Spirits Being Trance Channeled

An update about the “Healing Erik Medhus” video. I want everyone to know that I meant no harm to its creator, Abbey Normal. I feel like her intentions were good in that she sought to help my son. I just recoiled at hearing him called a demon. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of backlash toward her, something I didn’t want to happen. I do think she is gifted, but I believe a dark entity, an Erik imposter, was targeting her. Apparently, this is happening with other mediums as well. So, please send her love and light and continue to watch her YouTubes. 

Now for a post on what it feels like, as a spirit, to be inside a human body.

Me: When a spirit gets into a human’s body like with trance channeling or with other things like possessions, do they feel everything? Like do they have the sense of touch, taste, smell, the sense of chewing in your mouth, and even sexual pleasure? I know they have the sense of sight and hearing, because I witness that when you trance channeled Erik and others.

Erik: Yes. The most fucked up about it is that you remember what it feels like to breathe.

Me: Whoa!

Erik: That’s the crazy thing, because it’s so involuntary when you’re alive that when you come in to puppeteer the body it turns into this, “think about it, think about it, think about it,” and you feel the heart. It’s just that you’re more in tune to the subtle energy. That’s why we get so—

Jamie (exasperated): Erik!

Erik (purposely ignoring her): That’s why get so pissed off when people, like Jamie, don’t take it seriously to watch their diet and watch what they wear when it comes time to channel, because it’s so overwhelming for us, because we are so interested, well, interested in giving you a straightforward message. We’re not really interested in coming into the body to sit around and feel, you know, the struggle to breathe or what that purple color is doing to our energetic body or how that shitty dessert is sitting in your stomach. We just don’t need that.

Me: Yeah. I bet! So, you have to keep the lungs breathing in order to, um, for Jamie not to die for example?

Erik (laughing): No! She’s not going to die, of course! It’s just that we’re so highly aware of it. Those involuntary actions are very much conscious in our mind as we’re sitting in the body. Like we don’t just get to come in and use it as a tool and have the tool work properly. We have to be involved in keeping that tool pristine, clean, and well-oiled.

Me: Okay. So, you don’t want to have your attention on other things in order to get your message across and do what you’re in that body to do.

Erik: Right.

Me: Okay. That makes sense. Is it easy to trance channel through Jamie compared to others, and have you ever tried to trance channel through other people? Wait. Actually, I know you’ve trance channeled through Robert.

Erik: Yeah, I’ve tried with, you know, a few people, especially with those that weren’t getting my message so I was just kinda pushing it out there, but I really haven’t done something—

Jamie (to Erik): Oh, so you haven’t done something with someone on a regular basis.


Jamie: You know, like, “Every Wednesday, I’m hopping into this person’s body and channeling.”

Erik: No, I’m not doing anything like that, but yeah, it’s very easy to trance channel through Jamie. I just don’t like her little mousy voice.

Me (laughing): Can you try to trance channel through Robert more like on our Friday night get-togethers so I can get regular hugs?

Erik: Sure. If Robert wants to do it, I’m game.

Me (chuckling): Okay. I’ll get his parents to sign a permission slip.

Jamie (laughing): Sign a waiver.

Me: Yeah. Never know what’ll happen with exposure to all those Erik cooties.

Erik: Hey!

Please be sure to include our two books in your summer reading this year. Both are awesome, especially Erik’s! They’re available in all formats. You might have to widen your browser window to see all of them. My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations with the Other Side and My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven

Trance Channeling

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Elisa Medhus

  • Angela

    Love you and respect you!! I send out oceans of love to the world!!

  • Marq.

