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An update about the “Healing Erik Medhus” video. I want everyone to know that I meant no harm to its creator, Abbey Normal. I feel like her intentions were good in that she sought to help my son. I just recoiled at hearing him called a demon. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of backlash toward her, something I didn’t want to happen. I do think she is gifted, but I believe a dark entity, an Erik imposter, was targeting her. Apparently, this is happening with other mediums as well. So, please send her love and light and continue to watch her YouTubes. 

Now for a post on what it feels like, as a spirit, to be inside a human body.

Me: When a spirit gets into a human’s body like with trance channeling or with other things like possessions, do they feel everything? Like do they have the sense of touch, taste, smell, the sense of chewing in your mouth, and even sexual pleasure? I know they have the sense of sight and hearing, because I witness that when you trance channeled Erik and others.

Erik: Yes. The most fucked up about it is that you remember what it feels like to breathe.

Me: Whoa!

Erik: That’s the crazy thing, because it’s so involuntary when you’re alive that when you come in to puppeteer the body it turns into this, “think about it, think about it, think about it,” and you feel the heart. It’s just that you’re more in tune to the subtle energy. That’s why we get so—

Jamie (exasperated): Erik!

Erik (purposely ignoring her): That’s why get so pissed off when people, like Jamie, don’t take it seriously to watch their diet and watch what they wear when it comes time to channel, because it’s so overwhelming for us, because we are so interested, well, interested in giving you a straightforward message. We’re not really interested in coming into the body to sit around and feel, you know, the struggle to breathe or what that purple color is doing to our energetic body or how that shitty dessert is sitting in your stomach. We just don’t need that.

Me: Yeah. I bet! So, you have to keep the lungs breathing in order to, um, for Jamie not to die for example?

Erik (laughing): No! She’s not going to die, of course! It’s just that we’re so highly aware of it. Those involuntary actions are very much conscious in our mind as we’re sitting in the body. Like we don’t just get to come in and use it as a tool and have the tool work properly. We have to be involved in keeping that tool pristine, clean, and well-oiled.

Me: Okay. So, you don’t want to have your attention on other things in order to get your message across and do what you’re in that body to do.

Erik: Right.

Me: Okay. That makes sense. Is it easy to trance channel through Jamie compared to others, and have you ever tried to trance channel through other people? Wait. Actually, I know you’ve trance channeled through Robert.

Erik: Yeah, I’ve tried with, you know, a few people, especially with those that weren’t getting my message so I was just kinda pushing it out there, but I really haven’t done something—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, so you haven’t done something with someone on a regular basis.


Jamie: You know, like, “Every Wednesday, I’m hopping into this person’s body and channeling.”

Erik: No, I’m not doing anything like that, but yeah, it’s very easy to trance channel through Jamie. I just don’t like her little mousy voice.

Me (laughing): Can you try to trance channel through Robert more like on our Friday night get-togethers so I can get regular hugs?

Erik: Sure. If Robert wants to do it, I’m game.

Me (chuckling): Okay. I’ll get his parents to sign a permission slip.

Jamie (laughing): Sign a waiver.

Me: Yeah. Never know what’ll happen with exposure to all those Erik cooties.

Erik: Hey!

Please be sure to include our two books in your summer reading this year. Both are awesome, especially Erik’s! They’re available in all formats. You might have to widen your browser window to see all of them. My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations with the Other Side and My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven

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