got bad for her in all ways possible. What you think It Is, is not what it eventually becomes. At that point, the good guy that was missing the physical world of sex, is beaten up and replaced by the hundreds that want to literally suck the energy out of your body/or possess it, for their own ends. I am not into organized religion, but I am starting to believe the ancient Incubus/Succubus stories are based on humans being messed with by these really Evil Spirit People. Think serial killers and rapists who once lived now drawn to your door through sexual activity with spirits you may give “permission” to. You would need to call on powerful Guides to get you out of this mess.

  • Marq

    I have had a number of lucid dreams that involved interacting with my guides.
    One recalled interaction in particular was what I would describe as intimate.
    On this occasion the guide came through the crowd towards me in what I call the Astral plane and merged with me,.. causing a flash of light that seemed to be an astral plane version of sexual related connection…
    My guides are not human in expression. They are shape shifters and I feel that they most likely identify as reptilian in origin.
    I have had it explained that many incarnate humans, including myself are co-creators in various hybrid children programs.
    This involves harvesting human DNA that is blended with other non-human species to stimulate their evolution in a preferred or accelerated manner. The idea is to splice certain desirable human genetic traits to assist species
    That do not inherantly have the same genetic diversity that humans experience.
    It has been explained to me that during the sleep phase we regularly raise in vibration and ‘visit’ the earthly astral plane. From there we may move on into other dimensions/ worlds before returning and awakening.
    I have personaly experienced this on many ocassions.
    When shifted into our higher vibrational astral body during certain sleep phases it is possible to have our human DNA harvested.
    ( the astral, higher vibrational version of it rather than the physical).
    It is also possible to connect/merge with other entities, both human and non human in intimate ways that achieve comparable but differing intimate outcomes.
    Attraction is a principle factor in astral “merging”.
    Consent is less easy to identify when awake and back in the physical body.
    A pre incarnation egreement at a Soul level may not be consciously obvious.
    Many pre incarnate humans agree to donate DNA but are consciously unaware when physicaly human..
    Often the Grey beings are seen as being abductors of humans for such DNA related purposes.
    In some cases abduction may occur,.. but at the Soul level it is (pre)agreed to occur as part of the experiencial plan of the spirit choosing that particular human incarnation.
    perhaps Erik can elaborate, confirm or correct what I have offered here.
    It is my best current understanding.

    • Wow, what an incredible experience. I wonder if your guide is a soul mate.

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