    My thoughts on how powerful we each really are in creating owr own reality…………….
    Each of us are truly sovereign beings. We each create a reality around is in which we are the centre.
    We are most certainly not just extras filling in the gaps in anothers unfolding play…
    Everything that exists, does so within all that is.
    Since there is no outside and no judgement every part of all that is is of equal value and importance.
    Even the least preferred elements in existance are essential aspects of all that is.
    If you can believe in Angels they can be experienced.
    If you believe in the idea of demons your own energy (source energy flowing through you) can manifest them for you to experience and interact with.
    All that is then, is an all encompassing term that recognises everything and everyone as being inter-connected and of infinate equal value.
    We each are the – All That Is .
    Each of us is a fractalised version of all that is interacting with other versions of ours own selves.
    To us they are another being but more truly they are other versions of ourselves.
    The backdrop now in play is the concensus reality called earth.
    Set up amzingly to provide the set for the polarising of perspectives and preferences… beliefs,.. cultures,… values…
    We each direct a portion of our energy into manifesting as human beings. The persons or entities we interact with always enter our experience with the consent of our higher selves/oversoul. They help carry our life theme forward and present either resonant or non resonant experience to us.
    We do the same for them.
    Our response to what we experience is the measure of how closely we are aligned to our true inner selves in each moment lived.
    The human version that we choose to experience constantly sends out requests for further experience.
    Those requests can be in concordance or in discordance with our truest inner state of being. (unconditional love exploring and experiencing itself ).
    These constant requests are processed and responded to through the agency of the oversoul and the higher self of each human incarnate.
    The human self continually attracts experience that most closely represents the melding of the individual incarnation goals and the unfolding/emerging desires of the human themselves.
    The higher self/oversoul fashions and allows this experience to manifest.
    Even experience that we humans find highly un-desired can be allowed if the higher aspect of self deems it the most fitting experience to bring aboutexpanded awareness.
    We are multidimensional beings.
    From the higher perspective we are always safe and in control of what wr experience.
    We each are the ‘All That is’. The central controlling factor in our own existance.
    This means we exist as humans in this moment but also exist in higher realms concurrently.
    The idea of human me, higher self and oversoul are just differing aspects of my greatest expression of self.
    We are all of these at once even though our human expression agrees to perceives only a fraction of our greater self.
    Did Abbey interact with demons, or did she interact with a version of herself that provided the experience her higher self deemed most needed?
    DId Erik provide Abbey with a version of himself that served Abbeys need to experience Erik in need of healing, or was it Abbey herself?.
    At a higher level there most certainly is a co-creation unfolding….
    But as for ‘demons’ having power to cause suffering apart from our higher aspect of self allowing the experience…

  • Carla Carney Pizzuti Finke

    first..demons…. not sure I believe in that….low clinging earth spirits…who still act like humans…their meanness…yep sure do…I have put up with one for over 9 years…. he is not so bad anymore..but in the beginning…yikes…mean!! no matter what I do…he hangs around…. but he is much better…. 19 year old that killed his 16 year old girlfriend and then himself. happened about 1/2 block away from where I lived…he also had the same name as my boyfriend…. so I think he attached his self right to me…specially when he knew I could hear him. But that is the only negative type I have ever had…and like I said..he has gotten better…hope he decides to cross over sometime…. Erik ever in the neighborhood, would appreciate the help with that one!

    • Creepy! Have you smudged with sage?

      • Marq.

        My wife and I were staying with her mother at her home a few days after her father died.
        Her father woke me in the middle of night by running vibrations up and down my body as I lay on the bed.
        It was as if he was trying to wake me by shaking me.
        I knew he was desperate to let someone know that he was still around.
        I could see a guide standing to one side observing and that others were waiting further in the distance.
        I told him that he needed to go with the guide towards the light and it seemed to be enough.
        He left with the guide.
        The point I make is that our belief about energetic boundaries
        Either allow or disallow unwanted ongoing contact from
        those who have crossed into a non physical state.
        Using sage is good if you believe it works for you.
        You give yourself permission to believe the space is vleared and so it is.
        Personally I just take authority and speak plainly and clearly that the behavior is unnaceptable and is not permitted.
        I think many people ascribe power to disrupt to entities that they do not actually have.
        The entities perceive the energetic boundary is not firm and come and go at will.
        We each are sovereign in our own selves and only need to project our energy and intention to clear our personal space.
        Even so, we have angelic support we can call upon if we are unsure of our own authority.
        I once entered a room that a man who had been sick for a long time occupied before dying.
        It felt icy cold and I could feel energetic fingers around my neck suggesting an entity would have liked to strangle me.
        I told the entity in no uncertain terms that it must leave and it did. No repeat occurances followed even though the sick man or attached entity must have considered this house as his to occupy.
        Remember we each are I AM energetically.
        Its real.

      • Cool experience!

  • 403LEC

    Elisa…I wouldn’t worry too much about the negative reaction some have had towards Abbey Normal. I think it will all die down soon.

  • Chris M

    I really need to apologize for my reckless behavior Dr Medhus. I made an attempt to bring a discussion over from the you tube site that upset you. I wasn’t thinking of the young lady’s feelings or considered the gentleman’s right to know that I brought his part of the conversation over to your website. It really isn’t like me to do something like this, I usually stay out of online debates or arguments. The thing is that I was genuinely upset after watching the video and got caught up in the moment of defending you and Erik’s honor as I would my own family. Until this incident I hadn’t realized how I truly felt in regards to you and Erik. The movie (Collateral Beauty) really dug deep with how I imagine I would react to the loss of one of my children. It also made me realize how impossible it is to genuinely “get” what your going through without 1st hand experience . The part of the movie for me that really drove this home was how I identified with Edward Norton’s character when he described the feeling of the birth of his child. My wife made me watch birthing films during our pregnancy and I felt that the father was forcing a display of emotion for the sake of their wife and camera. That is until I actually experienced the moment myself. In that single moment every emotion surged through me like a bolt of lightning overwhelming every aspect of my being. Experiencing my daughter’s birth brought a texture to my life that has yet to fade and a feeling of awe that I get to revisit when life becomes a drag. Even the thought of losing my daughter would absolutely destroy me! I honestly don’t think I could continue functioning after losing either of my daughters. You Elisa have the strength of no one else I’ve witnessed. You not only continued being strong for your other children but you refused to allow death to get in the way of your relationship with Erik! On top of that you continue to share such a vulnerable, beautiful part of your life with the world and the world cannot thank you enough! I can’t thank you enough! I’ve never been one to be starstruck by any actor or celebrity because I understand the whole team behind the story and character they bring, but you Elisa are the real deal. I’m not saying I’m starstruck but to actually love someone whom I’ve never met like they were my own family is something I never would have imagined myself doing. For someone or even some spirit to see the way Erik passed as his defining feature and labeling him something reserved for evangelical hate filled rhetoric angered me more than it should have for someone I’ve never actually met. Although I haven’t had the honor of meeting you or your son Erik the effect on my life your relationship brings has undeniably changed me and has allowed me to treat the visits from my mother as a much more normal occurrence than I allowed myself to imagine before finding you. She passed of cancer many years ago. You and Erik bring a down to earth normality between the veil of life and death that has always been an uncomfortable topic for anyone I’ve known. The wisdom and new discoveries beyond the veil that Erik continues to bring are such a cool thing to be part of and nothing less than life changing. So much love, respect , and admiration I have for you guys! Never let anyone get you down, your relationship is as real as it gets and we all love you beyond words for sharing it!!!

  • Joanne Jerome

    Elisa – as a long time follower could you please tell me if Erik discussed when and why and how (form) man came to this planet?

    • I think we did a post about the origin of life on our planet. Yes, there are aliens among us, but much of mankind evolved from the primordial soup!

      • Marq.

        The physical earth and its inhabitants all evolved along evolutionaty lines pretty much as is taught in schools.
        (guppies to puppies so to say)..
        Mankind itself however has experienced many ‘interstellar interventions” along its own evolutionary pathway.
        Essentially involving the modification and manipulation of the human genetic make-up to accelerate and shape human evolution.
        Motivation for this range from self serving to noble (as we would perceive noble intent to be).
        Beings from other physical worlds and other dimensional planes ( lets generically call them ‘Star People)have long been aware of and actively involved in this “cultivating” process.
        Done according to their own interests, philanthropical values and also ongoing perceived survival needs.
        Current humans are the result of this, now.having many genetic modifications incorporating DNA from those extra terrestial races who deemed it appropriate to go into the genetic ‘tweeking’ business.
        The process very much parallels contemporary humanity manipulating plant and animal DNA for both its own purposes and the believed benefit of the species themselves.
        Mostly done to achieve goals like eradication of vulnerability to disease,. improving the ability to produce,.. ect,..
        The result is a modern humanity that has blended, multifacited DNA that has a much broader capicity and capability than it would otherwise have experienced.
        Some examples include expanded capability to perceive its connection to source energy ( the ability to pereive and experience unconditional love)…..
        Expanded emotional and rational capacity that allows humans to go as far as killing other humans opposing or outside the family/tribe/nation/religion…… and then going home and tenderly loving and adoring its own kind….
        Increased ability to access non physical realities,…dimensions and entities through accessing energetic portals and also activated/enhanced Shakra connectivity ………………..
        It will not sit well for some but our DNA includes contributions from many other ‘Star people’ ranging from Pleadian, Syrian and Andromedan to even Reptilian! ( A much maligned gtoup of races that vary greatly in terms of connection to unconditional loving source energy.
        Finally I offer something on the circumstances of the race known as Grays.
        The ‘Grays’ are a race that were deeply involved in their own genetic manipulation.
        Sadly something catastrophic resulted and the Greys came to experience unwanted negative outcomes that included great loss of emotional capability,.. inability to reproduce and ultimately the inability to survive in their own home planetory systems.
        This background helps us to have perspective on the behavior of Some Gray races. They are in crisis and counter the possibility of extinction by involvement in hybrid programs that include Human contribution of DNA.
        Enough for now but be assured that all human connectivity in such programs is consentual at the higher Self/oversoul level prior to incarnation.
        The option to participate or opt out is individual to your human incarnated self.
        Set the intention as a boundary and they must and will respect it.

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